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  1. It's stated that killer was born Adrian Elms, from Dartford. Who managed to turn him to this, who and what radical used him? For me, this happening in England is a bad sign of things to come!
  2. The biggest fear for me is that there IS going to be some backlash against the Muslim community, as some people will tar them all with the same brush. The problem is that we only ever hear bad news, bad news about Muslims and bad news about everything related. We don't hear about how sick they are of this as we are, more do as it reflects directly on them! This country is getting less tolerant to the ways that we don't agree with such as Sharia and the burkas/veils/head dresses etc... But what do you/we do to avoid further conflict?!
  3. A good body shop will be able to make the splitter fit... Most are flexible enough to allow room for alteration etc Plus, get one CF wrapped, properly and it'd look just as good, but still be at a price that if it needs replacing, you'll do it without crying I fitted a genuine CF Seibon front splitter, bonnet and boot lid when I first bought my Integra DC5 4 yeas ago... Having them fitted was bit of a nightmare due to how inflexible they are, but also a sod to repair when it comes to chips/gravel rash etc...!
  4. Ive said for a while, that the sooner we stop reporting the shite that goes on in the Middle East, the sooner things will calm down (hopefully) But it's the radicalised shitty nonsense that needs to be stomped on the hardest, but how do you manage that?! So much is controlled via social media, you'll always be losing the battle!
  5. ^^^ Fully agree, but we won't as were becoming more and more spineless and an embarrassment to the generations that came before us You cannot say anything these days without being accused of being something 'ist' And, for someone like me who generally speaks his mind and doesn't really give a shit about others 'views', it can be hard work... (Speak my mind when I know I'm factually right, not just general gobshiteness)
  6. What's really fucking me off re this, is all the daft gits filming/taking pictures & selfish, whilst people are suffering. You can see people smiling/laughing whilst being advised to move away from the scene! What the fuck is up with these muppets??
  7. There is NO need for jokes re this, full stop! A different time and place for any humour please...
  8. Whats the story re the women rescued from the Thames?!
  9. Welcome! We need pics
  10. The stabbed policemen has been confirmed dead; died at the scene RIP
  11. It's bad shit One confirmed dead
  12. It'll be the ABS sensors as other folk have said However, an everyday code reader will more than likely just give you generic codes Your location isn't stated, so what you need to do is update that and see if anyone has a decent reader or INPA etc What about your local indy mechanics or BMW; they'll soon read the codes correctly for you!
  13. Yeesh How the hell did that happen?! It's gonna be a big job no matter what; a new rear quarter etc
  14. Anyways... On todays menu I've been playing: Beastie Boys - The In Sound from Way Out Colter Wall - Imaginary Appalachia Caribou - Our Love We Were Soldiers soundtrack Keeno - Futurist Had these on both my Adam A7Xs and my Cyrus/KEF system... It's made me decide to sell the A7Xs on; they're not for me But, I've pulled my NAD C320BEE amp out alongside my very first speakers I ever bought back in 1996, Acoustic Energy AE109s and they're now sat in my office, behind me, playing slow & low and sound frikkin awesome
  15. I think you might be right! My uncle had a similar set up but with the Alpha 10Ps using the Arcam Alpha 10 integrated he had with the DAVE installed, but as the pre-amp They were running some KEF speakers IIRC and then he bought some B&W 605 S2's in a 2.2 system... Even though they had active subs; he still sat them with partnering PMC subs (he played a lot of games etc) and it was a brilliant system... A bit too bass-loving even for me, but still bloody brilliant!