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  1. 530d rough idle

    Had a few occasions now this week with car running lumpy at idle causing the car to shake Read the codes with inpa but nothing there. Injector values posted. Points to injector or wiring to it? Can the loom be changed without taking the inlet manifold off?
  2. Contracting?

    Edited to remove the poorly started sentences!
  3. Contracting?

    Thank you Alexak. You have highlighted some issues I wasn’t aware of regarding salary and expectations of that. Having been a ltd company many years ago I paid very little tax and it was good at the time. However that was on the tools and having progressed into project management I know the jobs aren’t as easy to come by. Certianly given me more to base my decision on. Thanks
  4. Contracting?

    My current job is ok. But the owner has bought his son in to run the site (was meant to be my promotion) and he’s a bit of a, well..... With the recent changes it’s got me looking for alternative employment and I have been contemplating contracting. The lure is double my salary. But of course no holiday pay etc and no job security. Anyone have experiences of what to be aware of? Good, bad, etc. Industry is engineering, more specifically manufacturing. It’s a 3 year contract btw. Not that it means I have 3 years guaranteed work of course Cheers
  5. Can second that. Very knowledgeable and £40 for a full alignment
  6. E39 suspension arms tools

    Awesome thank you
  7. E39 suspension arms tools

    Well I've refreshed the suspension as in decent coilovers and all new arms on the front. Could just do the arms but alignment every time means I may as well do the other bits on the back at the same time
  8. E39 suspension arms tools

    Lol. Do I need anything to pull these buggers out?
  9. E39 suspension arms tools

    Hi all my saloon is in need of the rear end bushes and joints sorting so looking to do the whole lot at once. Apart from a ball joint splitter which I have is there anything else I need special tools wise. Not doing the sub frame bushes. Only the arms and drop links etc Cheers
  10. E60 shorter throw gear stick for E39

    Pm me if it's not sold please
  11. My third E39! :)

    Ooh new car already?! PICS!!!!!
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Found out why my 530d has no power. Boost pipe with a fair split. Spares car raid to the rescue
  13. Mine does exactly the same thing. Again! Same as op changed all the front and the shocks. Didnt realise rear bushes/joints can cause a shake on the front. Have a little play in one so may be the issue. Still think it's brake related though. E39 and the shakes!! Seem way too common and very frustrating
  14. scrap or sell?

    Well I am looking for a touring. With isofix. Pm me with details on the car and price etc if you want to sell
  15. scrap or sell?

    Has it got isofix points? Could be tempted for the other half if so