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  1. daniboy71

    DPF Regen question

    I’ve done about 20k in my 535d and the only thing I’ve noticed on the (usually motorway) driving is the oil temp sitting about 5-10 degrees warmer than usual for a while every now and again. No idea if that’s it regenerating, or just environmental, but I’ve certainly never noticed a change to the exhaust note...
  2. daniboy71

    What's your best range from a tank?

    I think it’s just the energy shifting all that water. Something has to pay to get x litres an hour into the air, and it’s a big hunk of metal to accelerate back after hitting surface water...
  3. daniboy71

    What's your best range from a tank?

    F11 535d, I do the same 80mile commute on the M40, often at 4-5am so nice and quiet. As I’m bored I spend a lot of time looking at the mpg... @70mph, dry, 48-52mpg @70mph, wet, 41-44mpg @80mph, dry, 42-44mpg @80mph, wet 34-36mpg I keep the rft’s pretty well pumped up (c40 psi) and at those speeds EcoPro doesn’t make much difference. And starting with a warm engine makes a 2-4mpg difference over the hour journey too. editied - that’s the cruise speed setting, so actual speeds over the hour are about 5mph slower
  4. daniboy71

    New car time - decisions decisions

    I do like the look of the 4’s (only real head-turner in the conventional BMW range imho) but am 6 months into a F11 535d and loving it. It’s no go-cart & too big to really enjoy back roads, but in all the places where you can actually use performance in the modern world (joining motorways, overtaking, blasting down dual carriageways at night) it’s astonishing. Plus mines in SE trim so has shocked a few chancers in its time. Electric towbar is icing on the cake. 50 mpg if you want (haven’t seen that very often...).
  5. On my 535d the only effect EcoPro seems to have on the motorway is reducing the efficiency of the aircon to the point where i need to switch to Comfort to clear the condensation off the windows. Switch off the aircon when not needed and stick to comfort on the MWay! (I have seen 50 mpg on my 80 mile commute...)
  6. daniboy71

    Engine noise under load

    Sorry - sold it 6 months later... never got any worse though and did another 15k miles in it.
  7. daniboy71

    F11 Buying advice - new owner

    I had a 2011 520d for 4 years until I swapped it for a 535d a couple of months ago. The 520 was a superb car and at 145k miles when I sold it still felt great. I changed the oil every 10k miles, the rear airbags were changed by an Indy and my kids trashed the front ashtray, but other than that it cost me nothing but diesel. A few times I saw 55mpg on my 80 mile motorway commute (it was a manual) but 48-50 was more common. Bloody awful halogen headlights though! However, the 535 is just brilliant. All the good points of the F11 with ridiculous performance. Mines an SE so beautifully quiet and comfortable at 70 mph, 40-45 mpg on the commute (50 on one special day...) and Q car anonymity if you want it. Almost nothing can stay with you on the motorway if you are feeling like that and adaptive Xenons are a world away from those halogens... Too early to say about long term costs, but I’ve budgeted for some punchy bills over the 4 years I expect to own it so hopefully it will work out ok. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret buying a 520 (it’s the only car I’ve owned that I see in old photos and think ‘ahh’) but I make up excuses to go for a drive in the 535...
  8. Just sold my manual 2011 N47 520 with 147k miles - oil changes every 10k, new rear airbags at 120k and other than that it has been perfect - almost sounded like it did with 50k on it. Having said that, I've swapped it for a 535d with 50k and am loving the superfluous cylinders
  9. daniboy71

    Key fob battery

    I've had mine for 4 years, only use 1 key and it's still on the original...
  10. daniboy71

    Engine noise under load

    That could be it - it does have a bit of an exhaust leak sound about it & is a lot louder than I've ever heard from diesel injectors before. I'll see if I can get a look at the manifold. thx GJJ
  11. daniboy71

    Engine noise under load

    Yes it is a N47, and I did think timing chain, but the noise isn't there at all when in neutral, at any engine speed, only when under load and cold....
  12. daniboy71

    Engine noise under load

    Any ideas - (2011 520d with 130k)? When cold, and only when under load (i.e. not when revving in neutral, and only when pulling away) there is a distinct, fast paced clattering/tapping noise from the engine, rising with the revs. It goes away once the engine is warm, but is very noticeable. Thinking glow plug/injectors - but why would it only happen under load and are there any ways of confirming it without a garage?
  13. daniboy71

    BMW F10 - AUX Front multimedia

    On my F11, whenever I plug in by USB it disables the Bluetooth streaming music option. No idea why, but it does. To re-enable, navigate to the 'Configure this phone' menu (think it's in the Telephone or Bluetooth menu) and put a tick in the box again for audio streaming (I'm away from my car so can't remember the exact wording but there are 3 tick boxes and they all need to be selected)
  14. daniboy71

    Quick error code Q...

    Hi - my 2011 F11 2.0d has come up with an error code on the dashboard menu... E11422 which I think translates to 2C9E. The only references I can find online talk about O2 sensors and Catalytic Converters, the latter of which I'm fairly sure are not fitted on diesels. There are no unusual engine symptoms - any suggestions what it might be before I walk into the dealers with my kids xmas money?
  15. daniboy71

    Fitting new front ashtray

    Thank you - looks v useful. I'll post here if anything 'exciting' happens during the work...