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  1. Steering wheel swap

  2. Auto gearbox Select Array Switch

    Thanks guys!
  3. Auto gearbox Select Array Switch

    Cool, well if I win yours I'll swap it out and see if it helps. Thanks!
  4. Auto gearbox Select Array Switch

    Ah, I see. So if my DME relay is a bit iffy it might be occasionally telling my ECU not to start the car because it thinks it's in gear?
  5. Auto gearbox Select Array Switch

    Oh, hold on then. Sorry, I'm being really thick. Where is the DME sensor?
  6. Auto gearbox Select Array Switch

    That's all useful stuff, thanks. I'm bidding on your relays Duncan! I've never noticed any relays in the glove box, better clear it all out and take a look.
  7. Auto gearbox Select Array Switch

    Just restarting this topic! I'd been living with this intermittent non-starting, but now it's getting more common. On the weekend I was stuck helpless on a busy London Red Route for an hour and a half, much to everyone else's annoyance! It's also occasionally not starting from cold too, just a little 'click' from somewhere in the gearbox area and the 'gear' icon on the dashboard glowing at me. I'm pretty hopeless mechanically – I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere knowledgeable I could take it (preferably in reasonable reach of Reading)?
  8. Steering wheel swap

    Hi kjb1, no I didn't trade it and I've not got round to ebaying the one I have yet either! I don't know what splines yours would have – my 'wheel came off pretty easy, why not whip it off and have a look?
  9. Steering wheel swap

    Brilliant! Maybe we could come to a deal?
  10. Steering wheel swap

    I acquired an M-tech steering wheel ages ago, I believe it came off an E30 but I'm not sure. I thought it would swap straight onto my 1987 E28 but it has coarser splines than the standard one. Is there a way to get it re-splined to suit, or does anyone have a similar but fine-splined one they would like to swap or P/X?
  11. Wheel and tyre help please

    Got to agree with the others – 17s only really suit 'slammed' E28s IMO. When you've only got a subtle drop you want a subtle wheel. Wherabouts are you? If you need wheels to roll around on whilst you get your 16s refurbed I have a set of 14s you can borrow!
  12. Style 5 tyre choice

    JohnH That's with 205/60 15 on the front and the 225/60 15 on the back. Gives it a smidge of 'attitude' eh? Feels good to drive, obviously you have more grip but the ride doesn't seem to have suffered with the reduction in sidewall. olly22n Sorry, the old tyres got left at the tyre fitters!
  13. Style 5 tyre choice

    Swapped the wheels over yesterday – looks pretty cool, eh?
  14. Style 5 tyre choice

    Thanks for the answers. I can get those Goodyears for about £77 a corner so I think I'll go for them. Two of the 225/60s currently on them are Uniroyals – might leave them on the back for a bit of a 'hot rod' stance! Although I don't think I can afford to lose any edges off the performance, it's only a 525e after all...
  15. Style 5 tyre choice

    I picked up a set of E34 style 5s recently, but as you probably know the tyres are bit too big for an E28 (shame as they all have good tread). Is 205/60 15 about right? Any preferences on brand out there?