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  1. healeyneil

    E39 Touring job lot

    Seeing as I've sold my touring, I need to clear all the bits I accumulated from the '99 car I broke. I'd like someone to take the lot from me - collected only. Theres an upper tailgate, abs pump,rear bumper with parking sensors, 6 cd stack, radio etc, rear blinds,front hubs complete, front brake calipers wiper arms, boot catch thing, loads of relays,interior lights, full set of rear lights,interior trim bits etc etc couple of ok winter tyres too. £60 the lot, collected from Glasgow
  2. healeyneil

    Breakdown cover

    I've been with GEM for about 5 years and no complaints. They cover classic cars which is a must for me
  3. healeyneil

    Bye bye E39 !

    Bleedin hope not ! Another month and the E21 comes out to play again, and Ive got THAT Sunbeam to finish !
  4. healeyneil

    Bye bye E39 !

    Well I've sold my touring, or rather I've traded it in. I got fed up with the almost constant trickle of small things going wrong all the time. The final straw was the pass folding mirror getting stuck half way ! I'm now cruising about in a Jaguar XF. I shall be clearing out all my E 39 bits soon:-(
  5. No, it's just for a spare. I've got a space saver just now, but would prefer a full size Neil
  6. Would you have a single steel rim available ? Rim only would be fine. and Duncan, 318is running gear goes in very nicely, thank you very much !
  7. healeyneil

    Cracked alloys

    That's what I thought too. Stupidly low profile tyres !
  8. healeyneil

    Cracked alloys

    I'll pass on the details for the Alpina reps - they look good. Andrew , I'm not sure that he wants to get the cracked one fixed, it's more a case of not having the problem of alloys that are crack prone if you see what I mean
  9. healeyneil

    Cracked alloys

    Asking for a pal here. He's got an 03 plate 320 convertible. Today he found one of his 17" alloys cracked. Would replacing with aftermarket be a good idea ? Any suggestions? thanks Neil
  10. healeyneil

    I mean, where do you start on how wrong this is?

    For some perverse reason the expression " fart and give me a clue " came to mind. I lol phone the doc tomorrow,honest
  11. healeyneil

    Boiler advice.

    Some boilers have some kind of automatic air bleed valve on them. THey can stick. I had this when I changed a rad for a friend. Topped the system up and it wouldnt fire up. I phoned my Corgi guy and he talked me through it. The solutioninvolved a gentle tap with a hammer. Probably worth checking your manual to see if you have one
  12. healeyneil

    Creative ways to heat up garage at minus 20 C?

    For my feet, I use "little hotties" Theyre little heating pads that you stick to your socks - under your toes. In my case theyre free, cos my wife uses them for golf, and I just nick them as required. They are 1 use only - a few hours of warm then discard
  13. healeyneil

    Customs duty AUS to UK

    A good reason to have a holiday in Australia I would suggest. The personal import level is something like £300 pp. I've brought some interesting packages back from the states
  14. healeyneil

    An electric BMW with a difference

    I wonder how much, or did I miss that bit. I'm not thinking about it. a pal was considering getting an electric power steering conversion for his Healey - over £3k !
  15. healeyneil

    Abs fault and gearbox

    Just to close this one, I gave up and put the car into the garage to fix. They got another sensor from the factor - no change. Their electrician tested it and confirmed the problem was at the sensor, so a BMW one was fitted ( over £100 ! ) and its all back to normal now, including the gearbox.