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  1. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    That's just proved it too Some interesting comments too, more so the one that mentions Edd's reply to this video via Twitter!
  2. BMW E39 Black Gloss kidney grills

    Yeah. I'd ordered the last set, but they weren't happy with the quality of them, so wouldn't sent them! Very honest of them really TBH I really like the black gloss ones now
  3. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    That's shit! Airing his underwear in public is a shitty thing to do
  4. Winter Tyres

    My biggest reason for getting them 2009-2011 were unusual winters for us, but we do ALWAYS get a lot of cold/rain and sometimes icy conditions, so would rather drive around on winters and cheap alloys! I'm surrounded by country roads (always have lots of standing water on them) and travel up a section of the M6 to training and back, more or less every day, so just peace of mind etc!
  5. Winter Tyres

    Aye; we used to do the run in the wifes Ford Focus diesel; but that's gone now and wouldn't want to do it in her Jazz Been up on both my previous E38 and previous 530i (fitted with winters) and they were both absolutely spot on... Great fun the huge empty car park too
  6. BMW E39 Black Gloss kidney grills

    They are
  7. Hmmm... Holmes Mill Me and the family are all there on Sat 18th Nov; should be fun Do you have any pictures of the seats please; my pal may be interested in them?
  8. Absolutely fine I'm on Mtec II suspension running 18x8 and 18x9 alloys with OEM sized tyres and get no rubbing; so yours will have no issues at all
  9. BMW E39 Black Gloss kidney grills

    Now that I've fitted mine, I wouldn't get them from anywhere else. They fit perfectly, feel heavy/very well made and look really good IMO https://old.schmiedmann.com/5_series/E39/Equipment-accesories/Equipment-styling-outside/page16.htm#paging "Kidney set high-gloss black Product number: N39NSH"
  10. Thieving gypsy; nicked me wording and layout
  11. Winter Tyres

    Yeah; I have a genuine BMW compressor and tyre gel (whatever they call it). TBH tyre weld isn't as good as it could be I run no spare or tools either (fed up of them rattling around in the boot)!
  12. Winter Tyres

    Tyre Weld? Know what you're saying, but all tyres run that risk really
  13. Little addition to the family - E36 316i Compact

    Brilliant for £300! The R25 K series engines are only crap if they've not been 'fixed' etc Had a few of them and they were all fine, once the MLS gasket was fitted and the cooling system refurbished etc Agree though, from the off, they really cocked up (although Lotus seemed to have got the best version of that engine as theirs rarely failed)!
  14. Winter Tyres

    We experience that winter (and a bit further north up the A9) every Feb (usually 2nd weekend in for a week) and the winter tyres have been a godsend! There's always rough weather when we go (9/10 very cold) but always wet and cold and lots of standing water... Last year we drove through/past Stirling and it was snowing, got up to Dunkeld and there was nothing. Morning after 5æ of snow had dropped and we we're heading out that day on a few distillery visits!
  15. Winter Tyres

    Do you have to go with runflats?!
  16. Another what's it worth thread, sorry! 530i se

    I'd sell them separately then; you'll not get their worth if fitted into the car IMO
  17. Another what's it worth thread, sorry! 530i se

    Yeah; deffo include them, but you may find you'll make more selling them separately!
  18. Another what's it worth thread, sorry! 530i se

    It's an SE, so I'd say £1.5k to £2k realistically. However, I'd advertise for £2.5k and take offers from there 728i Sport... Hmmm, can understand that pull! Brilliant cars
  19. Air compressor

    Are the drainage hoses thick enough to take compressed air pressure? You can get cans of the stuff; might be an idea
  20. Decided to pull the plug, so to speak, and go down the coilovers route (by the time I've bought dampers, springs, top mounts etc, it's cheaper to buy coilovers) So, selling these 'as new' 15mm hubcentric spacers as until I've dropped to the height I want, I'm not going to run spacers x4 of them all with the necessary longer wheel bolts both in the silver/aluminium finish fully boxed £62 inc postage via courier
  21. Winter Tyres

    I'd get them at that price whilst you can then! Did you look on Camskill and Tyreleader for their prices?
  22. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Speak to a specialist like Chris Knott etc...
  23. Winter Tyres

    TBH every local tyre fitter to me quoted prices for winter tyres, well above what I could get via Camskill or Tyreleader. That was enough to put me off, might be worth taking into consideration, as their prices are only going to go up the closer to winter we get! Have you seen the E60 winter alloys & tyres for sale on these forums?
  24. 27mm e39 m5 front arb

    @cawmere is selling a matching Eibach set; may be he'd split if someone wanted the rear ARB?