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  1. As previously stated, call BMW UK directly. My first BMW AUC turned out to be a wreck, which I got a full refund for, but it needed the intervention of BMW to smooth the waters. My other experiences of needing to use the AUC warranty with the current car and a different dealer (Cotswold, forum sponsor) have been brilliant, so make sure you get looked after properly. Cheers, Nick
  2. My weekend's started with these... Iron Man 2 soundtrack's just finished, and Prodigy's just started spinning... may have to close the back door and wind it up a bit before I really annoy the neighbours and my better half gets home from work Enjoy the weekend everyone! Cheers, Nick
  3. Guess it depends on what you use it for - I've got a Tidal account, so that integrates perfectly, and I've pasted in the BBC Radio URLs, so have internet radio as well as music library in one app, and tweaked to get the most out of the DAC!
  4. You tried any third party software on that Mac? Roon's a few quid, but well worth it if you use it a proper source into proper equipment...which looks what you're doing On a different note, these two, amongst a few others in the growing vinyl collection have been giving my deck a good work out of late: And remember folks, it's almost the weekend Cheers, Nick
  5. New windscreen being fitted on Monday due to that chip turning into a crack, I said it was a biggun! And a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 fitted on the rears today...nice and sticky!
  6. You're welcome, Phil. Can't ask any more from you guys with regards to service, always superb! Cheers, Nick
  7. Thanks Phil, Just spoke to Mark (extremely helpful chap!), and payment made. All the best, Nick
  8. Hi Guys, Can you give me prices and availability for the following parts please: 51317045447, Drip Moulding, Left 51317045448, Drip Moulding, Right 51317166841, Cover, Windshield And finally, a set of wiper blades for an E60, chassis CZ97710. Thanks guys, Nick
  9. Not half! Computer as a source?
  10. From what I've just heard with them giving it the beans with Leftfield and System Of A Down filling that studio, you'll be pretty chuffed with them!
  11. KEF are playing their LS50 wireless speakers at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick this weekend for The Headroom Show
  12. LS50s are great speakers! They were on my shortlist a few years ago, but went for something else, now sold... Picked up Faith No More's 'Album of the Year' on vinyl a few weeks ago, but not had a chance to play it yet. Most of this weekend spent with Radio 6 on, as most weekends when we're home actually; great mix of music, and Cerys Mathews' voice suits a lazy Sunday perfectly
  13. Yup, a biggun in 'zone a'...if I were a bit taller would be right in my field of vision. To to be honest, I thought it was going to fail and need to be repaired, but they passed it, so will leave it for the mo'.
  14. Just passed it's MoT! Only advisory was a for a bloody stone chip I picked up on my travels this week! Good for another 12 months...
  15. Blatant plug here, but are you after a saloon or estate? Blatant plug here, but looking at selling my 525d in the coming weeks... Drop me a PM if you want more details. Cheers, Nick