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  1. Missing what? Mine staggered.. f10 with 275 rear and 245 front. Hence keeping the perfectly good tread lots of life left in them rear RFT but not afraid to enjoy them to wear them out quicker.
  2. I have XL nonRFT on the front and RFT on the rear and can feel the difference when going over small road imperfections. Driving along Thump... then THUD!
  3. RFT are not standard fit on most of the continent AFAIK
  4. It's not BMW though. It's the franchise dealer network which is as hit and miss as kwik fit IME. Honestly part of me wonders if I'm being unfair to kwik fit. BMW franchise dealers like all franchise dealers I'm sure, have a LOT of overhead and they squeeze everything. Time spent on cars especially. That's why they'll often need the car for the full day so they can squeeze more cars through and have the mechanics working constantly.
  5. Yep bluestone for the weekend haha Ahh OK that would make sense. Guess I need to update maps.. thanks everyone
  6. Hi Anyone else get this? It's like we are 20m off the road and driving through a field. Had it happen a few times, I think when the weather is bad. Usually fixes itself within a few minutes. Never had satnav in a car before so don't know if it's normal? Thanks Mike
  7. Does anyone know the coolant change interval and spec on the magnesium block engines n52 and n53 please ?
  8. Collapsing rear suspension meaning what exactly.. the airbags on touring models?
  9. Drove to Heathrow which is where I'm currently sat with a beer pondering whether my next car should be a e39 m5, an f10 m5, or something entirely different and non BMW. It occurs to me that there is not much love / written info about n53 powered F10's so whilst I await a flight I will type some words. Average speed 65.2mph and 32.something to the MPG's. That includes being sat crawling in traffic through Newport for 30 minutes. I think that's pretty good. Of course, you can't see how many RPM's or MPH's I was using through the 2hr trip to T3 parking because I'm not going to print that here. I was having FUN though. The n53 powers the car from xx to yyy with minimal fuss and sounding very nice and never a problem overtaking. When its just me in the car im never left thinking i need more power. I think the light revvy lump compliments the the f10 rather well. Sure a lazy v8 is one thing but its not all things. Handling is ok but if anything I find the front under damped occasionally particularly 30-60mph and wonder if that is because the light n53 is suffering dampers designed for more boat-anchor-esque lumps. A conversation with birds suggests the front can be tightened with b6 dampers and if I keep the car I'm considering those along with a m5 front ARB. So to keep the car or not. Recent experiences of BMW dealer has left me cold. I could do better bringing the car under my wing and doing all the service and maintenance work myself. Id do a better job but would cost me the excellent Allianz warranty. Performance is obviously not blistering or anywhere near m5 nor is handling but there is something satisfying about the linear six pot as it winds up to 7000 rpm. It's certainly not slow, especially if the box is told what to do between manual, DS and D and not just left to do its own thing which is generally clumsy and lumbering IMO if you're in a rush. Drive it like a manual between m2 and m4 and it is pretty quick. I've not driven and m5 yet but I do wonder if I'd find it frustrating not having to *work* the engine to get the most out of it. Turbo or big displacement torque on tap is fast but too easy? I love wringing out an engine - how often can you realistically do that on UK roads in something like an m5 ? Hmm.. stick or twist.
  10. Both. We had an old beater Yugo bought for twenty quid. Purely on the basis of bunking off school to work on it. Irony was we used to skip the tech class to strip and rebuild bits of the car. Took it for the odd spin round (sans pretty much all legal stuff like licenses) when parents not looking. RWD and tippex'd tyres. Whats not to like. We thought we were IT.
  11. Used to use tipex myself. I like the gold wheels on that (carbon?) black f10.
  12. And no gas released into the atmos! Yay
  13. Guess one way is to ask cotswold for a quote..
  14. Yeah. I think what I need to do here is phone them in morning. Tell them it's not right. They need to fix it. I'm dropping it in Monday and expect a courtesy car. I don't want my car back till its fixed AND I want it returned with the petrol topped up. I got it back and they'd used a quarter of a tank test driving it. Not joking. Honestly this is effing ridiculous. BMW quality my rear hole. They are a back street garage with a bit of glitter.
  15. No sorry it's not an rattle it's probably better described as the whole car wobbling. Can feel it in the front seats. Not in steering wheel. Vibration is probably understating it. The whole car shakes. Not disimilar to a bent prop shaft or a prop shaft out of balance due to a worn center bearing.