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  1. Beaker99

    New ownership - E60 535d LCI

    thanks mate..
  2. Hi all probably another novice question . but the arrow Direction option on my CCC is greyed out .. is this normal / upgrade or am I just being stupid
  3. Beaker99

    E60 Newbie (Speaker upgrade)

    Hi All many thanks for the replies on this .. Dennis many thanks I will take a look into those ..
  4. So picked up the car last night .. and forgot how much I love the 5 series after my last bad experience (I hope this is a better one). so on picking up the car last night I proceeded to start to take to bits lol ( only the scuttle plates) .. so on taking the scuttle plates off .. realised I NEEED new cabin filters. but then on inspection both sides were dusty , couple of leaves and I turfed out some eight legged freaks but was dry as a bone Happy days . Next was replacement of drivers side wingmirror glass as someone before had replaced with plain silver rather than the blue tinge one . one You tube clip later and the glass was fitted ( again evicted some 8 legged freaks 'Shudder') and this time the heated glass was connected ( roll eyes at last owner). Now to LED replacement .. have got the Number plate to replace and all cabin .. (now don't judge I bought the car in the light and didn't notice) ... upon inspection .. all of them had been replaced already down to the boot and the number plates :D:D:D... so Now just need to replace a missing cap on the engine cover and Clean the interior and have the car detailed and replace the front BMW badge as there is a chip (I know I have OCD) any one bought a new Badge for the front of their car ? if so was it an Ebay or Stealer purchase just wondering on price difference and if the Ebay ones fade daily .. many thanks .. oh and heres the car
  5. Hi All .. just trawling through some old posts to see what the best way to upgrade the speakers in my 2007 LCI E60. Don't want to go through the hasstle of a Amp set up more just drop in speakers inc under seat subs.. any recommendations / people carried this out already and their thoughts ? cheers Beaker
  6. awesome to the point response guess I will keep looking at H8 8500k bulb replacements for the Angel eyes
  7. Beaker99

    Coding Essex area

    Hi is there any approved coders in the Herts Essex boarder ? any info welcomed. kind regards Beaker
  8. Beaker99

    Essex Newbie Take 2

    Hi just outside of Hertford mate yourself ? yeah I couldn't not have another 5 series as the limited time I had the last was a great experience
  9. Hi all I believe this has been covered before and I have tried trawling the forums for a concise answer but I am just looking for a definitive answer for a newbie lol 1 .2007 LCI E60 Xenon Headlights - the angel eyes cannot be upgraded as easily as the Pre LCI ?. 2. Does the whole Light holder have to be replaced to upgrade the Angel eyes. 3. Anyone in the Herts/Essex Boarder perform this service ( ). many thanks and apologies if already cover Beaker
  10. Beaker99

    Essex Newbie Take 2

    Hi All .. well after 2 years out I am now re joining the forum . I had a 2006 Pre LCI 535d which I purchased 2 years ago and I kid you not I had it for a week before the turbo decided to end itself by pushing all internals through the engine and Cats. . I replaced with a bucket for a year and a bit and now I am awaiting a 2007 LCI 535d I am hoping I will have more luck with this one .. hope to see some of you at Meets and or catchups . catch you all online Beaker
  11. Beaker99

    LED Angel Eye Vs ?

    ah right so my drunken purchase for £5 wasn't such a bargain lol ... so its not the wedge fit bulbs I need its these larger items .. many thanks for the quick reply mate .
  12. Beaker99

    LED Angel Eye Vs ?

    Hi firstly I apologise for the probably complete novice question. I have a 2006 535d with Xenon lights pre LCI now I brought these without any knowledge of the lights on the car ( weakened state due to a late night lol ) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-BMW-5-Series-E60-E61-PRE-LCI-ANGEL-EYE-HALO-RING-LIGHT-WHITE-LED-CANBUS-BULBS-/290753920725?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE60&hash=item43b248bed5 but after reading up on a lot of stuff I seemed to have confused myself. so a question that has been probably asked a million times over .. what bulbs do I need to change the orange glow to the angel eyes to a Xenon white glow ? many thanks in advance Beaker
  13. Beaker99

    Removal of auto gearstick boot

    Anyone !?
  14. Hi has anyone replaced the leather gear stick boot on the automatic .. I have been scouring the net trying to find a how to guide ... Any tips orDIY manuals to hand? Cheers Beaker
  15. Beaker99

    535d swirl flaps cost

    Herts Essex border mate sounds v good price