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  1. It's not a massive con... It's been proven to work on many cars, many times! The change it made to the wife's previous Focus diesel was amazing, smoother/better power and less smoke when driving it hard through the gears and better economy too! Made my 728i very smooth/quieter indeed and better economy as well
  2. Still available £300 inc courier for the 4 main alloys or £300 cash on collection for all 5
  3. Grooved are more than enough for a road going car... Stick with them
  4. Both work really well, IMO though, C Hook look cooler haha
  5. EBay or Mtecs own website. They usually have an offer going on their website, so well worth checking http://www.mtecbrakes.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjwsqjKBRDtwOSjs6GTgmASJACRbI3fuMnEzjonpYmYu5PTnzUgTbl4jzeikaHSH7AB-DsBYRoCXMzw_wcB
  6. I'll just throw in that checking the pins where the cluster plugs in, is worth checking! I had similar issues on my previous 530i, the brake lights and running lights would flicker with the indicator too, turned out 2 of the pins had more or less snapped off!
  7. Both really re braided hoses. They give a much firmer brake feel, no spongyness that you can get with rubber hoses etc. Re the discs, no, never had the coated ones, but they'll help when it comes to the rust that will appear after a while on the disc hats etc... Both Redstuff and Yellowstuff bite extremely well from cold, there's zero issues there. Yellowstuff for me though produced less dust as well, but the Redstuff pads are still superb!
  8. Yup. Been using Mtec for years now, very good/very well made discs IMO and work brilliantly with Redstuff/Yellowstuff pads. Grooved or C Hook discs are the ones to go for, they help to keep the pad face clean and aid cooling etc... For full hog, if you've the budget, if also recommend HEL braided brake lines too... Makes for an overall superb braking system & brilliant brake 'feel'
  9. 31.5°C today on the cars dash, but highest was 28°C in real life... Bloody hot though here in Beaumaris. Gorgeous day down at Penmon fishing and kayaking... Water was still fecking baltic though
  10. Away in Anglesey for a week with my Dad, brother and his wife here too... A great way to spend time with a great guy... Even though he always catches the most fish
  11. Had a walk to Brentford Locks from where we are at Urban Villa last night, glorious weather and some lovely homes around. An area called The Butts, stunning homes and cars to boot, Farraris, Porkers, x2 Maclarens but saw these 2 and the latter was of more interest Never seen an Interceptor in the flesh before.. After seeing it on WD, I'd love to own one...
  12. Loaded it this morning with suitcases, fishing tackle, food and pillows all for a nice jaunt down to London today, 239miles door to door (Preston to the Urban Villa, Brentford), as we're at a family wedding tomorrow at Syon House and then back up to Beaumaris, Anglesey on Sunday for a weeks break there with my folks, brother and his wife... Bit of fishing, bit of swimming (read screaming like a wuss cos the water will be bloody freezing ) in the bays at Penmon/Rhosneigr and good food/drink... Road trips like this are what the E39 was designed to do
  13. Same; I've found them to be a very good tyre... Same with Kumho KU39s and tyres around that price range... Each to their own when it comes to tyres through; a personal thing and all dependent upon how you drive The alloys you've had resprayed look gorgeous; but not a fan of stretched tyres; personally, I don't see the point!
  14. Going to be selling the Style 66s I have on my 530i currently when I source some 18" alloys and tyres (in the next 7-10 days hopefully) The tyres are Dunlop Sport Maxx, in OEM sizes/spec; very good front tyres (around 6-7mm evenly worn tread right across); rears are around 3-3.2mm worn tread across; so still a good few thousand miles left in them, unless you drive your car hard etc! The alloys were a mess when I bought the car; I've refurbished them as best to my skills (read very good with a lump hammer, but not as good with a scalpel) I sanded them down to get rid of the worst paint issues; scotch padded them and then primered, spray painted with Halfords Vauxhall 'Silver Metallic II, around 3 coats) and then lacquered them (again, around 3 coats); new centre caps and M badges to all alloys They look very clean; no kerbing to speak of, but a close inspection will show you they're not a pro-refurb, so please, don't expect this! From not too far away, they look very good indeed! The 5th alloys is in standard condition with a non-descript tyre; please take this as a spare and no ideas if the tyre is useable etc! Location: Preston, Lancs Price: £350 inc courier or £300 cash on collection Pics as below; only showing OS front and rear; but NS alloys are more or less exactly the same (condition wise etc)