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  1. E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    Thanks Dennis - appreciate it!
  2. E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    Hi guys, Looking for a manual e39 touring 530i - ideally with a high spec but I'd consider anything. Won't be my daily runner, just have an itch to try the e39. Open to hear about alternatives (e.g. V8) that don't quite match tick list. Based in East Midlands. Rhys
  3. Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    Think it's the opposite if I've understood it correctly, lower offset is more 'aggressive' and sticks out more. Too high an offset will be too far in and catch on your brakes/suspension.
  4. Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    As above. The below website is really good for this sort of thing: http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/
  5. 1999 E39 540iA Touring - Cosmos Black - Stunning

    Nice one chap, I loved my e60. Still miss it now. Partly why I fancy trying an e39. Ideally a cheap but well looked after straight 6.
  6. 1999 E39 540iA Touring - Cosmos Black - Stunning

    Yeah, I thought it looked a bit more worn out and didn't like the sound of the engine cutting out. Shame! Hope someone gets it and looks after it.
  7. 1999 E39 540iA Touring - Cosmos Black - Stunning

    I might be wrong, but I think this is back up for sale. eBay item 232393579208
  8. E60 520D - 2008

  9. E60 520D - 2008

    Now £3,195 elsewhere. Would take £3k from a forum member and would chuck in both sets of wheels and a full space saver kit. Rear number plate bulbs fitted, a doddle!
  10. E60 520D - 2008

    Hi guys, First off, I apologise for putting my ad in this section but I have tried to pay for Gold membership via card & PayPal but for some reason it kept coming up with an error - sorry! I've found myself in a pickle and have two cars, so I'm looking to offload my e60. Still a lovely car and needs to be kept on the road. I've advertised elsewhere and keep getting relatively good offers by people intending to use it for parts only which would be a shame. The ad stuff below (please note the car now has Style 50 winters on): 2008 (08), Saloon, 209,000 miles, Manual, 2.0L, Diesel Good: Lovely comfortable drive - the perfect motorway cruiser! BMW service history + well maintained (extra oil services every 10k miles). Recently had rear brake discs (+ inboard shoes) + pads done. LCI Facelift model. 3 owners (family owned since 2009 - father owned it before me). 4x Goodyear Eagle NCT5 Run Flats (rears ~ 7.0mm, fronts ~4.5mm).Still in daily use (so mileage will go up) & everything works. Completely standard and not messed about with. Largely motorway miles. Great road presence. I haven't had any issues (except for light bulbs) outside of routine servicing in my 3.5 years ownership and running costs have been surprisingly cheap to date! Not so good: Small dent (20p piece in size) on boot from where a petrol nozzle fell on it. Scratch on rear passenger-side door - unknown origin as this was present when my father bought the car in 2009. Small mark behind rear passenger wheel arch where I slowly reversed into a pillar (not that noticeable!). I find headlight bulbs seem to only last approx 18 months (and are a bit fiddly to replace). Needs a rear number plate light fitted, though I'm sure I can do this myself before sale if a problem. Please have a good look through the photos (the white marks are pollen!), this car is in excellent condition for the age/mileage with a couple of cosmetic marks. Can be sold with winter or stock wheels (or both) and have some roof bars sitting around too if interested. Up for sale elsewhere at £3,695. Will accept £3,500 from forum member & I'll throw in the spare wheels, a full spacesaver kit and roof bars. R
  11. Just a thought - would you be able to do a small tv unit?
  12. Bmw style 400 f30 wheels and reducing spacers

    Arrived this morning and look fantastic. Thanks again Dreddy
  13. Is this normal (everlasting brakes)?

    Er, it's a manual and it has been used predominantly for motorway commuting. We're both adamant that Sytners haven't touched pads or discs - unless they did so without telling & charging us. I'll take a look at them tomorrow when it's not dark.
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to check as I'm slightly concerned that my iDrive seems to think my brakes are everlasting... I purchased my 08 e60 520d off my old man at approx 140k a couple of years ago and the brake discs and pads all round had never been done. I even went through his old service notes as I didn't believe him that they'd never been done. At the time of purchase the iDrive seemed to think the pads had 50k left in them. Having got to 190k this week, I've noticed the iDrive now reckons the pads have 60k left?! How has this happened? I mean the brakes feel fine and responsive, but it just seems, too good to be true. Could it be faulty sensors or is this normal for the e60? Do people find the tyres last for ages too? It looks like my rears are going to last about 60-70k. Fronts more. Crazy! I had a Peugeot 107 immediately before the e60 since it was low on insurance (I know, I know) and served as a good first car - while I had no problems with it - I didn't actually find it noticeably cheaper to run. Baffled. Rhys
  15. 2002 E39 M5 - Lightwater Blue Metallic - NO LONGER FOR SALE

    Wow. Can't afford it - but I would if I could. Love how you've kept it OEM. Amazing car!