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  1. It is an msport car which left the factory with msport suspension but now appears to have a SE suspension according to ride height. I am trying to figure out why and how. As to whether I will bother fixing it I am not sure. Apart from the huge arch gap I am happy with how it rides. What I'm not happy about is buying a 3.5 year old car (at the time) on the basis of it being original and turns out it might not be. Also if somebody wanted to raise the ride height seems to me it would he simpler to put in spacers than change everything. Wishful thinking perhaps but was hoping there was something obvious in the pictures which might look like it's been meddle with or shimmed which I could easily remove.
  2. Thanks. All good points. It is a march 2012 build 530i and one prior owner. It was spotless under the bonnet and under the arches when I got it. I see no tool marks anywhere to suggest someone has changed the suspension. I cleaned that spring looking for a part number. I had a e46 previously with eibach pro springs and Bilstein shocks and the f10 is a similar firmness over bumps etc. If this really is a SE suspension I'd be surprised as it is pretty firm, in fact I'd not want it much firmer as overall control is very good. I don't have AD (electric rollbar). Odd one. Will try as you suggest. Reason I'm wondering about all this BTW is I had a KDS done just over a year ago. I am noticing the rear tyres scrubbing as if toe is out. The KDS was done to standard msport parameters possibly without taking into account increased ride height. Might get another KDS as I need front tyes anyway. Thanks
  3. Hi Starting a new thread as I sort of hijacked another one about ride height. Thanks to Matthew Ashton and 535ia for the ride height info. Oddly my car is higher than spec. I checked the build sheet and it was built with Msport suspension and not deleted, but the actual ride height appear to match SE spec. Front 630mm (spec 618mm) Rear 620mm (spec 604mm) 18" rim measured from bottom of wheel to wheel arch. Funny thing is I think the car handles great but would like it lower. I can't see any part numbers on the springs. Is it likely the springs alone have been changed or springs and shocks...? Any other way to tell what was changed? I was hoping there might be a spacer as in the poor road package but can't see anything on the front to suggest that (pics). ..and if anyone wants to own up lol why would anyone do such a thing...!!? Thanks Mike
  4. Hi Curious if anyone with an f10 gets this? I do. I thought it was a distant siren when I first got the car. It's in 2nd and 4th and only really hear it if accelerating hard in manual. Doesn't bother me too much but might see what BMW say when the car is in for a regas and oil. Cheers Mike
  5. No paddles. I did some testing earlier and the tapping the stick forward or backward multiple times drops the gear number quickly which I didnt think it did, but had never watched it. In fact I think dropping from 8 to 5 quickly drops the box into 5 rather than 8 7 6 5 which I honestly thought it was doing. So. Pointless thread because it already does exactly what I wanted. Doh. Now looking for a paddle steering wheel to retrofit..
  6. Not considering a petrol f10 then OP?
  7. Same here. Thanks for the explanation pottsy
  8. Nice charts... what do they mean please for a thicko like me !?
  9. Yeah sorry I guess I phrased my question badly. Cruising along I (with my non sport auto) can drop it down multiple gears say from 8 to 4 but that is sequentially.. I think.. seems like a "double click" of the gearstick to make it drop two gears at a time would be so much nicer than click brief pause click brief pause click etc. ..
  10. Hi Does the sport auto allow you to drop 2 cogs at a time perhaps with a double tap of the paddle or something? Is it possible to code this in? Thanks Mike
  11. That must be great. my 530i only has 220nm I think.. still pulls well out of corners but you need to wring it out.. low down grunt must be nice. Wouldn't mind trying a 535i to see how it compares. Mine regularly sees well into 6000+ rpm and sounds great. I don't think that's abuse but stretching it's legs...
  12. Same here. Never lost one either though in fairness, there are FOUR wheels for a reason. Be very unlucky to lose two at the same time.
  13. Company car? Is odd that it doesn't get a AUC warranty, they could fudge the history if they wanted.
  14. Mine go hand tight plus a turn or so What did i do today.. currently have it in southern republic of Ireland and ticked over 46k miles. I keep thinking I'll sell it and then I have great fun with the autobox manual mode and revs and then it being a great cruiser when I need it. Can't imagine being able to make the most of a bigger displacement engine at legal ish speeds. It's covered in bird cack too.