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  1. Gdez

    530d rear decal location

    Glad the original matter has been resolved and the OP has his answer. In terms of judgement, funny how it's ok for drivers of 530d and 535d to judge drivers of lower power f10's but can't take it when drivers of better more powerful cars make comments about them! I'll make that my last post on this matter as it can go on and on. I'm not trying to be rude in my comments, just making what I think is a valid observation.
  2. Gdez

    530d rear decal location

    lets not beat around the bush, people who buy big engined diesels only buy them because they can't afford the running costs of a petrol. End of. No nonsense about torque, performance etc. please as it's irrelevant. Wow, you drive a diesel!! I'm well jealous!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Gdez

    New 5 series

    No plans to buy a G30 at this stage. My F10 is a 2011 and I'm planning to get 10 years out of it (fingers crossed)! Due to be replaced in 2021 so maybe it will be a nice Lci Msport G30!!
  4. Gdez

    B57 3 Liter Diesel

    As you say it's in the new 7 and the next car to get it will be the G30. I imagine that in due course it will find its way in to all of the bmw range as the n series engines get phased out. Apparently it's a lot smoother and more refined than the existing n57 as it's felt that BMW diesel engines have fallen behind their rivals when it comes to refinement.
  5. Gdez

    New 5 series

    From the front door door frame to the rear it reminds me of the merc e class.
  6. Gdez

    New 5 series

  7. Gdez

    Which oil for 530d N57?

    I think BMW have replaced Castrol with Shell as their oil supplier. But as has already been mentioned, spec is more important than brand name.
  8. Gdez

    High beam assist

    I've got a 2011 model with the adaptive pack and from what I've read the newer models with the visibility pack are much better at the whole dancing lights and switching beams. I've had years of being blinded by other idiots with their lights so don't give a s**t if I blind others!!
  9. Gdez

    M5 BMW

    M5 is a fantastic super saloon. It's quick, comfortable and overall I found mine to be crushingly competent at everything. I liked its discreet looks but some of my friends/ family felt that way it looked to much like a humdrum 520/525/530d. Compared to a gtr I would think the gtr is the better pure drivers car but the m5 is the better car overall. It will cost in terms of fuel/maintenance but if you can afford one in the first instance then it shouldn't hurt to much. The difference between the m5 and the rest of the f10 range is night and day IMO which is saying a lot as the standard cars are very good.
  10. Gdez

    In a bit of a pickle...

    A relative of mine has just taken delivery of a new e350d and it's a very impressive car on all fronts. If the G30 matches it, BMW have done well, if they better the new E then that will go down in my book ok as one hell of an achievement.
  11. Gdez

    G30 first UK Drive

    Would that also apply to 535's?? They are not 3.5 litre engines but are badged as such.
  12. Another vote for Dunlop 3d's. I have them and always enjoy the change over from the 19's and the softer less harsh ride they give.
  13. Gdez

    530d badge location

    That's assuming that the moron's who tailgate actually bother about things like this. Their childlike attitude means that they'll tailgate regardless.
  14. Gdez

    Temptation Is Setting In......

    If I were you I would. Like you say you still have the f11 for all the day to day stuff. I too was thinking about getting something a bit more interesting although the news that our third child is due is August means I'll keep the f10 for now. As it happens things like Kia/Hyundai SUv's all of a sudden seem tempting!
  15. Gdez


    Yes my carbon black is covered in them. I also find the windscreen is very susceptible to small chips as well. Thinner glass perhaps?