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  1. IanS100

    Locking nut will not budge

    Go to a bmw garage or visit a local tyre fitter, they usually have removal tools for such situations.
  2. IanS100

    F11 520d Over filling issues

    How much more you can get in the tank probably depends on the car / the length of the filler pipe between tank and cap. I can't get much more fuel intro my F10 once the pump clicks off, certainly not half a litre
  3. IanS100

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    42k miles and my long term average is 43.4. With the mixed driving I do I can average about 47 over a full tank, but I have to be driving economically and avoiding hills. My old e90 LCI N47 was driven a little harder and had a long term average of around 47 so I don't think 43.4 is bad for the F10, and although it's not as good as BMW claims led me to believe I'd get, it's more realistic.
  4. IanS100

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    It's not that the B47 mpg is particularly bad, it's more that it falls well short of BMW claims, which are an improvement over the N47, but it's more powerful and euro 6 so it's hardly a surprise to me. I have a long term average of 43.4 mpg from 40k of very mixed motoring, compared to about 47 mpg in the old e90 LCI N47, which I don't think is too bad. I regularly see well over 50mpg motorway cruising, but go much over 70 mph, or up and down hills (which I do regularly) and the F10 weight really shows with a big drop in mpg.
  5. IanS100

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Having had an N47 and now B47, the later engine is far superior, it's smoother, quieter, more refined and noticeable more powerful, given the choice between the two I'd definitely plump for a B47.
  6. IanS100

    2018 Maps

    Ditto, I found NBT map size outgrew my 32Gb stick quite a while back so I invested in a tiny 64Gb which does the job in about 45 minutes. I haven't found any differences over the 2017 maps and some new roads remain missing from the update, but fingers crossed they'll be on 2018-2
  7. IanS100

    F07 Key Coding an Amazon key

    Clearly, Google isn't always your friend
  8. IanS100

    Voice command problems

    It's great when it works and infuriating when it doesn't: by the time I've spent time repeating a command which is completely misinterpreted I may as well stick to the old method, so I seldom bother.
  9. IanS100

    Hitler N47 Rant

    I think the 2011 upgrade was just revised tensioners etc, it does seem to have alleviated the problem tho.
  10. IanS100

    Traction control behavior

    I've had the back wheels break traction a few times setting off in the wet and also wondered why TC didn't kick in earlier. Going back about 10 years to the old Vecta, I only had to look at the accelerator and the dash lit up, and the e90 would flash TC on rough roads and speed humps so I'm surprised the F10 TC is so muted.
  11. I thought CIC Traffic was RDS TMC rather than the RTTI which was introduced with NBT Sat Nav, not that RTTI is anything to write home about, in my experience it's usually hours out of date and little better than RDS, which makes it about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
  12. +1 1) BMW Online. No, I've had a play a couple of things but petty much a WoT 2) Real Time Traffic: No, I use TomTom Go too, much more accurate. 3) Concierge: No, used it about 4 times in over 2 years, I don't see the point when I know where I'm going before I set out. 4) Connected Drive: Yes, useful, I'd miss that. 5) Map update: No, I have a lifetime fsc and download maps for free, so no thanks.
  13. IanS100

    Hitler N47 Rant

  14. IanS100

    How many miles do you drive per year?

    15k - 18k pa in an F10 520d, another year and hopefully these should drop to about 5k
  15. IanS100

    Nav colour.

    No prob, glad I could help