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  1. Hmm. Much as I like the imola I feel it's about £500 high on price for me and having put £800 into mine on suspension and other bits recently i should stick with it. It is rather nice though and I would love a touring!
  2. I have only had manuals. The auto bit puts me off in some ways. I have wished I had an auto at times but the whole auto thing and the boxes being problematic worries me as I cover a lot of miles
  3. Another car is all well and good but this is a diesel. Surely it's a daily and the "other car" is the one that is saved for weekends. My Mk2 golf has done more miles in two years and that's been sat for a year. High Wycombe. Hmmm!
  4. Haha. Really?? Is that the rule? same as Birmingham then!?
  5. Risky one as it looks good and someone may beat me to it. But..... anyone know this car?? looks good. But the mot history looks ever so slightly odd last couple of years as it's covered less than 1,000 miles in two years?! My biggest concern if that's true is I do 25k a year and don't want it to suddenly fall apart!! Opinons please as it is ticking a few boxes for me. Already got two but they will need to go I can't put a link in. Doesn't work. Ebay number 162561693775
  6. Air con now working!! Yay Oil and filers and four new front suspension arms and a much better front bumper fitted. Just need some new fog lights and swap the rear bumper and it'll be mot ready for another 25k miles next year
  7. Aux fan swap from the spares car. Strangely fired my dead one up with a shove and some wd40 but I'm not sure it'll last.
  8. Got it to the 200k milestone and wished I had sorted my auxiliary fan that is dead as i could do with my air con! It works. Just concerned it'll over strain the viscous fan.
  9. How much for the turbo?
  10. Cheers all. Meyle ones ordered through bmw motormec
  11. Thanks for the links
  12. Well, I'm on 200k miles (well almost) and TRW are £201 How long will they last is my dilemma!
  13. Seem to have every make listed! hmm. TRW? FEBI? so much choice. But yes lemforder still better. But much more expensive
  14. going to replace all four front arms as they are all at least 30k miles old and as far as I am aware not premium ones. Dont want to do it all again and have it aligned as that's 40 quid each time. No idea why link won't work. Ebay item 252486644307
  15. Hi all i know it's a question been asked a thousand times and I have searched but....... i need new front arms. Bushes are fine as power flex. But the ball joints are nearly dead. So.... Meyle HD but they seem difficult to get hold of. eBay loads but I'm reading that the quality has got iffy? Any reputable suppliers? Or of course lemforder but they are more cash and I was going to put my power flex bushes in. These are what I was going to buy but i have a feeling they will be open box and unknown makes or copies. Cynical yes Opinions please! And sorry! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252486644307