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  1. IIRC the starting volts are far too low; 12v minimum, shouldn't it be?


    When the 'new' Yuasa battery failed in my 730D the other month, the volts were around 7 and they wouldn't even turn the dash on! New AGM . battery fitted and coded in, zero issues and solid voltage all the way through :)


    So, new battery time I'd say and if the cars sitting for periods, get it on a trickle charger

  2. 31 minutes ago, Loadmaster said:

    Early MOT and oil service (as in brought forward time-wise) at BMR Performance in Turners Hill, West Sussex.




    **Cough cough...**














































    Gerr'it done ;) :mrgreen: 

  3. IMO you call it a day when the car starts to become silly in regards to money being spent on it and it still being like the Forth Road Bridge!


    This is what made me sell my E38; it had started to rust on the inner arch sections; right up next to the rear strut towers and I didn't want to go to the expense to get this resolved; so sold it for someone else to take on etc. I'd already spent enough on it

  4. 12 minutes ago, RS_E60 said:

    Hi All :D,


    New to joining although I've been following the forum since I bought my E60 last year. 


    It's a Manual 525D 2007 LCI Platinum Metallic Grey (Dark Grey) with 19" OEM Spiders with the bonus of the Sunroof and other specs as Pro Nav / Heated seats etc. 


    So far, I've done a CDV delete, which I can't recommend enough, a rolling road remap, slight audio upgrade, front splitters and an M Performance gear knob. 


    On the verge of ordering a set of coilovers, possibly DTS from Germany which are made by KW / AP. 


    Previously on my E46 330Cd, I had to get the shorter droplinks to accommodate the drop. 


    Are installing these on an E60 straight forward (Plug and Play should I say) or are there other things I'd need to look at for them to be installed? I hope this makes sense :roll:


    I'll get some pictures uploaded soon..






    Welcome to the forums pal :)


    This is probably best asked in the relevant E60 tech section further down the page; it'll get better coverage and you'll get better answers also ;) 


    On all the BMWs I've installed; they haven't required shorter drop-links. But it could be different on an E60.


    Are you installing them yourself (have you installed coilovers before); or are you going to get a garage to do it? 


    Things like the pre-load need to be set correctly and then a proper wheel alignment need to be done/taken into consideration and IMO; having the car put through a fast-road set up is an ideal way to finish off the install too. Ensures everything is pointing in the right direction then ;) 

  5. According to: http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/


    X5 E53

        9x19 vorne 255/50R19 Reifenpreis bei ReifenDirekt.de anzeigen ET 48  


        10x19 hinten 285/45R19 Reifenpreis bei ReifenDirekt.de anzeigen

    ET 45





    You're going to need fairly aggressive spacers!


    Your ideal offsets are c20 IIRC; maybe a bit higher for the rears, if going by the 19" Spiders standards


    So you'd be looking at 25/30mm for the front and 20/25s for the rears, I think...!


    I'm sure someone with prior/current experience of these will be on to correct or agree; but personally; I wouldn't be running spacers that size

  6. 16 hours ago, Lawrence said:

    Had this come on yesterday and went into limp mode. Managed to get to the garage where I bought it from and parked up. Went inside and spoke to someone he came and started the car up with no issues should I be worried at all any thoughts please many thanks Lawrence 



    Stick this in the relevant E60/61 tech section pal; you'll get better, more relevant coverage there ;) 

  7. 1st ever BMW - E38 728i facelift; this started the bad habit off :lol: 




    2nd: Slate Green 530i Sport; fantastic car, should never have sold it:




    3rd: Sapphire Black 530i Sport; overall a great car, but I'd started to get bored with it and would have ended up swapping bits just for the sheer hell of it:




    Now my 4th; BMW E65 730D Sport. Overall a fantastic car with a cracking spec and the right size car for a gentleman of my stature :lol: 



  8. 1 hour ago, 535i Andrew said:


    Likewise I store logs in my garage loft to dry out and the bits of crud fall off and go over what ever is underneath which is where I store my wheels.


    Where do you get your logs from?


    Somewhere in there: IMG-20181001-120519.jpg




    The tree right behind the greenhouse has just been felled; so that's all been split down and seasoning for next year


    There's quite a few trees that are dead-standing and ones that have been felled from previous years that I'm just cutting bits off when needed etc... ;) 

  9. Personally I use Mtec brakes: https://www.mtecbrakes.com/


    Their own pads are very good; partnered with grooved discs, they make for very good braking. Unless you want cheap, OEM spec blanks etc


    As for ECP; I'd use them for their oil and Mann filters; but I've had a lot of issues in the past with their crap brakes and did much better buying them off trusted eBay sellers (again, C3BMW/BMWmotormec etc)


    ECP can be a bloody rip off too; even with their codes, their prices come out OTT

  10. 1 hour ago, chicaneuk said:

    Have not been entirely happy with how clattery my engine has been since swapping to a seemingly non-LL01/LL04 compliant version of Castrol Edge recently (5w30) so with a day off today I decided to grab some cheap QX 5w40 from ECP and another filter and just been to swap that out. Definitely sounds a fair bit smoother and less rattly now so worth the £30 or so it cost :)


    Both my E39s and my E38 ran quieter/smoother on 5W40 and at the price you can get it at ECP and their Mann filters; it's worth doing a few changes a year IMO ;) 

  11. 2 hours ago, 535i Andrew said:

    Got these delivered today,






    They go over the tyre like an F1 tyre warmer then two draw cords pull it shut.


    Thanks to @d_a_n1979 for the link.


    Still need to clean the summers before I can put them away in these bags for their winter hibernation.


    Christ... Mine are still in the garage in their Amazon box :lol: 


    Really need to get mt Style 149s cleaned and bagged up ready for their hibernation! 

  12. That's dirt cheap land-barge wafting car money!


    Low miles, nice colour (interior won't suit everyone); a bit of TLC and it'd be a great car to own. Lovely engine in these too, just smooth and drivable! 


    I'd want to check the sills for rust though and the rear wings too! My gut feeling is that it'll need some fab work doing

  13. As @535i Andrew said; I do mainly town/country roads and a bit of M6 to and from training (which is most of the driving I do every week) and 40PSI all round would be far too hard/high, more so for my 18" winter tyres


    I've found 38 rears and 32 upfront to be very comfortable indeed. However, I am going to try 34 upfront and see if that makes a handling difference as the 7 is very front-heavy IMO

  14. 27 minutes ago, jwarrens84 said:

    The only negative I’ve heard about Meyle is the propshaft coupling (donut).


    I’ve just ordered some rear drop links from C3BMW this weekend, I don’t trust eBay for Meyle parts as Dan said.


    I only trust C3BMW and BMWmotormec; they've never failed me and the parts are genuine