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  1. Soon be time to change

    I drove one of these recently, albeit "sport" not "m-sport". I found the ride great but the boot tiny compared to the f10. Or was I mistaken on the boot size and it's not that much smaller than f10? Dealer just nodded and had nothing to say either way.
  2. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    N53 needs LL04 I think the most potent discussion is diesel vs petrol, shirley? Or perhaps the benefit of torque over power when a gearbox is available.
  3. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Usage definitely plays a part. I suspect high revs use more oil too.
  4. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    What's that internet law where every conversation eventually mentions hitler? There seems to be a similar one on car forums where every single thread very rapidly descends into MPG's.
  5. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    No problem! There are not many of us six pot nasp owners around so we need to stick together If your car is sub 60k miles and FSH i would recommend the mondial warranty. The n53 is a good engine but does have the ability to throw some large bills - namely the injectors and less likely, the high pressure fuel pump (HPFP). Also worth calling bmw and checking the 2013 quality enhancement for coilpacks was carried out on your car.
  6. E61 M5 alternative?

    Yeah it would need to be for common cars first which is why I think a 3 series would be a good candidate. If the battery packs were modular it's conceivable that the motor and battery modules could carry over to other vehicles leaving the carriers and subframes specific to individual vehices.
  7. The what? I've had to push for a courtesy car when they've had mine (that's mondial).
  8. Is that lloyds policy insurance backed or are they running that themselves? Can anyone buy it? Got a link? I'd be interested if it really is comparable to mondial / Allianz.
  9. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Agree! I would not be happy with that either. That is what BMW quote though. Or maybe it's 600 miles per litre. Someone will correct me I'm sure. Even 1L per 1000 miles is poor IMO. Only car I ever had which was that bad was a holden station wagon 4.0L six pot and that thing drank more oil than fuel. Went like stink though!! Just had to keep an eye on the oil pressure gauge to know when to top up LOL.
  10. E61 M5 alternative?

    Cars are becoming more unreliable and expensive to fix on one hand, and on the other hand are becoming potentially more long lived yet are treated as disposable. What I mean is, the powertrain (engine etc) is being pushed to the point of fragility and yet the bodywork is becoming more rust resistant and so potentially could last a lot longer than previously. So I do wonder if there is a market perhaps in the near future to take existing cars and strip out engine etc and replace with EV drivetrain? I expect some companies can do this already. A 3 series would make an excellent candidate as would a 5. RWD so you get space where the prop, diff, fuel tank, engine etc were.
  11. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Hi Barton I have the same engine elbeit a 530i. I carry a one litre top up bottle in the boot and had to use approx 1/3rd in 2500 miles. I would say it's similar to yours, which is minimal. Honestly 1L (max to min) over 5000 miles is brilliant. I know of owners topping up twice that and it's still within the 1L per 600km (IIRC) that BMW quote. Cheers
  12. E61 M5 alternative?

    Yup I have a line of 20 odd recovered charged 18650 cells in my garage, all waiting for a job to do. Probably my greenhouse automation in the next month or so. Just have to remember to not touch the ends of the line! 80 odd volts and a lot of amps.. LED - Agree!! I find if staggering that we find any incandescent lamps on a car post 2015 tbh. I imagine there would be a cost saving overall because the overall current draw is lower so presumably everything else needs to be less beefy especially the wiring.
  13. E61 M5 alternative?

    The tesla battery packs are modular too. So its likely that the packs could be repaired. I've ripped apart many a laptop battery and they are 18650 commodity cells, which IIRC the tesla also uses. Even when the laptop battery is dead the cells are usually OK bar one or two.
  14. High Pressure Fuel Pump

    Who is "they" - a warranty company or your insurance ? Just wondering. I know Mondial will pay out to limit of car invoice, so there must be times when they effectively write off a car.
  15. F10 Wind Noise

    The nose of the f10 is not exactly aerodynamic - I wonder if sport/luxury/SE bumpers make a difference. My cabin is very quiet up to speed limits (msport f10, 2012, bogo standard wing mirrors).