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  1. bmwmike

    Servicing advice

    Oops. Guess I could just "lose" the service book.
  2. bmwmike

    F10 530d, Good or Bad

    Wide nav and HUD are mine. I'd love a sunroof and M HUD (as per m5).
  3. bmwmike

    Servicing advice

    +1 add in clearing leaves from various places under bonnet, checking for water ingress in cabin and boot, inspecting around engine for any signs of oil or coolant leaks, inspecting under car for condition of exhaust and diff mounts, trickle charge battery overnight periodically. No way was I going to pay £79 to BMW to do less of an inspection than I already do every few months. Not the cost but more the hassle as they always seem to need the car for a full day. And I reckon they don't actually do the checks they claim anyway. My 59k 530i is DIY servicing now, and has been interim serviced by me since 40k (extra oil change between CBS, annual air filter).
  4. bmwmike

    water in boot

    Yep! F10's like to be kept dry
  5. bmwmike

    water in boot

    Incidental water dropping in when tailgate opened ? Is anything actually under that tray or in the battery well?
  6. bmwmike

    F11 535i

    Goes off to buy some green duck tape...
  7. bmwmike

    F11 535i

    +1 on the alcantara, nicer than the pvc pleather No paddles on my 530i and I don't miss them enough to fit them. Manual feels like a normal gearbox sans clutch so not sure I'd use the paddles anyway. What's the thing on the top of the steering wheel, a shift light?
  8. bmwmike

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Another option is to mastic a cut out of membrane of thick plastic sheet as you get with DPM (damp proof membrane) or even mastic duck tape against the bulkhead.
  9. Saw a dark green m5 g30 yesterday and must admit as much as I am not keen on the g30 in general I thought this looked the mutts danglies. Edit yes I know it's called an f90
  10. bmwmike

    Upgrade to standard headlamps

    Agree on the boy racer comment but I have to say some of the latest audi headlights are awfully bright. I'm surprised they get through type testing. I really dislike driving at night these days due to overly bright lights in general. The roads would be far safer if all headlights were dim, IMO.
  11. bmwmike

    Upgrade to standard headlamps

    LED in a projector is fine, and doesn't yet fall foul of the MOT regs which focus on HID retrofit.
  12. It's mostly old VW T5 beaters and white van rolling scrap, around my way, though you do see newer cars running as taxis like Toyota etc smoking away. It may be imagining it but there seems to be a lot more smokey cars around these days than there used to be in recent times?
  13. The amount of smokey diesels around these days is ridiculous.
  14. bmwmike

    front brake pad service indicator

    I don't think wheel coming off and being sued even comes to mind. They are not trained properly to start with, or are lazy, or both, and the easiest thing to do is to mash it up as tight as possible.