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  1. If you bought it from a garage let them fix it. Looks like a camshaft sensor error. Didn't even realise diesels had camshaft sensors so I'm probably not much help here.
  2. bmwmike

    Genuine E46 parts - worth selling?

    I've got a heap of stuff here for an e46.. roof bars,boxed jurid disks, droplinks, steering arm, alternator, probably lots others. Been trying to sell it for years, nobody seems interested. I'm going to stick it onto ebay as a job lot. Good luck to your mate.
  3. Congrats. Love that alfa. That engine!! Its a jag or alfa for me next, done with BMW.
  4. bmwmike

    Tats goldie chains and a BMW

    What's a howdie? The goldie looking chain?
  5. So I know I'm going to get shot down for this but I've noticed an awful lot of singlet wearing tattoo'd chaps with big gold chains driving late model BMW's particularly M models. Is this the BMW target demographic these days? Cheers
  6. bmwmike

    F11 jacking up vehicle

    It is fairly obvious It's a slippy slidy aluminium dome in a sea of plastic Why they couldn't make it look like an actual jacking point it anyone's guess ETA according to TIS you can jack on the case of the diff itself but NOT the rear cover. I always use a block of wood - small block of mahogany no less, passed down the generations - to protect whatever I'm jacking.
  7. bmwmike

    F11 jacking up vehicle

    Tiled garage floor Matthew? Surprised they don't crack or chip with the point loading of the jack wheels. Presumably not dot n dabbed tiles like some of ours are.
  8. bmwmike

    Engine warning light

    If there is a warning light (EML?) there'll be a code. Do you have a code reader. Why was the loom replaced, out of interest?
  9. Is yours a manual? Harsh downshifts really shouldn't cause this. Poor engineering could cause this. Or a one off. Bit concerning seeing as there are more powerful engines in the lineup.
  10. 'Spose. Just surprised my 2012 57k mile rear diff looks just like my old 177k e46 (RIP, sob) rear diff. Guess they reach an age and just wet their pants. I prolly expect too muches.
  11. Talking of faults I just checked under mine as I removed the diffuser to see if there was anything other than superficial damage (was not). I noticed both rear output shaft diff seals have oil misting. When I had the mondial warranty I actually took it in for the OSR output seal misting and they said it was fine. The NSR is now misting. I don't think it's bad enough to lower the level ( will check) or drip but.. really? 57k. Partly why I cancelled the mondial warranty. Great insurance product except it requires BMW master techs (lmao) to gatekeep claims. Was too much hard work to get them to fix stuff. A Google search shows f10 rear diffs leaking oil (particularly m5) is a thing.
  12. Possible to get photos of the suspect area? My money's on it opening up slightly as it's moving around in it's mount
  13. Nope. Sadly, its 100% my fault. Anyone know how much premiums rise by if you make a claim? 50%? 100%? Its not going to be a huge claim, but if i'm claiming i may as well get my car fixed too.
  14. For real?? They grow up too fast.
  15. I've got two kids with high pitched voices, they were in the back and were making noises. I don't know if the beepers sounded but I sure heard the noise when the bumpers grounded..