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  1. stu08

    Centre Air Vent Photos

    Thanks for those pictures. Mine looks identical now. Last time I messed up the whole vent was pushed in and the sides and bottom edge looked like the top section too!
  2. Good evening all. I rolled my car out of the garage today to fit the new air vent which went perfectly. No broken vent this time. However...... I was working on the car for about 10 minutes with both front doors open. I then disconnected the battery as I didn't want to end up with a flat battery. Disconnected, did the work and then reconnected the positive lead. However I didn't tighten the nut on the terminal as I was planning to do work tomorrow. Went to start the engine, clicking sound. Then nothing. No dashboard lights etc. Opened boot and wiggled the positive lead, all okay again. This time I tightened the nut on the terminal. Started the car, all good again. Ran it for a couple of seconds and switched back off. Went inside for 5 minutes and came back out to move the car into the garage. Thought I'd be lazy and let it free roll down my drive to the entrance of the garage. I then went to start the car. This time all lights etc. working but just a clicking noise everytime I turn the key. Central locking, interior lights etc. working, can hear the engine electrics working but the car will not start. The car is SORN and only moves up and down the drive for a matter of seconds. It had a new battery about 4 months ago. I'm wondering if all the standing and frequent short starts have killed a new battery, or if I have shorted something somewhere. Thanks for reading my lengthy post. Stu
  3. stu08

    Centre Air Vent Photos

    Good morning all, I'm going to fit my new centre air vent today. Odd question perhaps. Can anyone take photos of how the air vent sits in the dashboard please? Reason for asking is that I bought a new centre air vent last month and attempted to fit it. It seemed as though I pushed the air vent too far into the dashboard as it didn't look right around the edges. I attempted to push it out and broke the air vent. I have now bought another new one and want to ensure I don't make the same mistake. Thanks for any photos and advice. Stu
  4. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I bought a complete set of Birch Anthracite trim for £70. Had it delivered today and looks very tidy. Couple of cracks on one trim, but otherwise will polish up nicely. Going to fit them now.
  5. Good afternoon all, I've increased the price by £10 for postage as it is more than I realised. I paid £120 for the set, so still good value I believe.
  6. Thanks for the reply. What's your email address? I'll send them to you. Stu
  7. Good afternoon all, I was planning to fit this set but just managed to buy another set of trim which I've been after for ages! This set is the cleanest I've had (owned 4 sets) and includes the auto knob and the front cup holder delete panel. With this set will be a further complete set of door trims which I bought as spares. I can send photos on request as I seem to have used my allocated amount on the forum and don't know how to free space up. I'd like £70 for these including postage.
  8. stu08

    E39 Nussbaum Wood Trim - Free

  9. I couldn't have asked for a better response than they. Thank you so much for that.
  10. Good evening all, I have two new vapour barriers and the tape to fit them direct from BMW. I have removed the old barriers and cleaned off all the old sealant. I'm now slightly stuck as I didn't take note of how they were positioned when I removed them. Does anyone have any advice on how to line them up correctly so they seal properly? Thanks for any help. Stu
  11. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Removed all of the tape residue on my inner rear doors after removing the vapour barriers. Took about an hour per door! All clean and prepped now ready for the new barriers to be fitted.