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  1. Looks like trim taken from a champagne model and placed in there to try and fool someone. Plus I thought all Champagne's were 53 plates ? Xenons arent factory (headlight adjuster dial) 13.9 MPG, clearly driven hard or not very far, or both
  2. How many different options were there ? From what I can see there is/was OBC - TV GPS - DSP Aux Heat - Telephone Code BMW Assist Settings - Mon off Am I missing any ?
  3. RickyZ

    2003 E39 525d Sport

    Here is a good place to check ALL OEM wheels http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/
  4. RickyZ

    RickyZ's New E39 530iAT Sport

    Right, seem to have fallen behind with this, gonna get it back on track, just need to find a way to host the photos. Latest news is a heated seat button bar with 6 buttons..... Also filling holes in the toolkit (everything should be there). Not exciting but pictures to follow soon.
  5. RickyZ

    E38 sport contours... (If you don't ask...)

    Comforts are just called Comforts Yes Contours are the best of both being a sport seat with the comfort split back
  6. RickyZ

    E39 Engine Under trays

    Diesel and Petrol ones are different guys, just an FYI
  7. RickyZ

    Essex Newbie Take 2

    Welcome to the forum once again What part of Essex are you from ?
  8. Tim, there are 3 seats for an E39 from the factory Sport SE Comfort Sport on sport model or if ordered specifically SE on all other models + those not specced with sports or comforts Comforts if ordered Comforts are SE seat bases with a split folding back like contours but not as contoured. On top of this E38 contours can be fitted as you know. These are a combination of a sports base with the split folding back of comforts (albeit more contoured). HTH
  9. Good afternoon, Can I have a quote for 51718195646 please. Also do you know if I would need any additional brackets/bolts/rivets to fit this to a car without one originally Thanks
  10. RickyZ

    Cream contour seats on eBay, worth the money?

    The door cards def are yes no doubt about that Only way to be 100% is to get a picture of the pins on the seat connector. If the seller has nothing to hide they wont mind doing that
  11. RickyZ

    Cream contour seats on eBay, worth the money?

    The pictures do not suggest RHD, does the seller have any proof or failing that can they provide a photo of the pins in the plug, should then be able to tell if memory or not 100% I cannot but a running theory amongst some of us with them is the plain ones with stitching in the middle are heated and the stitched ones are not. Sorry about image size
  12. RickyZ

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    How much and where from please ?
  13. Following your journal on bmwowner.com I would say these are non genuine. Good luck with the sale dude
  14. RickyZ

    Cream contour seats on eBay, worth the money?

    No to be honest I paid £100 for mine and they are heated and that included the whole E38 interior (I may have been lucky) The ones in the link are not heated and also look to be from a LHD car unless the pics are mirrored. If they are LHD then the memory modules will be on the wrong seat. I would have thought 200/300 ish but ideally less.