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  1. Everything I've read about the chain issue says that it was fixed in all engines from March 2011. FWIW I had a pre-LCI 520d from 29k miles to ~60k miles and it was excellent. I averaged 42mpg over 2 years with zero problems. I've had a 530d for 24k miles from new. Currently averaging 35mpg. The difference in mpg is negligible for me. Also zero problems (so far). Personally I find the 6 pot an order of magnitude more rewarding to drive but both have been rock solid in terms of reliability. Obviously I've only really experienced them in their "youth" but I think they are astonishingly good cars.
  2. Ah, I see, sorry. Yes, I tried the holding down method that I read about on here and also nearly ate kerb, grass, etc. I've always assumed it's sequential but it reacts so quickly that if you tap it multiple times really fast it's as good as makes no difference.
  3. You can drop as many as you want until it decides it's going to blow up and stops you going any further. I find I generally need to drop at least two if I'm cruising along and want a decent blast for overtaking.
  4. The foothills of the Mendips in Somerset. DAB signal is extremely patchy for many miles in all directions.
  5. Have to say it worked seamlessly this morning. In fact, it's back to it's old ways of working perhaps too well. I get to hear the same phrase repeatedly from whomever happens to be speaking at the time (on Radio 4, of course ) as it lurches from DAB to FM and then back to DAB, while I wend my way through the hills and lanes of inconsistent-radio-signal-land.
  6. I'll skip the obvious Radio 2 jibe. Mine seems to have stopped automatically switching lately. I think it's because I've been listening via the DAB selector as opposed to the saved station selector (or any other route). My reasoning being that by selecting DAB specifically it may behave differently to just choosing a station (with DAB as an initial preference). This made more sense in my head. I still haven't tested the theory.
  7. Finally replaced my rears with Dunlop Sp Sportmaxx GTs. Turns out the loss of pressure was due to that shiny little fella peaking through...
  8. Great stuff, thanks for this!
  9. I resprayed the double-slat grilles. The glass black looks great but that Vauxhall obsessive guy has scared me to the point that I'm just going to keep my car stock. Plus it looks like it'll be too easy to scratch the paint when fitting them.
  10. Got some gloss black paint for the tricolour double slat grilles I bought last year. Not yet sure if I'll put them back on or just flog them on eBay. I'll post some pics when I'm done.
  11. Bah! That's what I meant.
  12. FWIW I search with my reg no. and they all appear to know I have 19" 351s...
  13. Amen, brother.
  14. Seems it's just evolution re the Michelins... http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/Michelin-Primacy-3-Launched.htm Yeah, thankfully my local guy is a bit cheaper, too. Also, as per @nashdm2's comment about not having any Michelins show up in search, it's clear that geography plays a pretty substantial part in what you can get and how much you'll have to pay.
  15. Yes, Blackcircles, these are the fronts from the same search (somehow managed to not upload the pic despite editing the post about 3 times).
  16. Dunlop Sport Maxx showing as Rim Protected on Black Circles but not the Michelins. I've got the Dunlops on mine from factory and considering they're now into their 23000th mile I'll probably just get them again. I went with Michelin on my previous 5 (same dimensions) and was very pleased with them, although I do recall thinking they were perhaps a bit louder but not dramatically so. FWIW, 5 different Michelins came up on my search - 2 of which BMW star marked (1 XL and 1 RFT)
  17. Could you point me in the right direction, please? My local guy is pretty good and he generally matches or beats BlackCircles/MyTyres but the cheapest I can find those is ~£230
  18. Plus one interest here. I'm standing on the edge of a four-cornered abyss. Also: runflats.
  19. Ambient lighting is standard on all LCI cars except 518 and 520. I agree there could be a greater choice of colours but I really like the subtle glow.
  20. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be keeping an eye on this.
  21. Excellent news! I'm sure you'll be able to mentally offset whatever economy you get against the pure joy of that acceleration. I know I have.
  22. My apologies, I'd no intention of misleading anyone. It's just that the column states which suggests that Service Inclusive package sold prior to January 2017 enjoys the same benefits as the Plus package sold hence. Which seems unlikely. Crap infographic IMO. I definitely had my brakes done on my previous car but as that was AUC I didn't specify the package myself so perhaps it was an enhanced package. I didn't specify "Plus" with my current car (nothing about brakes, etc): YOUR SERVICE OPTIONS. Good News! Our records show your BMW is less than 3 years old and is covered by BMW Service Inclusive with MOT Protect. BMW Service Inclusive lasts for 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever occurs first) and covers the cost of your vehicle’s comprehensive servicing requirements.
  23. https://www.bmw-service.co.uk/service_packs Service Inclusive on vehicles registered between 2013 and 2017 are covered by everything in the right hand column, which includes brake discs and pads, etc. IIRC I had front discs and pads done under the service pack on on my previous 5.
  24. I definitely need some practice then. I have the Autobrite one and a Nilfisk PW. In my defence it was my first attempt.
  25. From BMW: It's the "cellular network" bit that gets me thinking. One assumes they mean the entire network but who knows, maybe they just get data from one provider - the sim cards in BMWs? I understand these are from Vodafone but I don't know for certain. I've always found RTTI to be hit and miss here in the UK - sometimes it's outstanding at helping me avoid a lengthy delay (especially on motorways) and others it's either weeks out of date or apparently a complete work of fiction. I actually found it to be most accurate when travelling through France last summer (multiple network sources of data? Probably not).