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  1. 2018 Maps

    Ditto, I found NBT map size outgrew my 32Gb stick quite a while back so I invested in a tiny 64Gb which does the job in about 45 minutes. I haven't found any differences over the 2017 maps and some new roads remain missing from the update, but fingers crossed they'll be on 2018-2
  2. F07 Key Coding an Amazon key

    Clearly, Google isn't always your friend
  3. Voice command problems

    It's great when it works and infuriating when it doesn't: by the time I've spent time repeating a command which is completely misinterpreted I may as well stick to the old method, so I seldom bother.
  4. Hitler N47 Rant

    I think the 2011 upgrade was just revised tensioners etc, it does seem to have alleviated the problem tho.
  5. Traction control behavior

    I've had the back wheels break traction a few times setting off in the wet and also wondered why TC didn't kick in earlier. Going back about 10 years to the old Vecta, I only had to look at the accelerator and the dash lit up, and the e90 would flash TC on rough roads and speed humps so I'm surprised the F10 TC is so muted.
  6. I thought CIC Traffic was RDS TMC rather than the RTTI which was introduced with NBT Sat Nav, not that RTTI is anything to write home about, in my experience it's usually hours out of date and little better than RDS, which makes it about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
  7. +1 1) BMW Online. No, I've had a play a couple of things but petty much a WoT 2) Real Time Traffic: No, I use TomTom Go too, much more accurate. 3) Concierge: No, used it about 4 times in over 2 years, I don't see the point when I know where I'm going before I set out. 4) Connected Drive: Yes, useful, I'd miss that. 5) Map update: No, I have a lifetime fsc and download maps for free, so no thanks.
  8. Hitler N47 Rant

  9. How many miles do you drive per year?

    15k - 18k pa in an F10 520d, another year and hopefully these should drop to about 5k
  10. Nav colour.

    No prob, glad I could help
  11. Nav colour.

    Are you sure you haven't selected the traffic screen which is grey scale?
  12. 2016 518d auto Goes Into Limp Mode

    +1: 47 years and 3 expired convictions for speeding, but at least it's much cleaner than the bodywork
  13. 2016 518d auto Goes Into Limp Mode

    Limit button is on the left steering wheel group at the top. It's the opposite of cruise, select it at a given speed and you won't be able to exceed it, can be useful in average speed zones and where there are lots of speed cameras Snap, great minds etc lol
  14. F11 Eco mode judder

    I've not found that engine speed (gearing) is any different in Eco, it just changes throttle response, a/c input etc, put simply, it's just a soggy version of comfort
  15. Winter tyres worth it?

    I have an 18" square setup for winter with Dunlop D3 on aftermarket wheels which I wouldn't be without. They are far better in cold conditions than the 19" summers, and I'm able to drive when I need to, regardless of conditions, rather than when conditions permit. Economically, I save money on cheaper winter rubber and, given the residual value of the winter setup, I'll be very little out of pocket. When I upgraded the e90 to an F10 I sold the (aftermarket) winter setup for £500 (iirc). They cost me just north of £800 and I'd used them for 3 winters, so factoring everything in I reckon overall cost was probably nil. Finally, slide into a kerb wearing expensive 19" BMW wheels and the repair costs will definitely outstrip the overall cost of wearing winter boots.