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  1. 38 minutes ago, apples12 said:

    Only thing I'd say is to try your best to stick to a major branded xenon bulb.


    I replaced after 115k miles as I noticed on night time driving they didn't pack as much of a punch as they once did, the factory fit osrams were still going strong after 5yrs. 


    Kind of agree, certainly stay away from eBay shite, but the Lunex bulbs I’ve used did 2 years without fail in both E39s, whereas I know lads that fitted the Osram  Xenarc ones at c£100 and they failed.


    Could be sods law, but imo, if you can get 4 decent bulbs for less than a pair of Osram bulbs & they do just as good a job, it’s worth seriously thinking about! 

  2. 50 minutes ago, Duff said:

    Alright, fellas.

    Need to change a passenger side pretensioner and I'm just wondering is it possible to do without removing the seat? Or are the front seats hard to remove in an E60, i.e a two man job?



    Battery disconnected


    IIRC Undo rear seat bolts on the floor, tip forward gently, unplug the connections carefully, undo front bolts, seat should be free to come out... Beware, they’re heavier than they look! 

  3. 1 hour ago, BFleming said:

    The new BMW price for the D1S bulb is something like £225 :wacko:  There are definitely better deals to be had! Part number 63217217509 for information.

    Adaptive (cornering) headlights and regular Xenon headlights are 2 different things - you don't definitely have Adaptive lights if you have Xenons.


    As them there proud Yokkshur folk say... 'ow much'?! :shock: 

  4. IMO you really need to get it to a few local bodyshops and get their professional opinion on it


    By the looks of it, there doesn't seem to be any serious rot there that needs cutting out, but that could appear if panels are removed (sill covers etc); if they reveal rot around the jacking points, then it could get very expensive indeed!


    In all honesty, the paintwork needed on this car will far outweigh the cars value; so you need to take that into serious consideration also!

  5. 1 hour ago, Scheel said:


    I want to upgrade the brakes on my 530D, which options are there?
    Can I further mount calipers from 535d with zimmermann Z discs and EBC pads?

    E64 M5 calipers are cheap used, but can they be mounted on the car or is it an impossible task?

    Other options?


    Welcome to the forums :)


    Stick this question in the relevant F10 tech section further down the home page, you'll get better answers and coverage then. This is just general chat, generally not specifically car related

  6. 5 minutes ago, Paddy O'Furniture said:


    Aye that's it... Did look better IMO

  7. You can change them from the rear of the lights; but you need to be careful and have small'ish hands ;) 


    IMO the Lunex xenon bulbs are excellent value for money and work very well. I've fitted them to my cars, as quite a few others have. They do D1S and D2S bulbs for c£30 via eBay/Amazon and having had them alongside Osram bulbs at c£85, I can't tell the difference, bar the price.


    The Lunex ones are worth buying for spares too, x4 bulbs for the price of 2 Osrams etc!


    Change them in pairs, makes a lot of sense, but keep the working bulb as a spare too!

  8. 1 hour ago, Paddy O'Furniture said:

    Never watched this before as I generally avoid anything American,  but I noticed that they were doing a Lotus Europa, so I recorded it. 

    Got to say what a fantastic job they did on it. I wasn't too sure when he said he was going to chop the front end off but I have to admit that it did look better than the original when it was finished. 

    It was great to see a Europa again,  a guy at the end of our street had one when I was a kid and it was the first car I can remember taking any notice of and thinking how beautiful it looked. 


    Is this the one where they extended it?


    Think I saw that one a while back too...


    I've got the original series with Courtney Hansen in it, it went crap when they took on that 'AJ', but it's not too bad now

  9. 9 minutes ago, bullawayo said:

    Amazingly I still get email notifications for this! Hey guys. Yeah - long time!



    I’m back!



    I bought shadowline tape off of eBay. It was about 20 quid but did a perfect job. I removed all the trim (carefully) to do it.


    regarding the stage 2, car was dyno’d at 295bhp with 535d injectors.


    i, unfortunately, got stuck in a snow storm last December in the Yorkshire Moore’s. When trying to leave, I didn’t see the 30% decline sign and ended up losing it on ice down a rather steep hill.


    i ended up bending it pretty bad, but I was right on the edge of falling off a 300ft drop so it could have been worse. Car was written off, however, it has since popped up on eBay (I have no idea how someone has got it back on the road because I bent the chassis)


    cheers guys 


    Hell, glad you’re ok!


    Re the car being on eBay, is it still up for sale or did it sell?


    Could be worth posting it on here, so other buyers are aware!

  10. 18 minutes ago, Davison33 said:

    Cheers for that I'll have a look into sourcing some parts, do want to make sure I have the genuine gear that's for sure. Driving to cornwall from salisbury on Friday so hoping that the play isn't the major source of vibration, rather the wheel and tIre. Will look to refurb the rear this weekend 


    IMO dont bother with genuine BMW parts; you'll be ripped apart by the family financier :lol:


    The Meyle and Lemforder parts are more than adequate :) 

  11. 1 hour ago, E39Goose said:

    Hi all,


    I have spotted a 2010 F11 535i estate for sale that I like and was wanting to get your opinion on how robust the service history is.


    Car registered Dec '10

    Serviced 28th Jan '13 @ 4,949

    Serviced 3rd Jan '14 @ 6,556

    Serviced 11th Dec '14 @ 11,598

    Serviced 27th Oct '16 @ 32,589

    Serviced 4th Feb '19 @ 55,663


    All BMW dealers.


    Do we think this is adequate or too many holes in it? What is the standard schedule for a car like this?


    Thanks for your help.




    Hi Dan


    Ask this in the F10/11 tech section and you'll get better coverage and relevant answers from fellow owners; this is just general chat ;) 

  12. I've never had any issues with Pagid or Brembo; but then again I've not used 2 pieces discs in a long time, certainly not on my BMWs


    Do try Cotswold BMW, they're on here and see what prices they come back with


    But Pagid and Brembo generally have a solid reputation.


    However, I still stand by Mtec Brakes; they're very good indeed as are the Mintex pads they offer