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  1. I've been doing further reading. Apparently the DME is required to have the 4.6/4.8 is software flashed. What issues could this cause with my car being a 3.5? I'm assuming the DME software looks after fuelling etc. I'm planning on fitting manifolds, an exhaust, intake and a map. I'm concerned this will complicate things in the future.
  2. Good afternoon all, I have a preface E39 535i with the M62TUB35 engine (245 PS). I have the chance to buy the instrument cluster from an X5 is. I have a couple of questions to check: 1) Does it matter if my car is a preface version - will the cluster still fit and operate? 2) I believe the DME from a 4.6/4.8 is should be used to make the instrument cluster work (lights on the rev counter, oil temp etc) - will it matter if I have the car remapped at a later date? Or can I not remap it in-case there is an issue with the DME? Thanks for any help. Stu
  3. stu08

    Reversed Steptronic Changes

    That's brilliant - exactly what I was looking for, thank-you.
  4. Good evening all, I'm sure I recently saw a thread where someone had bought a later BMW steptronic auto lever surround with + / - changes the opposite way to the E39 version. I don't like having to push forward to change up manually, to me it feels more natural to pull back to change up. Is it as simple as buying the surround and retrofitting it (straight plug and play)? Thanks for any help. Stu
  5. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    Should also say thanks to Clavurion and keliuss for adding their photos. It's great to see what others have done.
  6. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    Thanks once again for all the replies and info. I've decided the hydrodip route for the trims. I've requested joining the FB group, thanks chicaneuk for the heads up. Hopefully he'll sort me out. I'll check if he will do the trims I've bought.
  7. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    Car will lowered on H&R coilovers, similar style wheels to Style 5's (18"), with an Alpina rear exhaust trim and twin tail pipe exhaust. I'm thinking finishes such as carbon fibre won't suit the exterior of the car.
  8. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm leaning towards wrapping / hydro dipping. I've also looked at vinyl and hydrographic prints and am now thinking what colour I should go for. Car is a Biarritz Blue SE with a black leather interior. I've fitted black sport seats and also a new black headlining with all new ABC pillar trims in black. Basically the interior is black. I was thinking piano black interior trim too, but am now thinking with the option of hydro dipping or wrapping, would a wood trim effect be better (replicating Poplar for example)?
  9. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    No worries. Just wanted to be sure I hadn't missed something new.
  10. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    Thanks Dan. When you say wet dip, is that the same as hydro dipping?
  11. stu08

    Painting Interior Trim

    Good evening all, After waiting a few months for a decent set of piano black interior trim to appear for sale, I've given up. Instead I've just bought an aluminium style set from a Sport on eBay. Can anyone recommend a really good paint shop in the Midlands who will be able to paint the trim piano black? I will give them a sample interior trim in piano black to try and replicate. Thanks, Stu
  12. Of course - I'll post them up on Saturday. Thanks, Stu
  13. stu08

    E39 Interior Trim Set

    Good evening all, I'm looking for a set of interior trim in good condition. I'm open to all trims except Vavona and Nussbaum. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Stu
  14. stu08

    BMW F10 523/528

    It would help if I added that bit...... It'll be a 6 pot version. Probably around 2010-2011 registered.