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    Can diesel go off?

    I don't know about bacterial contamination in road vehicles, but some friends with quite a snazzy yacht do. They are pretty anal about maintaining their boat, but despite regular servicing their engine failed in failing light and deteriorating weather conditions off the coast of Brittany. They had to be towed into port and bacterial contamination was the cause apparently. For the sake of a part-tank of fuel I think I'd get the system drained and flushed rather than risk it meself.
  2. pidgeonpost

    Can diesel go off?

    Read what BP says here! long-term-storage-diesel.pdf
  3. pidgeonpost

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Lovely work. I've never done restoration work to this standard on a car, but have done so with a couple of vintage motorcycles. And then there's the dilemma. Do I keep it looking new, or maybe better than new, or do I use it and accept that the look will, to a degree, be lost? Even on a dry day there may be puddles, mud, even cowsh*t - just about the worst! I found it impossible to maintain that new look without devoting more hours to cleaning the machine after using it than I spent riding it! In the end I just used it without looking too closely at the weather forecast. If your classics are used regularly maybe you do the same?
  4. pidgeonpost

    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Waaaay out of my league, but a fascinating thread. Thanks for posting.
  5. pidgeonpost

    Shortwave coverage??

    I messed up tuning the radio on the car today, and noticed that besides AM and FM the radio covers the 49-metre shortwave band 5900-6200kHz. Even picked up a couple of foreign broadcast stations. Wonder why BMW would bother to include this? Amazing what you find!
  6. pidgeonpost

    Shortwave coverage??

    True. I was just surprised to find it on an E60. There are still quite a few stations active on the SW bands, but a lot have moved online now. There was quite a bit of military and other traffic not so long ago, but a lot has gone digital/encrypted.
  7. pidgeonpost

    Mrs May's Mercedes experience

    Too true..... she's not making many friends at home or abroad.
  8. pidgeonpost

    Too many thieves about !!

    ah, gotcha - my mistake.
  9. pidgeonpost

    Too many thieves about !!

    Ha ha! Sorry Betty, but posting the frequencies on here wouldn't be too popular I reckon!
  10. pidgeonpost

    E61 525d ‘04 Gearbox not going into P easily

    I do like a happy ending!
  11. pidgeonpost

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    I've got no plans to change for the foreseeable future. Box behaves as it should and changes smooth.
  12. pidgeonpost

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Bugger. There was me feeling kinda smug and secure after getting my 'box serviced at around 60k 18 months ago, I'll now have to be fretting about bridge seals I guess....
  13. pidgeonpost

    No confidence at high speed

    I was once given a small bottle of pure silicone as a remedy for this. It was unbranded. It certainly worked, but maybe one of the silicone-based dry lubricants would also work? I'd suggest applying it to a cloth and then to the seal rather than spraying it around; don't want it all over your dicky-dirt.
  14. pidgeonpost

    Parking car for 3 weeks. Any precautions?

    Cover the windscreen closely if you can. I once returned and drove off into a dark wet night only to find the windscreen coated with an impenetrable oily layer of jet engine exhaust deposit. Nightmare.
  15. pidgeonpost

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Nice write-up and pics! Sounds like a very thorough job and hopefully the box will have a new lease of life.
  16. pidgeonpost

    EML Code 290900

    Have you tried Googling that other code - 24CE00? Found a few posts elsewhere, one of which suggested cleaning 'fuel system pressure sensor'. Worth a look?
  17. pidgeonpost

    Been dismissed at Work

    Sorry to hear that fella. Doesn't get much harder than losing your Mum.
  18. pidgeonpost

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    ^As you say, it can be a tough choice if money is tight, but if you're buying winter tyres then that's the very time you need some assurance that the tyres willo keep you on the road in bad conditions rather than off it. The review of the Wanli winters may help, but wet grip seems a bit of a concern. Fortunately for me we rarely get much snow, and when we do I no longer have to drive in it. When I did I had chunkies on a fwd car (or used our S3 Land Rover).
  19. pidgeonpost

    Symptoms like clutch slip?

    I was talking to a fellow E60 owner last week. He says he's getting what you might describe as clutch slip on a manual gearbox, but this is an auto. He reports that this seems to happen in colder weather, and when setting off from cold. The car apparently sets off in 1st (maybe 2nd?), but as he accelerates away and the box changes up the revs don't climb steadily as you would expect, they fluctuate up and down a little depending on throttle opening. Once the box has warmed up it behaves normally it seems. I've read one or two posts about this somewhere else which imply that it could be the TC taking a while to lock up. He's concerned that this could be the box giving notice to quit. Any thoughts folks?
  20. Not sure it'll help you, but mine has only done a couple of 40-60mph, sub-20-mile trips this week. Tips look like this, and I don't recall ever seeing them sooty.
  21. pidgeonpost

    Symptoms like clutch slip?

    Thanks for your thoughts fellas. I don't have any contact details for the owner, just bump into him occasionally, but next time I see him I'll let him know what the panel thinks.
  22. pidgeonpost

    Not a BMW owner, but one day...

    By the way, when you find a car that interests you try to get the VIN number, or at least the last 7characters. Feed them into one of the VIN decoders such as this one and it'll spit out the factory build options.
  23. pidgeonpost

    Not a BMW owner, but one day...

    There are always arguments for and against, and sometimes it's personal preferences against logic. Pretty sure that if you take your time and spread your net wide you'll find the right car. I bought pretty much blind and didn't find this forum until I'd bought the car. There are plenty of helpful members more knowledgeable than me, and I'm sure you won't go short of help or opinions. Enjoy your search!
  24. pidgeonpost

    Not a BMW owner, but one day...

    Couple of reasons. First, I only do about 8-9k a year, and although I have no DPF problems now, if I keep the car long term it's a consideration. Then from the environmental angle there's the diesel pollution issue. It's not keeping me awake at night, because we were told some years ago by 'experts' that diesel was the way to go. Besides, petrol isn't exactly non-polluting, so unless I go electric (no, let's not go there...) the choice is 'dirty or dirtier'. Manual box? A bit like the DPF really. It makes driving a breeze as it's sort of 3 gearboxes in one. But it's complicated, and you only have to look through gearbox related posts on here to see which box attracts the most correspondence - but there are many more autos out there of course. Final reason? The sound of the 6-pot petrol!
  25. pidgeonpost

    Not a BMW owner, but one day...

    Hello and welcome! Been running our E60 525d for 3+ years, and it's been a pretty good experience overall. Initially I was bricking it on issues such as DPF, swirl flaps, and the autobox. I found out that there were no swirl flaps on my car from the factory (but not until I'd taken it to bits), and the DPF seems to regenerate OK. Autobox was serviced around the 60k mark and works fine. Everything seems to work as it should though one soft close door has become a bit lazy. Granted the E60 styling isn't everyone's cup of sick, but owning one doesn't have to be a living hell either. There does seem to be an element of luck as to whether you get a good 'un or not though! Would I buy one again? Maybe, but would prefer a petrol engine and manual box.