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  1. Deer oh deer

    Completely different area, but esure's appointed bodyshop did a decent job of repairing my car after hitting a badger. Well, other than not plugging one of the fog lamps back in.
  2. Happy new year!

    Happy New Year everyone.
  3. Leaking power steering coolant pipe

    You could and you could have no problems at all. Or it could cause other failures and problems due to the lack of cooling. Personally if BMW decided that it needed a cooler, I'd replace rather than disconnect it.
  4. Death in the family

    My condolences Paul. Look after the people you love, but don't forget to take care of yourself.
  5. My new favourite BMW saloon

    I'd love a B12, saloon or coupe.
  6. Torx Bits

    This set has done me well for occasional use: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00HNU6JVE/
  7. Just two pulleys on 2001 525?

    There's a tensioner and an idler pulley for the main belt, and a second tensioner pulley for the separate AC belt.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  9. E61 Tyres

    It's got a kinda tyre pressure monitor, that uses the wheel speed sensors to fudge some figures for each wheels rolling radius. Then compares the 4, and gets upset if one goes out of whack. You can shut it up by getting all your pressures right then resetting it.
  10. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    I think you're right in that it's worth checking the guibo and/or propshaft.
  11. Recommend a commuter car

    If you want wafty comfort and lots of toys, without the usual big prestige car maintenance, you could try a Lexus GS300 for £3k-£5k. They're about as exciting as a pile of damp newspapers, but as a serene place to sit in traffic or schlep down a motorway, they're hard to beat.
  12. Japanese Import E39s

    I seriously looked at picking up a e36 this way when they were of a similar vintage. There were a few quirky options but you could get a mint 40-50k car for a very reasonable price.
  13. The grand tour

    I wish they'd drop the tedious 'race some extreme sport womble down another bloody hill' bits. It wasn't good TV 15 years ago.
  14. Size matters! F10 v E39

    I'd always steered away from 'big cars' thinking I'd struggle to park or they'd be a handful down a B road. I was pleasantly surprised going from an old Audi A4 to the e60. I didn't notice the size once.
  15. Size matters! F10 v E39

    E60 2030 4841 F30 2031 4624 A6 and E39 had no mirrors.