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  1. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    On New Years eve (daytime) I used my newly acquired coolant pressure tester kit to diagnose a coolant leak on my M5. It started to drip out of one of the top hoses at the thermostat so it looks like it was put back incorrectly last time I worked on it. Just had to readjust the hose and redo the clamp and all good now! Holds 10 psi for at least 15 minutes rock steady so it's water tight again. After that I celebrated by doing an engine cleanup/oil change and cleaned inside and out! Roll on the better weather
  2. DatV8

    Rear sill welding

    I posted in the useful guides and info section a couple of years ago. It's called Auto Crash Parts I think:
  3. DatV8

    Xstream® G48® Antifreeze & Coolant Color

    The different colour coolants are made up of different chemical mixtures/spec so wouldn't mix very well. I believe they can gel together and make a thick goop throughout the whole cooling system in bad cases. Whatever colour came out/is recommended I'd stick with that. If you have to change colour you'd have to flush every last bit out so there's no old stuff left.
  4. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Trying to track down a coolant leak on my M5. Found a great price on a radiator. My waterpump bearing failed and sent metal filings through the system, getting caught in the radiator so was probably a good time to replace this anyway. The lower hose connection seems loose so I'll have a look in to that. Also ordered 10 litres of oil, oil filter and some brake fluid
  5. Anyone on the lookout for a Hella/BEHR E39 M5 radiator, I've just bought one of these. Ebay link Looks like genuine Hella/BEHR and comes up in the BEHR online catalogue. correct measurements etc. Hopefully turns out to be a bargain
  6. Thanks, payment sent and PM sent across to you
  7. Thanks very much. I see that that's the metal sealing ring within the housing. I mean the rubber seal on the actual thermostat is broken up, I assume this isn't replaceable? Thanks
  8. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Past few days I've been stripping down my M5 to do valve cover gaskets, replace plenum gaskets and replace the o-rings on the vanos solenoids. Also while I'm here I've removed the thermostat housing to do the lower oil return hoses (otherwise it would have been impossible!) They're the originals and very squishy with the original BMW clamps on them. Going to order a fair few parts and refresh as much as I can. Had to do a bit of soldering repair on one or two places to get one of the solenoids to fire. Cleaned all with brake cleaner and compressed air. All 8 now activate with a nice 'click' both on and off. Replaced o-rings afterwards readyu to put back on the car once valve covers have been replaced. Want to check the cam timing while it's there too.
  9. Thanks, one more thing could you also quote me for a themostat? The rubber seal has seen better days on mine when I remove to get to the lower oil hoses, so looks like it can't be replaced separately. Part number 11537835558 Thanks
  10. Hi, Could you please quote for the following parts and provide a price breakdown of each? Cyl 1-4 valve cover gasket - 11120001269 Cyl 5-8 valve cover gasket - 11120001278 Valve cover screw gasket (x6) - 11121721879 Valve cover screw gasket (x20) - 11121437395 Plenum throttle body flange L + R - 11611406636 / 11611406637 Oil separator hoses top L + R - 11151406952/11151406953 Oil separator hoses lower L + R - 11151407344/11151406902 Oil return hose - 11151406900 Vanos oil line copper crush washer small (x4) - 07119963072 Vanos oil line copper crush washer large (x4) - 07119963129
  11. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I repaired a fairly common E39 trait of broken boot lid loom wires last weekend. One of the wires providing live to the boot release handle/boot light had snapped within the rubber boot/tube due to age and the pinching motion of the boot lid. This meant my central locking wouldn't work with the key, a 'bootlid open' message showed on the dash all the time and I couldn't operate the boot open from the key. I soldered and heat shrunk the broken wire back together, then wrapped up the whole loom in electrical tape to provide a bit of support. All now working and can use my boot/lock the car properly again!
  12. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a look over my M5 last night ready to bring out for the weekend. Seemed a load of coolant ended up in the undertray at the front after being sat for 4 months. I suspect it's on it's original radiator so maybe time to change that for a new OEM one. I have always had to top up coolant slightly so perhaps it's a pinhole leak somewhere which over time mounts up to a lot of coolant loss.
  13. DatV8

    Trickle / Maintenance Chargers

    You can connect the terminals under the bonnet to the positive terminal on the valve cover, then another to an earth such as a suspension turret bolt. Got mine connected that way and all is well. I read somewhere it's preferred rather than directly to battery so the car/battery can 'detect' it's being charged. Could be wrong mind
  14. DatV8

    Trickle / Maintenance Chargers

    I've got a Ctek MXS 5.0 on my M5 for over the winter months. Has quick connectors etc and can be had for around £70ish. Has been left on for a good few weeks with no problems so far, very happy with it.
  15. Long shot but does anyone have a pair of genuine rear style 65 wheels from an E39 M5? I fancy trying a square set up on my M5 at some point. I'll be refurbing a full set of them so condition not drastically important, just need to be straight with no cracks/bends. Anybody got any fairly local to North West/Merseyside or willing to courier?