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  1. My third E39! :)

    ....Ok, so where's my gallery?? I can't find it!! lol
  2. My third E39! :)

    Thanks Keith, Dan I’ll have another go. You werent far off the mark Jimmy!
  3. My third E39! :)

    Let's see if this works. I hadn't looked at image hosting again since the whole Photobucket 'scandal' lol
  4. My third E39! :)

    I had planned to but it's showing I can only upload half a megabyte!! lol
  5. My third E39! :)

    Bought the 745i today. Oops!
  6. Tapatalk

    Is anyone else having problems using Tapatalk? i can’t login this week via TT but the forum has disappeared completely
  7. My third E39! :)

    They're no slouch either!! I keep looking at it thinking 'why' - but then thinking 'why not!! lol'
  8. My third E39! :)

    Yeah it’s a lot of car for the money. Viewing Saturday if it’s not sold. Heated, cooled and massaging front seats!! I did have my eye on that Hellrot 535 but sadly it’s already sold
  9. My third E39! :)

    So the 535i is on for a viewing on Sunday. His 540 has broken though so if I wanted to buy it I may not be able to have it yet! lol Also stumbled across by accident a very nice looking (inside at least! lol) E65 745i. Not something I've ever thought about before, but it's playing on my mind now. A lot of kit (to go wrong!) and comfort for the money. Hmmmmmm......
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It gets like that sometimes!! lol
  11. The BMW5 random picture thread

    Vulcan bomber bomb bay?
  12. ...and you've not fitted them yet? Outrageous!!
  13. My third E39! :)

    I'm going to do a bit more digging on it. I'll try anything but it does look a fairly long job, with specialist tools needed too I think? The video he sent me of the exhaust note was enough to hook me!! lol