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  1. Hmm. Tempting. If you were closer I would have a look. Have been thinking about a Saab estate. But I know little about them. The 2.3 hot aero is a rathe swift thing though Its all a gamble at the bottom end of the market. Seen a decent 39 touring but it's near Leeds and I'm Southampton so a long way for a viewing! what I want is a sport touring for under 1500 quid that isn't riddled with issues!
  2. Do like that. And a 330d mapped would be very nice. But for the mrs a little pokey! She has a 1.6 focus now which is gutless to say the least! if it was at a price too good to resist I would be taking a look. That said it's already reasonable
  3. Thanks for all the input guys. No doubt the mg is a good choice. But....... I am shallow and can't see myself looking back at it after walking away so I want an e39 touring. Had thought maybe e46 as the mrs will get on better with it being smaller but they seem just as hard to find a good one! The long search is under way! Got a few months so patience must prevail for the right car.
  4. Blimey. They are good value for what they are. None to pretty but not hideous. There's a 39 touring for sale not too far away but it's a 520i so not a great choice. Is the 2.0 diesel the biggest oil burner engine they did in MG form? re the e46 looks nice but you are miles away from me. Not against travelling just lack of time
  5. Doesn't have to be BMW. Has to be cheap and reliable though!
  6. So, I have a 530d e39 saloon and have been searching for a touring with no joy. Option A is keep looking. Must be a diesel as I cover 25k miles a year. Option B is by one/something for my other half which will mean it can be petrol. She is a bit daunted by the size of them so is there any other value for money options out there I have missed? And yes a 540i touring is my want but I would bankrupt myself on the fuel costs! oh unfortunately the budget is low. Like 1500 quid low for the mrs car opinions on other options welcome or shall I just keep looking for a 39 touring and get her to man up!
  7. So is it a complete car or have you sold things off it? Interested in the engine box etc and would need to get it to fareham. Pm me if easier
  8. You mention it can be towed, is the car road legal? Cheers
  9. What's your location?
  10. Woah that tyre!! on another note i got 12 months ticket on mine today. Straight through, no rusty bits to concern me yet and even the handbrake passed! few advisories but all good was quite complimentary on the old girl at 202k miles
  11. E39 Touring up for sale. cant seem to add the link looks to be well cared for anyones old one? I would really like a touring! HF51 TXV cheers
  12. Are the rear tyres dead or useable?
  13. Hmm. Much as I like the imola I feel it's about £500 high on price for me and having put £800 into mine on suspension and other bits recently i should stick with it. It is rather nice though and I would love a touring!
  14. I have only had manuals. The auto bit puts me off in some ways. I have wished I had an auto at times but the whole auto thing and the boxes being problematic worries me as I cover a lot of miles
  15. Another car is all well and good but this is a diesel. Surely it's a daily and the "other car" is the one that is saved for weekends. My Mk2 golf has done more miles in two years and that's been sat for a year. High Wycombe. Hmmm!