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  1. Drop link or top mount IMO; they'd be the first places I'd check However, it could be any one of the numerous bushes... Prob best to get the car jacked up, wheel off and get a pry bar in there and have a good poke around
  2. That's the only option IMO At the end of the day; they're the cars 'side lights' and I'd be interested to see how these amber ones get through an MOT!
  3. Ah that's a shame... Looks like you've got duff bulbs fitted!
  4. My previous 530i was on 147k when I sold it; the box was as smooth as it always had been My current 530i has just ticked over 108k miles, zero issues and very smooth as it should be
  5. Welcome! If you go further down on the home page, you'll see a relevant G30 section and there's some chat in there re the 530e
  6. IMO there's precautionary and there's fixing something that's not broken. I, like a lot of others, drive the auto with zero issues and wouldn't want to start messing with it unless it was required Yes, engine oil, diff oil, brake fluid etc all need a regular change IMO, but the autobox, I'd leave alone It's your £££ though, so do what you feel is necessary
  7. Bump
  8. Can you put up better, larger individual pictures please?
  9. Thanks; already watching them. But seeing as I don't trust 9/10 eBay sellers, I'd rather buy off a forum member. In no rush, so will keep waiting
  10. As far as I know, they're all m12 x 1.50
  11. Still looking!
  12. Still looking!
  13. Hi Pal They were fitted when I bought the alloys and removed as soon as I got home If the E60 shares the same bolt pattern as the E39 then yes, they'll fit fine
  14. x20, came with my replacement alloys but not needed as I prefer the black bolts £20 inc slow-mo delivery
  15. ^^ Yeah; ok... No worries... Thanks