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  1. My 520d M-Sport on new boots

    They are from online wheels on this forum. Very quick service and excellent wheels. Now just need to flog my 18s
  2. My 520d M-Sport on new boots

    Yes it took me a long time to decide on the wheels but I'm very pleased with them. To be honest I don't know the offsets but suspect they are a tad lower than standard. That being said there are no clearance issues and that's with the Eibachs too.
  3. My 520d M-Sport on new boots

    Yes bud, it does have heated seats.
  4. My 520d M-Sport on new boots

    Thanks. The wheels are 20x8.5 and 10.5. Tyres are 245/35 and 285/30 Khumo Ecsta sports.
  5. Been knocking around here for a bit now and just got the tyres fitted to my AG rims and I'm very pleased. Also fitted Eibach pro kit. Big up to Barry on here for the wheels. Excellent quality.
  6. 520d on 220k miles!

    This is good to see. To be honest I think a lot of people's concerns about mileage is unfounded. last year I sold my pride and joy - a 1983 Mk1 Golf gti and not only was the car a year older than the wife but it had covered 279000 miles on the original engine and was still sweet as a nut. I firmly believe German cars are engineered for longevity which Is why I've bought nothing else for the past 15 years
  7. This looks Bob on. I'm so close to ordering these wheels but I have just a slight niggle about the strength of the wheels. Have you had any bending of the wheels and do you get any vibration etc
  8. I'll try this out tomorrow. This is my first auto and having only had the car a matter of weeks I haven't yet floored it
  9. How exactly does the kick down feature work? I have the standard 8 speed auto, does it work on that?
  10. Pic request from a newb

    the 5 is a big car but fairly certain it's not a housing estate! The car is a saloon and that was the kit I ordered on their website.
  11. Newbie F10 owner

    Yes it's a good colour but really shows the swirl marks. I think the paint quality on my old E91 was better
  12. Newbie F10 owner

    Hi everyone. Just joined and checking in. recently got an F10 520d M- sport in Imperial blue. Not new to BMW as this is my 5th. Just ordered Eibach Pro kit, although they only sent two springs and about to order a set of 20" M355 wheels. Any feedback on quality of the wheels much appreciated and I'll get some pics up once I get my new phone!
  13. Pic request from a newb

    Thanks guys. Just ordered a set of Eibach pro springs anyway but when the kit arrived there's only 2 springs! I made sure I ordered for the saloon and demon tweets aren't sure what's happened till they speak to Eibach. Anyone else had this problem?
  14. Hi everyone. New to the forum having recently bought a 520d m-sport but has deleted suspension. So just ordered eibach pro springs. As mine has 18's does anyone have any pics of an m-sport with eibach pro kit but with the 18s. Had a search but can't find any examples.