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  1. stu08

    Centre Air Vent Photos

    Good morning all, I'm going to fit my new centre air vent today. Odd question perhaps. Can anyone take photos of how the air vent sits in the dashboard please? Reason for asking is that I bought a new centre air vent last month and attempted to fit it. It seemed as though I pushed the air vent too far into the dashboard as it didn't look right around the edges. I attempted to push it out and broke the air vent. I have now bought another new one and want to ensure I don't make the same mistake. Thanks for any photos and advice. Stu
  2. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I bought a complete set of Birch Anthracite trim for £70. Had it delivered today and looks very tidy. Couple of cracks on one trim, but otherwise will polish up nicely. Going to fit them now.
  3. Good afternoon all, I was planning to fit this set but just managed to buy another set of trim which I've been after for ages! This set is the cleanest I've had (owned 4 sets) and includes the auto knob and the front cup holder delete panel. With this set will be a further complete set of door trims which I bought as spares. I can send photos on request as I seem to have used my allocated amount on the forum and don't know how to free space up. I'd like £70 for these including postage.
  4. Good afternoon all, I've increased the price by £10 for postage as it is more than I realised. I paid £120 for the set, so still good value I believe.
  5. Good evening all, I have two new vapour barriers and the tape to fit them direct from BMW. I have removed the old barriers and cleaned off all the old sealant. I'm now slightly stuck as I didn't take note of how they were positioned when I removed them. Does anyone have any advice on how to line them up correctly so they seal properly? Thanks for any help. Stu
  6. Thanks for the reply. What's your email address? I'll send them to you. Stu
  7. As title. Only trim piece missing is the auto lever. Rest of set in good condition. Can't see any major marks or damage. Photos to follow.
  8. stu08

    E39 Nussbaum Wood Trim - Free

  9. I couldn't have asked for a better response than they. Thank you so much for that.
  10. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Removed all of the tape residue on my inner rear doors after removing the vapour barriers. Took about an hour per door! All clean and prepped now ready for the new barriers to be fitted.
  11. Good afternoon all, As per title. I'm fighting a losing battle with a single connector which goes from the car loom into the rear of the HVAC panel. Are there any tricks for this one. Apparently it's a simple squeeze on the clips and pull. It isn't budging! Thanks for any help. Stu
  12. stu08

    How do I remove HVAC connector?

    I finally removed the connector.
  13. stu08

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    That looks stunning! My 5 is Biarritz Blue and I've been stalling with refurbing my style 69's as I couldn't decide on colour. I was thinking shadow chrome, but having seen yours my mind is made up with a bright silver. Who did the refurb? Looks a great job.
  14. stu08

    BMW Specialist - Midlands

    Good evening all, I'm going to have some work done on my car (cooling system overhaul and auto box service). Can anyone recommend a specialist they have had a good experience with please? Thanks, Stu
  15. stu08

    535i / 540i Auto Box

    Good morning all, Does anyone know if the 535i and the 540i share the same automatic transmission? Thanks for any help. Stu
  16. stu08

    535i / 540i Auto Box

    Good guess haha. I have two options: 1) Manual conversion 2) Replacement auto box Someone (not on this forum) said the 535 has a smaller and therefore more failure prone auto box than the one fitted to the 540.
  17. stu08

    E39 Nussbaum Wood Trim - Free

    Updated - This is now free, collection only from Worcester.
  18. Good morning all, I am going to get a mobile electrician to come and do some wiring on my car (currently SORN). As some of you may have read previously my indicator wiring has been modified by the previous owner to accept angel eye style headlights, I am going back to the original amber indicator headlights. Does anyone have a diagram for the wiring loom for preface indicators? The reason for asking is: - On the facelift indicator loom there appears to be two wires going to the rear of the indicator socket from a loom running down the inside of the front wing - BMW have supplied me with the wires and connector block to convert back to preface, however, I have 4 wires per connector block instead of the 2 above currently fitted I am not entirely sure how the 4 wires should be routed from the loom inside the front wing when there are currently only two for the facelift setup. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks for any help. Stu
  19. stu08

    New wheels finally on.

    Looks stunning, great colour combo. Are these wheels shadow chrome?
  20. Good evening all, I am about to repair the vapor barriers on my 535i. I have bought second hand but immaculate rear door cards, as the water ingress from the failed barriers caused the original door cards to rot along the base. It was that bad one of the rear puddle lights fell out soon after I got the car. As a result of this it has got me thinking. Could you lacquer the inside lower half of the rear door cards to protect them from any further issues should the vapor barriers leak again?
  21. stu08

    Bonnet release

    Thanks for the heads up mate. I'll look into it a bit more now!