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  1. Have you connected the earth straps as they should be?


    Any splits in the wiring etc?


    Re covers; they could be warped/split, that's why you're still weeping oil. Check all edges with a metal ruler/straight edge to see if they're bent/warped and check the cover with a decent torch/inspection lamp to see if there any hairline cracks


    All common issues with this unfortunately and sometimes only a new cover from BMW will sort it

  2. 29 minutes ago, amazighman said:

    Hi all.

    I had the intake system smoke tested this morning and came back good except for two leaks.

    One is at the disa which i will order an o ring for.

    The other is at the ICV but i struggle to find the correct grommet as real oem part number when googled  shows a different one with a long hose....i am confused as i thought E39 m54 had a small push fit grommet...


    I found this part number 13411733217   

    Is this the correct one????



    Seems to be the right one; but ask BMW Cotswolds to see what they say




    Re the DISA; I'd rebuild it whilst it's off (unless you've already done this); the i6Automotive kit is easy to do and takes about 30mins inc removal and refitting:



  3. 24 minutes ago, peter charnley said:

    I had to replace the low beam light on one side. I was shocked at the price of branded replacements which were from £60 to £150 on Europarts website. I then went to ebay and found Chinese ones from £3 for 2! I decided to give it a go. I went for a pair at £10. I got round to replacing the blown one a few weeks after they were delivered. Both bulbs flashed a few times and then stopped. The supplier agreed a refund after I had smashed them with a hammer and photographed the broken bulbs. Tow more arrived, the first one lasted a month. The second one has now been in the car for 3 months so fingers crossed. Perhaps 1 out of 4 isn't too bad.


    Anyone else tried these cheap replacements?


    Cheap bulbs like that are shit for a reason, sorry


    The cheapest I'd go is these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lunex-Headlight-Xenon-Replacement-6000K/dp/B06XKVZ7C9/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1537265003&sr=8-13&keywords=d2s+xenon+bulbs


    Quite a few of us have used them and they've been brilliant; at their price, it makes getting 2 sets in just in case


    I used them in both previous 530i E39s with zero issues and no flickering/bulb warnings etc 


    As for the more expensive options; I'd look at Osram: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XENARC-BREAKER-UNLIMITED-discharge-66240XNB-HCB/dp/B0068M1DRS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1537265003&sr=8-3&keywords=d2s%2Bxenon%2Bbulbs&th=1


  4. Yeah; sounds a bit odd


    My 7 has the soft close doors; the rear drivers side one wasn't working, but it turned out to be a loose external handle. Once I'd clipped that back into place properly; it's been faultless since


    Not sure if your door handles are similar, but maybe worth a look


    On mine; there's an oval plastic grommet on the side of the door at the handle height; might be worth a look too

  5. On 9/16/2018 at 10:35 PM, kp101 said:

    I have just bought my first BMW. It's a 2009 e61 and I'm totally smitten with it. Can anyone advise me of which obd cables are best and which software is best to use with my laptop. Im looking to be able to read and delete faults, do forced regeneration on the DPF ( I rearly drive above 2000rpm) and change I drive settings


    Welcome to the ownership ;)


    Speak to @jimmy re cables and software; he'll soon sort you out


    Either that; or go for Carly for BMW app and their OBD II Bluetooth/Wifi reader dependent whether you're on iOS or Android etc

  6. 46 minutes ago, TK421 said:


    Thanks for the reply, Sorry I  should of mentioned I’m in Cheshire, making preston 40-50mins up the M6 I guess.


    warrington and Crewe would be considered my local dealerships, been to Crewe for parts only, didn’t get a particularly good feel for the place when I was last there, and Warrington Service side was awful.


    I'd speak to the folks at Bowker Preston first then; Colne is bit of a trek 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Hairyarse said:

    Thanks for the shout-out Dan, I've caught-up on your thread now!


    What a great find!! Such a rare colour for a 65 - they're usually black, grey or silver - and it looks great in this colour too! I think you have the best wheels for a 65.They just look bang-on!


    You're right about the solid feel of them - I've been out for the day in mine today and it's just so well built and eats-up the miles. The only thing mine is lacking is a sports steering wheel. The standard one is really thin-rimmed and with the top spokes really high up - it's not comfy.


    If you haven't sussed already, there's not a huge amount of resource for the E65 - certainly compared to the E39. I've found that the Facebook BMW E65/E66 Owners Club UK page is about the best place to get answers on technical questions. Forums I've tried so far with E65 sections just aren't active.


    Anyway, enjoy it mate, great car :cool:


    Cheers pal


    I've done ok so far for E65 resource; plenty of info on Bimmerforums.com and google etc


    Not on FB and cant be arsed with it in all honesty


    The steering wheel on mine is great; heated too ;) But agree, it'd be good to have it retrimmed and thicker; but cannot find a spare wheel without spending £hundreds, so will probably leave be, unless Jack at Royal Steering Wheels can source one cheaper

  8. Nope; that's right


    As I said; no point in spending money on a genuine BMW kit; it'll be exactly the same


    I fitted the Meyle kit to both previous 530i's; no issues, but faffy


    And that's another reason having the intake mani off is the better way to fo this; gives you all the room you need to 'make it fit'!

  9. 1 hour ago, jwarrens84 said:

    Nice update


    What winters will you go for? I’m thinking of getting some michelin alpin for my turbines, just like your old set.


    I'm not sure; at the size I need; they get very expensive very quickly, but Tyreleader has some good tyres at good prices. Camskill not doing too well, but they'll get more of a selection closer to winter


    Ebay has some good tyres at good prices too


    One tyre that gets good reviews is a budget one; Petlas Snow Master. Will look more into those. The others I'm considering are Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D, Continental Contact TS830s and the Next Winguard Sport

  10. Not updated this in a while; @Hairyarse has reminded me :mrgreen:


    Finally had it up on the ramps at my pals place; gave it a thorough once over underneath, it's very clean indeed! Lots of ally and little to no rust, even the exhaust was very clean! :shock: 


    All 4 drop links need replacing, that'll be the slight knocking when driving on/reversing off the drive and when going over rough road at slow speeds; gone for Moog as they're same price as Meyle, but work very well and have a 5 year warranty!


    Rear discs look to have been replaced just before I bought the car; but not the pads :roll: So the standard EBC pads have been ordered along with a Meyle brake pad wear sensor; front discs I've gone for Mtec C Hook discs with EBC Yellowstuff pads and a new Meyle pad wear sensor also. HEL braided lines ordered too and will use Motul DOT 5.1 fluid and give it a good flush.


    Haven't time until 04th Oct to sort this; so it'll be in then and I'll update with pics. Will get the alloys off and get the callipers painted Hammerite silver though beforehand and will paint the brake top-hats too; staves off the rusty look! 


    Got a set of 18" BMW Style 93 alloys (will give them a quick rub down and spray with Rover Metallic Silver and a few coats of lacquer) & they'll be shod with 245/50/18 winter tyres soon enough/when I get round to ordering them and that's it; all set for winter ;):mrgreen:  





  11. 1 minute ago, chicaneuk said:

    Don't worry about that - no chance I'd be working under the car with a scissor jack. I use the trolley jack itself it I'm only working on and reaching into the wheel arch.. any time I'm actually having to stick limbs under the car it goes onto axle stands too :)


    I'd still be using a stand pal; when you start trying to loosen the bolts, the car will move a bit!

  12. Could be one of the handbrake shows has broken and is catching inside the rear brake disc etc. Check for stones between discs and disc shields too


    However; as you said, get it up on the lift and make sure all is ok with the drive train/prop too


    You certain it's not from the box etc?

  13. 1 hour ago, amazighman said:

    Changed the coil and car seems better, however i can hear a hissing from the intake manifold area...i think it might be a vaccum leak...

    I book the car in for a smoke test next week to find out if it is really a vaccum leak or normal sound of the manifold or disa  dunno so better check rather than throwing money right and left.

    No error codes of any kind yet...just the car doesn't seems to accelerate smoothly when warm


    Undo & retighten the intake boot, they don’t always clip together perfectly 

  14. 48 minutes ago, The Flying Banana said:


    So if he said bloody men drivers with same detail would it be oK .. its a fanny state we live in .. cant say boo to a goose now and someone somewhere is offended :(


    It could be anyone but it wasn't .. it was a woman hence the post


    And anyone on here who hasn't said , I bet its a woman driver or similar can chuck the first stone ( in your case Dan a huge  boulder :) )


    Hell no; I'm always whinging about wimmin drivers; but there are enough cock-end blokes out there too (3/1 in my case I'd say) that annoy the fuck out of me with stupid driving antics


    But I'd never go online and state it unless really provoked etc ;) That's all I'm saying


    And believe me, I've done similar (reversed into a neighbours car opposite my folks house as I wasn't looking properly; fortunately all I did was bend their wing mirror back the wrong way)! It's easy done when you're not paying attention