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  1. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Deffo; make sure they've got their bungs as they do come in handy etc They're bigger than you realise though, so the B&W 685s could be a consideration... Dali Lektor 1s or 2s would work well also
  2. Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Fully boxed and in excellent/faultless condition Selling as I've bought myself a Trackpad 2 £45 inc delivery
  3. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Stay away from the BR2s' very bright sounding. The BX2s rectified this very well and IMO, are still better than then current Bronze 2s However, I'd still go for the RX1s or 2s over the Bronze range every day. That slight increase in price make for a much better speaker! The first edition of the B&W 685s aren't overly expensive 2nd hand now too and very much worth looking into, superb speakers IMO
  4. I love mine as I did my previous 530i... Its the best of the bunch IMO... Unless you find a minter 540i!
  5. Rock solid front seats

    Planks are good, as are pull ups and pull up holds... Bent over rows are good too. Stiff legged deadlift and leg raises as well. You'll find all these on YouTube and use weights or whatever you have around the house (bags of sugar, paint tins, bricks etc)
  6. My father in law has an F10 and he loves it... Still prefers the interior, build and ride of mine though... Plus its smaller in the F10 front than the E39! They're fantastic cars and yes, will need £££ spending on them (suspension, cooling system etc) but they're worth it Buy the best you can afford, but have at least £500+ spare for any stuff that needs doing ASAP and then go from there
  7. Rock solid front seats

    Time for some specific back and core strengthening exercises pal... It's 9/10 a core issue and not a back issue, but a weak core will always affect a back etc I'm 38, have been lifting stupidly heavy shit for x2 decades now and haven't injured my back (shoulders, neck and pelvis, yes ) Look up simple core and back exercises, that you'll be able to do at home or at the gym if you go to one and you'll soon feel & see a difference!
  8. Rock solid front seats

    Get a fitted car seat cushion/topper: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Posture-Cushion-Stiffness-Available-Breathable/dp/B00P3QIXU0/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1521293138&sr=8-9&keywords=car+seat+cushion My brother has one; has back pain, mainly due to terrible acid reflux and it helps him a lot Re your sciatica, get tom a good sports physio or osteopath and get your spinal/hips and pelvis alignment sorted (probably need your neck looking at as well) and that should help, a lot!
  9. BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    I read them on the iPad and TBH generally don't pay attention to the front page I get that and Performance BMW monthly
  10. Supercharged 540 Touring

    Quite a bit of info over on bimmerforums.com and having read through quite a bit of it, the boxes seem to cope absolutely fine Getting into a habit of keeping them in fresh oil and filters is no bad thing either... I genuinely think about sorting an ESS kit for mine at times, as well as a K-Sport BBK etc
  11. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Nah; they'd be fine. You'd only be listening low to moderate levels etc Plus it's always good to relight the fire of old separates I've got my very first amps in the loft (an Arcam Alpha 6 and a NAD C320BEE) as well as my first speakers (B&W 602 S2s and Acoustic Energy AE109s) and every so often (when the neighbours are over in Tenerife); I get them out, dust them off, set them up in my office and blow all the cobwebs out with a touch of Rammstein and Fischerspooner
  12. Supercharged 540 Touring

    Wow... With a touch of TLC, a drop in ride height and some nice alloys; that would be a stunning motor!
  13. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    The Edifer's are ok; but they soon show their weakness which are poor amps. The soundstage is very muddy/coloured and bass dependent! For just a bit more, I'd go ex-dem or quality 2nd hand and go for some JBL LSR305s The KRKs are very good also; but very much geared towards dance/electronic music IMO; again, very bass-heavy... For all round powered speakers; the Q Acoustic BT3s would get my vote, unless you've a few £hundred then go for some KEF X300As (non-wireless)
  14. E39/B10 Rust Repair

    You need to speak to a few local bodyshops and get some 'quotes across the board' to see what one says against the other Ideally; find local fabricators as they'll be the ones the bodyshops use, unless they have one in-house etc (which for me is rare, generally work like this is outsourced) I know 2 very good bodyshops, but they're over here in Preston

    OEM are Sachs IIRC so I'd stick with them TBH