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  1. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    And it's still got 2/3 tank in diesel in it, so free fuel for the trip home
  2. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Price dropped again, I'd really like to sell her soon, it's a waste having her sat outside!
  3. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    I'll happily pick you up from the train station!
  4. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    I'll let you know when I sell it I've had one e-mail that then went quiet, and an incredibly cheeky offer via a website (put nothing in the message apart from the number)..
  5. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Bump to drop the price a bit, it's still here and I need to sell it.
  6. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Hi Dennis, It's Topaz Blue (Topas Blau I believe), it looks slightly lighter in the photos, must have been a rare spot of sun! Cheers, Mark.
  7. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Thanks guys, fingers crossed!
  8. i-macca

    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Price reduced!
  9. Hi, Selling the Intravee II and KCA-420i from my E39 as the car is being sold. Cables included, straight swap for the CD changer, all working as it should. £150 posted. Thanks, Mark.
  10. i-macca

    E61 bootlid catching on roof

    Worked a treat, and a five minute job - thank you!
  11. i-macca

    E61 bootlid catching on roof

    Brilliant, thank you! I'll give that a go at the weekend
  12. i-macca

    E61 bootlid catching on roof

    I only picked it up on Sunday so haven't put many miles on it yet, however; the heater starts working a lot more quickly than in the diesel (despite my E39 having a working Webasto auxiliary heater), the throttle response is a lot lot better, and it's surprisingly quick. The N52 is a lovely sounding engine, it put a huge grin on my face the first time I opened her up to the redline The fuel consumption is the first downside, taking in to account I've got a sticky VANOS solenoid that needs attention, I'm currently getting about 7mpg less than in the diesel over the same daily commute. I suspect this will improve when I've sorted the solenoid, but I don't for a minute expect to get the mileage I did out of the 530d.
  13. Hi Everybody, I've recently purchased an E61 530i SE Auto to replace my E39 530d SE Auto. The bootlid makes a bit of a noise when it's opened, on closer inspection it's catching slightly on the trailing edge of the roof as it opens. How do I adjust the bootlid to move it out slightly to stop this happening? Cheers, Mark.
  14. i-macca

    530d fuel pump not starting

    Hi All, Last winter and again this winter I've had intermittent starting issues with the car because the pre-pressure pump under the passenger seat doesn't always run. It's been fine all summer and has got worse the colder it has got, also being troublesome if it's particularly damp outside. Wednesday morning I spent 15 minutes switching the ignition from off to run waiting to hear for the pump, eventually giving up and resigning to using the bus to get to work. I've got a new K96 relay from Cotswolds and had a chance to look at fitting this. My car is a mid-00 build touring, it doesn't appear to have the relay in the boot on the right hand-side (there's only three relays in a row and not one slightly offset which I think would be the fuel pump), and there is only one relay behind the glove box as far as I can see. I've changed the relay behind the glove box and this hasn't made a difference, so either the relay was fine anyway, or I've changed the wrong one. Can anybody advise if this is the correct one? I've had my arm contorted up under the dash and can't feel any others! If it's not the relay, what other options are there? I'm fairly confident in the pump, when it starts it sounds fine, and according to INPA it's running bang on the right pressure. Are there any common wiring areas to look at? Cheers, Mark.