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  1. wolfman

    Alarm not working

    Ok thanks for the input I checked the build sheet and no alarm is listed which shocked me, I do not have a sensor in the roof lining as it has a sunroof. I think retro fitting an alarm maybe a pain in the posterior as there is probably no wiring in place either , I cannot believe it is not standard.
  2. wolfman

    Alarm not working

    Yes I have used both fobs It locks and unlocks as it should.
  3. wolfman

    Alarm not working

    I have been checking out my new touring and I don't think the alarm is working. The telltale on the front (not the bottom) of the mirror does not flash, but it does lock OK. I have tried opening the bonnet and tailgate and nothing happens.I went to check fuse 48 and it is not there ie no connectors in the block for a fuse. I then noticed a Gemel Serpi star sticker in one window. Why is it not a BMW alarm fitted? Is it something to do with being the 2000 BMW Birmingham show car?. Where should I look for the control box? would it have a separate fob or be controlled by the central locking fob? Any help would be great.
  4. wolfman

    Touring floor mats

    Has anyone got a set of oem black floor mats for a 2001 touring? I have the cream interior in my new ride and the mats are getting filthy already so I am going to put blacks on top.
  5. I am pleased I have found the buildsheet, I just cannot read German but I think it is self explanatory at the bottom. I will try to get a friend to do it.
  6. Thanks for the input I am not after a value hike, It is just nice to have a car with interesting history behind it. I have contacted BMW head office and a great guy there is looking into what it was used for so fingers crosssed. it has got a lot of options which is nice.
  7. Ok I have been to see another touring near me that is advertised in a local rag, When I decoded the vin (it looks a well optioned car) I was a bit puzzled by a couple of options at the end eg 903,916. Do you have any advice on them, I hope this one may be a bit unusual. Vehicle Identification Number WBADS62070GL80003 Type DS62 Model 530i - EUR Development Code E39 (2) Chassis TOUR Steering RL Doors 5 Engine M54 Displacement 3.00 Power 170 Drivetrain HECK Transmission AUT Color Oxfordgruen 2 Metallic - 430 Upholstery Standardleder/beige E36 Sandbeige E - N6SN Production Plant DINGOLFING Production Date 2000-09-04 Standard Equipment 202 Steptronic Steptronic 220 Self-leveling Suspension Niveauregulierung 520 Foglights Nebelscheinwerfer 853 Language Version English Sprachversion Englisch Options 249 Multi-function For Steering Wheel Multifunktion Fuer Lenkrad 360 Lt/aly Wheels/star Spoke 81 Lm Raeder/sternspeiche 81 403 Glas Roof, Electric Glasdach, Elektrisch 412 Load Floor, Extendable Ladeboden Ausziehbar 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 473 Armrest, Front Armauflage Vorn 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc) 534 Automatic Air Conditioning Klimaautomatik 609 Navigation System Professional Navigationssystem Professional 710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad 773 Wood Trim Edelholzausfuehrung 785 White Direction Indicator Lights Weisse Blinkleuchten 812 England Version England/irland Ausfuehrung 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export Zusaetzl. Tankfuellung Export 863 Europe/dealer Directory Service Kontakt-flyer Europa 880 English / On-board Documentation Englisch / Bordliteratur 903 Special Check Trade Fair/photo Vehicle Sonderkontrolle Stand-/fotowagen 916 Development Vehicle W/o Conservation Entwicklungsfzg.ohne Konservierung 986 Deadline Check Terminpruefung Information 555 On-board Computer Bordcomputer 602 On-board Monitor With tv
  8. wolfman

    Gunk in the oil filler hole

    I did a dvla check with some 530's on ebay and they came out at 226-255 g/km which put them in the £500 tax band, or am I doing something wrong(probably) any way thanks for the input. If I have the tax calculations wrong i would like to go for one of the last made if possible
  9. wolfman

    Gunk in the oil filler hole

    This is a different 530 to the other '02' sport one, This guy has had it 3 years and the car does warm up to the middle correctly. what do you mean by ccv? I am paranoid about bloody headgaskets. I had forgotten about the road tax prices on later one's due to the emissions so that will rule any cars out after march 01
  10. wolfman

    Gunk in the oil filler hole

    Ok I went to look at a '01' 530 touring today, It all looked great quite low mileage 112,000 good history. The only thing I did not like was when i checked the oil filler cap It had creamy gunk on it and inside the cam cover too, I looked at the dipstick too and there was some on it too(not a lot). Is this down to bad engine breathing or a sign of head gasket problems?. It has had a new rad 2 years ago and the guy said it does not use any water. What is your opinion guys?
  11. wolfman

    E39 m sport advice

    Thanks for the input, I have checked it out. The only dodgy bit was the stat stuck open and he did not seem to worried! he has only had it a couple of weeks. It has done 110,000 I need to give it a longer road test when time permits. I just want to find a really good one to replace my last one.
  12. wolfman

    E39 m sport advice

    Ok I have been to see this touring for sale and I am a bit confused at the M sport bit. Is it just a trim package or is the suspension upgraded too. I wait to be educated and ribbed too here is a vin break down to advice me. the guy is asking just under £3000 is this good or bad 5 owners independant history and in quite good nick. Vehicle information VIN longWBADS62080GL81337 Type codeDS62 Type530I (EUR) Dev. seriesE39 (2) Line5 Body typeTOUR SteeringRL Door count5 EngineM54 Cubical capacity3.00 Power170 TransmisionHECK GearboxAUT ColourTITANSILBER METALLIC (354) UpholsterySTANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) Prod. date2002-04-05 Order option No.Description 210DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL (DSC) 227SP/SUSPENSION W SELF-LEVELING SUSPENSION 249MULTI-FUNCTION FOR STEERING WHEEL 302ALARM SYSTEM 337M SPORT PACKAGE 339SATIN CHROME 386ROOF RAIL 428WARNING TRIANGLE 431INTERIOR RR VW MIRROR W AUT ANTI-D 434INTERIOR TRIM 441SMOKERS PACKAGE 473ARMREST, FRONT 481SPORT SEATS F DRIVER/FRONT PASSENGER 500HEADLIGHT WASHER SYS/INTENSIVE CLEANING 508PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) 521RAIN SENSOR 534AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING 694PREPARATION FOR CD CHANGER 710M LEATHER STEERING WHEEL 715M AERODYNAMICS PACKAGE 775INDIVIDUAL ROOF-LINING ANTHRACITE 785WHITE DIRECTION INDICATOR LIGHTS 788M LT/ALY WHEELS 812ENGLAND VERSION 850ADD FUEL TANK FILLING FOR EXPORT 863EUROPE/DEALER DIRECTORY 877DELETION CROSS-OVER OPERATION 880ENGLISH / ON-BOARD DOCUMENTATION Series options No.Description 202STEPTRONIC 470CHILD SEAT ISOFIX ATTACHMENT 520FOGLIGHTS 661RADIO BMW BUSINESS 853LANGUAGE VERSION ENGLIS
  13. I am in Walton-on-Thames Surrey if that helps.
  14. On advice from a few people they are available seperately now £500 for the estate and £200 for the saloon
  15. Is no one interested then, are they priced wrong? I do need them out of the way as a close friend has died and I need room for his car too now. any criticism welcome.