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  1. falcodub

    E39 propshaft

    I’m fairly happy to try and get the second hand prop unit on the car with a new bearing as the bracket is damaged but bearing appears good. Not sure if I can swap the bracket around the bearing. Had hoped not to split the uj but will investigate further. That said the car is on 222k miles now so costs need to be realistic.
  2. falcodub

    E39 propshaft

    It isn’t the front coupling. Had that replaced and it made exactly the same noise post replacement. Will investigate further. It has been making the same noise for some time now with no evidence of it getting worse
  3. falcodub

    E39 propshaft

    Evening all My drivetrain/propshaft feels rather slack. Evident pinging/metallic noise on take up of drive. Is this likely to be the prop itself as in the universal joint? i have a spare propshaft but would of course replace the bearing so does it need splitting to replace this? My coupling is in good order and was replaced not long ago. The pinging noise was there before and still is! I also believe an engine mount is on its way out or dead which will contribute to movement. Car is a 530d
  4. falcodub

    Any issues with the new MOT for anyone?

    Mine went through with no issues. Not as old as 94, it’s a 2003 530d. No cat, no egr, no reverse lights, oil leak but not major. Oh and HID’s Only failed on handbrake but that was soon sorted
  5. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    12 months MOT for the 530d today. Failed on handbrake. A clean and adjust and passed with only the usual E39 advisory of rusty brake pipes worth noting. Not bad for 45k miles in two years
  6. falcodub

    Breakdown cover

    Thanks for the input guys. RAC discounted me heavily to keep me. Its still more than auto aid but i will give it another year
  7. falcodub

    Breakdown cover

    My breakdown cover renewal is in. 166 quid for a year with RAC. Recovery etc and two people. However. Year on year they put it up without me claiming and I have to threaten to leave to get it back down. Last year was £115 for the same cover. RAC have always been good when I’ve needed them but maybe time for a change? Any recommendations? GEM motoring assist seems to come out well at £112 Anyone using them? Green flag offer 50% off my rac renewal but only if the car is under 10 years old. Pah
  8. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah. It still hurt though as was money I didn’t envisage spending! ah well. Another 40 quid on an alignment and it’ll drive lovely! Probably should of done the Rose joints too but hey ho
  9. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    All four rear suspension arms done at last. Unfortunately I had to get the garage to do it. All four had to be cut off. I think they were the originals! 216k miles Feels much Better. Albeit the alignment is all out. Will be getting that done ASAP
  10. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Tried to change all my rear suspension arms today whilst admiring the new rust bubbles. Gave up. Can’t get anything apart. Booked it into the garage and feel defeated! Its well overdue for the rear arms. In fact I’m now concerned I’ve got to drive it there’s so much play!
  11. falcodub

    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    I’ve been looking at replacing my system recently also. Yamaha CRXN470D can play pretty much everything but I’m yet to go and listen. My mrs wants my old large kef q35 out of the house as they are “ugly” apparently. Pah. They still sound great after all these years. Wanted to get some sort of streaming device and dab but budget isn’t high. Get down to a richer sounds and they will happily help and demo stuff for you.
  12. falcodub

    What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Lovely colour that. Im in a similar situation. I cover 25k miles a year. Rust is appearing. Rear end is overdue the bushes and arms which I have. But today the clutch decided to start slipping. 215k miles. And a big bill ahead. Hmmm! Yours sounds better than mine though!
  13. falcodub

    Cheap auto

  14. falcodub

    Cheap auto

    Looking for a cheap auto for my Mum as her car has failed mot on a lot. Anything cheap to buy and run considered. Sub £1000 please and no projects or basket cases as it’s not for me. My mum is a pensioner. Auto and petrol only Cheers
  15. falcodub

    530i touring

    That is nice. Wish I travelled less miles so I could have a petrol