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  1. Time to say good bye

    Right chaps, cars looking a little more they I want it to. Here are some latest pics. Wheels have gone black now and think it looks much more stealth this way
  2. Time to say good bye

    Thanks GStarrr. The steering wheel in my f30 is the same one in my old f10. The f30 is 2015 and an m sport one
  3. Time to say good bye

    Sanjx yep it has the Pro Nav. That was one of my must have options. Mne666 I agree that the wheels may become lost in the arches, and everyone has their own likes so all good bud. I've had the rear diffuser replaced and added a boot spoiler and front splitter now. All I need are the side blades to complete the m performance kit. Have to leave the tape on till tomorrow apparently. Few more pics
  4. Time to say good bye

    It's more fun dare I say it. The 5 is more of a cruiser and very comfortable and smooth. The 3 is still comfortable and you sit very low in it, and the cockpit wraps more towards the driver so feels more driver focussed. I prefer the seats in the 3 as they aren't as wide as I'm quite small fits me better and holds/supports you more. Plus it's way more quicker but that's because I have a 330d whereas as my was a 520d. The 5 feels more grown up and has a nice dash display in comparison to the 3. I'm happy I made the switch but it's only been a few days.
  5. Time to say good bye

    I personally never liked the bright bling of silver wheels, but that's just me. I resprayed the wheels of my f10 in anthracite which worked well against the white colour of the car. I'm going for the stealth look - black and grey. Will post some pics when done.
  6. Time to say good bye

    Yes mate, mineral grey. Cheers
  7. Time to say good bye

    Ok guys I've got some pics of my new f30. It's pretty much stock apart from the front grill which I got bmw to replace with a black gloss one and side decals with the m performance sticker along the skirts. I've got a load of aftermarket parts to go on - front splitter, rear diffuser and boot spoiler. Respraying the wheels black and then going to lower with Eibach or ACS springs. Hope I don't miss the space of the 5. My white f10 on the left and f30 on the right
  8. From a 5 to a 3?

    This topic is very apt for me as I've just done the very thing you are thingking of doing. I currently have an F10 520d m sport which I've owned from new for the last 2 years. I've now traded it in and bought myself an F30 330d m sport, after test driving one, I fell in love with the way it drove. Much more driver focussed was how I would sum it up. I haven't picked it up yet - still at BMW. I love my F10 and it's hasn't let me down, but don't need such a big car anymore, hence going for an F30 as my circumstances have changed. You have to do what feels right for you. This felt right for me!
  9. Hi guys. I haven't been much of a poster on here, but do read posts and gather information from time to time. Any information I received has been brilliant and I have enjoyed modding my F10, lowering it on H&R lowering springs, upgrading the alloys and respraying them in anthracite, de-badging and vinyl wrapping the roof and wing mirrors in satin black, and replacing the grill with a matte black one. The car looks the way I like, but it's now time to trade it in and get something new. I'm now the owner of an F30 330d m sport and have already bought a load of aftermarket parts to go onto the car. Thanks for all all the help, support and advice guys!
  10. Modified F10

    Satin black wrapped roof, wing mirrors and side repeaters, mat black grill, de-badged and lowered on H&R lowering springs
  11. The wait begins

    Nice looking 5 mate.
  12. The wait begins

    Congrats on the new car mate. Let's see some pics. What mpg would you get for a 535i?
  13. Y15HAL yeah matte grill makes sense right -:)
  14. I'm thinking of spacers next to bring the wheels out to be flush with the arches, to fill them more and give it more of an aggressive stance. Thinking 25mm rear and 15mm front.