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  1. The plastic is very thin on these. Wonder if a heat change caused it. My rear is broken in the same way. Keep meaning to fix it.
  2. It also hammers the injectors.
  3. bmwmike

    F10 Headlight problems FRM??

    Anyone know what fails (as in which component)? I'd be interested in taking a look if anyone has a duff one laying around
  4. I ordered a 50ml paint off amazon and the colour is spot on. I sometimes mix it with a bit of lacquer on larger chips/craters. Thanks to my exploding lorry incident which I initially thought had caused one dent there are quite a few chips low down. I am wondering if I should have claimed on the insurance but ho hum live and learn etc. Been filling in the chips as I find them. I use a toothpick and fill up the chip until slightly proud - it sinks as it dries.
  5. bmwmike

    F10 door corrosion

    I think it's the outline of a car showing any areas of damage etc. Like when you get a courtesy car. That's what I assumed anyway. Don't pay too much attention to it, as I subsequently caught them out on several untruths I believe they'll do anything to get out of even submitting the claim.
  6. Agree that's stonechips so no point bothering warranty grunts. The f10 paint is uber thin and IMO more brittle so this is par for the course.
  7. More f10 corrosion ? Wow these are turning out to be turds bodywork wise. Thanks PCP'ers. Assuming no paintwork damage yes it should be covered under anti perf warranty but expect lies and incompetency from your local BMW dealer as they deal with a fella called Lloyd in bodywork warranty dept at BMW UK, pen pusher extraordinaire mostly pushing back and even when agreeing the rate is so punitive to the bodyshop they'll cut corners. God bless.
  8. bmwmike

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Loads of diesel A7's around here. Not as many as f10 520d's though
  9. bmwmike

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Love it. Very tempting. Ideally need a touring but this spec is great. I'd miss the HUD in my f10 530i.
  10. bmwmike

    E60 M5 finally bought

    How are you getting on with the car, all good?
  11. bmwmike

    Which is the most reliable BMW?

    Lol.. coz some random teenager said so, hehe. Nearly switched off when he said the n55 is twin turbo. Then he said petrol nasp i6 engines are simple. Err no they are not. The injection cycles are more advanced than the later i6 turbo engines. And with that came a decrease in reliability. I like the n53 engine but a model of reliability it is not.
  12. bmwmike

    Front wheel bearings failure

    Weight of the f10 is irrelevant. Would expect the bearings to be spec'd accordingly.
  13. bmwmike

    Front wheel bearings failure

    Older cars are driving the same roads and doing fine.
  14. bmwmike

    Front wheel bearings failure

    Piss poor
  15. Took it to the beach. Then had some excitement on the way back as a lorry up ahead suddenly starts smoking thick black smoke from the exhaust and as I'm overtaking there is a huge bang. Huge. The entire car shook violently and felt like something had hit it. Lorry is straight over onto the hard shoulder. I pulled over to the HS about half a km later once it was safe to do so. Small dent in the side of the door, relieved to not see more damage and if it had been a metre higher it would have hit a passenger through the window. Crazy. Never had that happen before! Guess his engine exploded or certain ly sounded and felt like that. I think most of what hit us what air wave/shock wave.