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  1. e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    make a good all round weapon with some decent suspension and a tidy up, these are underated cars and surprisingly quick with a remap glws. steve
  2. Adeel's E39 525d

    looking good fella the work you have put in to it shows, i just messaged a friend to get my old 530 back as your thread updates have been making me miss it. cheers steve
  3. Deleted Topic - 1997 E39 540 six speed Touring

    did this sell in the end keith ? im looking for a V8 manual. cheers steve
  4. E39/36/46 manual

    Post was never intended as a sale add I just put the approximate value to avoid a load of questions asking what I valued it at, car wise if it's E36/46 I'm only after a coupe and at least a 2.5 if it's an E39 again a minimum of 2.5 but ideally bigger, whatever is on offer needs to be manual not fussed about paint too much. cheers Steve
  5. E39/36/46 manual

    made the mistake of selling the 530 and im still mourning the loss, the mrs will kill me but i want back in a bm too much to ignore it, ....... i need a rear wheel car again and some room inside. cheers steve
  6. at the risk of sounding stupid i have a 2000 plate se and the lights from my 2000 sport are these the same fitment ?
  7. wanted head rebuild parts

    that was a silly thing to leave out, its a E39 530 se, looks like we have scaled it down to stem seals so a skim and a general freshen up of the head, also out of interest does anyone have a spare bare head for one of these. cheers steve
  8. wanted head rebuild parts

    pulled my plugs to diagnose a misfire and plug holes are full of oil, im a mechanics apprentice and we are flat out at work but the boss has said i can sort my car if i can find the bits, i need a set of stem seals all associated gaskets including the head gasket and whilst its apart we are going to do the timing chain and valve guides, does anyone have any recomendations for parts as express and the other auto factors we use are struggling to find parts.
  9. Piper's E39 530d Sport

    keep us posted on those wheel nuts if they are any good i might grab some bm want a fortune
  10. wanted style 65 front wheel

    anyone got one of these or know of one for sale. cheers steve
  11. Sold

    cant believe you still have it mate these are a good wagon and still one the best vag engines in my opinion
  12. Adeel's E39 525d

    hopefully the sachs sort you out bud, i just snagged a set of used sachs from a sport with a set of 50mm eibach springs i hope they work out too. cheers steve
  13. 2001 Alpina B10 V8 111/1

    what kind of power do these make ? looks like a lovely car.
  14. sport shocks and lowering springs for SE

    sorry forgot to update this i have sourced some sport shocks and eibach 50mm springs so no longer in need, abover posters are welcome to deal on items mentioned