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  1. johnleb

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Officially, the same. But I think it has a larger effect in sport due to the better throttle response.
  2. johnleb

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Well! I had it remapped by Mashed Potatoes last Saturday, I wanted to give it a short while before reporting back. I have to say I've been very impressed with Mashed and the team at Harper's - pretty much exactly what you expect from a garage in a best case scenario. Friendly, knowledgeable and gave me a lot of confidence my car was in good hands, and they haven't disappointed. Mashed even went to the trouble of fixing a vibration that was bothering me at 0mph in Drive by raising the idle by 20rpm. I really couldn't have asked any more of them - a very pleasant experience and good/fair price too. I'll be using them for servicing work in the future I think. The remap is good, i've gone up around 4mpg on the old computer as well which is pretty amazing to be honest, I was getting around 33.3mpg before the remap. So very pleased. Car has a good shove and is very very driveable in normal sensible driving style. My old E39 was in "full attack mode" now matter what you were doing but this one is far more relaxed - putting it in sport really means Sport now! Thanks to the team at Harpers for looking after me.
  3. johnleb

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Thank you very much SuperDave. I REALLY miss my E39 I had it in Aegean Blue, 2003 last of the line. It was such an enjoyable drive, nimble isn't a word i'd attribute to any 5 series obviously, but despite being lighter(?) the F10 feels twice the size. What a car it was. Sod it, I know it's not related to the thread but here's some pictures when I was picking it up..
  4. johnleb

    F11 530D Tuning options

    very helpful Mashed potatoes! I just read the entire thread, what on earth is a hybrid turbo??? PM sent.
  5. johnleb

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Who on earth is mashed potatoes! Some quick research turned up some items http://www.e-maps.co.uk/search-results/?make=bmw&model=5-series-f10-2009&fuel=diesel&variant=530d-241bhp-09-11 https://www.tmcmotorsport.com/ http://www.dmsautomotive.com/ http://wrenchstudios.co.uk/performance-and-upgrades/ http://tuningtools.co.uk/ (formally BM ChipTune) https://www.evolveautomotive.com/evolve-ecu-remap-performance-upgrade-bmw-f1x-5-series-530d.html Issues (from 2016) https://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f2/f10-very-tricky-remap-t428609/ https://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f69/bmw-520d-f10-after-remap-problem-t435018/ The E39 didn't have a DPF btw.. but you are making me doubt myself now! No i'm sure it was just a cat. Are you speaking from experience there SuperDave, you had a e39 and f10 530d both remapped? I'm excited there is that big of a difference they don't compare! I know the F10 has more power, the but the delivery of power was soo much better on the old car. Would there be a way to find out if the ECU needed a software update btw? I must admit I like the idea of the TMCmotorsport solution, so you can have different maps on the car, but it's still a piggy back solution. These remaps have gotten a bit expensive eh? I think my e39 was only about £250 back in 2006-7
  6. johnleb

    F11 530D Tuning options

    My mind is back on this, I just cancelled the warranty (for long story reasons) while I accept as previously stated the lag won't be resolved, it's just not the go getter the remapped e39 530d was - turns out Simon at emaps did a terrific job. I was somewhat put off from a chat I was having with a mechanic when inquiring about a remap, apparently these cars are REALLY hard to do and require drilling a box of some description, needless to say I walked away, surely someone on the forum by now has a proper software remap and can share? I miss the ferocity of the E39. Re-reading the thread, I thought the 11-on were 245bhp and the facelift was 254bhp odd? Gruntboy said his was an 11 plate but 254+ bhp?
  7. johnleb


    April and October is my GUESS.. Why? A couple of years back I did an upgrade in March, the next release came out in April haha. I did the 2018-1 update back in November, I wasn't watching out for it just came across it and did the upgrade.. so ROUGHLY, GUESSING, ESTIMATING... Apr-Oct
  8. johnleb


    spot on glad you got it sorted! afaik if you have USB in armrest and in the glovebox, the armrest doesn't doesn't work. I've never heard of it working from the armrest so good to know.
  9. johnleb


    robsey29 - not to doubt you - but I would triple check you DON'T have a usb connection in the glovebox. I've done the update 3 times on two different cars, one being a 2012 e92 - same issue as you. We checked the glovebox twice couldn't find a usb port - but low and behold, there was one. Worked first time. Also, ensure you're writing the data to the usb drive correctly. When I did the 2018-1 maps on my 2011 f11, I needed 3 usb sticks, as there are 3 folders in the download, disk 1, disk 2, disk 3, the car prompted each time for the stick it needed. I'm not very experienced but having done if before a few times that is all I can say to help. The stick needs to have the files in the correct location for the car to pick up the update. You're falling at the first hurdle, I'm going to say the fix is just something "dumb" that's not quite right.
  10. johnleb


    to do a larger drive you need powershell format /FS:FAT32 X: - where x is your usb drive letter. add /Q after format if you want to do it quickly. oh, you were talking to cs10 - he got his 64gb drive from bmw i think.
  11. johnleb

    bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    excellent! good job i'm not a betting man I wouldn't have thought wheel bearings, they're pretty bulletproof on german cars arn't they - as you say dodgy discs causing accelerated wear!
  12. johnleb


    I think they should - as you said you bought it from them. Just make sure you're ready for any questions that would question your competence. I'm sure it'll get sorted. I'm sorry for your woes. I guess the only silver lining is that people reading this should be aware they need to update their software first before doing the map update. You'd think there would be some sort of recovery mode that would allow the system to function without the maps .... it must be very distracting to have the system constantly reset. Sorry I can't help further.
  13. johnleb

    Impressive specced F10!

    this... thats a touch high, 22k would be a fairer price imo. nice spec though someone went trigger happy on the options list! might be worth shelling out for if you like all the gadgets and keeping the car a long while.. I might personally. I wouldn't be too overly concerned about the long oil change but i'd do the next couple a little more frequently
  14. johnleb


    also turn off bluetooth on your phone! some phones have been know to cause reboots... i'm reading the web for you... keep us updated, everything points to upgrading the firmware on the idrive or map data corruption. I think you need to try updating the firmware buddy.
  15. johnleb


    found on another forum.. I haven't seen this posted here but it's something that I've found useful on a few ocassions. To completely reboot your car control computer (I-Drive, Navigation, Audio), hold down both eject buttons for the DVD and CD drives while pushing the radio power knob. This causes the system to reboot from scratch but doesn't lose any of your presets or stored information. When you turn the car off and back on again it doesn't completely reboot the system, at least not to this degree. I would consider getting another copy of the maps. Here's how I did it - I bought 3 of these..(or very similar) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kingston-Technology-Traveler-Windows-Casing/dp/B00SOL9ZSA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518718039&sr=8-1&keywords=16gb+usb+kingston I downloaded the 2018-1 map from the internet - I can't tell you where... but there are loads of webpages if you search, a "torrent" of them with download links for the map data. I copied the data folder for each stick to the usb, formatting as fat32 and loaded them up when the computer asked for disc 2, disc 3 etc... I even did it over a couple of days as i was driving to work. The system checks each stick in turn, then asks for the missing data on the next stick. All perfect. Try this method... use quality branded usb sticks as well. I'm 99% certain the stick or the data is faulty/corrupted in some way that's fooling the error checker. (it does happen!)