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  1. Hellowwww :D

    The manual doesn't feel great IMO so I would avoid it. The 8-speed auto is great however and is pretty responsive, so would probably go with that. The autos also tend to have higher resale values over the manual so there's that to consider as well. 520d's are known for snapping timing chains, so would listen out for that before purchasing. Can be a hefty bill to pick up otherwise. If your budget can stretch to it, I'd highly recommend going for a 530d and above as they have stronger engines with greater pulling power and return respectable fuel economy figures too, considering the size of the car. All in all, you'll be pleased with whichever variant you go for so long as you do your research beforehand. Happy car buying!
  2. Hellowwww :D

    Buy on condition, not mileage.
  3. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Or whether the car starts in first or second...
  4. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    I usually go for the high octane stuff, in particular Shell V power. Never had an issue with it. I tend to avoid supermarket fuels as I’ve only had problems with them. Just my experience though... others seem to have no problems regardless of fuel type...
  5. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    Firstly, congratulations on the new ride! Personally, I don't see the point in filling up a premium car with cheap fuel. My I own experience with Asda fuel has been woeful - my Toyota 2.2 diesel produced black smoke on acceleration and cold starts required several attempts. When running on Shell V-Power the engine performed top notch. I have only ever used Shell fuel in my F10 530d and have never had any DPF/EGR/Smoke issues and will continue to do so. Just my two pence...
  6. At first wasn't so keen on the G30... but your review has swayed me over! I look forward to buying one of these used in 5 years time...
  7. @sshooie Sorry to hear about that. Hope the repair bill isn't too hefty!
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully not a widespread issue...
  9. Quite annoyed - only washed the car 2 days ago and it's already covered in crap. I give up!
  10. Also gave it a much needed wash, the car is now blue again!
  11. Bonnet rattle woes

    Good to hear it was a simple fix. Can't say that about a BMW very often
  12. Hi Andrew Not had any suspension work done under my ownership, only routine maintenance. Seems alright for now...
  13. MOT'd today - passed with 126,598 miles, though the offside front tyre is nearing the limit. Other than that it's a clean bill of health.
  14. Bit bored of my 245HP 530d after 2 years of ownership - think the time has come for a 535d. Or a 335d xDrive - they certainly do not hang about! Ruling out a 640d as whilst lovely cars, they're unsuited to UK roads IMO. Or I could keep the 530d and consequently keep hold of my license a bit longer too! Decisions, decisions...
  15. @nealpina Instead of a master pin why not use a master key fob? In the event of a service or emergency, you could have a physical master key fob which would override the pin entry. That way you could give access to your car without having to tell anyone your pin. So the master key would essentially be the spare which won't be in use as often and so harder to intercept. Something like that maybe? I'm no expert on this just giving my own view.