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  1. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Hi @Piper the car is still in the same garage pictured above, and I'm still using the Clio that in the meantime has been totally converted to Cup suspension and drove almost 20k miles in a year ! That would be impossible in the BMW, with the money I earn atm. Funny enough, I'm phoning different insurance companies today to find out how much could cost me to put the BM back on the road. Still needs the sills welded and outer panel replacing, and I'm halfway through repainting the replacement double sunroof cassette that was white. The exhaust also has to be put right but that's a couple of hours welding and should be done. I put two continentals at the back to ditch the useless nankangs, and professionally cleaned and balanced the fuel injectors. She does get started every few weeks, but really she's just been sleeping. Not to go anywhere though, this is my car, and still my favorite.
  2. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    This must have been a looong and "empty year" for the old barge. After all that work, she was put away in a garage and only came out last week for a cheeky run round the block to make sure nothing was seized. (and she clocked 145k miles a few minutes after that..) i purchased a little run around to have fun with, and I'm trying my best to get a little more out of each payslip, so that I can finalize the work on this car, and finally drive it. I'm worried that the engine may have some compression issues, as It still struggled to fire up when warm. if that will be the case, I don't know what my next move could me. i'm not getting rid of her, I said it !
  3. Mazz

    Avus E34 540/6 Touring restoration

    I saw that advert too. what a nice looking car, I've been following this thread for a long time and it has been a good source of info and inspiration to finish my own 540iT/6.
  4. Mazz

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Good work Adam, makes me feel bad about my car that's been sleeping in a garage for months now ! Speaking of brakes, from a 540 touring owner, I'd say they could be a good upgrade for a car with a smaller engine like yours , specially if you can get your hands on a touring that has vented rear discs. Good luck
  5. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    I hope so bud, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever finish all this mess !
  6. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    A couple of pointless little fixes in the past weeks. First, I replaced the intake manifold mounting spacers; I somehow lost the originals while cleaning the manifold at work and only realized it months later when I was slapping it back on the engine. I ended up using regular washers underneath the nuts just to fire the engine up but later on I managed to order a genuine set from Cotswolds at a great price, like half of what it would have costed on eBay, go genuine! All then properly torqued, happy intake. --- I then put my attention to the cam covers, they looked pretty miserable after years of service and oil leaks, time to restore them I went for a dark grey wrinkle finish. I thought it was going to be way lighter than what it actually is, kinda like the original color, but I'm glad it's darker, unusual but still very subtle imho. I discovered halfway in the process of sandblasting the cam covers that the f*****g things are magnesium! Pain in the ass to strip down even using an aquablaster (can't imagine how hard could be without one), also weird material to paint on, I had to lay a thick layer of enamel primer to cover all the pitting and little caves on the surface, a real challenge. I'm usually pretty good at painting cam covers in wrinkle but each color has his own reaction times and look. This is a very light wrinkle, usually it's thicker than that, but I'm used to black and red. After all this the car fired up after two months and runs good. I think I have to have a look at all the exhaust manifolds nuts to make sure they're all right, I can hear a slight blow at idle. I have a new drive belt tensioner to put in next, then swap the sunroof, still a long way..
  7. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    I'll write down a simple list of things that I've done to the car so far, maybe I'll put it in first page so I can update it as I go. Engine: -Oil pump job (all the bolts back in, torqued down to spec) -valley pan gasket, genuine BMW -coolant crosspipe gaskets (acquablasted crosspipe) -water pump, new orings -BMW thermostat housing -Bosch knock sensors x4 -exhaust manifold gaskets x4 (blasted manifolds, painted silver vht) -new exhaust donut gaskets x4 -intake manifold gaskets x4 -cleaned intake manifold, hex bolts all round -cleaned throttle body and ASC tb -genuine PCV valve, new orings for the transfer pipe -cleaned ICV -alternator voltage regulator, new brushes -rebuilt starter motor -replaced engine mounts -new ancillaries belts -timing chain tensioner -new a/c condenser -new a/c receiver dryer Routine maintenance: -NGK BKR6EK spark plugs -Shell Helix HX7 engine oil -BMW oil filter -BMW air filter -BMW fuel filters Brakes: -WezMoto steel braided lines all round, new copper lines on trailing arms -Shell super dot4 fluid Exterior: -installed genuine headlights -Thule aeroprofil roof bars when purchased the car had some work done to it, some of the stuff remains on the car today -AC Schnitzer Type 2 wheels, 17x8.5, made by Ronal, set of five. -AC Schnitzer 3 spoke leather steering wheel -Straight through exhaust center section with 2.5in decat pipes -Remus Ac Schnitzer backbox -AC Schnitzer shock absorbers all round -deleted SLS rear suspension -Unknown lowering springs -3.15 210mm LSD -Alko tow hitch, helps when strangers rearend you without notice. -banging stereo, one of the best bits ! i think that's it !
  8. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    I haven't actually, do you think it could have anything to do with the unstable idle ? At first I thought it was the MAF sensor playing up, but disconnecting it upsets the idle even more, that means that it is working.
  9. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    The car finally runs folks. The new starter solenoid turned out to be the wrong one, it was given as a direct replacement from woodauto, but it clearly wasn't. Swapped that over, cleaned the spark plugs, charged the battery and after a whole lot of cranking the beast finally came back to life ! I'm in love with it again! There's still something to tweak, the idle is still not so smooth, the exhaust blows slightly at the backbox, I still need to rebuild the handbrake and sunroof and the sills have to be sorted. Once that's done I'll look into some staggered style 5s and she'll be done ! ACS Type 2 up for swaps people!
  10. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Never changed the Maf, will look into one but I have to get the car running first. It cranks really slow, I thought it just was a bad battery bud does the same with a brand new one, it's probably the wiring on alternator or starter. You're right on the orings but I just didn't check my parts, I thought all the new bits had prima with them and I later found out they didn't
  11. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    The Nikasil thing doesn't bother me, I'm just curious is this car has had a replacement block or not, just to add to the history I have. By the looks of it no, but the long engine number may reveal something. Anyway, here's a little summary on how the weekend went down. As I said I had the precious help of a friend that flew from home, and that is also very handy with cars and greasy stuff, with his help everything seemed doable, still not Toyota easy, but doable. We started Saturday at 8 am, with the exhaust manifolds I blasted them, tested them for leaks with the smoke machine, and then a lick of silver vht paint. All to go on with new gaskets, new copper nuts and copper paste on the studs Looking good First use for the torque wrench, 22nm on this one. Next-> The hero that helped me with the broken bolts made a comeback to finish the job, one last stud to drill out for good Stud extractor didn't work, time to drill and tap Cleaned all the metal shavings and used the die grinder with a scotch brite disc to clean the gasket surface Same for the water pump, while I had the tool New gasket, genuine And new bolts 15nm and onto the next bit Let's tAke a brake from the engine and focus on getting cool, which in this time of the year doesn't sound fun but in the middle of august I'll be hopefully driving this thing, I want the a/c to work! New condenser with new nuts and grommets, old fan still going strong In place Last minute addition, new r134a receiver dryer I reused all the orings, they didn't leak and the new parts didn't come with any. They're easy to change, not to worry. Back to the v8, the refurbed starter in place And the alternator with the cooling duct Speaking of cooling, the new water pump is next Cross pipe first, looks new but it isn't, new gaskets and bolts, 10nm Then the cooling lines with new orings (ripped one during fitting, I realized once all the engine was back together, and had to redo all the intake, fun) In the picture you can se the new knock sensors (£150, ouch) Forgot to take a picture of the new pump in place, sorry. And then a whole lot of greasy stuff like refitting the intake with the almost new pcv valve, new bolts all round, new gaskets and orings as well as new hose clamps. Radiator and fan back on, the repaired exhaust on with new gaskets and new stainless bolts, I had to rush because it was getting dark. Plugged all the harness back in, hope its right.. Here's a shot of the engine back together It's all done ! No more parts laying around, it's all it and plugged in. But is it running ? no I wired something upside down or forgot a ground somewhere, will look into it, it was late on Sunday night when we finished. Lots of lessons learned, and quite excited to hear the sound of a clean running engine. Coming soon !
  12. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Hi folks, I'm not going to get into the details of today, will do that when all the work is done. I have a question though: I found this number while replacing the valley pan gasket (yes, success..) With the engine assembled it would be right underneath the throttle body and the water pump, completely invisible. I know from the casting number that mine should be a nikasil block, but how do I decode this other number I found? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks !
  13. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    If all goes to plan, this weekend may be a big step forward. I've got a friend coming all the way from Italy to help me fire up my car again, a good dose of motivation (aka beer), and lots of hope. Let's not speak too soon though. In the meantime I decided to get the valley pan off after the debacle with the broken bolt; the whole point of what I'm doing is to do stuff right, and leaving a broken bolt deep inside the engine is not the way to go. The disassemble gave me the joy of three more snapped bolts, one almost flush with the gasket surface, a real pain. After days of struggling with a blow torch I managed to borrow the oxy acetylene bottles and jet from work and did the job, right! Only the last of the 4 snapped bolts remained in the block, we are going to drill it out no problem. All the parts are gathering for this weekend rush to get this car running again. I shall not forget anything! But, I will, if I know me .. Wish me luck !
  14. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    I'll look into that thanks ! And then think about getting a manifold with velocity stacks or not..
  15. Mazz

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    My rusty pile already has a 3.15 diff, also 2inch straight trough pipes and Remus back box. The inlet manifold hasn't got velocity stacks, which surprised me.