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  1. moeman79

    E39 M5 Exhaust

    Ideally after an Eisenmann Sport but would consider others. I know it's a long shot but thought I'd check if anyone was looking to part with one?
  2. moeman79

    E39 Audio Upgrade - Final

    Hey Carl, how are you getting on with the Alpine? Have they updated to allow Waze/Google maps yet?
  3. Hi guys, Just bought an Alpine iLX-700 double din head unit and waiting for it to arrive. Do I need a dedicated fitting kit/cage and presumably a fascia/surround? Presumably I need both. Can anyone give some recommendations for fitting kits and fascias please?
  4. moeman79

    Anyone know of this seller and these cars?

    Bump. Has anyone had any dealings with Munich Performance then? They have no less than 10 M5s at the moment! I'm planning to go up there to see what the stock's like but can't for a couple of weeks yet.
  5. Does anyone have any experience of Munich Performance in High Wycombe? They seem to have a number of E39 M5s. What's the general opinion? Has anyone bought from them? Or does anyone know of another dealer that has a regular stock of M5s?
  6. Thanks Seesure. Wow you did over 200k in your last M5? I know everyone says not to worry about mileage on a well cared for example but there's not many at that mileage. How did the car feel at 232k? Hi Laddy. I'm budgeting around £8k for the car. I'm hoping that will find me a well cared for facelift with no major works or nasties to come with a low 100s mileage. In case anyone is thinking of selling my rough requirements aside from the obvious fully documented history and condition stuff is a dark colour with either black, black/grey or caramel leather, facelift sat nav. Beyond that I'm not massively fussed about all the other options like double glazing, blinds etc. PDC is a must if that's not standard.
  7. Hey guys and gals, Just recently found this forum having decided that I have to have an E39 M5 before I'm 30. I've been wanting one for 15 years and can't wait any longer! Currently my daily is an E83 X3 3.0SD which will be staying as it does a decent enough job. The outgoing toy is a 944 Turbo that's just a bit underwhelming. I'm a big fan of 80s classics. I bought the better half a W123 230ce last year so that will remain to satisfy the 80s urge. I'm really hoping an M5 gives me more excuses to take long weekends away in the UK and find some great roads (Old Kent Road just doesn't cut it), so I can do a bit of that 'man and machine on the limit in picturesque surroundings self reflection' stuff that you're supposed to do when you get to 30 and die... Anyway I've had a poke around and hope to be able to learn a lot from you all and contribute to the forum. The only challenge now is finding a decent E39 M5 for not silly money. Wish me luck!