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  1. stu08

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    That's great. Thanks for the advice. Fitted and finished.
  2. stu08

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    Thank you. Do I simply unclip it from the base of the seat and reattach it to the new one?
  3. stu08

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    I'm trying to remove my SE front seats and come across a wire which I haven't seen mentioned in any how to's. It connects to a metal pin and bracket underneath the seat. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks for any help. Stu
  4. stu08

    1999 535i 241 BHP Remap

    Thanks, I was thinking similar. I've always found in the past that once I go past stage 1 (remap only) I start to find things feel worse. Exhausts can cause drone, intakes can become too intrusive and I end up not enjoying the car as much. Hence the feeling of just a remap to give it that little bit extra without too many other changes. Thanks also. That's exactly what I'm looking for, just that bit more of a nimble feeling low down. Who did the remap?
  5. stu08

    1999 535i 241 BHP Remap

    Good afternoon all, I have the following above. I want to get a little bit more power from the engine. I've come from a history of tuned turbos. I'm aware that NA engines won't see big gains like a petrol / diesel turbo will. However a few BHP and NM is all I'm after. Can anyone recommend a good company? Thanks, Stu
  6. Afternoon all, I need all the bulb holder plugs (sidelights, dipped and main beam) for the headlight bulbs which twist into the rear of the headlights and plug into the looms. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Stu
  7. stu08

    Urgent Help - Rebuilding Headlight

    Sorted it. Found the glass which I saved from the units I binned. Modified the new front cover by removing the TYC glass and fitting the BMW ones instead.
  8. Good afternoon all, I've just replaced the adjusters in my preface lift E39 headlights (1999). The headlights have a ball style lens (projector) on the dipped beam side. I have bought replacement front covers from a company online. They are excellent quality and look OE. However, the glass in the headlight cover which snaps onto the rear headlight assembly holding the reflectors, bulbs etc. appears different to the one I removed and binned. On the one I removed, the dipped beam glass had a circle in it which I assume was for the projecter to project the light out, on the ones I have bought there is no circle present - just diagonal lines. What would happen if I fitted this front cover without the circle for the projector lens? Or do I need the correct glass? Thanks for any help - hopefully I've made sense. Stu
  9. stu08

    E39 Saloon Rust Free Boot Lid - Any Colour

    Thanks for the message - I've actually managed to source a rust free lid through the forum.
  10. Good evening all, Was planning on fitting the LHS M5 back box to my 535i. I've now decided to go down the custom exhaust route. Decent enough condition - FREE, collection only from Worcester.
  11. stu08

    E39 Saloon Rust Free Boot Lid - Any Colour

    Still looking.
  12. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Removed my door cards ready for some better condition ones to go in. Also removed half the skin on my knuckles when I slipped with the panel trim remover!
  13. stu08

    LHS M5 Back Box on 535i

    I didn't think it would. Other option may be to remove one of the rear boxes and straight pipe one of the pipes, but leave the other attached as normal. I want a bit more sound, but to be honest am not that keen on the full rear box delete sound. Other option would be a dedicated performance rear box.
  14. stu08

    LHS M5 Back Box on 535i

    Good evening all, Potentially daft question............. Will fitting the back box of the M5 release a bit more V8 sound? I'll only be fitting the LHS as I like the look of the single exit twin pipe tips. The back box will be fitted to a completely standard exhaust. Thanks, Stu