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  1. I believe the kickdown function achieves the same result i.e it goes from 8th straight to 5th.
  2. Yeah hardly ever need to use the sport mode as the 530d delivers 540Nm from 1500 revs so plenty of shove very low down... however being an auto mine still regularly sees over 4000 revs where surprisingly there's still a good amount of grunt - it doesn't seem to die off at high revs unlike other diesels I've driven.
  3. My 530d has been great to me for the time I've owned it, just thought better get rid before anything happens. You only have to look at the E60, E39 forums - flooded with problems. But tbf expensive issues are pretty scarce on the F10 forum... for now! Ive actually been thinking to simply replace my 2010 with an LCI as the 530d is just a brilliant all rounder.
  4. Services were due so ready to go for next owner - will be selling privately. The cars coming up to 7 years old and miles are fairly high so I think it's the right time to sell. We all know how older BMWs turn out don't we!
  5. Rear pads done and oil service complete. Considering selling the car now.
  6. Got the pads from the dealer for £95. Just getting a local garage to fit them and change the oil as well.
  7. Booked the car in for rear pads, oil and oil filter.
  8. These cars certainly do handle well considering their sheer size, and 500Nm+ of torque to push you out of corners always feels great.
  9. I got told all 6 plugs and controller would require replacement by my local indy - couldn't get them replaced at the time as had other things going on. No point in me getting them done now as the temperatures have risen so the shaking doesn't occur anyway.
  10. Got the car diagnosed by the indy and was told that all 6 glow plugs could potentially need replacing, costing in the region of £350! The car has also informed me to replace the battery, which will be another £200 no doubt. Then again, the car is over 6 years old so all is as well as can be expected.
  11. Could it be carbon build up in the manifold which could be causing the errors perhaps? I've seen some images online and they can get pretty gunky.
  12. Thanks for the reply I don't have any tools for reading codes but I could take it to my indi. Do you know if the hidden menu in the cluster would show any codes as I can access this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all I have a 2010 530d with 120k on the clock. The car has been sitting for about 2 weeks and I have recently discovered that the engine shakes heavily for the first 30-40 seconds after cold startup. The issue has gone on for some time now but it used to be a subtle vibration and would smoothen out after about 15 seconds. However it has become increasingly apparent especially in the colder weather. In warmer weather the engine will start up smoothly with no apparent vibrations. I can only think that a belt may be loose and adjusts itself over time as it warms up? Or could it be that the glow plugs are failing? I will take it on a motorway run to rule out any DPF issues and to burn off any spot accumulation due to previous urban driving. Edit - also showed a message on the idrive which read something like 'preheating please wait' so assuming glow plugs required more time to heat up. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. That's pretty cool, shame I don't have it on my 2010 530d