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  1. My third E39! :)

    Ooh new car already?! PICS!!!!!
  2. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Found out why my 530d has no power. Boost pipe with a fair split. Spares car raid to the rescue
  3. Steering wheel wobble when braking on 530i '01

    Mine does exactly the same thing. Again! Same as op changed all the front and the shocks. Didnt realise rear bushes/joints can cause a shake on the front. Have a little play in one so may be the issue. Still think it's brake related though. E39 and the shakes!! Seem way too common and very frustrating
  4. scrap or sell?

    Well I am looking for a touring. With isofix. Pm me with details on the car and price etc if you want to sell
  5. scrap or sell?

    Has it got isofix points? Could be tempted for the other half if so
  6. E39 530d checks before buying

    Radiator will be circa £150 also. But as said above the diesels are easier on the cooling system. At 30 miles a day I would be going petrol myself. I wish I could but I do 70 miles a day
  7. Bmw e39 coilovers with top mounts

    Can you pm me your number. My mate is very interested but isn't on this forum so will contact you direct if that's ok
  8. E39 530d checks before buying

    Only thing on those advisories is the corrosion that would be pressing to get treated. One issue with these and all cars with trays fitted is they hide it from the eyes. Such a shame these rust otherwise they would last forever
  9. How much for the turbo posted please
  10. E39 530d checks before buying

    Check for usual maintenance. Vac pipes, swirl flap delete, auto box service, suspension arms. Injectors can fail as can turbos. Check the aux fan works as these often fail.
  11. e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    So £240 a year? Bloody road tax con
  12. How many miles has the turbo covered?
  13. e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    I know we've already chatted a little about this. I forget what year it is so I can work tax band out? Guessing the same as my 530d
  14. Welder recommendations

    Looking for recommendations of anyone nearish Hampshire that can weld my sills/sort the usual rusty e39 woes. Cash, or cheap (but decent) yes I know you get what you pay for but the car was bought to break but it's not that bad. Rear sills are the worst. Jacking points solid. For now! i would just break it but it's a manual 530d sport so a rare beast and drives better than my daily! Recomendations please.