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  1. I might have looked in the wrong place. That photo was from the underside of the steering column. This one is from top, in front of the dashboard. Looks like the same screw as mentioned in Chapter 7.
  2. Thanks for the information on that, I've taken a photo of mine and can't see a screw present?
  3. Thanks for the reply, where are the torx screws located? I'll assume I should disconnect the battery before checking?
  4. Hi Luke, I've actually bought and have a preface single stage airbag sport steering wheel ready for retrim and fit. I just don't want to put loads of money into getting it done if it then turns out to be a dual stage. I also wanted to retrofit paddles for shifting, but am thinking this will not be possible with a preface steering wheel.
  5. Thought I'd update this thread with a photo. Can anyone tell by looking at the steering wheel if it's single or dual stage?
  6. £300 These wheels will not be lowered any further, no offers accepted.
  7. stu08

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    I have a set of genuine staggered Style 69's in E39 fit. Unfortunately I'm not close to Manchester (Worcester)
  8. stu08

    How do I remove HVAC connector?

    I'm almost at that point, although I'd like to beat the damn thing and remove it without cutting it.
  9. stu08

    How do I remove HVAC connector?

    Thanks for the advice. Where is the base of the connector? I was trying to work out where I would lever the plug from. I couldn't see the point where I'd lever from as the plug is so tight.
  10. stu08

    How do I remove HVAC connector?

    I'm really at a loss with what seems such a simple connector. I've been going Pulp Fiction on that thing with pliers and a hairdryer and it still will not come out. I was actually concerned of breaking the plug.
  11. stu08

    6 or 8 that is the question

    I’ve had a 528i Sport (and other 6 cylinder e39’s) and now a 535i SE. I love the straight 6 it’s a we’ll balanced and smooth lump with a nice soundtrack. However, none of the 6 cylinder engines have made me crack a huge smile like I did when I started my 535i on the test drive before I bought it. It still makes me smile now hearing it fire up. Mine is the 245 PS version, certainly quicker than my previous 2.8. Quicker than a 530i? With the extra weight of the engine and 15 PS more, unlikely, probably identical performance. Although the torque of the V8 does make it feel more effortless. The 535i is often said to not make sense in the e39 line up. However, with 540’s going the way they are, it certainly makes more sense to get one than before, as has been said, they’ll get harder to find. When I’m cruising the back roads with the windows down on a summer evening will I care that it isn’t as fast as a 540i? Of course not, I’ll be listening to a near identical soundtrack and driving experience for 95% of the time. That’s certainly worth getting the entry 8 for me! Should probably add the 6 does feel lighter and turns in slightly better than the 8. To be honest, if I wanted a back road bruiser I’d be in something like a DC2 Integra anyway. Although the e39 is still fun down backroads.
  12. Spotted two E39's this morning parked side by side in a car park in Worcester. Think one was a 535i and the other perhaps a 540i. Seemed a coincidence to see two parked next to each other in a virtually empty car park. Anyone on here?
  13. I'm actually slightly confused by my car. It was built in 12/1998. It is a 535i and has the 245 PS engine, not the earlier 235/241 PS engines which I thought all preface 535i's had. I'm wondering if mine has the later engine, could it have the later steering wheel too? Thanks for the two links and all the information, I will definitely go down that route if my car does have the single stage system.
  14. That's incredible. I'll PM you. Thank you so much for looking.
  15. That would be great if you did. Thank you for checking.