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  1. Just my understanding of it; as I've already explained to Mike on the FB page, I use Jim at chill out air con in Bretherton and just watch him do it... So gerroff yer high horse and shut it
  2. I know it might be a daft question, but has it been regassed properly? Was it a local indo aircon guy; or someone like KwikFit?! Does the aircon clutch move when you switch the aircon on; is the usher fan working can you tell etc?! When it was regassed; was the system fully vac'd down and held its vacuum confirming no leaks etc?
  3. Hadn't someone who was at college with this bomber reported his behaviour to the authorities in the past. This is what winds me up. That they know damned well that he's not right in th'ead, but don't act until it's too late!
  4. Yeah, OK.. Don't ever accuse me of being a DM reader... Smart arse!
  5. ^^^ Sorry, but what? And what the feck has that got to do with this topic?! If you're trying to be funny, stick it the humour section, if you're trying to 'lighten the mood' in this topic, please, go elsewhere!
  6. Personally I couldnt do that; I've issues
  7. This! Plus c£500 for bodywork and alloys refurbed, iMO, you'll not get better anywhere else!
  8. This is a very valid point; what is a piss take is that the authorities know they leave the country; have an idea of where they go and what they're up to and then let them back in... After all that; shit like Monday evening happens!
  9. If only our coastline was more like the Swellies eh?! That'd test these bastards... Hope they're strong swimmers!
  10. IMO there are too many holes in a lot of things to put the blame on just one person (or politically, one party) The cuts have not helped; we all know that! The leaks haven't helped, the 'oh yes, we knew him' lines don't help as people simply ask; 'why did you let it happen then'?! The issues abroad won't help; we all know that. The lackadaisical security on the night at the arena didn't help; but then again, it was a concert full of children, they were more concerned about alcohol rather than a terrorist bombing! My point is there's no point in trying to blame one thing, we can't. But what we do need to do is tighten our grip on these arse sniffing cock wipes and start to make a move against them and stop being so goddamned politically correct/bothered about human rights and get these fuckers out of our country... IMO
  11. He would do because he's a first class; living-in-denial prick
  12. I've got this kit in mine currently: https://www.parrot.com/uk/car-kits/parrot-mki9200 Will be removing it as soon as to fit either a single DIN or one of the Android head units... They can be bought 2nd hand readily enough, or if you're in no rush, you could buy this kit off me
  13. Put this into the Audio section I think it's the Intravee/Alpine stuff you need, but don't quote me on that
  14. Glad you've got to the bottom of all this; feels like you're going round in circles at times when it's issues like these! Pagid are generally good; but like Mintex, there are a lot of fakes out there, so sometimes its best to either pay more and get them from a reputable source, or maybe go decent aftermarket like Mtec etc Fingers crossed that's this issue all done and dusted
  15. Convert PDF to Word Online https://t.co/z8s013oUh8