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  1. First bad weather test for the F10

    Well the market garden where we get our tree from has a hell of a steep drive, down and back up, obviously... Was 'interesting' to say the least
  2. Angel eyes headlights adjusters

    It'd help to know the year of your car IIRC there are 2 adjusters needed per headlight; should be found on eBay easy enough (if you're brave enough to do this job)! Here you go; take your pick of cheap aftermarket ones to OEM BMW ones: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xbmw+e39+headlight+adjuster.TRS0&_nkw=bmw+e39+headlight+adjuster&_sacat=0 Think somewhere metal ones were made too; might be worth searching for those if you can!
  3. Exhaust heat shield bolts

    Araldite won't hold Great for static holds etc, but any vibrations will soon crack the glue Can you get the bolt out by cutting it and then using a heavy duty cable tie or similar?
  4. First bad weather test for the F10

    ^^ Yup... My Dad was like that; he now has them on a cheap set of alloys for his X3 3.0 XDrive and they make a massive difference. They've a place in Dunkeld that they go to regularly and the whole family congregates in Feb and it's always cold/wet/frosty/snowy up there at that time of year! More so if we head up to House of Bruar, Pitlochry, Aberfeldy or up to the Cairngorms etc I left them all standing a few years back in my previous 530i with winter tyres on going to the Cairngorms. Hadn't snowed at lower levels, but the car parks were bogged down and bloody dangerous! My 5'er with it's winter shoes on did very well indeed! Don't care if it's not frosty/snowy etc... It'll still be cold and more than likely bloody wet an'all; so winters come into their own just for that Last Saturday was a great example of why winter tyres work; I drove the missus to her hair appointment and back that morning as well as collecting the Christmas tree; passed quite a few bumps and spun cars...
  5. Any fly fishermen out there

    TBH I only do the river bit when I'm up in Dunkeld (one/twice a year) or if it's a lovely summers evening, the sun's low and the flies are skimming the surface of the Ribble etc... Makes the trout go mental Other than that, if I'm fishing, it's usually flattie bashing at Preston Docks (Bullnose) or Sandside/Arnside/Greenodd etc
  6. Sod the listening malarky like @Yokozuna keeps posting in (big puffery vodka drinker that he is) What are you supping tonight? I'm currently working my way through a nice bottle of Ardbeg 'Kelpie' https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/37885/ardbeg-kelpie
  7. Any fly fishermen out there

    If I tell you I snapped my Sage Method rod a few weeks back; will that make you cry?
  8. Any fly fishermen out there

    Nope; do a bit myself locally on the Ribble, further up the Ribble in the Ribble Valley and we go to Dunkeld every Feb, so will have a day on the Tay on spey etc... However, due to me being an idiot and lifting lots of heavy shit, I've knackered both my shoulders and my neck, so about 30mins is the most I can cope with before I've to cry off and reach for the hip flask Generally stick with a WF7; but have been known to dabble with the knitting needle weightlike WF6 at times...
  9. Eratic engine

    Sounds like a vac or air intake issue to me (could be cam or crank sensors too) Have you checked for any air leaks/splits to the air intake boots etc?
  10. What are you currently drinking...?

    I'm done for the year now flower Works on its arse due to Christmas and I'm done training (well; I'll still do some stone stuff tomorrow and a few days next week). But this is my 2-3 week break from it all that I have every year So it's time to catch up on drinking real ales and hammering a few bottles of decent single malts and bourbons I can feel me skipping pissed and going straight to hangover as I type this
  11. Ambient temp sensor

    Have you unhooked the battery and let the system reset for 30mins or so? Had similar with my previous E38 and did the above and it was fine afterwards
  12. What are you currently drinking...?

    I'll be cracking this open tonight
  13. Could be down to a bent alloy or there's corrosion issues where the tyre bead sits... Prob best to get that wheel looked at, could be cracked also!
  14. EBay key fob

    He's already said he's put the window through...
  15. EBay key fob

    Could be that something has broken and stopping it from turning Or; possibly your key is damaged?
  16. First off get the codes read, properly and see what it is Sounds like an ABS sensor or similar to me... Could be wrong though
  17. EBay key fob

    Use WD40 in the lock (using the straw) and that'll de-ice and get rid of any crud Follow that up with the same but using lithium grease and it should be fine
  18. EBay key fob

  19. ^^ Yup Buy cheap (or Chinese shite), buy twice and all that Invest a bit more money and get a known brand, or leave it OEM
  20. The roads around here are full of wankers driving too fast, in wannabe 4x4s and a few bumps along the way Just muppet central! Least I've got traction
  21. Will these work?

    As above Stick with OEM You'll find a set for that price, that should be working with no issues and you can always refurb them with the 3M kit if necessary Seek out *best for fresh lights* on eBay too; he buys & sells refurbed headlights for E39s and will buy yours back as well!
  22. Studs for winter on front wheels for e39 530d?

    No idea Not something you hear of over in this country; but in Scandinavia and the likes, they're used when it's very cold However, will they work in hard, icy conditions? Front wheels are for steering, no power to them, but for me, all 4 wheels are better than just 2!
  23. Studs for winter on front wheels for e39 530d?

    Do you mean a stud conversion to replace the OEM bolts? Ask this in the relevant E39 section, you'll get better coverage/answers
  24. What are you listening to?

    We've got this on currently as we're finishing up the house