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  1. I service all the latches catches and hinges in my car.. diy! Whistle emoji here. Surprised to hear dealers bother tbh Agree though well worth doing!! And the hidden lock barrel which get filled with dirt on the driver door.
  2. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    Hi all apologies if ive been a little on the abrasive side or upset anyone's belief system here. Hopefully we can all agree that the best course of action always is to do what you feel is best. Ask the Internet a question and you'll get many answers. Who knows. Maybe the OPs engine will turn to mush or seize up if these two oils are combined. Somehow I doubt it. I also left wondering what a dealer would do in such a situation. Have a good day. Peace out
  3. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    If it panics you don't do it. Send the oil to me and I'll have it LOL Not worth the stress is it. (Would 100% be fine tho!) Edit to add are you sure that magnatec is OK for your engine In the first place ?
  4. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    I'm not butt hurt LOL. What is that anyway? Oh on second thoughts don't tell me...
  5. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    Ah the old "show evidence". Thought it was past bedtime. https://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-new-faq.aspx Check out the "is it ok to mix oils". If you still don't believe it IDGAF. The fact is mixing oils of same type is fine and the net effect is the 5w mixed with 0w means you get something like 2.5w because it's a BLEND. Which funny enough is what most of the oil packers do.. they blend oils. Do what you like at the end of the day but don't pull the "show me the link or you're lying" type BS because it's tedious. Google.
  6. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    It's not subjective it's science. Look at the chart I posted. Unless you plan on driving at lower than -32.5c..
  7. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    No need to be over thinking it - there is no issue mixing them. I'd do it. Probably have to at next interim for same reasons.
  8. bmwmike

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    Provided both 5w and 0w are in spec for the engine there is no issue mixing them.
  9. bmwmike

    Test drove these two cars today

    Got it. Thanks!
  10. bmwmike

    Test drove these two cars today

    Can someone confirm for me please as I've only got the lowly passive suspension but does VDC actively damp or is it just adjustable across the soft medium and hard settings ? I don't get what makes it drive so sublimely well unless the damping itself within each of the modes regardless of firmness is doing something other than passively damping? It just 3 shocks in one isn't it? Active rollbars I can understand the fuss. Thanks muchly
  11. bmwmike

    Combox and Snap-In (F10)

    I just use bluetooth streaming, seems to do the job. Never really got the point of the cradle thing either.
  12. bmwmike

    F11 water pumps

    Conversely the modern electric pumps can bleed the air for you. I think the procedure is on TIS but can't get it right now.
  13. bmwmike

    F11 water pumps

    LOL check oot the price of your HPFP if you think that's bad. Good news is they don't fail as much as they used to.
  14. bmwmike

    F11 water pumps

    Not quite! The electric coolant pumps are 500 quid a pop.
  15. bmwmike

    F11 water pumps

    Electric coolant pumps of the N series petrol engines can and do fail.