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  1. I got to 140 much quicker than I expected (on a private road, naturally) and was surprised by just how much more my 530d felt like it had left to give. However I ran out of road. And nerve.
  2. Haha! It's a rite of passage!
  3. I like PCP deals because it means you get to drive a lovely, expensive motor by simply paying for it on a monthly basis, rather than forking out a huge wedge upfront. Obviously, if you go through with the whole thing and buy it at the end it will end up costing more than the actual price you would have paid cash but then no-one lends money for free! You also offset some of that with varying degrees of sweeteners as part of choosing the finance and interest rates are comparable with a personal loan. They work well if you know you want to stick with a certain manufacturer, especially if you have a good relationship with the dealer. At the end of the deal you either give it back, buy it for the pre-agreed value (you can refinance this if you want), or use it as a deposit (or part of one) on a brand new car. If you choose the first option you need to pay heed to the mileage as you'll have to pay whatever price you agreed on for each extra mile on the clock. Obviously, that doesn't come into play if you choose to buy the car, nor does it affect any deal you do on a new vehicle (within certain boundaries, I expect). First year's road fund licence is usually covered by these deals. £449/month on a 520d SE looks a bit steep to me, but then it is a brand new model...
  4. This thread seems to back up what @bigshout said (no mention of side skirts):
  5. I got ~24k out of my Dunlop rears from new. The fronts still have plenty of wear in them. Excellent all-weather grip and the lowest db rating of all the star-marked run flats. I can't fault them.
  6. That's an beautiful monster, @Mick. Must admit I'm a little envious. You've had an absolute shocker parking it, mind. I guess that's how it's done from now on, eh?
  7. Isn't that where his dog's laid an egg?
  8. I got one earlier this year, just in case. It was only 4 euros. They sent it within a week. https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en
  9. I wish I'd bought a Touring. With a pano sunroof.
  10. Good work, fella. It looks great. I guarantee you'll enjoy it for years.
  11. You can see where the technology is headed (pardon the pun)
  12. Haha! Yep, this is how I first found out (well, kerb and hedge but y'know)
  13. Apologies if this ought to be a separate topic but I think it's relevant. I got the below from another forum regarding the DSC button (it's all in the manual, though): DSC ON (default mode) : all nannies enabledDTC (Dynamic Traction Control, from SPORT+ or single press of button) : ASC (automatic stability control) and FDR (driving dynamics control) function with modified thresholds.DSC OFF (hold down button for five seconds) : ASC and FDR disabled, ADB (automatic brake differential) enabled
  14. It's a bit of a gimmick as it doesn't save any button presses - Press sport mode, then press Traction control off = Sport+ mode vs Press sport mode, then press sport + mode = Sport+ mode.
  15. This is starting to feel like some kind of urban myth - BMW folklore. My car (Sept 2015 build) simply does not do this.
  16. The 525 above is in M Sport as opposed to SE trim for the 530. Mainly cosmetic enhancements like sportier body kit and bigger wheels as standard. A good place to find out exactly what the differences are is honestjohn.co.uk
  17. Yep. Lights F10, tailgate glass F11 as standard. Apparently can be coded to do something else if you want. The battery in my previous F10's keyfob needed replacing after I'd had it for about 6 months so that tallies with the 2 years from new theory. Haven't had current car long enough to confirm yet.
  18. Really? I thought the timing chain issue related to pre-March 2011 N47 engines. The 525d got the switch from 3.0 to 2.0 units post September 2011 afaik, so surely timing chain no longer a problem?
  19. Good to see another cinnamon brown interior on here @Mick, by the way.
  20. Thank you, @Oilburner, posts as detailed and comprehensive as this are very much appreciated and not just by forum members. Exactly the sort of thing people want to see when researching a particular subject. Cheers! (I extend my thanks to anyone else who also done similar )
  21. I've used Meguire's XScratch with excellent results in the past.
  22. Bit daft but I blinged up my puddle lights last year...
  23. Everything I've read about the chain issue says that it was fixed in all engines from March 2011. FWIW I had a pre-LCI 520d from 29k miles to ~60k miles and it was excellent. I averaged 42mpg over 2 years with zero problems. I've had a 530d for 24k miles from new. Currently averaging 35mpg. The difference in mpg is negligible for me. Also zero problems (so far). Personally I find the 6 pot an order of magnitude more rewarding to drive but both have been rock solid in terms of reliability. Obviously I've only really experienced them in their "youth" but I think they are astonishingly good cars.
  24. Ah, I see, sorry. Yes, I tried the holding down method that I read about on here and also nearly ate kerb, grass, etc. I've always assumed it's sequential but it reacts so quickly that if you tap it multiple times really fast it's as good as makes no difference.
  25. You can drop as many as you want until it decides it's going to blow up and stops you going any further. I find I generally need to drop at least two if I'm cruising along and want a decent blast for overtaking.