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  1. F10 door corrosion

    I'm still waiting to hear back so suspect I may have the same issue as you. It's been 5 weeks so far. I've chased and chased and each time get told it's with BMW to decide. Will chase them again otherwise I'll get the big guns out
  2. Engine cutting out on idle

    Check out NOXEM emulator and leew will probably be along shortly too The two faults are not related IMO The NOX fault will prevent the engine running stratified and you'll use more fuel. The fuel pressure fault is probably the HPFP or a sensor. I would guess that this is your cutting out fault though it's interesting that it only cuts out at idle and not whilst running. HPFP are not cheap. How many miles on the engine?
  3. E60 M5 finally bought

    I've heard that about the s85, think I saw a tiff needell video on YouTube where he said the same thing.. ruff at idle and transforms when you rev it. Good luck with it and enjoy. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.
  4. Which Alloys

    No. THIS is an age thing... Maybe crusty rather than rusty nooo
  5. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    To me, personally, it's not outright power but how that power is delivered. Feel, sound, NVH, etc all play a part in the enjoyment of driving a car and controlling the engine. I've heard others say and I think it's true... it's often more fun to drive a slower car fast than HAVE to drive a fast car slower than it could otherwise go. Extracting the power is part of the fun. IMO.
  6. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    oi my 530i doesn't have sport+ either and that definitely ain't sloooow
  7. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Do BMW replace the chain like for like or with an uprated version?
  8. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    Mine does the same thing. Just one question. ..where are your sport and comfort buttons? I thought all f10s had those. .
  9. So the e60 is quite a chunk of change lighter than the f10. Fair play the fuel consumption is probably about right then. Mine is in rude health and was showing 11.2mpg earlier as ever it all comes down to usage etc.
  10. Rheingold

    Ah OK thanks Matthew for confirming INPA is not for F series. Sounds like I'm on the right track. Been drilling into modules as you describe. Just seem's like the DME module for example should have more functions than it has. Will have a dig around more.
  11. Rheingold

    Hi Anyone familiar with Rheingold please? I'm trying to figure out rheingold and wondered if anyone knows how to read specific sensor outputs? I've found things like battery voltage and adaptation reset, but im sure there was a heap of stuff in INPA when I used to use that, that I can't find in Rheingold. Example o2 sensors, engine mode (stratified or homogenous mode), oil pressure. Is INPA relevant for f10's or should I be able to do everything in Rheingold that I could previously do (on an e46) in INPA? Thanks!! Mike
  12. Good stuff! Pretty happy with my n53 and good to hear of another n53er getting on well too. On the fuel consumption might be worth checking for NOx sensor fault codes. Oil consumption I'd not bat an eyelid at that! Do you ever chop open the oil filter and look for debris? I do that every second filter change. E61 is closer to 1800kg isn't it?
  13. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    Yep.. exactly the same. Press it once for a little bit of fun. Hold it down for 10 seconds to completely disable and have a lot of fun..
  14. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    Edit or maybe it's a sport auto thing... I don't have sport auto
  15. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    Mine are exactly the same but I only have Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes. If I turn off DSC partially the throttle mapping is the same as comfort. If I turn off DSC completely the mapping is the same as Comfort. Conversely if I am in "sport" I cannot have DSC off partially or completely. Seem's they fixed this design fault by putting sport+ as an option after sport. No biggie was just curious as it seems like a minor design fault which they replicate after 03/2012 presumably (my cars build date).