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  1. I have lets say stepped down in class and sheer looks but I have always had a passion for the lesser German marque. What i have lost in looks I have gained in toys/gadgets and age/mileage. Already had a good offer on the E60 and umpteen amount of people asking about the bootlid. VX-Line Insignia. I know not to everyone's taste, but I simply could not afford the BMW I wanted.
  2. The E60 went up for sale today, A deposit has been put down on a new steed. Not another BMW as this one has left such a bitter taste in my mouth. So I bid you farewell, this forum has been invaluable to me for help in diagnosing the many many many.... faults I had. All fixed but it's got to go. I have met some good people on here and will continue to drop in from time to time. I'm selling it as is as I can't be bothered to put it back to standard, unless I get ridiculous low offers, then I will take the 20's and the boot lid off.
  3. Yes there is a guy on the forum who retrofits them, Drop a PM to Baus but he hasn't been on here much lately.
  4. I think you need a new bootlid Shaz.
  5. Any further input on this?
  6. Trying to find out if my M tractor is fitted with an electronic or vacuum controlled actuator. Can't find a part number for it it anything on RealOEM B592588 2.5d 177hp
  7. Same but these guys are talking about the 535d/540i brakes which are much larger.
  8. Here's what I have found These 2 errors stored in the SFZ And this in the SBSL After clearing them and restarting the car, only this. Also the dis shows this for the Battery terminal. I've tried a number of different resistors now.
  9. Changed the central airbag module at the weekend, cleared the errors, Came back as resistance high at 3.8 I think and it's threshold is 3.3 Took the resistor off and checked it, open circuit. Put a 2.2 on and re-run the test, Came back at 1.8 so below the threshold now. I'm going to take the car in to see if the replacement module needs coding to the car and also fit some new resistors.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if they were made more to a budget for the aftermarket version. But that interesting about the wire. Never read that before.
  11. Only way to be sure is to remove one end and have a look. If it's mapped then chances are the DPF has been gutted as well.
  12. Makes up a little for their 50% extra markup in prices, especially on service parts and brakes. ECP is cheaper for same brand nearly every time.
  13. Easy job, they come out with very little heat. I think the only one you can buy is a BERU unit, I got mine from GSF and it's failed or showing as failed twice now. Given up as I don;t have DPF, it's not really needed. Plugs you get away with some decent aftermarket items, Bosch etc. Controller, def get from the dealer or our forum sponsor.
  14. -40 always -40
  15. It's my happy place. Although it was about 3000 degrees earlier.