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  1. E61 520D Glow Plug Replacement

    I started to do mine. I couldn't figure out how to remove the manifold, think I missed something, but realised there is just enough room to get to them with the manifold in situ. I did no1 no problem, but after that I found I just couldn't get to the electrical connectors well enough with the tools I had, and by that time I was in such a mood that I shut the bonnet and got the local garage to finish the job, I was so stressed about doing it, seemed sensible to pay the £100 they quoted me. they managed to change the other 3 without breaking them and without taking the manifold off.
  2. I discovered that mine came on after 10 mins just with the ign on, that's what led me to think that the light wasn't triggering from real life data. All I can say is good luck, we'll be watching.......
  3. Thanks for looking. Some may have seen my recent thread. I have replaced the glow plug controller with what I believe is an OEM Beru unit, I replaced glow plug no 1 at the same time, but chickened out and got my local garage who I know very well, and are the most decent straight garage I know, to change the other three glow plugs and decode the car. all codes gone now except GLOWPLUG COMMUNICATION ERROR. Ive googled the codes, and it seems that some people change the controller and it goes, others find wiring faults. can anyone tell me where to start please? thanks
  4. Can't help with the sky high reading. But I would guess your mileage is around 150,000 mls? my 520d got to 142,000 and came up with the PDF warning. Apparently the PDF on SOME cars is set to have a life of 250,000km, and at that interval the light comes on. Try one thing for me please, sit in car with ign on but the engine off, the light I reckon will come on within 10 minutes even though the engine is off. I used DIS to tell the car I'd fitted a new PDF and the problem went. Mind you, sounds like your car was coded professionally, but the symptoms certainly are the same.
  5. 520d glow plug controller

    Update. after much trepidation I decided to tackle the controller AND glowplugs myself. Released 5 bolts to free the manifold but it wouldn't come free, besides, there is so much cabling in the way anyway, chances of easily getting it off are remote. Realised I could get to glow plug no1 with the manifold in situ, and changed that with little drama. No2, I couldn't get the connector off with the pliers I had, just couldn't get in there well enough with the electrical trunking in the way, got wound up and decided to admit defeat before I broke something. i changed the controller though, not too bad at all, because it's mounted on a bracket, and the bolts for that are more accessable than the two nuts that face backwards, just remove the controller with the baracket and swap the controller. So it's going in tomorrow to have the other 3 glowplugs changed, and to have the codes cleared. Mind you, my DIS now says there is a glow plug communication error which it didn't have before. Hopefully the garage can sort it out, but the new controller I bought had finger marks on it, so may be defective, at least I now know how to change it. thanks to those who replied.
  6. 520d glow plug controller

    Gents, a quick one if I may? the controller looks rather awkward to access. Is access easier with the manifold removed? was going to get my local garage to change the glow plugs as I'm a big coward, and was going to change the controller myself until I looked on you tube! any advice gratefully received. ta
  7. A/c help!

    Good luck. Let us know how you get on. Very glad I did mine.
  8. A/c help!

    Dannydub, this was a year ago but I'll tell you what I remember. The union didn't want to separate. I think this was because there is a locating pin and this was tight on the flange that both pipes terminate into. i held the pipes and smacked the sh1t out of the old condenser and little by little it freed. If the pipes has fractured in the process it would have been a different story, perhaps I was lucky. fitting the new one is a piece of cake as it just slides into place. You have to remove a load of torx screws to get the top cover off but it really is an easy job as long as you can get the flange free from the old condenser. WORTH MENTIONING IN BOLD IS THAT YOU MUST GET THE SYSTEM EVACUATED PROFESSIONALLY BEFORE YOU LIFT A SPANNER. And to answer Dotcom, the condenser I bought had the part 2 (the drier I think) as an integral part.
  9. A/c help!

    When I had problems last year 2 different garages were unable to detect leaks. The second garage did it properly over a couple of days, first with dye, and then a "sniffer" ( poor dog!) but couldn't find the leak. In the end I changed the condenser myself for a EuroCarParts one and got it recharged. Garage wanted £510 to do it, cost me about a £100 including the gas and new seals from BMW. Perhaps I was lucky.
  10. A/c help!

    Went through similar last year. Replaced the condenser and got regassed. Still working blissfully. i seem to remember that my compressor wasn't egaging, and I believe it gets locked out if the refrigerant level is too low.
  11. DPF - remove or not?

    My DPF shows 0 backpressure in DIS. No warning lights on and only problem seems to be that it's developed a tendency to "judder" a little at very small throttle openings which clears immediately when I boot it, or change from auto to D/S. My quack diagnosis is that the backpressure sensor is having a laugh, and that the dpf is blocked but the car doesn't know it. DIS says it's doing regens but it appears to only record when it attempts to regen and not whether it's successful or not. I need to spend some time sorting it properly, but I find DIS takes so long to load, the laptop battery dies before you can get down to the nitty gritty. In the meantime, carry on cruising.
  12. Not sure why I'm getting the DPF error

    There seems to be a lot of conflicting info regards everything dpf. I had the message at around 143,000. I have a 2008 520 with what I believe is an N47 engine. I have read that the n47s don't flag up when the filter has reached the end of its life (250,000 km in German money) but mine did. I used DIS and told the car that I had fitted a new filter, which of course I hadn't. 20,000 miles on the car is still running, and whilst I am far from convinced everything is fine in that department it's still going reasonably well. Its about time I put it on DIS again and had a proper look at the stats.
  13. My car runs beautifully, but paranoia is never far away when your car has passed 150,000 miles. I have one of Jimmys cables and software, and every so often I check it out. The last few times it has shown 0 back-pressure. at idle, and low values at 2000 rpm and cut off. Am I right to be suspicious or should I relax and rejoice. All I've done is a while ago I got the DPF warning which claimed the filter had reached the end of its life and I used DIS to tell the car it had a new filter fitted. Id prefer to keep the filter and keep the car stock. Can the filter be so clogged that it restricts the flow of gas to the sensor? Thanks
  14. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Replaced the driver side wiper arm and outer linkages, all one part. New wiper blades as well, now I can't wait for it to rain, quit wipers, bliss.
  15. Forgive me if I've already replied to this thread, I know I've replied to some similar, there seems to be a lot on the subject. There is a lot of information out there, some seems correct, some not. Some seems to apply to some cars, and not to others. Generally, it seems accepted that glow plug issues don't affect regens, most likely cause seems to be 'stats. My warning light came on after having the car, 520d LCI, for about 2 months. It would come on even without the engine running as long as the ignition was on. I bought a laptop, and leads and software from our Jimmy. I established that regens were happening, and that backpressures, whilst being a bit high, were within limits, so I used DIS to tell the car it had a new shiny DPF fitted. It appears that despite what you read on some pages, Mr BMW builds in a lifespan of 240 or 250,000km (can't remember which) and at that mileage it flags up that the filter has reached the end of it's life. My filter light hasn't come on since, but to my shame I haven't checked backpressures since, and haven't checked the regens. A job for this weekend. Seems to take so long to navigate through DIS, anyone else found this.