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  1. I'm pretty sure the X8R kit comes with the high temp sealer for the corners of the gasket. My kit arrived last week but with a broken foot I haven't opened it yet! lol Also, use code 'VALUED' at checkout on X8R and you'll get 10% off
  2. It's only half a tank of diesel on the way back, and at the end of the trip you'll know your new 39 inside-out
  3. Lovely looking 39, very keen price that too.
  4. I'm surprised it's not gone yet. I've found selling 39s that it can take a while to get someone to view, but first one along buys. I don't know if you're finding the same? Anyhow, good luck for a swift sale now
  5. Welcome to BMW ownership! That looks really nice, the interior is super-clean
  6. No worries. Worth it for 16 notes I reckon
  7. Here's the link - I went cheap as wasn't sure if the colour would work. However, whilst they're not the thickest, they seem a very good fit and probably better than a set I bought for £25 last year. I'm expecting them to go fluffy quickly, purely because they're cheap. If they don't I'll be well pleased [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. They were yes. It's a subtle change, but in the flesh I think it looks ok.
  9. That's the one! It's a great book!
  10. Haha, I have the exact same book since it came out in the 80s!! (I'm guessing it's the same one.) That's what I thought of as soon as I saw the mention of Koenig
  11. Nothing earth shattering for me today, just a subtle mod. Being silver with black leather I think my E39 is a bit dull really. I thought I'd go for something 'stealthy' rather than bright to lift the interior a little - some dark grey floor mats. Not exciting but for 16 notes off eBay it was worth a punt! I'm quite pleased with the result - I think it looks quite classy in the flesh. I'm sure they'll go fluffy quickly but they do fit really well and have the right fastenings with them to.
  12. Oh wow even nicer!! I like what Koenig do, not seen anything of theirs for a long time
  13. That's awesome! Sounds good too I did like the black Testarossa lurking in the wings
  14. I would certainly if doing the mod. No plans to at the moment though - still in the quandary if to keep my current 39 (petrol) or go diesel again.
  15. Happy days!! [emoji1303][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk