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  1. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    Didn't get mine done today unfortunately; had a quite a bit to sort out in the garden (namely raking all the bloody leaves up and dumping them back into the woods behind) and some winter veg to dig and store etc... Will get them on at some point this week; might do it when I'm at my pals getting the front brakes overhauled seeing as ones stuck on currently
  2. Back in a Five!

    Lovely looking car; always liked the E61 shape No idea re your other issues; but the service reset light is easy enough to sort for for less than £10; one of these is always handy to have in your tool box: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-E46-E52-E60-X5-Z4-Mini-Rover-75-OBD2-OIL-SERVICE-RESET-TOOL-16pin/271510653426?hash=item3f374bc9f2:g:4LQAAOxyhS9Ti1gj
  3. What are you currently drinking...?

    Stop using your hand cream them and grow some tougher skin
  4. What are you currently drinking...?

    Probably because you've a pansy-like grip
  5. What are you currently drinking...?

    Haha Didn't expect any less Nah; nowt against vodka; just isn't for me unless it's in a martini... No idea why, just never got on with it
  6. Will they fit ?

    On my alloys they don't really; they seem to sit more or less flush with the opening I'm fitting my winter wheels today (hopefully) so will take a picture of how they sit as well and will put it on my project later
  7. Sod the listening malarky like @Yokozuna keeps posting in (big puffery vodka drinker that he is) What are you supping tonight? I'm currently working my way through a nice bottle of Ardbeg 'Kelpie' https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/37885/ardbeg-kelpie
  8. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    E39 530i pal as per my sig I like them too; think they're a nice looking alloy, just a shame they're only 16"!
  9. Will they fit ?

    Far too an aggressive ET to fit from the off, they'll need 15-25mm spacers straight away and 'maybe' some arch work If they're not 74.1 CB, they'll need the above but on 74.1 to 72.6 hubcentric spacers (easy enough to come by on eBay etc) and I'd highly recommend a stud conversion rather than using longer bolts!
  10. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    As Sir Billy Connolly 'Excalibur' (read BBC re his knighthood) said... 'Never take an eeijit with you, you'll always find one when you get there'...
  11. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    I don't 'do' Porkers... But that's 'classically' gorgeous
  12. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    My 16" turbines and Michelin Alpin A4 tyres go on tomorrow Hasn't got over 6ºC here all day here today!
  13. RIP Malcolm Young

    Just seen this such a shame RIP
  14. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    Really?! The M54, IMO, is probably one of the most bullet proof engines they made... Just take care of the cooling system and all is well... I see and read more issues with the diesel lumps than I ever do with the petrol lumps! I'm sure the OP just likes to come on and try and start arguments
  15. New calipers, discs and pads ordered for upfront, have a sticky NS caliper issue so will replace the whole lot rather than just one side! Mtec grooved discs Mtec brake pads Refurbed ATE brake calipers Motul brake fluid It's never ending