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    Soft close door problem.

    Our E60 (2007 525d LCI) was ordered with '323 SOFT CLOSE AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FOR DOORS'. These have worked perfectly. A couple of weeks back I found a 12" strip of plastic door buffer strip kicking around so I cut it in half and fitted it to driver and passenger doors. Passenger door soft close worked fine but on closing the driver door normally (not s/c) it partially dislodged the buffer which then fell on the floor. I refitted it but s/c failed to pull the door in so I chucked the buffer in the corner. Since then the s/c has been intermittent on this door. It always latches (I assume this is the anti-burst latch?), but sometimes fails to finish the job. I've read a bit about similar problems with 7-series and comfort access which I don't have, but so far haven't homed in on a specific E60 thread that offers a fix. I guess the door buffer may have pushed something slightly out of alignment or caused the system to recalibrate in some way. Anyone else had this and found a fix please?
  2. pidgeonpost

    Soft close door problem.

    Willing to try anything within reason. One of the U.S. threads I read yesterday mentioned disconnecting the battery for a while. It didn't work on their E65, but this is an E60 so who knows. Another thread (maybe even the same one?) mentioned some retaining screws being fractionally out of alignment and relocating those did the trick, so a couple of things to try. I don't use or rely on this feature often but I hate things not working. I parked at Keele services yesterday, pressed 'lock' on the remote and with the traffic noise I didn't notice that s/c hadn't worked. Consequently the car didn't lock so was open for visitors for an hour or so. OK, it was unlikely to get nicked, but there's always some scumbag on the lookout for what they can grab.
  3. pidgeonpost

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    Too true. A temp gauge would have been far more useful than the fuel consumption gauge. I contemplated fitting an aftermarket one but chickened out at the thought of cutting into the plumbing and wiring and getting through the firewall.
  4. pidgeonpost

    Disc thickness

    The discs on my 525d were 30mm when I measured them when new, and I swapping them in because the originals were scored and very rusty through the car not being used for a long period. The minimum thickness was marked on the hub part (see pic) and I was surprised that such a heavily constructed disc had such a small wear limit. I suppose there must be sound reasons, but 0.8mm per surface ain't a lot!
  5. pidgeonpost

    "Please insert Navigation Disc" Cheap repair

    Mine behaves perfectly until I'm on a 4-5hr drive when it occasionally spits its dummy out. Must have a look at a video.
  6. pidgeonpost

    Bloody women drivers!

    Yes, I read a few of the posts. Jeez...!
  7. pidgeonpost

    Is changing a fuel filter a hard job?

    I don't think it's too bad a job, but as I didn't have access to a ramp I bought the filter and got the local garage to do it. The filter proved to be the wrong one which would have been a real pain for me as I'd have had to reinstall the old one whereas the garage just sent for the correct one. Couple of videos on YouTube You can see the difference between the two filters - original on the right.
  8. pidgeonpost

    Bloody women drivers!

    Oh dear, I must admit to having used that term myself. As others have said, there are pillocks of every complexion out there and you need eyes everywhere. I was sitting in the car last week while my wife went off to pay for parking. There was a space 2 ranks over, and the driver came in at totally the wrong angle and stopped half in half out at 45° to the slot. They sat there contemplating, and another driver returning to their car had to walk past this vehicle to get to their own. This second driver hopped in, started the engine, and (despite my Mrs gesticulating frantically) reversed straight into the other car. A right old slanging match ensued. Yesterday was the 34th anniversary of my 36th birthday so you can look out for another old fart on the road. I have my flat cap handy, my pipe, and am off to get some rough black shag if that's not considered too non-PC. Edited: One driver was male, the other female BTW.
  9. pidgeonpost

    Hello from me and my 525i Sport

    Looks good. Love the colour.
  10. pidgeonpost

    New BMW owner

    Welcome to what must be one of the best informed and helpful 5-series forums there is. Been very helpful to me. Hope you enjoy the car!
  11. pidgeonpost

    SAAB 9-3 AERO

    I kicked off with a 900 GLS - built like a battleship, but always felt underpowered in carburetor form. Next was a 9000 CSE which I sold when I did a deal on the first of the GM 900s. I knew within the first couple of weeks that I'd made a mistake. The handling was poor (didn't it have the Vectra floorpan which Saab engineers reckoned wasn't stiff enough?) and the interior lacked storage space and felt cramped after the 9000. Sold it quickly and bought a 9000 CSE 2.3 LPT - no rocket ship, but the gearing was great and it was a very nice place to be. I understand the 93 was much improved, but I was happy to be back in a 9000. Wish I still had that 900GLS!
  12. Had the wheels off to pressure wash them yesterday. Did rears first and got them on the ground before doing the fronts. Only moved the car a couple of yards to get it in the garage overnight, but no gongs or warnings then or when I got it out this morning to give it a wash. After a wash (hosepipe on bodywork only - no pressure washing of underside) I now have the DSC/DTC and handbrake symbols on solid (yellow). There was also a warning to 'drive moderately' and 'prevent vehicle from rolling away' or similar. I thought this might be the one where you have to go lock-to-lock to clear it, but that did nothing. Any clues please people? I haven't checked for codes - need a shower before I do anything else.
  13. pidgeonpost

    DSC/DTC and handbrake light on solid

    Checked oil level yesterday - first time in 5-6 weeks, but that's probably only 1500 miles for me. It was down maybe ½ pint/250ml. What are favourite places to leak? Think I read somewhere that oil filter housing was a possible. Need to get out there with a decent torch really.
  14. pidgeonpost

    DSC/DTC and handbrake light on solid

    This is the first time the car has done anything unusual, but hopefully it won't get a liking for the habit. I'd not heard of turning accessories off before turning the engine off. I tend to just press the button. I noticed when jacking the front up that I have a fluid leak somewhere on the NS front. Not sure if it's engine oil or steering fluid - will check levels at the weekend. It's not enough to show as a drip where I park, but a definite film underneath. I think oil leaks can mean MOT failure under the new rules.
  15. pidgeonpost

    Looking for a Petrol 5 series

    A bit off topic, sorry, but just idly looking through the BMW approved used list, and noticed several petrol 528i cars (all autos) advertised as 1997cc. Is that how it works? I know they dropped the 6-cylinder engine, but did the engine size actually drop to 2-litre too?
  16. pidgeonpost

    DSC/DTC and handbrake light on solid

    Reckon you were right Andrew. After leaving it to calm down I took it for a short drive - no warnings. I ran up Carly and sure enough it had logged a few errors. I haven't looked at them in detail, but it seems likely that having it off the ground upset it. The DSC error is attached. I've attempted to clear the faults but didn't have time to rerun the diags to see if they had disappeared. BTW I never pressure wash wheel arches and underside. Hosepipe and brush mebbe, but not the pressure washer. Thanks!
  17. pidgeonpost

    Looking for a Petrol 5 series

    I've done a similar search out of curiosity from time to time. They certainly are very few and far between.
  18. pidgeonpost

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    Friends of ours with a big camper van had this in France a couple of years back, several other campers on same site. Over £6k of damage on their van, and it was some months getting fixed.
  19. Am I right in thinking there's no way of importing all my mobile numbers to iDrive other than tediously entering them manually one by one??
  20. pidgeonpost

    Importing mobile numbers to iDrive

    That's what I thought Andrew, and probably that's the case, but I ran out of time and patience to dick around with it any more. I'll have another play next time I'm waiting for my Mrs to come out of Tesco - that should give me a couple of hours to play.
  21. pidgeonpost

    Importing mobile numbers to iDrive

    Thanks. I've tried a couple of the apps. First one didn't seem to function at all. Second one (link) looked much more promising. I can't currently get it to work, and although their support fella has come up with a couple of suggestions I haven't had an opportunity to follow up on them. One suggestion was to look at the structure of the .vcf file and edit it to ensure it included only the contact's name(s) and phone number and see if that worked, but life's too short! However, the app looks a pretty good all-round tool for pushing stuff over Bluetooth generally if you're into that sort of thing. Out of interest I tried pairing my wife's Samsung Galaxy to the car and it brought all her contacts across immediately with no problem. Storing and accessing the contacts doesn't work as I hoped it might though! My hope was that all contacts would be stored on iDrive and that it might be possible to access them from either of the two paired phones. No such luck. I considered just entering my phone contacts manually by entering the number and then assigning a name to it, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that either, or at least I haven't yet found it. I must be missing the method somehow or why would iDrive display alphabetic characters as well as numerics? Pretty much given up on this with my current phone, but I know it's going to irritate me!
  22. pidgeonpost

    Importing mobile numbers to iDrive

    Thanks Andrew - you're right, phones and cars are picky. My E60 is 11 years old now, probably never had iDrive update in its life. Odd thing is I'm reasonably sure that it imported contacts OK from an identical model before I lost it. I guess that in deleting the lost phone from iDrive/Bluetooth to pair the new one may have wiped the contacts associated with that phone. There are various Android apps available that claim to do the transfer, but the one I tried yesterday in 'try before you buy' mode ain't worked. All attempts so far have resulted in message as per screenshot. I don't know how the file transfer process works - ie. whether it treats each contact as a discrete .vcf record or whether it rolls 'em all into one .vcf file. Either way, it ain't working. Haven't given up yet though.
  23. pidgeonpost

    Front Brake Pads Mileage Champions

    ∆ Yes, I'd agree on 70k+ being achievable, particularly if the car spends a lot of its time on the motorway. The original pads and discs saw 72k on my previous car, though most of that was with previous owner who clocked almost 60k in just over 2 years. I get the impression that autos are heavier on pads than manuals. Does that sound feasible? My E60 doesn't seem to have as much engine braking as I expected, though 3 years in I've got used to it.
  24. pidgeonpost

    Elderly Folk And Phone Tariffs

    This is true. These 'Linkline' systems are a real lifesaver - if you can persuade the wearer to actually wear them! I've known a number of wrinklies who had them but forget or refuse to wear them once things start going downhill - the very time they need them.
  25. pidgeonpost

    Importing mobile numbers to iDrive

    Unfortunately I have the older CCC system which doesn't seem to offer this. Haven't got round to investigating further yet. Bit of a pain though.