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  1. soorooshg

    Self Levelling Suspension spares

    I’ve got a set of rear SLS shocks for a saloon, dunno if they’re the same
  2. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    I’d be happy with 18mpg haha, getting pretty much half of that during spirited driving. Maybe 13-14 around town
  3. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    A bit far for me but if it’s going to be a solid turnout I’m sure it’d be worth the drive
  4. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    Thanks, I’ll give it a look at when I get some time. She’s going to BM Sport for a new clutch master cylinder next week so I might get them to check out the sunroof while they’re at it. Thanks, yeah I was a bit iffy at the lack of spoiler at first as my 525 has one and I really like the look of it. However with the car being black on black I think it definitely gives it a much smarter look, I guess it’s down to personal preference. I need to find some good meets/shows to attend now, although it’s not really the right season. Or even if we could arrange a Small forum meet somewhere near London.
  5. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    Where are the bulkhead drains located? Not an expert on this unfortunately. Funnily enough when I bought the car the sunroof wasn’t functioning, the seller said he doesn’t know the issue as he never got round to looking at it. Only yesterday I decided to take the panel off to find it was never plugged in! However it only opens but doesn’t tilt, are they all supposed to tilt? When it’s closed if I press the button the back lifts up about half an inch and then stops, like it’s going to tilt. Does it have a separate motor for that? Re. The sunroof drains honestly I have no idea, will have to investigate further. Thanks Carl, and perfect! Just what I wanted to hear. Thank you! Don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this, just the sound alone is addictive.
  6. soorooshg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    The wood looks so much better!
  7. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    Hi all, Pleased to finally be able to show my new daily driver, one of the best specced I’ve come across. At least 3 of the previous owners were on the forum, the car has a huge folder of papers, and was indeed originally owned by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Theres a huge thread on here somewhere about the majority of the work that has been put into this over a period of time. Everything from Small bits of trim to engine & gearbox rebuild and extensive amounts of bodywork including full respray in Diamondschwarz. Interior is black extended leather, with I think all but one option. Includes sunroof, memory seats, heated front & seat seats, automatic speed hold (cruise control before it was cruise control!), dual zone climate control (with complete new AC system) and much much more. Condition of the interior is very tidy considering the age, the seats I believe were restored a few years back but don’t look like they’ve been looked after too much, they could do with a good replenishing treatment. Beautiful new headlining with the softest fabric you’ve ever touched. Bought it just over 2 months ago but due to an issue it went straight to the garage for about 6 weeks. So far I’ve loved every minute of driving this thing, it’s a lot faster than I expected, especially for it being the 3.6 so that relieved me a lot. The whole feel of the car is totally different to my 525 sport, on that it felt like a lorry going round a turn, the front would go in then 5 minutes later the back follows round. The whole suspension and steering feeling is insane, it feels like a small car. Got an Eisenmann exhaust, rear section I believe, which sounds insane, paired with the equal length manifold & high lift cams it sounds like a V8 on idle, and vibrates everything in close range. Up at 7,000rpm it screams but still with a deep tone when it’s under load, sounds fabulous. It’s also got a lightweight flywheel which allows it to rev up so fast it’s unbelievable for such a big engine, also adds to the rumbly idle sound. I do have a question however, is this car fitted with cats? Ie. From factory? Couldn’t find any info on it and I asked my mechanic about a decat and he said he’s pretty sure it doesn’t have any anyway. Or if one of the previous owners could clarify I would appreciate it. All in all I’m absolutely delighted with it despite it already costing me almost £3,500 only in garage & repair bills. And of course the petrol consumption is abysmal to say the least. Driving it properly around town won’t give me more than 8-10mpg, motorway would make it probably 15 maybe 20. Currently waiting on a new clutch master cylinder to arrive as that decided to give way on me last week. Also got a problem with I think the sunroof drains as there was a huge amount of water under the carpets on the passenger side.
  8. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    Update After what seems like a year of waiting for parts to arrive, the car is almost back together, hoping it will be ready tomorrow, if not then it'll be Monday. Got sent some photos of the faulty parts, and the new ones installed
  9. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    Wow thank you mate that’s really kind, genuinely appreciate it. Amazing how everyone in the community knows eachother and is willing to help out
  10. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    Yeah was gonna ask about the oil. My mechanic said he put Castrol 10W60 in it which I’m gonna trust him on, plus the fact that you just said that too. What’s the capacity for the b36? Online I’m seeing 8L but he put 5.75L in? Yeah of course will wait until everything’s up to temp, and I don’t think I’d be able to afford to drive it like it’s stolen all the time anyway! And wow that’s impressive, I remember you saying this before.
  11. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    In case anyone’s interested this is a breakdown of the crankshaft related faults and parts to be replaced. All genuine BMW of course. The rest of the cost is all of the previous work/investigation they did to get to here
  12. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    Ok so finally some good news, they’ve located the problem and it’s to do with the crank hub/sprocket/woodruff key etc. Total cost of repair is £2495 and that’s including a second hand intake camshaft as my one was cracked. I feel pretty relieved as it feels like it’s been way longer than it has. Stupid question but when you mention it being redlined, is this something that should be avoided at all costs, like is it likely to cause problems? Obviously not talking about doing a 5 minute burnout bashing it on the limiter but now and then taking it to the redline isn’t gonna be detrimental right?
  13. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    Yeah that’s very true but this job has already cost me £1500 and we haven’t even got to the actual problem yet, god knows what it’ll be at the end, probably £2500 no doubt. Another camshaft I’m guessing will be at least £1000? Is there any way it could be repaired? As it’s literally right on the end. Very very frustrating to spend so much money on a car that I was told has no issues and will run like clockwork for it not to even get me home, and facing a bill of almost £3000 and I’ve basically not even driven it yet! I feel conned if I’m honest.
  14. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

  15. soorooshg

    Need Help...Broken M5

    I can’t really do that as it’s been with these guys for a few weeks and to be fair they do know what they’re doing, just the fault happened to be at the bottom of the list of what was expected that’s why it took so long to diagnose.