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  1. Phil adams

    4501 egr deviation

    FWIW, I did some work in that area on my 520D last summer. I broke the plastic inlet on the pressure converter and bought a secondhand one from eBay. The car broke down on me the next day and was recovered to my local INDI garage. They put a new EGR on it, saying that was the problem and all was well until May this year when I discovered purely by chance that the vacuum pipe was off the converter, it had put the engine light on and I assumed this was the cause. Refitted the pipe and the next day it conked out on me. Pulled the pipe back off and it started and ran fine but the engine light would come on again after a while. Had enough, and sold the car with the pipe off!!! But, reading this in wonder it the secondhand converter was to blame. If you pulled the pipe off, the EGR would clunk as if closing suddenly. I'll never know for sure now. I have DIS, but never got around to specifically checking those items.
  2. Phil adams

    Air-con issues, what next?

    Merely an observation but..... If you get a click when switch the aircon on, and the compressor IS engaging, then it shouldnt need regassing as it's supposed to not engage when the gas is low to prevent the compressor running dry and being damaged. you should be able to see if the compressor is running or idling.
  3. Phil adams

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    On reflection, it was a good car, as cars go. Trouble is Mrs Phil told me not to buy it in the first place, so every single thing was turned back at me. To be fair, we did 30,000 miles in 3 years, in comfort and style, but with 172,000 miles on the clock it was getting ever more of an anxious experience driving it. It did conk out in a cloud of smoke last August, the day before we were booked for a holiday in Holland, and 2 days after I'd had the glow plug controller and glow plugs changed in the garage. And it was starting to fail again, something to do with the EGR, but I never found out what. DIS said it was the swirl valve actuator, and frankly, that was it for me. "Gave" it away, but Ive cut my losses. Hoping to retire later this year and wont need 2 cars anymore anyway.
  4. Phil adams

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Sold it. No more waiting nervously to see what's gonna fail next, whether it's gonna conk out in a cloud of smoke again. No more anxiously checking the forums to see what fates others are suffering. No more £36.00 for a side light bulb. Thanks BMW, its been a blast.
  5. Phil adams

    520D Diesel anomilies

    Last August my car broke down, would start every time, run for a few seconds before dying. RAC couldnt fix it and it was recovered to my local indie. He got his specialist to go through it, he replace the EGR, a couple of sensors and pipes and declared it fault free and took 900 snots off me. Car has been fine and Ive left well alone until about 3 weeks ago the engine light came on. Used DIS to clear the codes, it mainly stated "swirl valve actuator" and all was well for a fortnight when the light came on again. Once again got the codes, same ones, but this time removed the engine cover and had a rummage around. There was a braided pipe, about 6 or 7mm dia hanging off of one of the components. One of the vacuum actuators I think, next to the EGR. Naturally I popped it back on and prayed that I had fixed it. Nay, not so! The car will run for a while, and then stall at the most inconvenient time. Pull the pipe off and you hear a clunk, which I "assume" is the EGR either opening or shutting. Car runs fine with the pipe off, but suspect the engine light will return sooner or later. And before you ask, the "specialist" who fixed it last time has disappeared (with my 900 snots!!) and anyway I'm not spending any more money on it.
  6. Phil adams

    Battery discharge warning

    Mine is the same, I cant leave the keys in for any length of time, or it wipes the date and time info in I Drive. I suspect I may well have an original battery, but it shows 12v off charge and over 14v whilst running. I Googled it and it appears that it can be due to the IBS playing up. Bearing in mind that you do short trips a helping hand every so often either as a long run, or a charge of the battery should keep you going. I'd happily give mine a new battery but with conflicting reports of it needing coding or not I think it's easier to sell the car and buy a horse.
  7. Phil adams

    Injector test - inpa - 530d

    I tried cleaning my MAF (520d) with electrical cleaner last summer. It did seem to cure the wavering I was getting at small throttle openings, though it came back again soon after. Got a b@llocking from my Indie for doing it so I haven't tried it again.
  8. Phil adams

    N47 fuel pump? cut out

    Just catching up on this, fascinating story. Enough to scare the faint hearted into selling the car and buying a bike.
  9. Phil adams

    Dreaded DPF codes

    Mine happened at 142,000 miles, which is about 250,000 km. I used DIS to tell the car I'd replaced the dpf. (520D LCI BTW) If theres nothing else wrong you could try it. What convinced me that it wasnt a "real time" warning is that it would always come on after approx 10 mins, even it the engine wasnt running. just ignition on. Good luck, I hope that helps.
  10. Phil adams

    EGR failure?

    I used DIS to tell my car I'd fitted a new dpf. That was approx 142.000 miles which I guess is 250,000 approx.
  11. Phil adams

    e61 - tailgate top glass panel popping open

    Certainly is a week spot on the estates. Any idea how much the looms are as mine all have repairs and are likely to part again??
  12. Phil adams

    Angel eyes bulb LCI

    Thanks Aggy, any wiring involved or is it a direct plug and play replacement??
  13. Phil adams

    Run Flat Tyres to Ordinary Tyres

    I had a nail in the sidewall of one of my RFs last summer, I bought a new replacement £150 approx. Big regret. Should have gone for 2 non RFs instead, and replaced the other 2 RFs in due course. My 520 white lines like a b@gger and Im certain it's they tyres.
  14. Phil adams


    Mine says low voltage whenever I hook it up to DIS. I'm sure I read on here that "they all do that mate!" Mind you, a couple of times last week I got the battery light on the dash when I switched off the engine but left the key in, and it reset the clock and odometer to zero. I was assuming the battery is on it's last legs, but I gave it a long run down the M4 and it's been fine so far this week. It does do a lot of short runs. Perhaps it's not charging sufficiently as noted above, I will check when I get a chance.
  15. Phil adams

    Angel eyes bulb LCI

    Forgive me if this has been beaten to death before, Ive Googled and there seems to be quite a bit of (conflicting) info. I have a 2008 E61 LCI, with normal headlight bulbs, Halogen I guess. Can I change the bulb for the angel eyes? Ive checked on Euro Car Parts and they show a unit approx the size of a plastic coffee cup and it's £36.00 I dont really want the faff of changing both sides to LED, quite happy to replace with stock, but can you change the bulb only? TIA