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  1. Bullvine

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    how much for the engine without ancillaries ?
  2. Bullvine

    Cheap M54 3.0

    As above not concerned with mileage as long as it’s not knackered, ancillaries not required and ideally close to Kent. cheers Steve
  3. i was in the same position a while back and got rid of my 530 that i bought on here, after two years of owning another car and realising i made a big mistake i now have it back, the car is in a right state but i wont part with it for all the money in the world these cars seem to get a hold on some of us.
  4. as above either one that is for a sale or a suggestion of a decent retailer not a cheap winky pot item. steve
  5. Bullvine

    E39 530D Breaking or Sale

    Are the sport springs and shocks on these the same as the 530i petrol variant ? If so I might have them
  6. Bullvine

    Free turtles with tank and filters

    Sorry for the late reply bud if I’m back of this shitty contract by weekend I will get in touch and try to get over to you
  7. Bullvine

    E39 black leather rear headrests

    swapped the interior from my sport to my se but lost the headrests, anyone got any going for a decent price ? 07799731482 cheers steve
  8. Bullvine

    Free turtles with tank and filters

    how big is the setup ? i might be interested as we were about to get some terapins 07799731482 steve
  9. Bullvine

    Cat back for 530i

    I thought as much cheers dan, I too am used to oop norf prices but am a Kent resident now so have to pay southern tax, had a recommendation for Maidstone exhaust centre to fab me one so might see what they quote.
  10. Bullvine

    Cat back for 530i

    Looking for a stainless system for the five, a nice soundtrack is what’s needed me thinks.
  11. Bullvine

    Sport bumpers

    Apparently my paint code with bmw comes up as steel blue metallic I would be interested in a set of stock se bumpers in that colour if they aren’t a fortune and I can put my sport ones to one side for a full respray next year
  12. Bullvine

    Sport bumpers

    I know the paint code gurus will be calling me a twat for this but I don’t have any idea what the paint code is on my car, if anyone knows the name of the very light blue on the E39 that should be the colour I’m after a pair of bumpers in, feel free to abuse me as you point me in the right direction. cheers Steve
  13. Bullvine

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    Well if someone has a full set of something else that has some decent dish I might be tempted to do a deal
  14. Bullvine

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    Just pulled the wheels out of the shed and they have major blistering and a few dings on the lips, I might as well avoid the low ball offers and just keep looking for another front then refurb them as all have correct markings hence genuine. cheers Steve
  15. Bullvine

    Stylel 65 Alloys

    I don’t even know what they go for but the fourth went to the scrapyard in the sky it was fooked, I will have a look at prices for comparible wheels as for genuine I’m pretty certain but will check markings tomorrow if work permits as I’m on emergency standby.