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  1. I only ever had RFT on mine until a got a puncture so was forced to put a spare in which was a non RFT. SO I was running with a Dunlop RFT and a Michelin non RFT which had a bald shoulder for a short period. Turns out my NSF also had a slight buckle. So to go to non RFT with matching tread and no NSF buckle might also have something to do with the wow factor in fairness That said the turn in and steering feel is much better. Bumps seem softer too and I think these are over inflated by the garage. On the flip side I find new tyred always ride better initially until they bed in.. Edit to add these non run flats almost put the 5 into the same ballpark for handling and ride comfort as my wife's 1.0T ecoflex Astra. Almost..
  2. Swapped my front RFT for some GFT (asymmetric 3's 245 45 18 100) and WOW what a difference. Like really.. wow. Can't wait to get the rear RFT off.
  3. Is that what passes for civilised in your neck of the woods? Some big words there so well done on looking those up! As for directive if you think that's going to change materially post Brexit.. dream on! Edit. In all seriousness does anyone serously think we shouldn't be taking steps to reduce energy consumption ? I agree modern boilers are less reliable as are modern cars.. both for the same reasons I expect. My old ideal Mexico 2 is still running great and oddly my annual gas consumption is spot-on exact for the size of house and occupancy (according to my gas supplier). I would never recoup the cost of upgrading even with its 60% efficiency. Do we disagree with the spirit of the directive, or its execution? Why not allow like for like if there is life left in the remainder of the system. It costs money and energy to recycle. Re-use should trump new in most cases. And for the record I'm not as pro EU as I might sound though I did vote remain - on balance - for several reasons.
  4. Bullied LOL. I'm not trawling through 500 posts to see what you might or have probably not written. e60neindanke asked a simple question and so far nobody has answered - speaks volumes.
  5. And yet you still decided to try fling a generic answer at the question. Hmm!
  6. No you didn't. You gave stock answers and completely ducked the question. How has the EU affected YOU personally.
  7. Nice question. Probably something along the lines of make "england" great again, don't want Johnny foreigner making up our rules, why would we want to go on holidays in Europe anyway, youth of today don't know what's good for them blah blah blah
  8. Would you be willing to share what this costs please? Did you go to a body shop or a garage? Thanks
  9. Wow that's news to me. Volvos not my cup of tea personally but each to their own. BMW not exactly in my good books at the moment anyway because of carpy dealers. Nice car BTW... congrats!!
  10. Can volvo and BMW even be said in the same sentence ? I must be behind the times
  11. It's a sytner dealer. Not sure if naming is allowed. They've been OK to deal with "ish" so far just seems odd that they want to do a half job. God bless the Internet eh.
  12. Well well BMWTis says an alignment must be carried out if replacing the lower wishbones. Why is my dealer so keen to cheap out on the work being done under warranty. I am starting to feel like a charity case here. I've put it to them that I expect the warranty work done to BMW standards which require an alignment and both rear shocks. Shocking!
  13. Nope my car apparently needs 1 rear shock and two lower front wishbones. They claim an alignment is not required for the front wishbones/arms and TIS seems to back that up but will check again - thanks. I actually still think there is a problem with the front shocks and that is why I went in originally. The car dives under braking (excessively IMO) and coming off a speed bump I can bottom out the front. Plus it sits too high. Still.. one thing at a time.. or is that 3.
  14. Brucey bonus I just checked the TIS that someone else posted online recently (thanks!) and it says both shocks on an axle have to be replaced only if car has done >80000km. My car is on 78500km but due I'm taking it to France for 8 days before the dealer can can fit my car in.. guess I better let them know to order 2 rear shocks and not one. Hehe got to love warranty and TIS.
  15. What engine is this? Baffling that people come asking about an engine fault but don't say what engine!? If connectors have burnt out I'd be checking fuses and working back.