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  1. Thank you for the reply Carl. I've bought the Autoleads double DIN fascia to see how that fits. I'm going to try and fit it once I've worked out how it actually secures the headunit.
  2. Good afternoon all, I have recently bought an Autoleads double DIN fascia. I have loosened and removed the lower dashboard ready to fit the headunit, but am very confused. I can see how to secure the fascia to the dashboard, but I don't have a clue on how the headunit or cage will fit securely to the fascia. I have removed all existing headunit, frame etc. so have a big gap and this fascia only. Is there anything else I need to fit an aftermarket headunit apart from the fascia, cage and unit itself? Thanks for any help. Stu
  3. stu08

    It’s been a while....

    What an absolute stunner - great colour. Please do come on and tell us how great it is, these forums are about both technical help and showing our pride and joys. It also gives me hope that trouble-free E39's exist.
  4. Good afternoon all, Potentially silly question. My Kenwood DMX7018DABS came with a cage. Unfortunately said cage has been broken and cannot be used. I can't find a replacement one to buy online. I have purchased the Connects2 CT24BM08 fascia which comes with a frame and what appears to be two side plates. My question is, can I fit the double DIN unit using the connects2 fascia without a cage, or do I still need to buy another cage. Thanks for any help. Stu
  5. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Decided to fit brand new sport A / C pillar trims and lights as the second hand ones I brought were damaged. Looks very fresh with new interior trims.
  6. stu08

    E39 Audio Upgrade - Final

    Hi Dennis, Thanks for the response on the fascia. I tried fitting a different fascia which apparently is designed to tip the lower section of a full size double DIN up to give clearance over the air vent. Unfortunately my shallow depth double DIN wouldn't fit up to the fascia as it was too shallow and there was a large gap (depth dimension) between the headunit screen and fascia. Your fascia is my preferred option as it has the buttons to look factory and removes the large plastic empty space. I'll wait for further updates on your other thread and hold off for the moment.
  7. stu08

    BMW E39 Piano Black interior trim

    @robsey29 Thank you for the message! I most certainly can wait. Let me know when you have found them and we'll sort something out. Thanks again for letting me know, appreciated.
  8. stu08

    E39 Audio Upgrade - Final

    Looks awesome! Which fascia /cage did you use to fit the head unit? I'm. Struggling to find a good double din fascia which sits flush like yours does.
  9. stu08

    Recommended Headunit E39

    I haven't fitted the unit yet - I have just fitted a new lower dashboard to my E39. I am after a fascia plate and fitting kit now to fit it. I have given it a trial run and it seems like an excellent unit. Really easy to use, fast response, clear screen and great apps through my android. I'll give you a better report in a couple of weeks time.
  10. Good evening all, As title, I'm looking for a set of RHD piano black interior trim. Let me know what you have. Kind Regards, Stu
  11. I managed to poke my head under another E39 dashboard and it looked the same regarding the lower plastic cover - photo 2. Even if you can't get photos, confirmation that yours looks the same would be greatly appreciated.
  12. stu08

    BMW E39 Door Seals, Worcester, £40

    I ended up fitting these and keeping the new ones for the future. Thread closed.
  13. Good evening all, At the weekend I fitted a new lower dashboard on my 535i. I've had a look around the lower dashboard and glove box today whilst it's shut and noticed a couple of things: 1) The glove box and lower dashboard are not completely flush on the RHS when shut - Photo 1 2) There appears to be a cover underneath the glove box which seems to sit lower than the glove box - Photo 2 3) I can see a piece of plastic trim on the RHS area in the gap when the glove box is closed - Photo 3 Can anyone send me photos of their glove box when closed please so I can see if mine looks right. Also, can anyone send me a photo of how the cover sits underneath the glove box. You need to stick your head up and under the passenger foot well to see it clearly. Any photos would be greatly appreciated. I'll get some up of mine too, so you can see the issue I'm having. Thanks, Stu
  14. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    @d_a_n1979 I have now realised my mistake! The fitting kit I bought was for a full depth double DIN headunit. The fascia trim was designed to allow the fitment of a full depth unit, without the need to modify the plastic air duct behind it, as the fascia design protruded from the frame outwards (if that makes sense). As my headunit is a new double DIN shallow depth version, it can be fitted flush with the dashboard - therefore I can buy the flat fascia plate instead. My error!