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  1. What size wheels did you change from?
  2. jannism

    F10 DAB issues.

    FWIW I have always found the DAB signal to be woeful. I even took it to BMW to have a look at under warranty because I thought it must be faulty on a new car. I'm guessing they only tried it out in a limited area around the dealership because they found no issue. It actually feels like it's been getting worse of late, too. As Caesar said, I hope the signal strength can be sorted out before they switch off FM.
  3. jannism

    Weird Smell....

    Possibly the smell of plastic parts that have become super-heated in this weather. Does it go away after a bit?
  4. jannism

    Phone mounts.

    I have a 6+ and I chop and change between a Breffo spider thing that hooks into the air vents in the centre and a somewhat sturdier thing that mounts in the CD slot. Both equally useful and as unobtrusive as I could find. I plug into a 10cm wire that’s plugged into small flush mounted dual usb thingy in the cigarette lighter socket. Thinking about it the cd mounted thing is probably better than the spider. I’m going to swap again tomorrow, cheers.
  5. Does your gauge not have a little picture of an oil can next to a temperature symbol? This exactly what you want to happen. You may now take your car above 2000 rpm without worrying
  6. Not quite! 10% + 2 is the *threshold* https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/road-traffic-offences-guidance-fixed-penalty-notices Caveat: These are just guidelines.
  7. FWIW I've noticed that whatever I set my CC at these days, Waze's GPS consistently tracks me at 2mph below it.
  8. jannism

    Gun Metal Wheels

    Nice one, thanks. Definitely looks better than my standard silver wheels. Is that a darker grille, too? Personally, I think gun metal could work too.
  9. jannism

    Gun Metal Wheels

    @roundy any chance you can post pics of the whole car so we can see what it all looks like together? (mine's also carbon black and I like the look of those)
  10. jannism

    F10 530d Owner - Remap Question

    This is why I always book Le Shuttle as an overheight vehicle. That way they put you in the coaches with a wider track.
  11. jannism

    F10 530d Owner - Remap Question

    FWIW, I once got over 700 miles from a tank in my 530d. I drove it like a nun on qualudes. They weren't the most thrilling journeys I've taken. These days I get between 540 - 600 miles with a mixture of 3-4 long motorway runs which include about 10 miles in London traffic each way and country road/village journeys. I drive much more calmly these days but never shy away from flooring it when required (or desired). It's a mind-bogglingly brilliant engine.
  12. jannism

    New car time - decisions decisions

    When I got my first F10, I remember saying to anyone that cared to listen that I couldn't see myself driving anything else ever again and whilst I see other cars that take my fancy I keep coming back to this point. For the money, I can't seem to find anything that has the same combination of quality, comfort and driver engagement.
  13. jannism

    New car time - decisions decisions

    FWIW I have exactly the same decision to make in October. I still have tunnel vision for a used 535d Touring.
  14. I used the LIM quite a lot during the roadworks on the M3 when they had the 50mph average speed limit for precisely the reasons Matthew states. Constantly having to adjust the (standard) CC was a great workout for my left thumb but not much else but just resting my foot knowing that I wouldn't go over ~55 was better than the alternative. As it happens, I find I'm using CC more and more these days but would definitely prefer it if it was adaptive, too.
  15. jannism

    5 series launch control cheat

    I have launch control. I've used it once just to see what the fuss is about. Silly. Attached is what the manual says about it.