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  1. My annual mileage has dropped to about 5k this year. Still looking at potential replacements for the ageing 530d (coming up to 7 years old this year). It still looks and drives like new even with over 120k on the clock.
  2. Very impressive indeed. My 530d F10 felt completely planted at 140... these cars disguise their speed very well.
  3. How about a little competition on whose been the fastest in their 5. I'll start - the fastest I've clocked was about 140mph on a private test track.......... Im sure there are many 5 drivers who have exceeded this so lets see what you've got!
  4. Have driven a 335d xdrive with a remap - 0-60 in 4 secs thanks to around 380 brake and 50mpg when driving like a normal human being! Perfect car IMO.
  5. In my 2 years of ownership I've not found any signs to suggest when it's doing/done a regen. I thought the orange dpf light was a warning that the DPF had accumulated too much soot?
  6. Same here - 2010 530d with no stop/start. Glad about it tbh as it saves the hassle of having to turn it off every time you get in the car.
  7. Shame I can't boast about my mpg - been getting mid to high 30s... but then again I don't hang about
  8. I do it for the peace of mind as well - I'll provide OEM parts so everything works as it should- Some of theee garages use all sorts of cheap knock offs.
  9. I've only had to change the key battery once in the 2 years I've owned the car.
  10. For small jobs such as brakes, oil changes, filter changes etc I see no problem with using a local garage. All I have to do is supply the parts and the job gets done for half the price BMW charge!
  11. Mine being an auto it revs to about 4.5k when at full throttle whereas the redline starts at around 5k, so probably not wise to go beyond that. However I have accidentally hit the redline when using the manual mode where it stayed there for around 2 secs in 1st gear oops lol.
  12. I believe the kickdown function achieves the same result i.e it goes from 8th straight to 5th.
  13. Yeah hardly ever need to use the sport mode as the 530d delivers 540Nm from 1500 revs so plenty of shove very low down... however being an auto mine still regularly sees over 4000 revs where surprisingly there's still a good amount of grunt - it doesn't seem to die off at high revs unlike other diesels I've driven.
  14. My 530d has been great to me for the time I've owned it, just thought better get rid before anything happens. You only have to look at the E60, E39 forums - flooded with problems. But tbf expensive issues are pretty scarce on the F10 forum... for now! Ive actually been thinking to simply replace my 2010 with an LCI as the 530d is just a brilliant all rounder.
  15. Services were due so ready to go for next owner - will be selling privately. The cars coming up to 7 years old and miles are fairly high so I think it's the right time to sell. We all know how older BMWs turn out don't we!