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  1. Hi, I think I understand your discription of your trouble, what you are saying is that if you turn the ignition of while the wipers are engage they will stop emetyetly anywhere and next time you start up the car, they will not go to park potion. If that is the case then there are five possebilitys; Firstly it could be that the wiper motor has bad electrical connection The wiper motor is simply worn out The indicator stalk on the steering colum is defect And lastly is the starter svitch on the steering colum that needs to bee change for a new one, if the bottom half of the switch is worn out all kind of crazy electrical problems can accrue, I almost forgot, there are som relays on the right upper side under the black lum/fuse box, sometimes they go bad. If you are going to put a new motor in then do not buy cheep aftermarket China junk on ebay rather find a used OE other vice you will have even more troubles to figure out. My bet is on the motor number one and number two is the bottom half of the starter switch. I hope this helps you.
  2. Regarding your electrical problems: Oddly enough, then this problems stems from one culprit, in most cases it is the “ignition starter switch, pn.: 32 6 901 961” that is on the steering column, (or simply a loos wiring). Inside it are contacts that through the years build up carbon and dirt. You can possibly take it apart and use a 1000 grid sandpaper and try to uneven the pits or put in a new one. This takes an hour to do properly,and it is not hard to do. Hear is a link for you on YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQPiShdsa_U Best of luck
  3. From the album My 523i

    In case, as I experienced when I mistakingly bought a two stage steering wheel, instead of one stage for my car, I would like to give this advice to any one who is thinking of getting a new or refurbished steering wheel. These are two different type of steering wheels, on the left is a one stage airbag wheel and on the right is a two stage air bag wheel. It is nearly impossible to put a two stage wheel, in a car that was born with one stage steering wheel. My advice and 5c, do not try to attempt to do that conversion, unless you have a deep understanding on reprogramming the OBD changing the steering clok and a werry good understanding of your Bimmer wiring. So far, I have not heard of any on that has made this conversion 100% to the specs and correct.
  4. From the album My 523i

    Rear Door latch-cable broken. 1 hour of work and now we can open the door from outside, what a relief. What would we do if things did not break down in our Bimmers? I would start replacing half worn things
  5. From the album My 523i

    M50, manifold and modification_2
  6. From the album My 523i

    M50 manifold and modification.
  7. From the album My 523i

    This was my latest challenge, re wiring the boot wires. No fun but necessary replacement after 18 years of use. I wonder how many times the boot lid has been opened and closed in 18 years? That’s how 15 wires of broken mess look like and somehow they worked except the light in the boot.
  8. From the album My 523i

    This was a fun project J I had to find a good M50 manifold and modify it, so all the plumping would work. Sins everything was apart, I made the decision to put in all new hoses and new fuel-injectors, and the rest is more or less P & P. There is a “little” loss of torque under 3570 rpm, but a lot of hp. after that. Unless your daily driving is in the Alps (like I just did) I would say that this conversion is definitely worth the effort and HP gain. All I need now is a TURBO J
  9. From the album My 523i

    “New” Comfort Seats with Memory, Heat and Air Inflation, that I bought from Piper, thanks Piper J It took some working to convert from R. hand to L., but it was definitely worth the effort.
  10. From the album My 523i

    Café Grill, Sorry, but we are closed for customers.
  11. From the album My 523i

  12. From the album My 523i

    One day I will put up a clip on YouTube so you too can enjoy the pure purr , roar and rumble from this setup. Schnitzer rear diffuser