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  1. Hi All, Winter/all season wheel and tyre set up for sale now the E60's gone. Please click on the link to see my eBay listing: £395 or near offer. Cheers, Nick
  2. Sold! Mods, do sold posts get deleted? Cheers, Nick
  3. Thanks for the comments guys, and yep, really looking forward to picking it up next week. @pidgeonpost, thanks, and yep, I hope the E60 goes to somebody who appreciates and looks after it, and I would have advertised it on here, but didn't have the time to wait for a sale, and I got just a little less than Autotrader's estimate for a private sale as the trade in, so can't complain. @sanjx I looked at a few 350's as that was what the heart said, but the head was being sensible - I didn't even try one, as I knew I couldn't have not had it once I'd tasted it. Funny you mention the comfort, as I was surprised at how comfortable it was, but still handled well... A VIN check shows it had the sport suspension option deleted and has the softer Avantgarde setup, which is fine by me! @Calypso-E34 thanks bud, can't argue with your choice of the F10 as it's a lovely car, and if the right one came up for you, then perfect choice! Have a great weekend all, Nick
  4. £20 collected
  5. Hi All, Removed from my E60, this ties onto the loops that are in the boot so you don't scratch your bumper removing heavy items. It's shaped and cut specifically for the E60, so fits really nicely. Free to whoever wants to collect from Cirencester! I've also got a pair of 20mm hubcentric wheel spacers complete with bolts nobody's been interested at for £30, so give me £20 when you come over and they're yours too Cheers, Nick
  6. Hi All, I have two complete sets of these available - 10 LEDs, part number 63 12 2 212 788. One set is enough to do all main interior roof/reading lights and front door puddle lights in an E60 without extended interior light package. I guess both sets would do a whole car with extended light package, and probably an E61 (I have both sets as I had them in my previous E91, which did have the extended interior light package, and there were still a few left over). Designed specifically for the car's electronics, so they don't throw up any warning errors on the dash/idrive, and dim properly when locking and unlocking the car. Much brighter and whiter than standard W5W lamps, they look superb! These sets currently sell for £80.00 new from BMW on eBay, and are in perfect working order, complete with original packaging, so am after £40.00 each set posted - half price! Happy to do both sets for £75.00 posted. Cheers, Nick
  7. Thanks bud, if it hadn't sold on eBay last week, then that would have been helpful! Cheers, Nick
  8. Thanks bud! I would have loved the facelift (have had a couple of the new C's as hire cars and think the new look is sweet), however my budget would have only just stretched to mega-milers! Cheers, Nick
  9. Hi All, Just want to say thanks for all the help and advice I've received on here during my time owning the E60, and hopefully I've been able to contribute, even though I'm not around that often. I've been debating whether to change the car for an estate for a while, and thought about getting something smaller, but there are changes of circumstances, so wanted something bigger. Obvious choice was E61 or F11, but fancied a change... Kinda fancied the old shape A6, however decent engined models are in ridiculous tax brackets and nowhere near as economical as the Exx or Fxx equivalents (at least on paper), Volvo V70 D5 R designs are nice, but again clean modern ones are pretty hard to find, so there appeared to be only one other option...the three pointed star. So, after hunting around, I found a pretty clean E250 CDI Sport at a main dealer, very well specced and with low miles, agreed in principal a deal I was happy with before taking it for a test drive this morning, and after expecting to find an extremely boring wagon, I was really impressed, and am picking up this beauty next week: I've loved my time owning the past E60, previous E91 & E46, but just fancied a change this time, hopefully the right one! Again, I want to thank all of those have given me so much advice in the past, which has been absolutely invaluable, and helped me keep the E60 running as it should! To those looking out for one, keep your eyes out for my old 525d on a forecourt somewhere (the dealer are just putting it straight out to auction), it'll be a great buy for someone. Cheers, Nick
  10. Evening buddy, Thanks for the interest, but they're not going to work for you I'm afraid. I just measured and it's as near as dammit 72mm: Cheers, Nick
  11. Hi All, I have a pair of 20mm, 5 x 120 hubcentric wheel spacers including bolts for sale. They are in used condition, having been on the rear of the car over the winter to make my diddy little winter wheels fill the arches a bit better One has a couple of small dinks on the back edge where it fell onto the ground when removing the wheels. Having a clear out of the garage and they are just sitting there in the way, so have to go! £30.00 inc. postage. Cheers, Nick
  12. Morning nomis, Funnily enough, seeing that report on the news yesterday regarding the new (and needed) regulations made my mind up to actively sell it, as, after getting no interest on here I was thinking of keeping it... I've not got the time or funds to take lessons and get a licence for a hobby I've hardly got time to spend on anyway... It's a pro drone and is quite a heavy beast, so guess you would need a licence moving forward. I've listed it on eBay and it's got a couple of bids already, so it'll go for whatever it goes for! Cheers, Nick
  13. Nobody interested? Would be happy to take a realistic offer, as I've been told by SWMBO to sell it to fund my drysuit purchase... Just to reiterate, the issue with the camera doesn't affect the drone's ability to fly, and lots of people replace them with third party gimbles to fit better cameras, such as GoPro... I also have a few hifi bits for sale, PM me if interested... Cheers, Nick
  14. Hi All, Have been debating whether to sell this, and I've not go the time to get into it, so I'm putting this up for grabs, please read the full description, as I've tried to be as detailed as possible! I bought it used last year with the original owner being a bit of a pro drone pilot/cameraman, having had three almost identical setups! It's a 'real' drone, with first-person-view capability, meaning you bluetooth your phone to the controller, and then can fly it off within about a 1 mile radius, using the phone's screen to see where it's going! I played about with it a bit last summer, and after having what I thought wasn't a particularly heavy landing, the camera's gimble broke, and the camera rolled to my feet! I have tried to repair it, as it's a common accident to have, and as such, you can get replacement PCB cables from eBay, which I bought and fitted, however the camera gimble just goes mental when it's switched on...another known issue after an accident, which apparently just needs the movement sensors realigning so it knows where it is...tried that using online guides and the software but to no avail. So, it went back into the cupboard until the beginning of the good weather... I wanted to try it again, so took it to Droneworx in Wolverhampton and paid to have it serviced and checked out, along with the hope of them being able to fix the camera. They did service it, however the couldn't fix the camera, and so told me I could either spend loads on a new one, or simply use it without the camera and fly it within physical visual distance, as it's all fine. I've not had the time to get back into it due to other commitments with work, and a new hobby which needs funding, so I've decided to sell it. You've had the bad bit, so now's the good part! Apart from the broken camera (which I quick look on eBay is now showing them being sold as spares for anywhere between £130-£200), it's in excellent condition. It comes with the following accessories: Professional lightweight flight case, with laser cutouts for all components and drone (I know this does it's job, as it came back from South Africa in it!) 3 x Genuine DJI batteries (all in excellent condition) Original genuine controller Newer style genuine controller with USB charging, rather than batteries FPV Bluetooth adapter Bracket for phone Bracket for iPad Charger Carbon fibre camera landing gear plate DJI LK24-BT Data Link (don't know what this is for, but I think it's so you can do something like ride a bike and the drone will follow you!) Training blade guards All the accessories along are worth hundreds, without taking the drone into account! £275.00 including postage, and taking into account PayPal charges - £250.00 cash, collected. I'm happy to PM any of you my eBay ID so you can check out my feedback - I don't mess about, and all I ask is the same from buyers Cheers, Nick