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  1. Every little helps Thanks Phil will get that paid now
  2. Hi Phil, Thanks for your help, I've managed to secure a water pump with gasket now so just need everything else. I'll get a few spare O-rings for assembly. To confirm I'll send payment through for the following: 4x Torx bolt for vibration damper: 11231402618 - £26.631x Pulley for water pump: 11511406933 - £21.262x (1 + 1 spare) O-ring for water pump : 11531710055 - £0.92 £1.84 O-rings for the t-stat: x6 (4 + 2 spare) O-ring : 11531406249 - £5.17 £7.75 x4 (2 + 2 spare) O-ring : 11531407002 - £4.44 £8.88 Total - £66.36 Could you confirm the amount is OK and I'll get this over to you asap. Thanks
  3. Hi, I need to change my water pump on my E39 M5, could you quote me for the following part numbers with a breakdown of each part cost? 1x Water pump : 11511407806 1x Gasket water pump : 11511406765 4x Torx bolt for vibration damper: 11231402618 1x Pulley for water pump: 11511406933 1x O-ring for water pump : 11531710055 O-rings for the t-stat: 4x O-ring : 11531406249 2x O-ring : 11531407002 Thanks, Jon
  4. Anybody got a spare GROM IPD3/IPD4 or BT3 for sale? Looks like mine's died recently, won't power on at all and haven't got another to test. I already have the leads etc. for an IPD3 so presuming they fit other models as above, I just need the unit itself.
  5. If the fuel pump is coming on could it be a crank sensor issue?
  6. Great numbers there! Think I'll get mine down to Riverside racing at some point too
  7. Welcome! I've completed one for you.
  8. I had this recently, the errors and three yellow warning lights would only show once the car heats up (module right next to engine). Error codes I had was wheel speed sensor circuit open and a DSC timeout error, left overnight this was resolved until it heated up again. I figured it was the ABS module and was correct, I had it repaired and was plug and play straight back as it was my original unit. Has been working perfectly since getting it back a few weeks ago even in the hot weather recently. If you got another module it'll require coding I believe, but not if you get your original repaired. If you can get a very cheap used one it might be worth a punt but could happen again soon after. I'd resolve the problem forever (lifetime warranty) from an ECU repair specialist and send it off. As it is fixed once cold I'd almost certainly the module was at fault here.
  9. Hi Dennis, That's great! Looks almost identical to mine in part number. Mine's a 1999 build also, this should be pretty much plug and play? I'll send you a PM now thank you!
  10. I think my DSP amp is dead as I can control the radio (change sources etc) but nothing happens when I press the DSP button and there's no sound from any source. Checked all relevant fuses and had the battery off for a short while to try and reset but no joy. Anybody local to Liverpool have a spare I can test, or recommend somewhere to potentially diagnose and fix? I'll probably eventually go aftermarket but got other things on the list first
  11. Looks like number 17 in this image here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DD22-EUR---E39-BMW-520i&diagId=11_1480 The one with the wire attached in the image looks correct. Price up OEM as for something like a cam sensor it's worth a bit extra to not have to do it again for a long time unless it's very easy on a 520 engine and is accessible.
  12. I'm also having this problem at the moment, only have the three lights come on (as well as speedo and cruise stop working) once the car has warmed up. Reading the codes I was getting DSC-timeout and servotronic wheel speed measurement errors in INPA. I strongly suspect it's the module so have sent away to ecutesting.com to be tested and potentially repaired. Should hopefully have it back soon to confirm.
  13. Ah did you get that fitted in the end? Didn't know any modification was required
  14. Have you got the boot light holder (not the lid, main boot section) part 63318371631 Part number 8 in here if it matches http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-06-1999-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=63_0308#63318371631 Also the centre vent with temp adjustment? Mine's broken in one corner Part 1 in here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-06-1999-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=64_0674
  15. Thanks Phil. Payment and details sent over