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  1. The c£25/30 cree ones on ebay are fine. Some folk say the more expensive ones around £60narenthe ones to go for (can't remember their name, but I'm sure someone will come along and rectify that soon enough)! **edit: http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/mtec-ver-3-6w-cree-led-angel-eye-marker-bulbs-bmw-1-5-6-7-series/
  2. Looking into new alloys; wondering which width tyres I'd need to go for, for the above width alloys, or will the OEM sizes of 235/40/18 & 265/35/18s be fine? Cheers
  3. That's a lovely looking motor and hell of a lot for your asking price. Worth that every day IMO. The bodywork can soon be sorted
  4. ^^ So 245/40/18 upfront and 275/35/18 on the rears?
  5. I'd say for M Sport springs; the nearest and closest to price would be the Eibach Pro springs IIRC They don't lower the M Sport models by a lot at all, if any http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eibach-Pro-Kit-30mm-lowering-springs-BMW-e39-Limo-saloon-525d-530d-E2069-140-/161472340204?epid=1114243268&hash=item25988060ec:g:VpEAAOSwgZ1XrgC-
  6. Still available and open to near offers
  7. Going to be selling the Style 66s I have on my 530i currently when I source some 18" alloys and tyres (in the next 7-10 days hopefully) The tyres are Dunlop Sport Maxx, in OEM sizes/spec; very good front tyres (6.2mm evenly worn tread/rears have 2.9mm evenly worn tread); so still a good few thousand miles left in them, unless you drive your car hard etc! The alloys were a mess when I bought the car; I've refurbished them as best to my skills (read very good with a lump hammer, but not as good with a scalpel) I sanded them down to get rid of the worst paint issues; scotch padded them and then primered, spray painted with Halfords Vauxhall 'Silver Metallic II, around 3 coats) and then lacquered them (again, around 3 coats); new centre caps and M badges to all alloys They look very clean; no kerbing to speak of, but a close inspection will show you they're not a pro-refurb, so please, don't expect this! From not too far away, they look very good indeed! The 5th alloys is in standard condition with a non-descript tyre; please take this as a spare and no ideas if the tyre is useable etc! Location: Preston, Lancs Price: £280 inc courier for the 4 main alloys/tyres or £280 cash on collection for all 5 alloys/tyres!
  8. As above! Check the rubber piped intake leading from the airbox to the TB; there's a section that has ribs, they can split in between them, so deffo first place to check Air is getting into the system somewhere, hence the higher idle, IMO
  9. Can anyone further confirm what ISO lead I'll need to connect an aftermarket head unit (i.e. Kenwood etc)? Every time I do a search; it brings up the 17 round pins, but nothing that looks like it'll connect to the connection that goes into the back of the OEM cassette/radio head unit! It's the first picture ^^ that is the connection I have! Apologies if it's just me being stupid!
  10. How the hell do you remove the cage that holds the OEM cassette/radio headunit it; saw the 4 screws (2 on each side, inside), but it's still stuck fast... Where else do I need to unscrew?! Re a replacement unit; when I unplugged the unit to get the Parrot kit out; this is the plug that goes into the back of the OEM head-unit: it's not a familiar connection to me. Is there an adapter I need to connect it to the likes of a Kenwood head-unit or similar?! Do the Xtrons/Eonon head-units or similar Android units come with the necessary adapter etc?! Getting myself more & more confused Car hifi/electronics are NOT my strong point!
  11. I know a few folk on here do their own oil changes etc... I've got decent stands and a trolley jack; but don't have ramps and TBH; the extractor way seems a lot less faffy! Seen a Sealey one for c£45 on Amazon, seems to get solid reviews... Any other suggestions? Cheers
  12. Thanks for that; looks a good piece of kit Where did you connect the battery terminals; or is the cable long enough to reach the battery in the boot?!
  13. When you say lower dash; do you mean the aircon control unit etc; or the actual knee bar that runs where the glovebox is etc? Any suggestions/instructions?!
  14. ^^ Looks stunning pal!
  15. Removed the Parrot kit (which has now sold)! Refitted the OEM head-unit and it looks/feels a lot tidier now; will sort a replacement Bluetooth head-unit ASAP, just need to decide on single or double-din layout etc Hoovered the interior and boot out from the 700+ miles round trip and cleaned the interior to within an inch of it's life! Just need to wash & wax it now; that'll get done later this week
  16. Just removed this from my E39 as I've ordered an Android head unit (ex-display), but may stick with a similar head unit to the Pioneer unit I had in my previous 530i Anyways; wanted this out, so here it is in all its glory Works faultlessly; everything there you need to install it into your car; distructions here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/619198/Parrot-Mki9200.html#manual £80 OVNO inc postage
  17. Some genuine BMW ones for sale over on Facebook: '5 series cars and parts for sale UK' You need to be a member to see them, easy enough to join if you're on FB etc
  18. Sounds like just general running costs of a 2nd hand car to me @740mick You'll get that with whatever you buy next as well... Even if it has bags of SH; something always crops up! Might be worth at looking at other cars if it's to be a workhorse, or another E39 but with a lower spec/engine etc! Plenty of 523i E39s out there for not a lot of £££!
  19. I just replaced the rear light cluster with another; bought it on here so cost me around £30 IIRC for a good condition 3nd hand unit!
  20. I looked at a local-to-me 3.0 X5 before I bought another 530i; it was in immaculate condition with wedges of history and all BMW Bowkers, but for me, it felt very heavy for the M54, underpowered is a polite way of saying it really... But then again, it drove very smoothly and very comfy indeed... But for me, they need to be a 4.4 V8 really. However, it's horses for courses and the 3.0 may suit you fine!
  21. Haha; really?! Can see you're going to do well on these forums...!
  22. Ha; sorted... Appears that, somehow and no idea how, one of the side rear sensors became unplugged! Probably me not plugging it in correctly last time I checked them all and over the period of last weeks driving, it's loosened off and finally dropped out as I moved the car this morning! Anyways; all checked, all cleaned and had contact cleaner sprayed into them and all working as they should now...! Hopefully this will help someone in the future!
  23. Had a search but not really finding answers to this as already know to check sensors for clicking etc... Came back home yesterday after our week away; PDC has been faultless and really has been since buying the car Just been out to move the car off the drive and I'm getting the long tone when in reverse; none of the sensors are clicking at all! Any suggestions of where to start with this? The PDC control box in the boot looks to be fine with no issues visible; could this have failed suddenly?!
  24. The wiring will be my next port of call; if I can suss out how to access it all, looks like it'll be a ball-ache bumper off jobby!