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  1. Thanks Phil. Payment and details sent over
  2. Hi, I'm looking at changing the rear CV joint on my E39 M5 propshaft (part no. 26111229099). Does this include all hardware and a gasket? Could you quote me a price please? Thanks
  3. Having done this recently, I managed to create a bit more room for doing the intake CPSs from the top by removing a plastic panel right behind the plenum (between the two cabin intake tubes covering the wiper mechanism, sat underneath the middle part of the bonnet seal). It's held on with a few spring clips. Even with this this out the way though it's a fiddly job. I can get a picture of what I mean later if needed.
  4. Gearbox oil flush definitely worth doing if there's no known history. The fill and drain plug (on an M5 getrag 6 speed box at least) are very easy to get to and are just 17mm hex plugs I believe. I used proper BMW lifetime stuff in mine and also bled the clutch with fresh fluid. With a vague gearchange like that it's probably due the linkage bushes being a bit worn. Would help having the exhaust and gearbox out the way doing those though
  5. Got myself 2 packs yesterday well! Only have 10k on my current ones so good to have in stock.
  6. Yes from looking online this comes with bushes in the kit. Couldn't 100% confirm though. I've read they're red poly bushes that are supplied.
  7. Yes can't see any apparent fitment issues. You have to lower the subframe on the front I believe to fit it. Looks like the original arb brackets are used too.
  8. Sorry for the delay, did this tonight. Sorry for the rubbish night time pic, can make it out here. 2054.320
  9. They look great! Would love to indulge in a set of those manifolds!
  10. There's no fitment issues on mine and the bushes sit correctly in the mounts. I can get a part number off the front ARB this weekend if needed?
  11. My M5 came with a front/rear eibach ARB installed, part number for the kit looks to be 2054.320 from a quick search. The only other part number listed for it seems to be for 6 cylinder models.
  12. Changed gearbox and diff oil last night for OEM BMW stuff (expensive!) and so far so good, nice and smooth. Also discovered loose rear diff CV joint to propshaft nuts! they were finger tight so while it was in the air I made sure all these were tightened up, they had been forgotten about when I had my car in for some work in recent months and the gearbox/prop was out a couple of times. Could have been interesting..
  13. I went to Auto Renew in Speke recently to spray my sills/door jams and a couple of smaller bits and was pleased with the work. Not sure if it's a bit far out for you, worth checking out if nothing else closer turns up
  14. I had the same, sounded like rusty old bed springs putting the clutch pedal in! I just ended up doing the clutch, dmf and all the above related parts while I was having rust work done. Now the noise is completely gone as yo'd expect. To do the simpler diagnoised parts like throwout bearing you need to drop the exhaust/gearbox, so you may as well go all out, do the lot and not have to touch it again for potentially years.
  15. Sad to hear about your M5 Yusuf, but as long as you're OK that's all that matters