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  1. Welcome to the forum John. It would be rude of you not to put any pics up of your 528 Is it a new purchase? First E39?
  2. So great news, a fresh MOT for my 530i - and no advisories! Happy times, just a shame I can't drive it - got a broken foot!! lol
  3. Nice car even a OEM. I don't keep many cars for 4 years!!
  4. Not quite sure from the pics. I can't see any blanks that I recognise - that's not to say it's not been done though. Fair point on the EGR. Some people blank off with a coin with a small hole drilled through it. If you do a search on here you'll find info on it for sure.
  5. Nowt wrong with keeping the 530 for luxury, the rest of the stable should give you enough thrills! DC5 should be fun
  6. You should be able to see under the passenger side of the inlet manifold if swirl flaps are still there, without removing the manifold - at least you can order the bits in advance. If you struggle just take a pic with your phone or get a mirror. If the flaps are still being used there'll be a linkage rod running under the manifold. Ref the EGR. all down to personal opinion but I left mine in - especially as I found it to be squeaky clean. I think there's pros and cons to removing/keeping and maybe neither is more right than the other! lol From memory they do have a (webasto??) unit for storing heat and that may be why it warms up quick. I'm sure someone here will put me right if I'm wrong
  7. Well if it ends up as tidy as your slate green one was, it should be spot-on Will you be going the flappy-paddle route again?
  8. Glad to see you back with one Dan, looks tidy
  9. Welcome to the forum! That looks a tidy touring that you've found. The 39 certainly is a comfy, capable cruiser. If it's an auto, check if the swirl flaps have been removed. If not - do it now!! This will explain all - - You'd want 22mm and they have a discount code of 'VALUED' that may work and get you 10% off. If you ignore them, they can break and goose your engine. It's an easy job to do and whilst the inlet manifold is off, replace your vacuum lines too. If they're original they'll most likely need changing. With the chip/remap, an EcoTune decat pipe is well worth fitting. Plus also Vortex style oil breather from a later E60 - they're about 35 quid off eBay. The original E39 ones with a filter tend to clog-up. On the remap note, I had a 530d before with a DTUK tuning box which worked quite well. Anyway, enjoy it!
  10. Hi Dan I must have missed that you're back behind the wheel of another 530i. What have you bought?
  11. I'd take next dibs on them if you don't sell them
  12. Hi

    Welcome Grandad! Is it your first E39? Get some pics up of it for us to nose at
  13. That looks incredible!!
  14. Nice looking engine [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Wow that must have been a great evening. I'd love to see the before pics too!