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  1. 51117894378 According to Realoem it is suitable for both M Trim and M5 E39's. Regards, Stu
  2. Thanks for the replies. It's a solid car for £800. Would like it gone by the end of the month as my insurance ends then (thought it was the 23rd).
  3. Hi mate, I sent you a PM with my email address yesterday - have you received the PM?
  4. Good evening, No - I only have the bare bumper as shown in the photos. The other parts are available readily on auction sites. The only parts you'll have issues finding are the splash guards and engine tray. However, there are good pattern parts available at a fraction of the price. Regards, Stu
  5. I'm not an expert photographer; but you can see where the jack point has been welded, and some corrosion near the windscreen. It is a 17 year old car so does have stone chips and marks, although they're not bad considering the age. It is a straight car for £800.
  6. Photos removed.
  7. Good morning all, As per other threads - parts no longer for sale. Thank-you for viewing.
  8. Good morning all, Decided to keep my car - bumper no longer for sale. Thank-you for looking.
  9. I originally put £1000 ONO with the intention of accepting £800. Therefore, rather than mess around, the car is simply £800 with no offers.
  10. Very good point! I'll add that to the advert. Thank-you.
  11. I have just realised my insurance is due on the 23rd May. I'd rather not reinsure the car only for sale reason. £1000 ONO. I have refitted the aluminium interior trim also. The Nussbaum interior trim will appear in the sales section soon. Photos to follow on Saturday.
  12. Good morning all, Change of heart - I've decided to keep it as it is a solid base car for some TLC. Going to SORN it with the intention to restore it after buying a house. Had a look on AT with a budget in mind and couldn't find anything I would rather have than an E39. Would much rather put the budget money into sorting out the bodywork, wheels, suspension (complete overhaul). Thanks for taking the time to view. Mods - can you delete this thread please?
  13. As there is no console: price reduced. £30 + delivery.
  14. Forgot the radio trim photo.
  15. Center console, LH and RH dashboard finishers sold. I have removed the set I had fitted to my car due to changing to nussbaum wood. Please see photos below for the remaining set: 4 - door trims 3 - dashboard trims 1 - headunit flap Complete with radio flap - £40 + delivery.