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  1. Aircon in winter

    Older cars that ran the air con did suffer A few of my first cars were Jap imports (CRX Del Sol, B16 EG6, Integra DC2 etc) and you could feel the engine being throttled back a touch when you switched air con on! Makes no difference at all to my 530i and as I and others have said; its good that the system stays running as it keeps it in decent condition and helps to keep the car demisted etc, more so at this time of year
  2. Aircon in winter

  3. Aircon in winter

    Fecking keyboard warriors... Just you wait... Till I stop coughing
  4. Battery Life?

    Mines been left for over 2 weeks with zero issues It's all down to the battery's initial health IMO If it's an old battery, might be worth replacing just as a precautionary!
  5. Japanese Import E39s

    There's a write up about an E39 525i in this months BMW Car mag
  6. Aircon in winter

    Piss off
  7. Aircon in winter

    I only do c3k miles a year; never worry about MPG
  8. Another headlight question....

    I'm just happy to knock mine off and the back on again
  9. Aircon in winter

    Mines on all the time; keeps the system running better and also great for demisting the car
  10. Poss gearbox failure

    Christ that's dirt cheap! Is that for a full fluids and filter change?
  11. Poss gearbox failure

    No; sounds like it's due! Automatic Transmissions on here say around 60/80k miles etc I'll be getting mine booked in with them in the next month or so
  12. 16" turbines fit over 530 brakes?

    Yeah; the Rover gun metallic paint and lacquer has done the turbines a huge favour on this car They suit really well; car drives superbly with them on too
  13. Poss gearbox failure

    Could be But could also be the guibo (donut on the prop shaft); so worth have a good look over before starting on the box itself!
  14. 16" turbines fit over 530 brakes?

    Miners lowered don't forget... Had them on my previous 530i before I lowered it, they looked fine then too... The fat tyres do a good job I'm using 15mm spacers too; otherwise they're hidden right in under the arches... Just a vanity thing probably
  15. Ill again...

    Haha up yer chuff Been waiting for you to comment all day