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  1. Good evening all, Looking for a pair of C pillar trim lights from a sport. Must be black and in good condition. No broken clips or damage. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Stu
  2. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Hi Dan, There is currently nothing fitted. I have a big open space. The only hardware present are the 4 clips which attach to the lower dashboard and are used to secure the headunit frame to. We attempted to fit the headunit frame, secure it to the clips with 4 screws. Then we attempted to fit the cage, however, it wouldn't go in. So we had to loosen the lower dashboard and drop it down slightly. After that we pushed the cage in and secured it to the supplied headunit frame. Next step was to attempt to secure headunit to frame which wasn't a problem, but the the headunit sat in too far and we couldn't fit the front fascia trim. There was no way to space it out and when fitting the front fascia trim there was almost 10mm gap along the top. Took it all back out at that point. The headunit is the latest shallow depth design from Kenwood with DAB. The fitting kit was a unbranded one which I bought from the supplier who sold the headunit. To be honest I'm very much out of my depth with ICE!
  3. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    @Piper I'll get some up soon. Photos have been taken for record. It looks so much nicer inside now. Really happy with how the headlights work as they should too. Unfortunately the headunit fitting didn't go to plan so need to sort that out. The fitting kit which included the frame, fascia and cage wouldn't fit in properly. Was really annoying. Need to research how to fit an aftermarket headunit in more depth. Also picked up staggered Style 85 wheels yesterday ready for refurb and fitting.
  4. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted sports headlining and pillar trims to mine today with help from a mate. He also resoldered the correct preface indicator looms and plugs back on so it has been restored to factory. Tomorrow we're fitting a brand new lower dashboard, kenwood head unit and new HVAC unit with frame. It's finally coming along!
  5. stu08

    E39 530i SE touring

    Does look tidy. I don't mind grey leather in a dark coloured car, but cannot deal with grey leather in silver cars.
  6. Good evening all, Very recently bought these off another forum member. True to their word, they are very good condition and most likely replaced an old worn set. They are genuine BMW too. The reason for sale so quickly: I have bought everything brand new for my car from BMW so far during my light restoration. This includes, lower dashboard, window switch packs etc. I've decided what the heck. If I'm buying everything brand new, I may as well do the same with the seals. I paid £40 for these. I'd like simply to get my money back.
  7. Good morning all. These are back up for sale as I have bought another set of wheels. Genuine E39 fitment - not bored out X5 / 7 Series versions. Fronts - 8J ET20 Rears - 9J ET24 Wheels have no tyres or centre caps as I was planning on buying both new after refurbishment. They could be fitted as they are, but do have some kerb marks. I'd personally refurbish them. I can't attach photos on the forum, but can send via email. £150 Located in Worcester, collection ideally.
  8. Last price drop before going on eBay. ☹️ I would really like a forum member to get these before they go on.
  9. Good morning all, As title states. Can I retrofit the SMG paddles on a preface sports steering wheel with the single stage airbag? On my previous E39's (mostly facelifts) I was planning on buying an E46 M3 SMG steering wheel and fitting it (due to it being pretty much a straight swap). As far as I'm aware it isn't straightforward to fit a facelift steering wheel to a preface car. Therefore my next option is to see if I can buy the paddles from somewhere and have them fitted to my existing sport steering wheel. Thanks for any advice. Stu
  10. Good evening all, As title states - let me know if you have any please. Stu
  11. stu08

    530e Msport had a polish

    That looks amazing! What colour is it and which polish did you use?
  12. @d_a_n1979 Thank you for explaining how to upload photos and links. Stu
  13. Good evening all, BMW F10 paddle shifters for sale. Brand new and unused. I was planning to retrofit these to my preface steering wheel, but decided on a different look and route. Looking for £50 posted. Thanks for looking. Stu
  14. Thanks for the photo. Just checking, the photos linked are from a heated steering wheel install. Do you know how the the paddles connect to the copper pins shown on the back of the slip ring? I've also searched for e38 heated slip rings and they don't appear to have those two pins present as shown. Just checking, is the part number correct? Appreciate your help.
  15. Good evening all, For sale complete RHD kit. Good points - - It's Birch Anthracite Bad points - - Couple of cracks on one of the front door trims (can be repaired) Looking for £165 including postage. Photos available on request as usual due to limitation of photos. Kind Regards, Stu
  16. Hi Piper, I felt £150 for the trim + £15 packaging was a reasonable price. I've seen sets go for £300+ but don't think any piece of trim is worth that much. My car cost double that haha.
  17. Good evening all, I'm looking for the rear trims which have the rear interior lights in them. I don't need the lights but will buy them if available. They have to be black sport versions. Thanks for looking. Stu
  18. stu08

    Bmw e39 sport - rear C pillar trims

    Update - Checked the ones bought and they match what's on the car luckily!
  19. Paid for - now sold. Thank you for looking.
  20. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Good evening. I've put a thread in the parts and breakers section. Just going to take some photos now.
  21. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That looks so good, I've bought another excellent condition set and am selling the Birch Anthracite trim I was planning to fit!