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  1. jannism

    Faulty infotainment system

    Mine did this once immediately after I drove a bit too forcefully through a deeper than expected puddle - one of those ones where you get feedback through the steering wheel. Anyway, as unscientific as it sounds, I remain convinced that a wire pertinent to the infotainment system was in an exposed area and was interfered with in some way either from the force of, or exposure to, a high volume of water.
  2. jannism

    F10 535d

  3. jannism

    F10 535d

    FWIW I've just gone from a 530d to a 535d. The 530d was an absolute peach. The 535d is two peaches wearing some extremely fashionable trousers.
  4. jannism

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    That's pretty much exactly what I would expect to happen. Thanks.
  5. jannism

    F07 nearside airbag deflated,

    Is there a light on the dash that warns of airbag failure, or is it unmistakably obvious? It's one of very few things that concern me about my f11 - I've seen it looking like it's in the weeds whilst parked up after a period of time but it's never shown any other signs and afaik the ride has never felt different to the point of me noticing so I assume everything's tickety-boo. It's whether or not I would notice any difference if/when it does happen that's bothering me.
  6. I'd be very interested to hear what difference it makes to economy, outright grunt and plain old every day driving. And would you recommend the company that did it?
  7. jannism

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Awesome! Never thought much of the 5GT but, for me, the 6 gives it what it was missing. Very smart indeed. And I’ve just seen your f11 on the approved used site - 56,800 miles in 8 years! Someone else is soon going to be very pleased with that car.
  8. jannism

    DPF Regen question

    Sorry about the job. IIRC general consensus is a decent run (at least 20 mins?) so that everything is up to temp and then run at a consistent clip. As Andrew says, exhaust note should deepen and sort of grumble for a bit but you really have to listen carefully to even notice it at all.
  9. jannism

    Android headunit

    You can check this via settings...
  10. After nearly an hour with the BCA boys marking even the tiniest stone chip with a pink marker I waved goodbye to my lovely F10. Still, at least I now have space on the drive for my lovely F11.
  11. This is the Somerset way. I’m from London and roundabouts have always been a bit of a bun fight but in Somerset, with zero traffic anywhere in sight, the driver in front of you will almost invariably come to a complete stop. Every time.
  12. jannism

    USB map update?

    I recently downloaded the latest map update just before my subscription expired and installed it on my F10. Now that I've replaced the F10 with an F11 can I use the same map update or is it coded to a specific vehicle? The F11 is 3 years older but it's got NBT pro nav, etc.
  13. jannism

    Goodbye F10...

    Haha! I’ve definitely given it some thought. 19s do look much better but I’ve managed to completely convince myself that I like how the 18s look enough not to bother changing. I’m also terrified the ride will suffer and that’s been one of the many huge advantages of this car over the last.
  14. I’m on my second set of these. The first ones faded after about a year. This second set give off an annoying buzz which I’ve yet to diagnose, but they look great!
  15. jannism

    Goodbye F10...

    Goodbye nightclub (hello country)