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  1. I like them; nice to see them coming away with 'more or less following the same design with every new model' etc
  2. They're fine, have them on mine (or similar) Bright, don't flicker and fit properly
  3. Well fingers crossed it's in good nick and not just cleaned up to sell on!
  4. I hare shitheads like that Wanted to buy some gloss black grills off Ebay the other day; priced at £60 Offered £50, rejected, offered £55, rejected, offered £57.50, rejected Messaged him and he said he can only offer a bit off Why the fuck advertise it as Buy it Now or Best Offer then? Absolute cuntybollcokstwattingcockwomble
  5. Second hand? Cheap skate
  6. Yeah; used them for a few parts that were hard to find Other than that I try to avoid as their prices are a piss-take I'd avoid unless absolutely necessary!
  7. Rads are around £110 or less currently from what I saw the other day. Both Behr and Nissan via bmwmotormec were under £100 delivered! At that price it'd be worth doing at the same time IMO
  8. I'd want a full invoice with a full breakdown of parts, their prices and the labour involved Even if they used genuine Mazda calipers; £1400 is a piss-take price!
  9. Yeah; usual happening really They'll have been offered a decent cash price, so took it... Or, a change of heart etc!
  10. Well for petrol; I paid roughly: Water pump: £40 Stat: £35 Top and bottom hoses: £40 Belts: £25 Labour to fit and flush/refill coolant: £150 All parts were sourced via BMWMotormec on eBay; great reseller and all decent Meyle parts etc As for diesel; don't know sorry, but IIRC, their cooling systems don't melt like the petrol systems due to them running hotter However, once done, should last a long time (easily ownership length of having the car IMO)
  11. Any Dexron III Automatic transmission is fine Local motorfactors will sell it; ECP has it here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triple-QX-ATF-Dexron-III-5-Litre-5L-Automatic-Transmission-Fluid-DII-/290994733693?hash=item43c0a3427d:g:sF8AAOSwn-tZNU7a, or their 1l bottles are c£6 IIRC
  12. Yeah; the cooling system is the weak link, but not that expensive to change (unless you're unfortunate that the rad goes pop too), but really, the stat, water pump, hoses and coolant change is general servicing anyway and the belts/tensioners aren't expensive etc
  13. Yeah, they're 5k I think whereas their OEM ones are 4300k @Loadmaster They're whiter, but not blue/purple white like DRL's or Merc headlights etc... Great light spread and colour IMO. Great on the country roads tonight driving back from training and that good I hardly used main beam!
  14. They're more expensive if they go wrong (injectors, turbo etc) The M54 engine is cheaper to maintain, little goes wrong