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  1. That's a common symptom of no signal from the crank angle sensor. As that's the bit that got smashed, I'd check the sensor, flywheel/reluctor ring and wiring.
  2. The champagne leather on black trim interior in the e39 is so frickin' pretty. Not sure about the paint, looks like someone took a scouring pad to Techno Violet.
  3. Every manual bmw straight 6 I've owned has done 28-30 average, 35-37 on a legal(ish) long run and mid 20's around town.
  4. That style of side cutting is called a 'laser cut'. If the key has no immobiliser chip, any locksmith, auto locksmith or heel bar can cut it, if they've got the machine and blank. Alternatively source your own blank and take it in.
  5. When I changed to Goodyear Efficient Grips they moved around a lot, felt skittish and the steering was really light for the first 70-90 miles. I'd check your pressures and give them a bit longer before you consign them to the bin, they might just be bedding in.
  6. Hopefully bought one! The AA are inspecting it tomorrow.
  7. If the key is just twisting in the barrel it might have an anti-torque device on it and be gummed up from lack of use. Try spraying wd40 in the lock, then finger bang it with the key for a bit to loosen it off. Then push the key in firmly and try turning it. If that doesn't work phone someone who knows what they're doing (which isn't me anymore!).
  8. That would work if the deadlocks aren't on, but that's what they're designed to stop. The idea is you can't just bust a window and open the door. You could try pushing the central locking button on the dash, but again, it might deactivate after a certain time as a security measure.
  9. I don't know what the deadlock situation is with the e60, as I stopped being a locksmith 15 years ago. But when I used to get called to open certain deadlocked cars, you could pull on the interior handles and buttons all you liked, they won't open a deadlocked boot or door.
  10. I loved my 330 and tried a few 325's. But, they never felt quick, even the 330. They are genuinely quick for the power they make though. The cars disappearing in the rear view mirror confirmed it. I guess that's the trouble with a turbine smooth 6 in a refined car.
  11. An auto locksmith might be a better option than drilling holes in your car.
  12. Is that Harrison Ford again?
  13. Hello! A RX-8 and an old Land Rover? You must really like taking things apart.
  14. Here's the tyres page from the 2004 US manual. My saloon had 225's on the front but I don't think it's a big deal.