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  1. Collected it from the bodyshop Took it back as the repair to the rear bumper (where it had cracked) hasn't taken very well (looks like filler and paint have sunk in a bit) Thank god I'm not desperate for it...
  2. 6.0 and upwards will be supported for another good year or more to come; 6 has only just been released to some handsets around the world. Google always support the last 2-3 versions of Android very well; but obviously that puts 5.1.1 into a zone of non-support soon enough, but when, we'll not know until it's too late etc! 6.0 and 7.0 are the ones to go for IMO
  3. See here; plenty of chat and info:
  4. Vredestein are some of the best IMO Uniroyal Rainsport 3's are very good also; as are Kumho KU39s or Goodyear Eagle F1s - slightly softer compound though, but does make for a better ride Camskill, tyreleader.co.uk usually offer the best prices Prob best to put this into the relevant E60 tech section as well; you'll get better coverage/answers there
  5. What's that funny stick in the middle?!
  6. The FD2 is the only Type R I've not owned (well, bar the current FK2), they're stunning cars IMO and very well built. Dare I say it, they handle better than the FN2 as wel, IMO I was very tempted by one before I decided to do my CRX project, but alas, their values are high and it was an expensive option from the get-go etc Now a mint EK9 would be a great toy, more so set up right and with a Rotrex charge bolted on
  7. All as above really. Stick with OEM or the likes of Febi for the gasket, do the rubber o ring seals and plug gaskets too at the same time. BMWmotormec via eBay sells all you need and at decent prices. OEM via BMW is a bit steep IMO Abro blue for sealer too! Also, check your rocker cover for any cracks, no matter how small, they'll cause issues. Take the cover off, give it a very good clean and then inspect using a decent, bright LED torch. Check all edges and all flat areas, they can hairline crack and they're a sod to spot! If you do find a crack, you can plastic weld and doing it properly, it'll not cause any further issues
  8. Wow... #howtoruinacar101
  9. Wow, you gave up too easy!
  10. No, it's a Nissan engine, may have been in some Renaults through IIRC
  11. 'Just nippin to the shops luv... Think I'll take the M1...' Ok for some Stunning car!
  12. The Z4 is a tiny car inside IMO... Ok, I'm not your average sized person, but I can't even fit into the passenger side of these cars! The V6 though in the 350Z, through a decent stainless system gives off a sound to die for
  13. My 2012 Mac Mini/iTunes etc... Currently it's running through an MF M1DAC into my NAD C320BEE and I'm playing about with the AE109s I've got, but I've some Monitor Audio RX1s on Roxdon isolation pads on the desktop... The AE109s are just a bit of fun, far too powerful for my small office... Puts a great smile on my face though when I hammer out some bassy tracks or something like Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' or SOAD's 'Hypnotise' on full whack
  14. All the info you'll ever need is on here: http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/77426-buyers-guide/ I had one, lasted 6 months until I spun, very slowly, on ice, but hit a very large tree and a concrete post one after each other, car was written off there & then Loved it though and was chalk and cheese after my BB8 Honda Prelude! I wasn't as big then as I am now, but it was a very comfy car and loads of toys out there if you're into mods etc
  15. YES... Absolutely fucking YES:
  16. The topic is around the atrocities that happened in Westminster It's being blamed because it is what it is... Why bring up old news re the IRA when this is something else?! Really, it's a fucked-in-the-head one man band that's done this, but ISIS are so more fucked in the head, they'll do what they can to take responsibility and the glory etc There is no elephant in the room here; but unfortunately, ALL these fucktard fanatics ARE Muslim, that's the big issue It's a bigger issue for other Muslims as we all know, they want nothing to do with this and are embarrassed by the issues caused. But what do they do, when everytime something happens, like this, the Muslim faith is blamed/used as propaganda etc It's Catch 22 and always will be! Like I've said, the sooner we step back and stop going on SO MUCH about ISIS and the atrocities that they cause and stop going OTT in the media about issues like what have just happened (IMO, this does NOT need to be the main focus of the news 24 hours a day, it just feeds the snake), the better! The less coverage these consummate twats get, the better and sooner they'll disappear into the ether! Hopefully...
  17. I've heard them on demo before; but never in my own house! Thoroughly enjoyed them Already have the LS50 passive speakers; but the wireless ones will give me some clutterless living etc I've got a 3-month return deal with the seller; I'll know within a week whether I'm keeping them! Selling the Cyrus 8DAC will give me evens on the money spent, but I'll keep the LS50s just in case I start faffing with another system... Thgey may live on my desk for the time being! What a great near-field system that'll be
  18. I've sold my ADAM A7Xs and got exactly back what I paid for them; so will be ordering the LS50 wireless (gloss black/blue drivers) next week and will drive up to Peter Tyson's to collect them
  19. It might be in the Daily Fail; but if you READ what's written, he's got a damned good point (even though it pains me to say anything good about written articles in the DM)! And no one is bickering; people are laying down their opinions... Opinions are like arseholes; everyones got one!
  20. It's stated that killer was born Adrian Elms, from Dartford. Who managed to turn him to this, who and what radicalised him? For me, this happening in England is a bad sign of things to come!
  21. The biggest fear for me is that there IS going to be some backlash against the Muslim community, as some people will tar them all with the same brush. The problem is that we only ever hear bad news, bad news about Muslims and bad news about everything related. We don't hear about how sick they are of this as we are, more do as it reflects directly on them! This country is getting less tolerant to the ways that we don't agree with such as Sharia and the burkas/veils/head dresses etc... But what do you/we do to avoid further conflict?!
  22. A good body shop will be able to make the splitter fit... Most are flexible enough to allow room for alteration etc Plus, get one CF wrapped, properly and it'd look just as good, but still be at a price that if it needs replacing, you'll do it without crying I fitted a genuine CF Seibon front splitter, bonnet and boot lid when I first bought my Integra DC5 4 yeas ago... Having them fitted was bit of a nightmare due to how inflexible they are, but also a sod to repair when it comes to chips/gravel rash etc...!
  23. Ive said for a while, that the sooner we stop reporting the shite that goes on in the Middle East, the sooner things will calm down (hopefully) But it's the radicalised shitty nonsense that needs to be stomped on the hardest, but how do you manage that?! So much is controlled via social media, you'll always be losing the battle!
  24. ^^^ Fully agree, but we won't as were becoming more and more spineless and an embarrassment to the generations that came before us You cannot say anything these days without being accused of being something 'ist' And, for someone like me who generally speaks his mind and doesn't really give a shit about others 'views', it can be hard work... (Speak my mind when I know I'm factually right, not just general gobshiteness)