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  1. I've used these a few times - just bought another. All ok with fit and quality and they have a 2 year warranty. Cheap as chips too They do the straight ones too
  2. That's a great collection
  3. We need pics! (Welcome by the way lol)
  4. That M5 interior money surely!
  5. I bought these recently - For cheapies they're actually not bad at all. They came with the right fitting studs and the shape/fit was perfect. They're not quite as thick as OEM and I'm sure wont last as long but no complaints with them
  6. Smells like a dry dog now then!!
  7. Wet dog, such a lovely smell!! I use Autofresh too, it works really well and you don't need much of it either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. That's looking very fresh Dan
  9. A few little updates. First of all I had the EML come on, but the car still ran great. Having looked at the fault codes, and chatting with someone on FB with similar, I purchased a new fuel breather valve - only 24 notes off eBay. I'm still to fit it but hopefully it will take care of the issue. The light is only intermittent - and mostly when it's really hot outside. I also noticed the rear discs were looking pretty crap, so new discs, pads and wear sensor were fitted to the rear on Friday. Car is filthy and really needs a clean!! One result was at last finding a gear knob with technical graphite trim on it. The leather was gone, so the trim went in to my own knob (oo-er!) 18 notes well spent I think given the scarcity. I've still got may VANOS repair kit to fit - I'm looking forward to that as hoping it may improve my 20MPG at best results! I've got no VANOS rattle but guessing with 127k miles on the clock and no evidence of them being replaced, they must need doing. And, despite being silver, this one is starting to get under my skin a bit now. Maybe I won't sell it and get another 530d after all
  10. That Alpina really is a stunner
  11. By any remote chance does anyone have one kicking around they'd like to sell? I know Bimmernav do them but if I can source one UK it will make life a little easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Welcome, a nice way into BMW ownership. There should be enough cylinders to keep you going for a while
  13. Good video that
  14. Welcome Stoycho, it looks like you take pride in your BMs Nice M3 and the 535 looks good too. That's one hell of a PC!