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  1. My E21 found some diesel at the exit of a roundabout on the A9 this spring - caught me completely unawares !
  2. There you have it. None of them will be around then so they can promise anything to sound good. I don't believe Traditional internal combustion engines have a great future, but they'll see me out!
  3. Congratulations !
  4. What she meant was that there will be a new range of gas powered cars. The Scottish parliament will supply enough gas for all
  5. I've got a '99 one. Is that different?
  6. Ooh a Baur too ! Pity about the nasty chrome arches on it tho im biased obviously
  7. Sorted The microswitch for the glass hatch is faulty. I thought I ad a spare one from the car I broke, but it's different
  8. arm moves freely, thanks
  9. Yes . Know that, and use them. I dont remember reading about the dip feature " switchability". I thought it was always on
  10. While using the search facility here for my rear wiper problem, I discovered that the nearside mirror dipping when in reverse is controlled by the mirror selector switch on the armrest. At the passenger side position, nothing happens, at the drivers side, it dips. I thought mine just worked occasionally!
  11. That's one of today's tasks, thanks
  12. I'm trying to fix my rear wiper which hasn't worked since I got the car. I replaced the section of loom where it goes past the tailgate hinge. Made no difference. I know the motor works. Also, since I bought the car, I've had a " boot open" warning come up every day. With a brief moment of clarity in my foggy ole brain, I've realised the motor may not operate cos it thinks the tailgate is open ! SO, where is the culprit microswitch ? FWIW neither the alarm, nor the interior light is affected by this apparently open tailgate. Glass hatch or main tailgate ? Which to investigate first please neil
  13. Yesterday, I polished my headlights and replaced a slightly cracked taillight with a good spare today, I took off the underbody plastic thingies and made hole in the sills Fortunately only small holes beside the rear jacking points, but rather close to the petrol tank for welding. Once that's done, it's splicing in some new wiring to the tailgate. That will keep me busy this week
  14. Thanks. I've started with postimage, just got the problem of transferring all the old stuff
  15. Thanks to Botophucket, Im struggling with photos ! but its a Ford 302, with Flotek alloy heads ( personal import from the states ) with roller rockers, Edelbrock performer inlet, 4bbl carb, whose make escapes me, Tiger headers. The gearbox is a Tremec TR3650 ( 5 speed from a Mustang ). Back axle started life in a Scimitar, so as well as having tramp bars, Ive modified the Watts linkage on there to fit. Hopefully not too hairy to drive !