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  1. Was recently considering the same.Had a word with my insurance Guy and apparently RR Sport are the most stolen vehicle in the UK.He said they are stolen,containerised and end up all over the world because they are so popular,insurance is Sky high due to this.The next most stolen according to him are the RR Vogue and then the BMW x3.
  2. "Due diligence" by the dealer seems to be the phrase of the day.If the engine number was that imortant to the dealer AFTER they'd taken it apart,surely that would have been the very first thing they should have checked to ascertain the fitted engine was the one that should have been there.I would labour that point to the dealer,and,if they're offering to fit a used engine that you supply,something perhaps that they'd never normally do,that sounds a little fishy to me!.Good luck with it,and as has been said,remind them that unless you'd given theM Carte blanche to do whatever they thought was needed,they should have informed you what they were doing BEFORE doing it.
  3. I have Kodi downloaded onto my laptop,the only thing about it is that if your watching an English language film and someone decides to speak Johnny Foreigner language,theres no subtitles.Yes i have tried the "subtitles" button.:)
  4. Not particularly bothered what it is and don't particularly need it to have a tyre as i've got a good one to put on,i only need it as a spare.As close to Norfolk as possible would be nice.Thanks.
  5. To an insurance company,Uprated suspension = Faster around corners,Uprated alloys = Lighter/Wider wheels so faster around corners,Uprated brakes = Driver can slow down quicker after going faster around corners.More percieved "Risk" to them,more money for you.:)
  6. Just listening to his Inauguration speech....WOW!!! - He's not got much to live up to then
  7. As with the UK and Brexit..... "Theres nothing to fear but fear itself".Time will tell with both!.
  8. Its got to be a difficult decision to make,"Do i let a stranger drive my pride and joy?".Most people over 25,i would imagine,have cover to drive any car not belonging to them but the coverage is generally 3rd party only,so,if they cause damage to your car on the test drive its not covered!.The only option would be to insist on seeing a one day insurance cover for your car before test drive OR take them somewhere on private land,like an industrial estate where theres just enough area for a good try out of the gearbox,engine etc and where you can control their driving.Having to get one day cover for a test drive will put a lot of people off BUT if they genuinely are wanting to buy the type of car you're selling it probably would'nt!.PS,just from a personal point of view,i would never buy a car without being able to test drive it,the issue to me would be "What are they trying to hide!.But thats just me :). PPS: That Jag does look really nice!!.
  9. Its probably not going to hurt to put it either on here or Gumtree,its free and you'll get an idea of what sort of buyers are about.As you know,people,generally,don't like spending a lot of money around Christmas time and may only buy if its what they see as a bargain - i.e you would have to include in the sale,either,several pints of blood or a couple of small children to sweeten the deal
  10. Anyone?
  11. Brilliant,thanks for that.
  12. Hi,i'm after an 18" alloy,just as a spare,i currently have the alloys in the pic below,not sure what they are but something similar would be good.I think the tyres are 225/45 18.I can pick up around Norfolk/Suffolk.Thanks.
  13. On my 530d,the outside temperature display is really dim,so dim you can't really read it.Is there any "easy" fix i can do or is it clocks out and renew the leds.Thanks.
  14. Watched it on Kodi Saturday morning - welll worth the wait!.
  15. Lovely - thats nicer than my house!