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  1. Warranty work by BMW. Service's by any VAT garage. Oil filter IIRC it's a 67mm oil filter socker I bought off ebay. It fits well. Can't confirm right now as I'm away. Edit it's 86mm /16 flats
  2. Sucks... " Please accept my apologies but the information I previously provided is not correct. This email is to confirm that in order to keep your BMW Insured Warranty policy valid all service work must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The full manufacturer’s specifications can be found in your vehicle handbook and these would include having your vehicle serviced at a VAT registered garage, whilst only using genuine BMW parts or parts of equivalent specification. Proof of your service may be requested at the point of making a claim. Please note all repairs must be completed by an Approved BMW Centre."
  3. Yeah I am surprised too. I have asked for confirmation of "when the policy changed" so the person can check. I've been told before (in writing) that it's VAT reg garage only. If they still say it's OK... happy days I've got it in writing.
  4. Hmm got this from Allianz... "Good Afternoon, Thank you for your email. Aslong as the vehicle is used for personal, social, domestic and pleasure use only, then you are able to service the vehicle yourself, providing the servicing is inline with the correct service schedule and intervals. If you do have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours Sincerely REDACTED BMW Insured Warranty Services Co-ordinator BMW Insured Warranty Services Tel: 0345 641 9790"
  5. Ahhhh sorry I misread your earlier post when you said it didn't go near BMW! So yes we are in agreement... mondial does not allow for DIY servicing. Pity as most of us probably take far more care than a garage would.
  6. Right. But we're talking about DIY service aren't we?
  7. Yeah I quoted that para and they said "servicing garage" must be "at least VAT registered". FWIW I've emailed them and will post reply. Thanks
  8. My understanding is that block exception applies to manufacture warranty but not insured warranty. I spoke to Mondial about DIY servicing and they said no way. Would love to be proved wrong!!! Can someone else phone and ask? Edit: guess you've been lucky with your dealer? Mine was taking copies of my service book, and tried to make out the were doing me a favour because of a non-BMW service in the history (which is bollocks).
  9. Incidentally this reminds me of a consumer rights question. Inherent faults which can be proven to be present at manufacture are covered for six years. Onus is on manufacturer to prove they were not present, and not on consumer to prove they were. Anyone know if that applies to cars? It can be prorated down for wear and tear. Any engine or big metal part failure within six years would surely be a result of poor services or present and manufacture? What else could it be, other than not fit for purpose (manufacture fault or design fault). My experience of this is an old HP laptop which had a fault with GPU cooling. Manufacturer paid out for laptop's up to six years old because the fault was present at the manufacture (design fault).
  10. BTW if you get an engine or big drive train claim and there is any evidence of DIY do you think they'll pay up for a new engine etc? Its an insured warranty; breach the terms and it'll be void.
  11. Agree!! I dislike having to get my car go anywhere near BMW dealer as it usually comes back with an extra scratch or washed when I didn't want it. But worse, MUCH worse, is the stupid arrangement they run where you can't talk directly to the tech. Has to via some front of desk person who will keep repeating "but I'm not technical" and "I know nothing about suspension geometry". Sucks. What's the option? My car is 5 years old so I'm going to get a couple of things checked out to try and claw back some mondial payments and then I'll either sell up (e39 itch) or just self service from now on with no warranty.
  12. Agree. I did a interim oil change and didn't reset the indicator nor did I write anything in the log book. Reason ? Sytner were complete arses about a non BMW dealer oil change on my service history and almost refused the mondial warranty. It took a phone call from me to allianz to sort it. The allianz/mondial warranty requires services to be done in a VAT registered garage and strictly no DIY.
  13. Interesting.. thanks. I find my f10 530i underdamped at the front but find the back fine. I can easily bounce the front but not the rear. It rebounds and settles fine. I have since found that it rides at SE ride height even though it has the 704 factory fit ms port suspension. As I have Mondial warranty I'm going to see if i can get the front shocks changed. Your post confirms to me that mine is way too soft for an msport. Thanks
  14. What is it with BMW and carpy bushings! Will be hearing about subframe cracks on f30's next and leaking door vapour barriers on f10's along with missing pixels.
  15. It's the reason the f10 front bumper is made of soft plastic and stone chips so easily. I think it's supposed to increase the gap between bonnet and engine