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  1. Just zoomed in on it via my Mac and it does look like to be a crack! There's a dark line to one edge of it where the paints peeled! I'd be very wary in all honesty
  2. I think the PZero's are good tyres; very expensive though IMO One tyre I rated very highly and more so than the PZero's are Vredesteins: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b0s66p113675/Vredestein_Tyres_Car_Vredestein_Ultrac_Vorti_-_265_35_R18_(97Y)_XL_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_E_Wet_Grip%3A_B_NoiseClass%3A_1_Noise%3A_70dB https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b0s322p111421/Vredestein_Tyres_Car_Vredestein_Ultrac_Vorti_-_235_40_R18_(95Y)_XL_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_E_Wet_Grip%3A_B_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_70dB
  3. Some great prices on Camskill and Tyreleader currently; at the prices they're offering, it'd make sense to buy new!
  4. That's just a single alloy! Asking price is daft!
  5. They've not been on here in over a month pal; best to call them really!
  6. Yup Heading to training on a B road and through my local village, MPG in my 530i is around 18-22mpg... As soon as I hit the section of bypass I drive down to get onto the M6 and then onto the M6, MPG will be around 34-38! Short journeys and slow roads are a bugger for fuel consumption, more so in a fuel guzzling auto like our BMWs!
  7. I personally haven't had any issues with any of the Vebi stuff I've fitted However, suspension stuff I usually aim for Meyle; but all the cooling system pipework etc I've had has been Febi The Meyle water pump that BMWMotormec supplies is a metal impeller These are the parts I've just fitted: Pump: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Water-Pump-BMW-E46-320i-323i-325i-328i-330i-MEYLE-2-year-warranty-11517527910-/371789628805?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item5690638585:g:CIAAAOSwZJBYB27o Stat: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-520i-523i-525i-528i-530i-09-1998-on-Thermostat-BEHR-MAHLE-1153143704-/371886111593?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&hash=item569623bb69:g:j4IAAOSwBw5XQ3D0 Belts were Meyle: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alternator-Belt-BMW-E60-520i-525i-530i-M54-engines-Meyle-Manuft-11287636379-/371912328182?hash=item5697b3c3f6:g:w7oAAOSwHaBWlN3C & http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Air-Con-Compressor-Belt-BMW-E39-520i-525i-530i-built-after-09-2002-11287512762-/391738889126?hash=item5b357513a6:g:UEoAAOSwuLZY2OaT Coolant sensor: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coolant-Temperature-Sensor-BMW-E46-E90-3-Series-FEBI-13621433077-/371712678404?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item568bcd5a04:g:59sAAOSwPe1T9hu0 Previous 530i my rad was via C3BMW (Behr): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E38-E39-RADIATOR-520i-525i-528i-530i-728i-OEM-BEHR-NEW-17111436060-FREE-P-P-/270958604132?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item3f16642f64:g:7JQAAMXQbflSNuK~ Header tank: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-5-520i-530i-Series-Radiator-Expansion-Tank-Header-Tank-MEYLE-17111436381-/391746769375?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item5b35ed51df:g:YmQAAOSwQTVWAsTq Top hose: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-520i-523i-525i-530i-E38-728i-Top-Radiator-Hose-09-1998-on-11531705223-/272321451176?hash=item3f679f94a8:g:Kr4AAOSw9NxTxOqu Bottom hose: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-520i-530i-5-Series-Radiator-Hose-FEBI-Manufactured-11531705224-/371923263563?hash=item56985aa04b:g:AfEAAOSw9N1VjMno Hope this helps
  8. Stunning colour and the interior looks very plush indeed However, for my tastes, I'm not sold on the alloys... But, each to their own
  9. Rad: Behr Stat: Walher Water pump: Febi or Lemforder IIRC Tank: Unsure sorry I've just replaced all bar the rad as that had been replaced around 9months ago and used the above parts via BMWmotormec on eBay; he has the best prices IMO; may as well do the belts whilst it's all out and prob top/bottom hoses too!
  10. Another day; another clean All alloys had my DIY refurb and respray in Halfords 'Vauxhall Silver Sparkle II' paint; after a sanding & primering etc... Painted with 3 coats and then 2 coats of lacquer. Not after perfection, but better than bubbled, messy and brake-dust damaged paintwork! New black bolts fitted all round too as well as new centre caps and 'M' badges Engine bay has been given another clean too after the work that was done to it the other week Hopefully will have the dents guy out to me over the next week or so to get some of the small 'parking' dents removed and see if he can sort the dents on the bonnet at the front; if not they'll be left to the 2nd half of the body work/respray planned for after summer A few pics to show it in all its glory (and tucked back up the driveway for another week
  11. Hell yeah... Details from the decoded VIN: Vehicle Identification Number ----------------------- Type DT62 Model 530i - EUR Development Code E39 Chassis LIM Steering RL Doors 4 Engine M54 Displacement 3.00 Power 170 Drivetrain HECK Transmission AUT Color Black Sapphire Metallic - 475 Upholstery Standardleder/beige E36 Sandbeige E - N6SN Production Plant DINGOLFING Production Date 2002-02-08 Standard Equipment 202 Steptronic Steptronic 520 Foglights Nebelscheinwerfer 661 Radio Bmw Business Radio Bmw Business 853 Language Version English Sprachversion Englisch Options 210 Dynamic Stability Control (dsc) Dynamische Stab. Control (dsc) 249 Multi-function For Steering Wheel Multifunktion Fuer Lenkrad 302 Alarm System Alarmanlage 337 M Sport Package M Sportpaket 339 Satin Chrome Shadow Line 428 Warning Triangle Warndreieck 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 434 Interior Trim Interieurleisten 441 Smokers Package Raucherpaket 470 Child Seat Isofix Attachment Kindersitzbefestigung Isofix 473 Armrest, Front Armauflage Vorn 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger Sportsitze Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning Scheinw.waschanl./intensivreinigung 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc) 521 Rain Sensor Regensensor 534 Automatic Air Conditioning Klimaautomatik 694 Preparation For Cd Changer Cd-wechsler Vorbereitung 705 M Sport Suspension Ii M Sportfahrwerk Ii 710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad 715 M Aerodynamics Package M Aerodynamikpaket 775 Individual Roof-lining Anthracite Individual Dachhimmel Anthrazit 785 White Direction Indicator Lights Weisse Blinkleuchten 788 M Lt/aly Wheels M Leichtmetallraeder 812 England Version England/irland Ausfuehrung 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export Zusaetzl. Tankfuellung Export 863 Europe/dealer Directory Service Kontakt-flyer Europa 877 Deletion Cross-over Operation Ueberkreuzbedienung Entfall 880 English / On-board Documentation Englisch / Bordliteratur
  12. Quick DIY refurb on front alloys as rears were done a few weeks ago (sanded down, smoothed, wiped clean, primered, painted and lacquered), fitted new centre caps and 'M' badges also. Look much better now Fitted new black wheel bolts all round Hoovered and washed/polished (again), bloody dust and a black car!!!
  13. That's hell of a build and hell of a lot of work to swap the interior out over the weekend! Great job
  14. Host your pics on photobucket.com or Google Pictures (they'll back up directly from your mobile etc) then either use the IMG address via photobucket, or the link via Google Photos
  15. You'll need 15-25mm hubcentric spacers along with their correct, lengthened wheel bolts, depending on how much you want them to sit flush with the arches. IMO, 15-20mm will be more than enough But, I doubt that the Rota's have the correct centre bore, so the spacers will more than likely need to be 74.1 to 72.6 or, you'll need spigot rings. Best to ask the main UK reseller 'RareRims' for the full tech details of the alloys and on;t just let whoever is selling them send you their 'fitting kit'! If they're 9x17 all round; are you going to run 255/40/17 tyres all round too? They'll be fine on the rear and should be ok on the front, but there could be some rubbing, more so if your cars lowered
  16. Did you not try with the relevant part numbers off RealOEM and eBay UK or eBay.de or did you need to get them there and then?
  17. Yeesh!!! Time to get a decent trolley jack and stands pal... And the sills sorted at the body shop
  18. Harrison Ford The dude just lands his plane wherever the fuck he wants
  19. @Sandip
  20. Seen this so many times but still makes me laugh... The guy with the nunchucks wins
  21. IIRC the bumper will have the PDC markings on the rear etc
  22. Full of sand due to the Sahara rains over the last week or so; so hoovered and cleaned inside then washed & polished after too! Nice and shiny again
  23. More than likely a hairline crack under that connection Very common place for the rad to go (had it on a previous E38 728i and my previous 530i)! Behr or Nissens rads via eBay are about as good as you'll get for c£100; may as well change both the top/bottom hoses, stat, water pump and belts whilst it's all out TBH BMWMotormec or C3BMW resellers are excellent, as are 'mister auto and kmpartsonline etc... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSENS-Engine-Cooling-Radiator-fits-BMW-5-Series-525i-530i-/291796974188?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item43f0747a6c:g:exwAAOSwnNBXZqne All part numbers to be found here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/partgrp?id=DT62-EUR-04-2002-E39-BMW-530i Type in BMW 'part number' into eBay search and that'll bring the parts up for you
  24. 15mm will be spot on; exactly what I'll be doing to my 530i They'll have the tyres sitting flush with the arches; there should be no rubbing issues at all, unless you lower a lot! Bimecc spacers are very good; but they're expensive again IMO; these seem to be priced very well and know plenty of folk that have them on other cars and they've had zero issues: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191202399648?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  25. They're not listed! Had the same issue with my previous E39 and had to make do etc... They seem to snap where they connect into that small pipe that's in the intake boot!