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    Google is your friend, lots of info here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=off&source=hp&ei=JFKxWrnYKYz3UNbblaAM&q=bmw+e39+SE+spring+colours&oq=bmw+e39+SE+spring+colours&gs_l=psy-ab.3..33i22i29i30k1.1867.7272.0.7480.
  2. Cant Clear Airbag Fault

    Have you checked to see if the sensor has corroded? It's under the carpet under the seat IIRC If not that, see if the plug has come apart slightly. Might need pushing back together and held tight, in situ with a cable tie etc
  3. Best and Worst thing about an E39

    I like the fact that when I pull up to places or the cars on the drive; people always comment on it re its condition and shininess etc... Had quite a few folk ask if I'm selling it Also had quite a few folk state that they don't make cars like they did back then etc For me, mainly, it's the interior build/comfort, the drive and handling (even on 19s and on our shitty roads) and for the fact that it never looks a dated car etc
  4. e39 panels

    Stick with as good as condition OEM, least you know they'll fit first time etc
  5. 180k M54 3.0 litre

    I second the above bits But for me, the cooling system is something that needs to be checked over and if no paperwork/receipts to show receipt servicing of it, then budget c£500 for a new rad, water pump, stat, top/bottom hoses and its fitting (unless you can do it all yourself) Same with suspension, but if no untoward knocks/clunks and wayward steering; then it should be ok for the time being Deffo check everywhere for rust at that mileage/age (rear sills, front edges of the sills, rear arches, all 4 jacking points, brake hard lines etc) With it being a manual, just make sure it's in/out of gears fine and no notchyness etc
  6. Re-sealing headlights after sanding/polishing?

    Yes; I'll wash the car more or less weekly when the weather allows etc. The headlights will get a polish every wash (takes 5mins with a buffing wheel attachment on the cordless drill with Megs PlasticX) and then followed by a light coat of wax and then buffed off etc... I won't do the headlights every wash, but once a month minimum
  7. Uprated ARBs - anyone done theirs?

    Loads of folks over the Pond that have them fitted and run OEM drop links with no issues... As they're not expensive, it'd be wise to replace them at the same time anyways... The rear only one does seem to be done quite a bit over there too, so that might be an idea to go with first Not sure finding one will be easy though unless I buy new/aftermarket etc
  8. Toying with the idea of going for the Eibach uprated ARBs for my 530i to compliment the coilovers and wondered if anyone has uprated theirs and not just done the M5 rear ARB upgrade? If you've uprated, any thoughts now they're fitted etc?
  9. Uprated ARBs - anyone done theirs?

    You Irish?
  10. Hi....

    Sits so well on those alloys! Are they 20s?
  11. Re-sealing headlights after sanding/polishing?

    Dodjuice wax... I've had no issues and give them a quick buff with PlasticX every so often and a light coat of wax and no hazing at all
  12. E39 530i Fan shroud needed.

    Haha The ECP ones are crap; stay away... It's a fibre based plastic too IIRC, not just plastic. Hence why they crack so readily
  13. E39 530i Fan shroud needed.

    Whilst you're at it, find a unicorns horn too Rare as hens teeth pal and IMO, if you can fix it then try to do that first... I think they can be bought new, best to ask Cotswolds though
  14. Hi....

    Wow that looks stunning More pics please; get yourself a Project thread going
  15. ^^^ Fully agree... Back in Feb we popped up the A9 to the Cairngorms and my god the road was atrocious. 4 of us in my E39, on it's winters thankfully and I was at a steady 40-50 in places as the road was falling to pieces Would't like to do it on my current 19s! As for the RFTs; my father in law has just fitted non-RFT Uniroyal RS3s onto his F10 as the 2 rear tyres needed replacing and the fronts only had around 3-4mm on them and he's already stated how much more nicer it is to drive than on the previous RFTs...! They really do make that much of a difference
  16. E39 saloon M sill covers

    Aye; bloody useless. TBH the lad that brought them too me asked if I wanted to reject the package as he could see it'd been bent/snapped IMO UPS are the best, never had issues with RM or Parcelforce, DPD are ok and Yodel are fecking useless
  17. E39 saloon M sill covers

    Anyone have a set that aren't falling apart? My rear OS one has crumbled and would like to replace
  18. E39 saloon M sill covers

    Are they in one piece with no damaged or perished rubber parts?
  19. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Don't get rid of them Arcams, still some of the best amps they ever made IMO. I loved my 9s and still have my 10 integrated
  20. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Careful pal... This is counted as a sale and as you're not a paid member, it may get deleted without warning... Pay £10, sign up and sell it in here in the classifieds section
  21. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    It's a bloody expensive topic
  22. E39 saloon M sill covers

    Still looking The ones I bought were returned as they came in 2 pieces once the crappy MyHermes courier had hold of them
  23. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    They're excellent speakers!
  24. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Deffo; make sure they've got their bungs as they do come in handy etc They're bigger than you realise though, so the B&W 685s could be a consideration... Dali Lektor 1s or 2s would work well also
  25. Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Fully boxed and in excellent/faultless condition Selling as I've bought myself a Trackpad 2 £45 inc delivery