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  1. e39 Coding options whats available

    Jimmy I recently bought the Bluetooth Carly adapter and iPhone software to use on the E65 I purchased. It's a great bit of kit and so easy to use for coding and diagnostics. On the basis that I'm likely to always have a Beemer of some sorts most of the time, I thought it was well worth the money - about £100 for the adapter and software.
  2. My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    Hi Jimmy, only just found your thread! Did you get the boot sorted ok? Oh and not guilty on the wheel front! lol They do look good with polished rims. A couple of mates of mine have had them, but they do take a lot of looking after to keep them looking spangly!
  3. My E26!

  4. Blanking swirl flaps is good?

    Nope, diesel auto only
  5. That’s sitting nice Dan. Bet it rides well too
  6. The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

    Did you use your indicators? If so, then the stereotype was not fulfilled!!
  7. Lancs Newbie - BMW 530d

    Yep an old 5 series is a lot of car for the money
  8. It's certainly looking mighty fine Dan
  9. The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    Have you ever thought about one of these Richard? http://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care-exterior/wash/400-litre-0ppm-car-washing-filter/ They come in different sizes and should negate the need for drying at all - you can air dry and have no water marks.
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    What will they do different for a fast road setup Dan?
  11. BMW Scanner 2.1.0

    Ah thanks man!
  12. BMW Scanner 2.1.0

    Thanks Jimmy
  13. Wiring help

    No just heat them gently to melt the solder. I used a hot air gun, with a thick, rubber type tile behind the wires so I didn't heat the car/paint itself!! Easy job, took no time at all really. Well it did, but quick relatively speaking! lol
  14. Wiring help

    You may not need any cable at all. I used this type of pre-soldered connector when I last did this job - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Assortment-of-50solder-joints-most-popular-sizes-are-presorted/263131501524?_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170912101845%26meid%3Df540744cdcfc4113b2c57ad8f5484962%26pid%3D100705%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26&_trksid=p2045573.c100705.m4780 That's not necessarily the cheapest/best, just the first link I found. That made the job easy, cheap and they're not bulky either. Just buy some loom tape to cover it all up with once you're done.
  15. BMW Scanner 2.1.0

    Thanks for the link Rosie. I had, but didn't find that. I wonder if it's the same software as they call it 2.0.1, not 2.1.0?? In any case, I decided to bite the bullet and buy Carly, so will see how that pans-out when the plug thing arrives! lol Thanks again