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  1. Are rear wheel arch repair sections available from BMW? I can see a section from the sill but what about further up the arch? Would I have to change the quarter panel?
  2. Price each please for 51717260725 51717260397 07149126886 x 10
  3. Yep try your local garage. The margins on tyres are very slow! I have a trade account and the difference is negligible compared to retail prices.
  4. I hooked up my multimeter, latched the boot and let the car go to sleep. Came back and the car current reading on the multimeter was 4.2mA. Removing fuse 56 decreased the reading to 0.02mA. When I put the fuse back in the reading went up to 3A and I could hear the navigation drive spinning. Shall I disconnect the drive and the BM54 and see if it solves my battery drain issue first before worrying about the GM3 module?
  5. How much is it?
  6. Have been meaning to do the various current draw tests using a multimeter but the weather hasn't been on my side lately. I'll try replacing the battery first. I removed it and hooked it up to a battery charger. Once fully charged it was giving be a reading of 12.51V and 2 days later it has dropped to 10.51V whilst removed from the car!
  7. After a battery for the M5. Its absolutely huge! Chassis number is BJ11472. What is the warranty on this? RealOEM lists 61216901817. Is this the correct one?
  8. Yes I have nav and traffic master. I'll try disconnecting the TM first and see if it makes a difference.
  9. Hi Guys, The battery keeps draining on my E39. I have changed the heater resistor twice. I had a Sitronic/Valeo one in there originally and then put in a febi bilstein one. This didn't cure the problem. I removed the febi one and noticed that the plastic around the connector had melted: I then swapped this over with a new Valeo one which looked a lot more shinier than the febi one. This still hasn't solved the drain issue. I have noticed that when I disconnect the FSU, I can still hear the blower purring away ever so slightly. Any idea what I should try next? Should I try a genuine BMW FSU now and see if that solves my problem?
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'll try and get some pics up once I have cleaned it.
  11. Hello everyone. I've been a long time lurker and thought it was about time I said hello! I have an E39 BMW M5. It is a facelift 2001 model in Schwartz II / Black II (1 of 33 RHD M5s in this colour!) with full extended Walk Nappa Heritage Leather and fine wood trim.
  12. Hi Dennis, Spoke to John over the phone earlier. He was very kind to go over everything and will hopefully book it in once I get a few mechanical gremlins seen to. Regards, Zee
  13. Hello there. I have extended Heritage Leather in my E39 M5. How much would it be to get all of it sorted? All the seats, door cards and centre tunnel. Regards, Zee