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  1. soorooshg

    Looking To Buy An M5

    I’m currently in the market for an E34 M5, I’m based in south east London/Kent but would consider cars nationwide. Ideally I would like a 3.8, however a 3.6 in the correct car is also fine. As for colour/spec I’m not too fussed as there are so few of these about you can’t waste time being picky over the colour. The ideal car would be Daytona violet with silver grey leather. Please feel free to reply or PM me Thanks Edit: Stupidly forgot to include my budget. I'm willing to part with up to £20k top whack for the ideal car
  2. soorooshg

    Help Finding Engine/Parts For My 525i

    Well didn't turn out quite as expected. Got a list as long as my arm of work that needs to be done to the car, apparently its covered in rust, bodywork repair is going to break 10k just itself, then theres tons of mechanical work, basically all bushes need to be changed, fuel & brake lines, brakes need rebuilding, I could go on till next week... then another £6k they said for what I had in mind for the engine, a 2.8 stroker (but would need a new M50 due to cracked head/probably not good bottom end.) So all in all the list tops 20k which is insane and Stuart said you're stepping into M5 territory, so I'm now pretty much set on an M5, give me a shout if you see/know of any for sale. There's no way justifying spending that much on a 525i
  3. soorooshg

    Finding An M5

    Appreciate both of the replies and you both completely make sense saying higher mileage would have more work done never thought of it that way. Unfortunately I can literally only find a few for sale in the UK...
  4. soorooshg

    Finding An M5

    Hi all, I’m considering buying an M5 possibly as the list of things to do on my 525i is getting long enough for it not to be worth the money, with the same investment I’ve been told you can find a clean M5. I need some advice on what the common issues are on the M5s, where to look for good examples and most importantly how much I’m looking to pay for a car which ideally doesn’t need to be touched for a couple of years. Doesn’t need to be concourse condition but mechanically solid. Ideally sub 100k, would this be achievable with a budget of say maximum £16-17k? thanks
  5. soorooshg

    Help Finding Engine/Parts For My 525i

    That’s exactly what I said to Stuart and he said because it’s such high mileage and the fact it has a cracked head means it’s most likely been overheated therefore there’s a chance the block could be damaged and apparently it’s not worth the money/hassle
  6. soorooshg

    Help Finding Engine/Parts For My 525i

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking, Avus blue is beautiful enough anyway haha. And what do you mean you wouldn’t waste money on a recon? How would you go about doing it? Stuart said because the head is cracked, it’s better to get a new engine both because of the time and effort to swap heads and also you don’t know how badly other parts might be damaged. Also he said 175k is very high mileage for an M50 which baffled me to be honest
  7. soorooshg

    Help Finding Engine/Parts For My 525i

    You’re Tim Pollock right? I believe it’s going on the ramp either today or tomorrow for an inspection, so I’m expecting a call tomorrow afternoon with a list of stuff that needs to get done. I’ll get him to give you a ring. Thanks
  8. Hi all, My 525i Sport is currently at Munich Legends for a semi restoration. Found out it has a cracked head and since I’m planning on a 2.8 stroker we agreed it’s best to find another M50 plus the stroker parts. Problem is I have no clue where to look for good reconditioned engines with a warranty etc. According to the guy there you can find one with about 60-70k with a warranty for sub £800. Is this really true? And if so, where do I look? Anither thing is the paint. It’s 99% going to get resprayed, so now is the time to change it if I want to. Daytona/techno violet both have a special place in my heart. But the question is would a hange in colour drastically decrease the value in the long term? Not that I’m in a rush to get rid of it but when the time comes I don’t want an unsellabkr car. And any oher advice just throw it at me, it’s a 1995 M50b25tu sorry for for the long post, but hey I’ll probably turn this into the restoration thread and post loads of photos
  9. soorooshg

    E34 525i Full Restoration

    Thanks will definitely check these guys out
  10. soorooshg

    E34 525i Full Restoration

    To be fair most of my interior is in good enough shape that it doesn’t need changing, so I didn’t mean literally swap every single part out for a new one if that’s what you were thinking. Just whatever needs to be changed, change it. But thank you, that figure gives me a rough idea of what to expect
  11. soorooshg

    E34 525i Full Restoration

    Hi all, after discovering I have a cracked cylinder head and countless other issues with the car, I've decided it's gonna be a lot easier in the long run if I do a full top to bottom restoration on my Sport. Along with that I'm pretty set on a 2.8 stroker with a few other bits and bobs. I'm considering taking it to Munich Legends as they seem like the best people for the job. Does anyone have any rough price estimates/guides for the following? - Complete engine overhaul replacing everything that needs to be replaced, installing the stroker kit and getting everything running smoothly - Complete interior overhaul, leathers, wheel, headliner, stereo system, carpets - Complete bodywork/trim overhaul, will probably need a respray and I'm pretty sure there isn't a huge amount of rust on it, new plastics all round And then roughly if I wanted to get them all done as a single job, a full nut & bolt restoration to bring it back to 1995 condition, how much roughly am I looking at? More than £10-15k? Thanks Also if anyone can recommend anyone worthy of taking on this job please give me a shout. I'm in South East London, anywhere within a 50-70 mile radius is fine as it'll be a long job for sure I'll want to check up on it regularly
  12. soorooshg

    Wheel Fitment Question

    Hi all, Wondering if these beauties would fit my '95 525i Sport with stock brakes and suspension. Would 10J not be a bit of a squeeze? Thanks
  13. soorooshg

    Spark but no fuel

    I had the exact same problem, turned out to be dodgy positive connection on the fuel pump, pull the pump/sender unit out and get someone to turn the ignition on while you wiggle the connections around close to the pump itself, once you've found where the problem is either change that piece of wire, or if it's on a connection then just solder it
  14. soorooshg

    M50 Crank No Start HELP!

    What's the best way to clear it? All I've done is pull the coils & plugs and disconnected fuel pump relay and cranked the engine a few times and left it all open for the fuel to evaporate. Is there anything else I have to do?
  15. soorooshg

    M50 Crank No Start HELP!

    Yeah sparks are moist and smell of fuel