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  1. Deep cleaned the inside With driving around and having the windows down; the detritus from the environment, people doing their gardens and the farmers busy in the fields, the cars full of shite
  2. Is the warning light going out, or staying on? It went out with me, usually after I'd switched the headlights on and then off again? Also, what bulbs are you using?
  3. Bloody good run around for someone!
  4. My pop-in-law has the 530D and it's a stunning car Went out in the 520D initially and thought it was lovely; coming from a Skoda Octavia 1.9TDi etc, but the car place had a 530D as well (same spec, black on black etc) and he knew instantly when he went out in it that it was chalk and cheese to the 520D! However, IMO and his, the 520D is still a lovely car, but I'd say it's all down to what you're going to use it for. Every day driving, the 520D is more than capable really... They wouldn't sell so well if they weren't!
  5. Have you done as I've said above Turn car on; error comes on, switch lights on, error goes out, switch lights off again? IIRC that used to do the trick for me
  6. IMO Current condition, not a lot, maybe around £150 Refurbed, the worlds your oyster as to fully refurb them, they'd need to be split down, any damaged bolts replaced and then depends on the overall refurbish and how it's done and how the lips are finished... How long is a piece of string kind of guess...
  7. I never got this; sometimes the warning would light, but after a few seconds it'd go etc... Wonder what's causing the OP's issue? To the OP; is the light on and staying on, or just lighting when you start the car and then switching off? Have you tried to turn your headlights on to see if the warning light goes out and then turning your lights off again?
  8. Another local lass to me This is genuinely heartbreaking...
  9. Just read on Beeb that they've named the first casualty and she's a local lass to Preston as well Such a shame; this is a disgusting act of absolute cowardness that was calculated and well versed... I hope the vile bastards get what's coming to them; TBH, this is going to cause a serious reaction soon from the nations getting hit IMO!
  10. Wow... Just wow!
  11. Absolutely fucking, atrocious evil act... Yet again we're caught blind by these bastards... RIP to those that died; my heart goes out to their families
  12. I know it sounds daft; but swap the ballasts left to right and see if that makes any difference
  13. Good line of thinking! And; you have to remember that it's in the accountants interest to do their damndest to save as much £££ where they can for you, loopholes etc. I'm a firm believer that I've no idea what I'm doing, so wouldn't be able to manage that myself (nevermind doing the work in the first place)! Plus, my business takes up enough of my time/gives me enough stress without adding in the HMRC work on top; hence why I'd rather have a seasoned pro do the work and I pay them for it!
  14. Mine used to do that, but it only stayed lit for a few seconds and then went out Have you tried switching off and on again? Are they OEM ballasts too?
  15. Ive been thinking about this, but just moved to a new accountants who've agreed to do my yearly work for £550 + VAT seeing as it's all simple lump sum invoices, all online and very little paperwork etc... By the time I've stressed about it all, wondered if I've done it right etc, I'm happy to pay a pro to do it all!