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  1. Nobody interested? Would be happy to take a realistic offer, as I've been told by SWMBO to sell it to fund my drysuit purchase... Just to reiterate, the issue with the camera doesn't affect the drone's ability to fly, and lots of people replace them with third party gimbles to fit better cameras, such as GoPro... I also have a few hifi bits for sale, PM me if interested... Cheers, Nick
  2. Hi All, Have been debating whether to sell this, and I've not go the time to get into it, so I'm putting this up for grabs, please read the full description, as I've tried to be as detailed as possible! I bought it used last year with the original owner being a bit of a pro drone pilot/cameraman, having had three almost identical setups! It's a 'real' drone, with first-person-view capability, meaning you bluetooth your phone to the controller, and then can fly it off within about a 1 mile radius, using the phone's screen to see where it's going! I played about with it a bit last summer, and after having what I thought wasn't a particularly heavy landing, the camera's gimble broke, and the camera rolled to my feet! I have tried to repair it, as it's a common accident to have, and as such, you can get replacement PCB cables from eBay, which I bought and fitted, however the camera gimble just goes mental when it's switched on...another known issue after an accident, which apparently just needs the movement sensors realigning so it knows where it is...tried that using online guides and the software but to no avail. So, it went back into the cupboard until the beginning of the good weather... I wanted to try it again, so took it to Droneworx in Wolverhampton and paid to have it serviced and checked out, along with the hope of them being able to fix the camera. They did service it, however the couldn't fix the camera, and so told me I could either spend loads on a new one, or simply use it without the camera and fly it within physical visual distance, as it's all fine. I've not had the time to get back into it due to other commitments with work, and a new hobby which needs funding, so I've decided to sell it. You've had the bad bit, so now's the good part! Apart from the broken camera (which I quick look on eBay is now showing them being sold as spares for anywhere between £130-£200), it's in excellent condition. It comes with the following accessories: Professional lightweight flight case, with laser cutouts for all components and drone (I know this does it's job, as it came back from South Africa in it!) 3 x Genuine DJI batteries (all in excellent condition) Original genuine controller Newer style genuine controller with USB charging, rather than batteries FPV Bluetooth adapter Bracket for phone Bracket for iPad Charger Carbon fibre camera landing gear plate DJI LK24-BT Data Link (don't know what this is for, but I think it's so you can do something like ride a bike and the drone will follow you!) Training blade guards All the accessories along are worth hundreds, without taking the drone into account! £275.00 including postage, and taking into account PayPal charges - £250.00 cash, collected. I'm happy to PM any of you my eBay ID so you can check out my feedback - I don't mess about, and all I ask is the same from buyers Cheers, Nick
  3. This week's new albums. PSB sounding awesome on 180g heavyweight vinyl! Happy weekend everyone! Nick
  4. And those are perfectly valid reasons for getting rid of it Blobby, no arguments here as to why you've chosen to remove it (and the cat)...and you have the ability to refit easily! It's personal preference and there's no right or wrong. The more you look into it, the DPF appears to be a botch to reduce emissions, rather than cure the problem at wonder it's so contentious with the amount of problems it causes... Happy Friday, the weekend's almost upon us! Cheers,
  5. Had a really good chat with James at Avon, and it's booked in for gearbox update & DPF check. Based on my experience with the Bluefin, we're going to try a Stage 1 map once the guys are happy the car's in fine fettle! Will report back when it's done in a couple of weeks! Thanks again guys! Nick
  6. Thanks kjb1 - they were the first things I did after buying the car, thanks to the advice on here I found before buying it! Cheers, Nick
  7. Hi All, Many thanks for the replies, which all make valid points for both options. iNNeX, I really appreciate your comments as you've obviously looked at both pros and cons, and have confirmed that I'll keep it in, just getting it cleaned if need be. The car for me is a daily driver, and 95% of my journeys are decent runs on the motorway, with only one or two 'local' journeys a week at most, and I do like the way I can do a 300 mile trip and get out refreshed. The DPF has shown no signs of playing up, and I'm strict with the servicing, sticking to 10k oil changes, and having run it on BP Ultimate for the past 42k miles since I bought it, it runs smoothly, quietly, economically and has never let me down. I just had it serviced at 90k last month and asked the garage to clean the EGR while they were under the bonnet. When collecting it got told it was all pretty clean in there already! I don't want to sacrifice comfort, i.e. additional noise, and an exhaust haze for better acceleration - years ago I had a MK3 Mondeo, and I lived next to a great mechanic who persuaded me to change the exhaust for a free-flowing s/s version when the original fell off, stiffened and lowered suspension when the shocks wore out and Powerflex bushes when they wore out...The result, it handled a lot better and was a little quicker, but for covering distances, it just ruined it... I also did some research last night and it looks like the government are trying to find ways of additionally testing for DPF removal as it's becoming so common now, so don't want to be caught out in a couple of years or potentially reducing the resale value and having to fork out for a new one, as I've had it gutted. I've not had a chance to speak to Avon yet, but will give them a tinkle shortly to discuss the options, as I am considering a remap, either their Economy or Stage 1, but am a little wary after having no end of trouble with drive-train vibration with the Superchips Bluefin I had, which I returned in the end (real shame, as it made the car so much more drivable and economical when not exploiting the extra power!). Thanks again, much appreciated! Cheers, Nick
  8. Hi All, I'm contemplating getting it it removed and mapped out, however has anyone had this done and regretted it? I understand the performance benefits, along with not having to worry about it anymore, but what about it passing the MoT; and increased visible soot when driving? It's not causing any problems at the moment, but I'm kinda thinking about preventative maintenance, and am planning on getting it into Avon Tuning for a gearbox update primarily, and can get them to check and either clean or remove it at the same time. Any help and advice greatly appreciated! Thanks, nick
  9. Nice, nice, nice! Looking forward to seeing the pics once fitted!
  10. Could be the centre bolts on the strut brace. Easy job, just need to remove a few parts of the pollen filters and windscreen lower trim to tighten the bolts. Had me tearing my hair out for weeks having both idrive screen and instrument cluster out looking for something loose inside the dash! Also even easier and one I did earlier this week is loose BC and Check buttons on the indicator stalk. Another easy fix with a couple of small strips of anti-rattle tape. Hope that helps. Cheers, Nick
  11. What's with the evil eyes ? They look mental, but what have you done with your dipped/main beam? And get on and sort those rattles out - the 200 miles I covered yesterday were much more enjoyable Cheers, Nick
  12. Worth doing chum, it took about 5 minutes at lunchtime, and a drive around some of our crappiest local roads proved it was worthwhile! It's not the tidiest of jobs, but you can see I cut small sections of the anti-rattle tape and pushed them into each corner of the cup holder. Once the cupholder cover's closed you can't see it anyway... If yours is like mine, you'll probably find that the cover wiggles sideways, so I wrapped a small piece around the latch-hook. It needs a solid push to get it to click into place, but it's made the world of difference Looking forward to seeing pics of your custom headlights, interesting...
  13. Boring compared to what a few of you have been up to, but finally cured a couple of buzzes/rattles that Have been niggling me for months. Loose 'BC' & 'Check' buttons on indicator stalk seem to be a common problem - a very thin strip of anti rattle tape on the top of the check button and bottom of the BC button carefully inserted using a Stanley knife blade has sorted that. The felt trim covering the steering column I found had nearly all the clips broken, so a thin bead of bathroom silicone sealant (flexible) has sorted that! I've got another roll of anti rattle tape on order so I can have a go at the rear armrest, which I think is the cup holder causing a slight rattle. Once that's done, it's going to be luxurious in there! cheers, Nick
  14. As previously stated, call BMW UK directly. My first BMW AUC turned out to be a wreck, which I got a full refund for, but it needed the intervention of BMW to smooth the waters. My other experiences of needing to use the AUC warranty with the current car and a different dealer (Cotswold, forum sponsor) have been brilliant, so make sure you get looked after properly. Cheers, Nick