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  1. N47 fuel pump? cut out

    Just catching up on this, fascinating story. Enough to scare the faint hearted into selling the car and buying a bike.
  2. Dreaded DPF codes

    Mine happened at 142,000 miles, which is about 250,000 km. I used DIS to tell the car I'd replaced the dpf. (520D LCI BTW) If theres nothing else wrong you could try it. What convinced me that it wasnt a "real time" warning is that it would always come on after approx 10 mins, even it the engine wasnt running. just ignition on. Good luck, I hope that helps.
  3. EGR failure?

    I used DIS to tell my car I'd fitted a new dpf. That was approx 142.000 miles which I guess is 250,000 approx.
  4. e61 - tailgate top glass panel popping open

    Certainly is a week spot on the estates. Any idea how much the looms are as mine all have repairs and are likely to part again??
  5. Angel eyes bulb LCI

    Thanks Aggy, any wiring involved or is it a direct plug and play replacement??
  6. Run Flat Tyres to Ordinary Tyres

    I had a nail in the sidewall of one of my RFs last summer, I bought a new replacement £150 approx. Big regret. Should have gone for 2 non RFs instead, and replaced the other 2 RFs in due course. My 520 white lines like a b@gger and Im certain it's they tyres.
  7. Voltage

    Mine says low voltage whenever I hook it up to DIS. I'm sure I read on here that "they all do that mate!" Mind you, a couple of times last week I got the battery light on the dash when I switched off the engine but left the key in, and it reset the clock and odometer to zero. I was assuming the battery is on it's last legs, but I gave it a long run down the M4 and it's been fine so far this week. It does do a lot of short runs. Perhaps it's not charging sufficiently as noted above, I will check when I get a chance.
  8. Angel eyes bulb LCI

    Forgive me if this has been beaten to death before, Ive Googled and there seems to be quite a bit of (conflicting) info. I have a 2008 E61 LCI, with normal headlight bulbs, Halogen I guess. Can I change the bulb for the angel eyes? Ive checked on Euro Car Parts and they show a unit approx the size of a plastic coffee cup and it's £36.00 I dont really want the faff of changing both sides to LED, quite happy to replace with stock, but can you change the bulb only? TIA
  9. High Mileage E60 LCI Advice

    170,000 miles on mine
  10. E61 Heated rear window WDS help

    My heated rear screen packed up but it was the wiring by the fuse. I guess I was lucky, option B looks somewhat more complicated! Good luck.
  11. E61 Glass boot door self opening.

    Mine did that the day after I bought it. It was the wiring around the hinges which break after some time. Pretty common and you will find plenty of references to it on here. Can affect any of the rear end electrics depending on which wires go first.
  12. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    I'll be interested to hear how you get on Chris. I did get quite a bit of good natured flack from the Auto Electrician when I told him all that I'd learned from the forums. His opinion was to eliminate one thing at a time and do it all by the book, which of course cost me. I was in no position to argue. Whether it was regenning before I don't know, whether it's regenning now I don't know. It's really no different to how it was before.
  13. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Good luck Chris. I did reset mine and it did clear the problem. What really convinced me was that when I was merely sitting in the car with the ignition on and the engine OFF the warning still came on after 10mins approx, and that makes it pretty certain that it's not reading live data from the dpf. However, I was never sure it was doing regens. Temps were red hot, but it always showed glow plug faults and glowplug controller fault, so when I had it serviced by my local non BMW garage last August I got him to read the codes, and his results were same as mine. I decided in my infinite wisdom, to change the controller myself, which I did, but I chickened out of doing the glowplugs and got the garage to do it. Result: Clouds of smoke out of the back, breakdown and recovery on a flat back and a £900 bill. The EGR had failed and stuck open, the "new" glowplug controller was duff, and a highly qualified and expensive Auto Electrician spent hours on it, changing sensors here, and vacuum pipes there until he got rid of every single code. Moral of the story, I did reset the dpf, and it ran quite happily for 2 years, but when I started messing around more, I got my ar$e kicked. Perhaps it was all coincidence, I don't know, but now I think I'll just drive the thing and not worry about it any more! AND, the "new" controller I bought from Euro Car Parts was duff, The Auto Electrician bought another from Euro Car Parts, and he diagnosed that that one was also duff, he the bought an identical one from BMW and that one was fine. Make your own mind up about Euro Car Parts. Perhaps they are not half the price for nothing! Worst part of the whole thing? Mrs Phil telling me "I told you not to buy that car, its been nothing but trouble!" YES DEAR.
  14. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    I had the same on mine, although after about 142,000 miles. After some googling I found that there was a counter built in that predicted the demise of the dpf after 250,000 KM, hence 142,000 miles in my case. I used DIS to tell the car that it had a new dpf fitted and has been fine for 25,000 miles since I did it. I believe the LCI models are not supposed to have this counter, but mine did. its all hocus pocus and I’m sure a lot of people have made a lot of money out of owners being terrified of the dreaded dpf.
  15. E61 520D Glow Plug Replacement

    I started to do mine. I couldn't figure out how to remove the manifold, think I missed something, but realised there is just enough room to get to them with the manifold in situ. I did no1 no problem, but after that I found I just couldn't get to the electrical connectors well enough with the tools I had, and by that time I was in such a mood that I shut the bonnet and got the local garage to finish the job, I was so stressed about doing it, seemed sensible to pay the £100 they quoted me. they managed to change the other 3 without breaking them and without taking the manifold off.