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  1. Ooh. Got a link? I had a look and it seems to list 24mm as 540 ones
  2. Ah maybe it is the arb then. It's annoying the hell out of me! Did you get yours off fleabay?
  3. Why they list 23mm is odd. I have knocking I can't seem to trace so I was going to order some. Glad I read this as mine are also 25mm. Powerflex are £45 but im not certain it's the cause of my issue! Its only over small ridges/bumps
  4. Took a photo of it. Booked in for prop doughnut tomorrow
  5. Can highly recommend the arcan one from Costco. Wish I had one years ago. Low entry. 2 ton and goes up nearly 600mm. Lifted my e39 with ease and felt very sturdy
  6. Cool will check the fan. Hoping the one on my other car (potential breaker) is ok. If so then it's fate is sealed! Regarding vaccuum check annoyingly I threw a mityvac away couple of months back as i couldn't see any use for it. Doh. All the hoses are six months old but the plastic reservoir I haven't looked at
  7. Yes it's going up!!
  8. Put the hsd's on at last. Back needs to come down a little. Full alignment tomorrow. Will lowering the rear another 5mm require another alignment? Or maybe raise the front a bit. Would love to go lower but reality needs to take control!
  9. I too have been looking at doing this to my car. Been looking at the following meyle items These are also cheaper on eBay than ecp/gsf etc.
  10. Ah cool. Ok. Pusher fan busted is another minor to fix it seems. Will check live data and see what that turns up. I have a spare car to use for spares which I will also do some diagnostics on. Will get the hang of this and get it running as well as it should! Think i need to check my actuator. Looking at how awkward it is to remove the turbo I'm not keen but something isn't right. I beleive the cartridge can be changed?
  11. Ah ok. Will have a look at the old one. Egr is removed and pipe blanked off. My thoughts are fuel pump or turbo actuation issue. My turbo as far as I know is original and 195k old if that's the case. It doesn't boost above 4k. Just runs out of puff. It boosts well from a standstill but can feel sluggish getting back on the gas and I have the occasional stutter/cough as it were
  12. Am I correct in the codes are the top one? so 1152, 13573, 1028 etc? Or is it in the bottom bit? edit that. Seems it's the first 4 numbers/letters of the codes at the bottom. So glow plug, egr and electric fan. Egr should be coded out when enda mapped it. Assuming I am correct of course.
  13. Not sure how I get old inpa. Used the cd and cable from jimmy. Had it ages but only just managed to get my pc to recognise the cable was there
  14. Hi all so I feel my car is misfiring/lacking boost occasionally. Checked all the obvious things like vac pipes etc but nothing seems obvious. Car is a 530d sport manual. 2003 model. Finally got my inpa sorted and injector values are fine. One is a little towards 3 on the value but rest all good. I'm having some issues working out what the codes mean. Have searched and googled but struggling a little. Only thing I thought was low was pre supply pump pressure at 3.7 ish. This is fairly new though so seems odd. pics of error codes. Any help appreciated