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  1. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Haha, yes, Guisborough. If it's 3mm out of position, I don't really care. If each letter in the badge itself is 2mm too small, I don't really care. I'm not hunting OEM perfection. I just want the car looking smart, clean and sounding good. What I've done so far has pleased me, and that's all that matters I guess.
  2. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Spotted this 316i near the E34 yesterday, also in Alpine white.... Then this morning, a modern 5. I know which one I'd rather have though... The lack of a 530i badge was bugging me, so I addressed it...
  3. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    I'll see how I get on with the exhaust. To be honest, the OEM one on the car was blowing badly, and the Scorpion was available at a stupidly low price, so it was a no-brainer for now.
  4. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Little update. The Scorpion couldn't sit on the back seat for too long, so I took it into my mates garage to get it up on the ramps... I know which one I'd rather have... Original old and holed system...... off..... Middle section on... and rear section on .... Looks, and sounds, sweet. Love the upward flick on the tailpipes.... Later on yesterday, I spent half an hour under the bonnet cleaning down the engine a bit.... Noticed a little split... Possibly, along with a blowing exhaust, an ingredient in the intermittent lumpy, hesitant running issue?? I've taped it up now to see if there's an improvement. It actually drove very nicely after the exhaust was fitted yesterday, but it was never an issue that was there all the time. I was hoping to take it to it's first show today at Raby Castle, but the weather was set in wet and grey for the day, so I didn't bother, and hence I'm not sure if the running issue will return. Time will tell.
  5. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    I know. Mad isn't it!
  6. Geordie

    New wheels

    Looks fantastic
  7. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    The spare tyre had seen better days. I had a feeling that a plug repair might not be enough.... ...so it now has a new tyre. I think I've sourced a fix for the blowing exhaust. Picking it up tomorrow. How good is it to be in the right place at the right time?......
  8. Geordie

    E34 530i bits needed/wanted

    Yes, fully interested mate.
  9. Geordie

    E34 530i bits needed/wanted

  10. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    The plan becomes more appealing, and logistically easier, by the minute....
  11. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Thanks, they're on the list of things to have a look into.
  12. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Sounds like a plan mate. Where are you based?
  13. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    My wife took the 530i up to Biggar in Scotlans this weekend, and reported that it drove very well apart from half an hour or so when it was quite hesitant and wouldn't go above 50mph. I think it has something to do with running out of fuel on the second morning (I didn't know how little fuel there was, and was on my way to the filling station). On that morning, I filled it with a couple of litres from a can, took it to fill up, and found that it was very hesitant after filling up. I pulled over, gave it a few revs and it seemed to clear itself. It's been ok for a few days until todays episode down the A74 with Julie. My feeling is that when it ran out of fuel, it's pulled some crud through the lines and it might be blocking the filter? Anyway, I'm pricing up a new filter to see if it helps. Filled it with VPower upon her return today, hoping that might help the injectors. Anyway, I was able to wash it, and give it another coat of wax, then clean and detail it internally. Looks better every time I spend an hour on it....
  14. Geordie

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Is this the probable cause and solution @duncan-uk? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Powerflex-Front-Inner-Track-Control-Arm-Bushes-BMW-5-Series-E34-88-96-PFF5-602/272830806039?epid=17015895302&hash=item3f85fbb817:g:6A4AAOSwPN1amJOE