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  1. Upcoming Service

    pro tip: make sure you take HD photos of your car from all angles and also a photo of the mileage before letting them at it. Does anyone have a link showing whats done on each oil change please for petrol?
  2. What would these look like on a f10.. presumably spacers or somesuch would be needed?
  3. BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Mentions of black e39s and no pics? Need pics!! Cosmos black v8 e39 touring ideally manual is my watch list and I'd be very tempted!
  4. Sounds about par for the course for BMW dealers.
  5. F10 lci front end parts

    Bad luck OP Nothing to add other than be great if you took pictures doing the work!
  6. No different than having different brands front and back IMO. Way too many variables to pin it on RFT or balancing or tracking or just new tyres. If there was some actual technical reason not to mix run flat and non run flat on a car it would be published as an advisory somewhere. God knows they could make money out of it as folks would be less likely to ditch RFT if it meant having to do all four etc. If someone knows of a manufacturer or car advisory stating they shouldn't be mixed please share it as I'd not like to take the risk. If it is a risk, which right now I have no reason to believe it is.
  7. I'm not saying to mix on same axle either, so on that point we agree. Front to rear no problem IMO and as I've not seen anything from manufacturers to the contrary I'd assume they agree too.
  8. Nothing wrong with mixing RFT and GFT as far as I know so I'd not over think it too much. Not like mixing cross ply or whatever stone age tyres.
  9. Yeah that sounds about right.. a clueless service advisor! Especially at BMW. Enjoy the weekend away.. Edit Jan 6th just started my car for the first time this year lol
  10. Yes that's right. It's stamped on the injector so it's easy for them to see. Index 11 are the latest and greatest and must not be mixed with index 9 or lower. Being an f10 I'm guessing yours are 9.
  11. What index number? BMW used to recommend replacing all six. If the failed injector is less than index 11 I'd be pushing for all six.
  12. Fingers crossed you get all injectors, coil packs done before your AUC runs out. Be good to know what index number your current injectors are if they whip them out.
  13. End of warranty check

    Which part of the boot lip - do you mean where a spoiler would be ?
  14. Honestly long term 10yr BMW guy here but I'm questioning between timing chains you wouldn't use to pull a bog flush and injectors which are consumable and trim which turns to crap after 3 years if you are lucky.. WTF? Seriously what's so good about BMW these days? RWD and six pot is my reason for buying BMW but I think they've lost the plot with build quality on recent models. PCP no doubt to blame.