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  1. Must say I've only seen a handful of G30's around, of which 90% have been 520d's with the standard LED headlights! The Adaptive LED's really bring the G30 to life IMO.
  2. Looked at it, saw the road dirt and decided not to do anything about it.
  3. These Jap makers seem to be going for an origami look of some sort these days. Definitely not to my taste. And just when you thought a Prius couldn't look any worse, they come out with this:
  4. Have tried disconnecting the battery but to no avail. Will try charging it up next.
  5. Hate the nav in my BM - uses all sorts of unusual routes. As Spreadly mentioned, Google maps/Waze is the way to go - they're on top of the traffic, roadworks etc and are just better in general IMO.
  6. Glad to hear you're enjoying your G30. 57mpg from the 3.0 diesel is simply brilliant - I have an F10 530d which manages 45mpg most of the time and thought that was impressive! Will look forward to getting one of these in 5 years time...
  7. I usually use a 50/50 mix of Shell Regular and Shell V-Power and avoid supermarket fuel whenever possible. Have used Sainsbury's fuel in the past on my Toyota 2.2 diesel (albeit with over 200k on the clock) which resulted in very poor cold starts and a cloud of black smoke on heavy acceleration. Switched to Shell and the car ran perfectly. Have never had a problem with any car when run on Shell fuel. That's my own personal experiences anyway.
  8. Thanks all for the informative replies. Unfortunately did not get the chance to carry out some of the suggestions from this thread today but will do when time allows. Am hoping that disconnecting the battery will clear the code by letting the computers reset? If not I will try the CTEK mentioned previously which should hopefully fully charge the battery. I also now remember that the car was standing for a month or so earlier this year with no charger connected to it which could explain the error? I get the feeling that the car may not be charging the battery to its full capacity so as to prevent damaging it as it may have lost too much charge? Will keep the thread updated.
  9. Thanks for the reply Matthew. I haven't tried charging it yet but will try and do that pronto. I don't currently have access to a battery charger but will have a look at the CTEK you mentioned.
  10. The missus is currently driving a Jazz CVT which whilst abysmally slow, has proven reliable for the 2 years she's had it so far. It is also quite spacious for a small car and makes ease of city work, but it just needs a bit more 'get up and go'.
  11. Hi all, Have had this warning pop up on startup for the past year now and was wondering if there was a way to remove/reset it? The engine starts fine and all electrics are functional so I'm assuming the battery is holding charge, yet the warning continues to display. I have had a mechanic attempt to reset it with his non-BMW specific diagnostic tool but to no avail. What can I do to resolve this? Any advice is appreciated.
  12. I've owned a 2006 Toyota Verso 2.2 diesel for over 7 years and it's never missed a beat, even with 205,000 miles on the clock to date. Mainly used as a workhorse now as I can't see the point in getting rid of it with those miles.
  13. My 530d takes around 10 mins to fully warm up in the warmer months. Come winter and it takes nearly double that.
  14. One of my brothers in-law owns an i3 with a range extender and absolutely loves it. Once I got behind the wheel it wasn't hard to see why - the instant torque was mesmerising and it truly is very nippy in town, probably quicker than my 530d going from 0-30mph. With the range extender the i3 is hard to fault, may consider getting one for the missus!
  15. Washed it 2 days ago and this happens