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  1. What about lci e60?
  2. Don't you loose the HVAC controls with this retrofit?
  3. I am planning to install them on an e61 not e34
  4. Will these rims fit my xi wagon? I believe these are ac schnitzer type 3 Size is 18x81/2JJ ET 38
  5. A better picture. Can someone tell me what am I missing?
  6. It looks that most of them have a cap. Mine is hollow
  7. What am I missing here? Is this a big deal? The car is an e61 535xi
  8. I checked my options and unfortunately the active steering is not listed. I believe then that the sport button would not do much for me, as it will not change the steering behaviour. Or am I missing something?
  9. I will look into it. Thank you. Do I really need the sat ecu or just the gear lever and button?
  10. This is what I got [emoji6]
  11. Thank you for the explanation. Do you have a link handy to point me to a diy to install the sport button? Thank you!
  12. I have just got a new to me 2008 535xi t and wondering if I have the upgraded transmission software. I suspect that the previous owner fiddled a bit with the electronics. How do I know if I have the upgraded SAT software or not? Once I move the gear lever to M/S I get S1 to S6 or M1 to M6.