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  1. Thanks i will try it at the weekend
  2. Matthew Success plugged in USB stick and straight away had prompt to update Nav and enter FSC Code Files were about 14 GB and took nearly an hour to update. I'm pushing it now - what format do i need for music files? Thank you again
  3. Yes I have business nav. i will try a smaller stick when I get home. Thank you for your help it's much appreciated
  4. Hi Mine is Europe Move 2012 neither of the options you quote.
  5. Hello Matthew Been on hols last week and only just had the opportunity to try upgrade. I formatted usb stick as NTFS and still getting "No usb device with software connected to the usb audio interface......" Any further suggestions
  6. Thank you Matthew Just tried to reformat the usb to make sure it was clear and get an error that "the volume is too big for FAT32" **** it worked last time....will try again tonight Thank you
  7. I have a 2012 F11 and like Caesar i was not able to buy nav update from BMW Connected, so inspired by GT Steve I took a chance on the internet with I downloaded compressed files, download WinRAR, extracted the 41 files and upload it to the 64GB stick (with Fat32 formatted). Plugged the usb in to the port in my glove box and went to software update on the idrive and ......... then no FSC prompt, but get message- "No usb device with software connected to the usb audio interface......" Any of you knowledgeable guys know where i am going wrong? ps I also tried the centre console usb port too.
  8. I understand the offset is different and the E60 wheel will only fit with a spacer which will also need extended wheel bolts. Not sure how easy wheel change is with spacer on a wet cold January night. I have the same problem of finding a spare wheel having ditched run flats and only having gunk and tyre plugs. I have seen this online and wondered if anyone else had purchased same? The company seems legit.
  9. As E39mad said its the water based paint used today, the Finnish is too soft. I don't think it helps that all the nose section is plastic too. As an alternative to venture shield I did look for the American style "bra" for the long euro trips but didn't find one available on the net for F10/11 models. Probably use film in USA now. Bet they can get it done for $100 compared to our £500.
  10. On F11 the rake of the rear seat back is adjustable and depending on the angle I get rattle sometimes. do the saloons have this too? Just a thought.
  11. Mine is a 05/2012 and I also called the stealers and got the "nothing outstanding on the vehicle" reply. Seems to me its only vehicles still under the 3 year waranty that are getting the upgrade. I will just have to touch wood.
  12. Thank you Rosie - I will try this later
  13. Forgive my ignorance, but what is included on the secret menu and where is it? I cant find this menu, or is not available on my May '12 F11 Thanks
  14. I have a 5 year service package and local dealer Bowker Preston always give invoices. Never had to ask for one they always offer invoice. Its nice when you get large invoice with nothing to pay, but then again have payed when buying car! They also stamp the service book - June 2012 F11
  15. Hi any feed back on your mod? I know what you mean with the parcel shelf rattle/shake. I often have to play with it to minimise rattle etc.