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  1. I got a LASO water pump from C3BMW on their Ebay store and was very pleased. Good quality and working well so far, my original had failed by the bearing going, play on the water pump shaft holding the viscous fan on and leaking coolant from behind the waterpump pulley when run for a minute or two once pressure built up.
  2. Ah great thanks for confirming. I'll go with a cheap as I can set of standard ones as they're only the rear deck, and as you say hardly top quality these days!
  3. The subs work and are present, underneath the grills inside the cabin they're literally missing when removed. So all I have is front speakers/tweeters, rear door tweeters and parcel shelf subs. Would the more common rear deck speakers (65.13-8360778) still work OK?
  4. Looks like I have the top hifi option, Nokia subs in the parcel shelf, part number as seen below Looks like the corresponding speaker part numbers should be 65138369067 and 65138369068? The only ones I can find on eBay and the like are 65.13-8360778
  5. I'm not sure I've got the M-Audio option on my M5, but I have the non-nav DSP system and Nokia subs on the parcel shelf. There's woofers and tweeters in the front doors, tweeters on the rear doors and rear deck speakers. My rear deck woofers have been missing pretty much since I got the car. The connector is there on both sides too. What audio option is this likely to be? I understand there's top-hifi, m audio, hifi etc. Pretty confusing! Would I get away with just fitting some of the more common options items such as the hifi speakers 65138360788? Would they still work with the DSP amp? Can seem to find these fairly cheap just to restore sound in the back to complement the factory subs.
  6. Ah good point thanks! If so I can't really find the right part numbers so would all woofers be the right connector to plug straight in and get working? I understand the proper M Audio speakers have built in cross overs but they seem to be pretty rare and potentially expensive
  7. Any chance any of those cars have the Nokia sub/DSP sound system? After a couple of rear deck speakers if available. I think the right part number is 65138369067
  8. Great thanks very much! Couple of mine look a little old so I'll have a look for some generic copper crush washer in the right sizes.
  9. Anybody know the parts numbers or washer sizes of the banjo bolt washers? RealOEM suggests there's no parts for our car any more http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-06-1999-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_3200 Parts #3 and #5 in the above link. Reason I want to change them is I've had that line off a few times removing my thermostat housing so wanted to replace, one of two look a little old.
  10. Every little helps Thanks Phil will get that paid now
  11. Hi Phil, Thanks for your help, I've managed to secure a water pump with gasket now so just need everything else. I'll get a few spare O-rings for assembly. To confirm I'll send payment through for the following: 4x Torx bolt for vibration damper: 11231402618 - £26.631x Pulley for water pump: 11511406933 - £21.262x (1 + 1 spare) O-ring for water pump : 11531710055 - £0.92 £1.84 O-rings for the t-stat: x6 (4 + 2 spare) O-ring : 11531406249 - £5.17 £7.75 x4 (2 + 2 spare) O-ring : 11531407002 - £4.44 £8.88 Total - £66.36 Could you confirm the amount is OK and I'll get this over to you asap. Thanks
  12. Hi, I need to change my water pump on my E39 M5, could you quote me for the following part numbers with a breakdown of each part cost? 1x Water pump : 11511407806 1x Gasket water pump : 11511406765 4x Torx bolt for vibration damper: 11231402618 1x Pulley for water pump: 11511406933 1x O-ring for water pump : 11531710055 O-rings for the t-stat: 4x O-ring : 11531406249 2x O-ring : 11531407002 Thanks, Jon
  13. Anybody got a spare GROM IPD3/IPD4 or BT3 for sale? Looks like mine's died recently, won't power on at all and haven't got another to test. I already have the leads etc. for an IPD3 so presuming they fit other models as above, I just need the unit itself.
  14. If the fuel pump is coming on could it be a crank sensor issue?