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  1. Auto wipers

    Is there a magical cure for the abject awfulness of the auto wipers on f10s? I sort of understand how they work - "The sensor projects infrared light into the windshield at a 45-degree angle. If the glass is dry, most of this light is reflected back into the sensor by the front of the windshield. If water droplets are on the glass, they reflect the light in different directions -- the wetter the glass, the less light makes it back into the sensor." - but I'll be buggered if I can find any meaning from this in everyday use. It's crapping it down: nothing It's barely spitting: FULL-ON MENTAL GABBA HOUSE RAVE IN WINDSHIELD WIPER LAND Anyone else?
  2. Auto wipers

    I took it in and explained the situation with the wipers - a very familiar story. After discussing them for a bit the service receptionist made a note to get them looked at. Apparently, it's a very common complaint and whatever it is that they've done seems to have worked. My only gripe is that they seem to have topped up my screenwash with water. Nothing spraying out of the left side for about 100 miles this morning until the ambient temperature warmed up. That's never happened before. Besides, the temperature didn't even go below -3 so plain water really has to be the culprit. Cheeky sods. The X3 was nice and irritatingly, the family preferred the ride. I personally couldn't live without the extra two cylinders though. Also happy to admit that, despite thoroughly enjoying all the bells and whistles of BMW's latest lovely interiors, getting back behind the wheel of my 5 was the best part of the day.
  3. Auto wipers

    Going in for its second service tomorrow so I'll ask if anything's up. Going to test drive a new X3 while it's in (easier than trying to book a courtesy car).
  4. Ambient Lighting

    Have you tried changing the colour? I don't know how many you get on the GT but as standard on my 2015 530d I have a choice of two: "classic" which is white and pretty dim and a reddish colour (can't remember what BMW have chosen to call it) which, while not particularly bright, is much more agreeable and falls neatly into the definition of ambient.
  5. Auto wipers

    Alas, it is now the opposite for me.
  6. Auto wipers

    Yes, obviously, I've tried adjusting the control on the stalk. I've never had a problem with auto-wipers on any of my other cars, and come to think if it, I didn't have it with my previous f10 but having read a fair amount on other BMW forums I thought perhaps it was a "thing". I'm getting to the point where I might replace the wiper blades to see if that helps. Maybe mine are leaving the sort of greasy smears that I can't see but the infra red can.
  7. Navigation activation code required

    Just email the dealer
  8. Check out the spec on this F11!

    Now if I could just find a similar one to swap my f10 530d for I would happily desist my near constant search for the next best thing for about 3 more years... F10 is *almost* the perfect car. It's just that my dogs disagree (they're not allowed in it).
  9. I'd like to do this but I've read that electric memory seats are a pre-requisite (which I didn't spec and REALLY wish I had) - is that the case? Have you documented the process anywhere? Great choice of leather colour, btw.
  10. Brake pad warning

    My Brake pad warning light came on at the weekend, advising me to drive more cautiously and seek immediate professional assistance, etc. I've got a service due so I booked it in for the service and to have the brakes "looked at" at the same time. Earliest I could get is this coming Thursday at my local franchise dealers so my question is this: Am I ok to make a round trip journey of ~250 miles between now and then if I drive sensibly without damaging the discs? I've done 30k miles since new (almost exactly two years) and for about 20 of those 24 months it's fair to say that I've not been light-footed with either pedal. I've just had a look at the pads and from what I can see the rears have oodles left and the fronts have at least 6/7mm if not even more (I need new glasses). I'd like to think that the warning would give one plenty of time to book a service and carry on with life in between for a reasonable period but I really have no idea so I'm after some reassurance (please!) Cheers, etc.
  11. Currently knocking on the door of 700 miles to a tank. Just averaged 48.7mpg on my journey from the shire to London. This engine is outrageous!
  12. Brake pad warning

    Thanks. Like I said my eyesight’s not so good at that range so I could have been looking at a shadow instead. I would expect to be getting the warning at something closer to 2mm I think.
  13. Typical. The day after I write that and it’s warmth and sunshine in Somerset.
  14. Put some new boots on the front today. I'd eked out every last bit of tread from the ones they replaced and it's like driving a different car! Having recently dramatically changed my general driving style to protect my now clean licence and going back to doing a couple of ~150 mile trips each week, I'd started to get over 600 miles to tank. Now with this new rubber I can not only feel just how silky smooth the straight six is but it's got the ride to match. I even took a deliberately more languid route into London from the shire this evening just to drink it all in. They're still *marked runflats (Dunlop SP Sportmaxx) to match the rears I put on 6 months ago but the ride is an order of magnitude more comfortable than it has been since I can't remember when. I really love this car.
  15. FWIW - I had a screw lodged in my rear left for over a year and the worst I experienced was a loss of about 2psi over a 2-3 week period in the winter months towards the end of the life of the tyre. I only discovered it when I had a new set fitted as it was so deeply lodged it was only visible from the inside. Amazing. Especially considering my style of driving (hint: not gentle)
  16. Steamy Windows ?

    Ha! You've seen me!
  17. Steamy Windows ?

    Sounds like every car I've ever driven.
  18. That was quite a long journey, Andrew.
  19. Karcher washers

    Another vote here for Nilfisk. Not cheap but a very powerful, robust machine. My only gripe, which I think stands for all pressure washers, is that the hose is annoyingly rigid and can be frustrating to untangle without constantly pulling the thing over on its side. Goes through snow foam like nobodies business, mind.
  20. Run flat tyres

    I had a low pressure warning on and off for about a year which, because I couldn't find anything on inspection, I assumed was being caused by a damaged wheel sustained by thumping a huge pothole. The alerts were more frequent (every 2-3 weeks) during winter which I assumed were due to the cold weather but I persevered because I didn't want to shell out (read: was too skinflint) for a new pair of boots until it was absolutely necessary and topping up with ~2psi every so often didn't feel like any great hardship. When I eventually replaced the tyres I discovered a nail embedded bang in the centre of the tyre in question which was only visible on the inside. Turns out the 'damaged' wheel is well within normal tolerances and has absolutely no bearing on anything. So yes, it will warn you but whether or not you can identify the cause is another matter.
  21. How fast have you been in your 5?

    I got to 140 much quicker than I expected (on a private road, naturally) and was surprised by just how much more my 530d felt like it had left to give. However I ran out of road. And nerve.
  22. Haha! It's a rite of passage!
  23. No money down deal on new 520d Auto

    I like PCP deals because it means you get to drive a lovely, expensive motor by simply paying for it on a monthly basis, rather than forking out a huge wedge upfront. Obviously, if you go through with the whole thing and buy it at the end it will end up costing more than the actual price you would have paid cash but then no-one lends money for free! You also offset some of that with varying degrees of sweeteners as part of choosing the finance and interest rates are comparable with a personal loan. They work well if you know you want to stick with a certain manufacturer, especially if you have a good relationship with the dealer. At the end of the deal you either give it back, buy it for the pre-agreed value (you can refinance this if you want), or use it as a deposit (or part of one) on a brand new car. If you choose the first option you need to pay heed to the mileage as you'll have to pay whatever price you agreed on for each extra mile on the clock. Obviously, that doesn't come into play if you choose to buy the car, nor does it affect any deal you do on a new vehicle (within certain boundaries, I expect). First year's road fund licence is usually covered by these deals. £449/month on a 520d SE looks a bit steep to me, but then it is a brand new model...