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  1. stu08

    Bonnet release

    Thanks for the heads up mate. I'll look into it a bit more now!
  2. stu08

    E39 535i Auto Box Issue

    Thanks for the responses. I'm going to get the auto box serviced at a local indy. If the issue continues I will get the box rebuilt.
  3. Good evening all, I am about to repair the vapor barriers on my 535i. I have bought second hand but immaculate rear door cards, as the water ingress from the failed barriers caused the original door cards to rot along the base. It was that bad one of the rear puddle lights fell out soon after I got the car. As a result of this it has got me thinking. Could you lacquer the inside lower half of the rear door cards to protect them from any further issues should the vapor barriers leak again?
  4. stu08

    Bonnet release

    Mine makes no sound and doesn't raise. Standard grills and no worries with opening it or shuting it either. Although mine could also be faulty haha.
  5. As title. Only trim piece missing is the auto lever. Rest of set in good condition. Can't see any major marks or damage. Photos to follow.
  6. stu08

    Rust e39 no hope?

    Don't suppose you know much about its history? Has it ever been written off due to flood damage? Have the vapour barriers failed in the rear door cards and let water in over a prolonged time? Looking at that, it seems very severe even for an e39 (only based on ones I've owned). I'm wondering if there are other reasons, I.e. crash damage poorly repaired etc.
  7. stu08

    Help Centre Air Vent Replacement

    Thanks for your advice. I went to BMW armed with your post haha. They told me that all centre air vents are sent with the LHD cable as a unit. I've now ordered the RHD bowden and will fit it next weekend.
  8. stu08

    Wrap the wood?

    Good afternoon, What colour is the car and the interior? Which trim level is it?
  9. stu08

    Help Centre Air Vent Replacement

    Does anyone have a picture of how the bowden cable is routed? Wondering if I routed it incorrectly...
  10. stu08

    Help Centre Air Vent Replacement

    According to Realoem the part number for the bowden temperature control cable is: 64118364008 The part number on the bowden temperature control cable attached to my unit is: 64118391800
  11. stu08

    Help Centre Air Vent Replacement

    In that case I'm doing something very wrong as the bowden cable cannot possibly attach to the plastic bracket which it clips over.
  12. Good afternoon all, So I've gone to replace my centre air vent with a brand new one from BMW. The new vent came as a unit with a new bowden cable. On trying to fit the new air vent I could not get the bowden cable to reach the mechanism under the dashboard. I quickly fished my old one out of the bin which was attached to my old and damaged air vent and noticed two things: 1) The bowden cable on the new E39 unit is blue, the one which came off my old one is green 2) The length of the new bowden cable is shorter, hence my issue with not reaching the mechanism. This centre air vent and unit was bought from BMW using my reg. number. Can anyone help me understand why there are two different length cables and why the new one isn't reaching the bracket it clips in to? Thanks for any help.
  13. stu08

    E39 535i Auto Box Issue

    I'm based in Worcester, about 120 miles from Dartford. I will look online and see if there is a specialist near me.
  14. stu08

    E39 535i Auto Box Issue

    I have no service history for the car unfortunately. However, I would guess it hasn't been done. I'll book the car in for that to be done first.
  15. stu08

    My old girl...

    I'm in love!! Stunning side on photo. I have a 535i - Have been ummming and arghing about a lower spoiler for the front bumper. That Alpina one looks absolutely perfect from that angle.