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  1. Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    Thanks Dan . The coilovers are just budget ones, either raceland or ta-technix, a mate offered me them cheap so I just went for them, my sport shocks had started to leak, so it seemed a decent idea. The alignment was done by Bolton road tyres in Darwen, I've known the family a long time, the equipment is top of the range, but most importantly they are perfectionists with the adjustments, which is what matters the most I think personally, Sam
  2. Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    And one i used to announce that me and the mrs are expecting our first baby, Sam
  3. Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    So this month i did a bit of work on the 39. New front discs and pads, front to back brake lines, front brake hardlines, topmounts, coilovers, and a full hunter alignment set up, heres a few pics of how it now stands, Sam
  4. The BMW5 random picture thread

    A pic i used when i announced me and my mrs are expecting our first baby, Sam
  5. E39 540i Rocker cover gaskets

    Hi, im after the rocker cover gaskets for both sides (and whatever small gaskets are assosiated) , Registration P88SSM, Thanks, Sam
  6. Ok its not a 5, But M3 and M4 Goodness inside

    In which car ? The M4 was down towards Ribchester, and then back over Mellor way, The M3 more towards Great Harwood way, Sam
  7. A quick video i done of an M4, would of been great if my memory didnt corrupt and loose half my files! Also an E92 M3 Sound video. Please have a nosey and subscribe to my channel, Thanks, Sam
  8. WANTED E39 535/540/m5 Drivers side hub carrier

    Now sorted, Sam
  9. As above, snapped pinch bolt in mine, may be easier just to change the hub, nearer to lancashire a bonus, but can travel, or even better if post is an option, Thanks, Sam
  10. What model are they off? Thanks, Sam Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
  11. My Straightpiped 540i sport, a quick video

    Thanks guys, hopefully more videos to come, and my skills should improve
  12. Ok, so not fully straightpiped, but rear boxes removed, please take a nosey at my other videos and subscribe, Thanks, Sam
  13. Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    Just a quick video I did of it, excuse the filthy car! Sam
  14. Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    Not a great deal going on, but the heater blower packed up, replaced the fsu and its all back up and working, Sam
  15. Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    So it's now all back together and been running sweet and silent for the last couple of weeks, also changed the diamond shapes vanos solenoid seals on the timing covers, Sam Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk