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  1. F10 530d

    Real world mpg and range

    I have no doubt in the capabilities of modern turbo 4 bangers , but the fact remains that a larger engine is going to produce more torque allowing for more effortless power delivery. And if going for petrol due to low miles the added fuel costs of the 6cyl will be negligible.
  2. F10 530d

    Real world mpg and range

    Can't imagine a 4 cylinder petrol would suit the 5 very well - it's a bus after all! It will constantly need to be revved to get anywhere, therefore leading to higher fuel consumption respectively. What it needs is plenty of low down torque, something even the 4 pot diesels deliver quite well. If going for petrol due to mileage, I'd definitely be considering the 6 cylinder 540i as fuel economy is likely to be near enough identical to that of the 520i as it needn't work so hard to build momentum. In theory anyway...
  3. F10 530d

    Smoke from engine and yellow engine dash light

    Could be a cracked manifold or something. I'm not all that mechanically minded sorry! Try posting this in the F10 area - you'll get better coverage from other N57 30d drivers who may have experienced similar symptoms.
  4. F10 530d

    Smoke from engine and yellow engine dash light

    Sounds like a dud MAF sensor judging by the codes. Could also be caused by heavy city driving leading to a large build up of particulates and the exhaust never getting hot enough to initiate an active regen. When was the last time you took it for a spirited motorway blast? To encourage regen you'll need to drive at speeds of over 60mph for at least 30 mins.
  5. F10 530d

    Remanufactured Turbo Vs New (F10/F11)

    Have owned 3 diesel cars and not one has ever required a turbo replacement. Currently own a 2006 Toyota Verso which has required no work whatsoever in all the 200k miles it’s covered. However, should the turbo ever require replacement I’d easily go OEM, simply for the peace of mind it offers. No point tearing the engine apart only to find the refurbished turbo blows up a week later! Just my opinion...
  6. F10 530d

    New car time - decisions decisions

    I'd rather a 640d over an A7 personally, not least due to the twin turbo engine. Driven a 335d with the same unit and suffice to say it does not hang around! Good luck with the search.
  7. F10 530d

    The new motor.

    Quite the looker - usually not too fond of so called 'SUVs' myself, but VW have done a nice job here. The side profile is very X5-esque IMO, which is no bad thing. Lets hope it gives you many trouble-free miles. Enjoy it!
  8. Goes well and adds to the aggressive stance of the car IMO. Especially helped by having those twin tailpipes on either side. If only they gave them to the 530d's...
  9. Gave it a much needed wash, but in doing so I noticed a missing OSF center cap. Hmmm...
  10. F10 530d

    Check out the spec on this F11!

    Absolutely loaded vehicle - makes mine seem poverty spec! Never seen those style headlights on an F10 before either.
  11. F10 530d

    Will there be a 518d?

    How much more economical can a 4 pot diesel be in a tank such as the X5 or a bus like the 7er compared with an unstressed 6 pot? The 4 pot will be working twice as hard to make equivalent progress leading to both higher fuel consumption and higher emissions! And really, who wants to be able to hear the rattling 4 banger in what is supposed to be a luxurious, quiet and comfortable mode of transport?
  12. F10 530d

    Will there be a 518d?

    You say that, but they have just released a 7 series with a 2.0 4 pot Diesel engine!
  13. My journeys are often no longer than 20-25 mins and I haven't experienced any DPF issues from this. However I do tend to give it a good motorway blast every few hundred miles or so to try and encourage a DPF regen.
  14. Left the F10 where it belongs when it snows - parked up in my driveway. Used my Toyota Verso workhorse instead, which handled brilliantly, not least helped by having a third pedal to play with.