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  1. Deal, paypal OK ? Can complete payment on 30th when I am paid lol
  2. How much deposit do you require, I will also be up your way towards end of the year, could collect if easier ?
  3. Thanks dude Could you do a bit less without the subwoofer ? It's of no use to me. Also how quickly do you need it gone ?
  4. Great thank you, I take it all working OK, no problems you are aware of ? Where are you based, in case collection is easier ?
  5. No problem on the delay, I am not in a rush (as long as no one else buys it lol) Any chance to get a pic of behind one of the front door cards, bit confusion if there are 2 or 3 speakers in each front door
  6. Pictures in situ would be OK, just wanted to see how it all goes and check its all there (RealOEM can be confusing) Any of the speakers not working or crackling ?
  7. Is it possible to get a picture of the DSP kit please
  8. Thank you for the picture, I was hoping for a picture of the DSP kit if at all possible. Sorry I was not clearer originally.
  9. Is that posted ? Also do you have a picture of the kit please ?
  10. I have a BM54 all good at the moment, how much for the DSP and the tools mentioned on previous page ?
  11. Piper, potentially interested in DSP stuff in this case. Am I correct in thinking: 3 x front door speakers x 2 1 x rear door speaker x 2 amp wiring parcel shelf sub (I can source touring separately) Or are there more parts ?
  12. How many different options were there ? From what I can see there is/was OBC - TV GPS - DSP Aux Heat - Telephone Code BMW Assist Settings - Mon off Am I missing any ?
  13. Well to be honest I only need: Sunroof tool 10mm socket Spark plug tool So depends on price for those 3 ?
  14. 2003 E39 525d Sport

    Here is a good place to check ALL OEM wheels http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/