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  1. IMPORTANT - What do your kids know !

    That's a bit harsh !
  2. What I did WITH my E39 today

    It started life as a series 1 Alpine. It now has a 5 litre V8, mustang gearbox, Scimitar rea axle, Escort steering rack, Peugeot front brakes. The list goes on ! Being an early car -1960, it has the high fins on the rear wings. I'm not trying to pass it off as a Tiger !
  3. Project E34 - some Success, but mostly FAILURE!

    Don't want to be an arse, but you should get into the habit of taking your wedding ring off before you work on the car ! good work by the way neil
  4. BMW E3 - if I had to have one car forever....

    As an only car, an E24 635 must be up there. Truly modern mechanicals, decent performance, and sheer bloody luxury! I love my E21 Baur, but it's a crude old thing really in terms of noise etc. As a real world car, the E39 especially in touring form, ticks almost every box for me, from spirited driving to taking crap to the dump.
  5. E39 prefacelift xenon headlamps

    now sold
  6. What I did WITH my E39 today

    It was a dark and rainy day ! Its Vermont green. The Sunbeam started life as a series 1. Not a lot of that left now
  7. I did some more towing - Thought Id let you see an "after" picture
  8. Low coolant warning

    I'm getting a low coolant warning light coming up - and it's not low. Having searched the forum, everything I read mentions the float in the expansion tank. Well I don't have one !. My car is a '98 528i. The radiator looks different to later ones. any clues please ? neil
  9. Pair from the tourer I broke. Single xenon, adjusters all seem good, pretty clear. Will photograph them. £50 plus post neil
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Passed mot today too. Needed track rod ends. I'd already replaced some more rear susp bushes and the rear brake flexies. Oh and finally got the SLS coded out. Now please can I stop spending money on it
  11. I thought I'd share some photos of 2 of my old 5 series cars. The saloon ( a 520 ) was about 3 years old when it was hit by a lady in a Mercedes who jumped a red light. My car got turned through 90 degrees by the impact. My small kids in the car, the lot. The second 2 are of the 520 tourer I had about 5 years later. Hit by a stolen 4x4 Merc, being driven by a suspected drug dealer - he was never caught. He was on the wrong side of the road complete with traffic islands. I dont like Mercs !
  12. I have a new 2 Series

    My wife is changing hers next year . While it's great for swallowing golf clubs etc ( very important for her ! ) it hasn't inspired confidence. Trouble is, what to get next
  13. On my E39 it was a really good deal to go to my local auto transmission specialist and get them to do it at £155. My understanding is that I got a proper flush, rather than just a drain etc. I didnt think my box had any problems, but its much smoother since the service. Neil
  14. First 24 Hours with the E34 520i Auto

    Reminds me of my very first company car ! I must find and post up a photo of that
  15. Bum twitching in a RWD car!!

    My E21 found some diesel at the exit of a roundabout on the A9 this spring - caught me completely unawares !