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  1. pidgeonpost

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    Just arrived in the post courtesy of Athena ANPR. Overstayed in Lidl car park by 13 minutes, but was shopping in the same store the whole time as we were doing a huge shop for a private event. There is an appeals process, so can try that I guess. Question is, if they dismiss my appeal do I pay or ignore? What does the team think?
  2. pidgeonpost

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    I know, they're just big softies really!
  3. pidgeonpost

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    Well thanks all. Pleased to say I got an email back to say appeal upheld and penalty cancelled. I'd built up a good head of steam over this and was all fired up to go to town in store and in FB if they'd refused, but now blood pressure slowly returning to normal. Sorry to have sparked a bit of spat on here, but looks like no blood was shed!
  4. pidgeonpost

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    Thanks, I've submitted an online appeal with time-stamped receipts but not heard back yet. Good point about seeing Lidl manager and FB page. Will get back on the case if nothing back by Monday.
  5. pidgeonpost

    DPF removal and MOT

    As I understand it, under the old rules it was not illegal to remove a DPF from a vehicle, but if you subsequently drove said vehicle on a public road you were breaking the law. The Government is intent on tightening the rules to prevent removal or gutting, so I doubt the new rules will have made things easier - and the DPF is there for a reason. I considered getting mine removed if it blocked but would not now do so.
  6. pidgeonpost

    F11 530d DIY front brake pad replacement

    Got a feeling that @535i Andrew has posted a guide on the forum somewhere. It could be for the E60, but it's very good and I doubt procedures are million miles apart.
  7. pidgeonpost

    Detailing advice - claybar?

    I got on OK with the clay bar, but it's a bit tedious so wouldn't mind investigating the clay mitt. I was amazed at how much muck it shifted from what seemed like a clean car. Like @E39mad I used the Megs Ultimate before the Collinite. Very pleased with the result. Someone on here suggested claying the windscreen too. Worked very well.
  8. pidgeonpost

    Detailing advice - claybar?

    I'm no detailing expert but after a good wash I used this followed by some Collinite wax. Depending on how fussy you are I'd allow a good ½ day. [Edited: that's ½ a day after you've done your initial wash]
  9. pidgeonpost

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    As a kid living in a fairly poor area most Fords on our road were sit-up-and-beg Ford Prefects, Populars, and (later) Anglia's or the odd Zodiac or Zephyr. Every cold morning the dawn chorus was a series of these cranking away for minutes at a time before wheezing into life. When I was old enough to work I often got a lift in a 3-speed Anglia. It needed a calendar, not a speedo. I then drove a series of company Mk1 and 2 Cortinas, and Escorts - mostly 1300cc or occasionally 1600's, basic models. Not particularly nice to drive, and none too reliable in my experience. I was never privileged to drive any of the GT or Lotus models, but those early experiences scarred me for life as far as Fords were concerned. I didn't want one then and don't want one now. Stupid I know to be so biased, but people are sometimes like that with a particular marque. It's been German or Swedish as our main car for a long while now - though our Berlingo 'shed' has done sterling service for the last 6-7 years.
  10. pidgeonpost

    Locking nut will not budge

    My favourite tipple for seized fasteners is Plusgas. Brilliant stuff.
  11. pidgeonpost

    Interior Air Freshener

    Not seen the Autofresh before, but have been using this stuff for a few years. Pleasant sort of citrus smell. Came in handy on Friday when my wife got into her car with something very nasty on her trainers.
  12. pidgeonpost

    6 CD changer clunking

    The only time I've had something similar is when I've not loaded a CD into the cassette properly, but I guess you may have checked that. Last time it happened I removed all the CDs and gave the cartridge a squirt of dry lubricant. No trouble since (famous last words).
  13. pidgeonpost

    Newbie seeking buying advice

    @Shoal48 the DPF was a major concern on my E60 (525d with 3.0 engine) when I bought it, and the engine wasn't getting up to temperature. I replaced the main and EGR thermostats and this has mostly calmed my nerves. I also bought the Carly app and adapter which I use from time to time to check regeneration is happening - or at least it tells me it is. I have never been able to detect a regen happening. The car has had one failed glow plug for 3 years but this appears not to prevent regeneration. I'm happy with the performance of the car and the fuel economy is excellent, but given the choice and ticking clock for diesel engines I'd go for a 6-pot petrol with manual gearbox - but these are rare.
  14. Two years since changing my filters so due a change. Last time I used Mann filters bought for just over £30/pair, then discovered that there are alternatives containing activated(?) charcoal. These are (or were) a lot dearer so are they worth the extra beer tokens or am I just paying for deforestation of somewhere?
  15. pidgeonpost

    What are you listening to?

    Listened to this 3 times today, 4 times yesterday. Needs plenty of volume to get the best of it.
  16. pidgeonpost

    Safari park in Holland VS French people

    They were lucky dumb arses!
  17. pidgeonpost


    Probably makes sense for someone else to drive while you control the app as you're familiar with it. You should just be able to establish connection between the car, adapter and app, and then on the main screen select 'Diagnostics'. These take a minute or two to run, and then the screen will report on faults found. Click on 'Show faults' for details. The next screen will give more details on the fault, and in the right-hand pane there's a check-box to select to clear the fault. Then click 'Start clear'. The fault remains displayed until you run the diagnostics again at which point it should have disappeared unless it's a hard fault. You may have to go through the process of clearing each fault then rerunning diags multiple times. I'm no expert, but that's what I do. A couple of screen grabs taken just now. My car has been reporting faulty glow plug on cylinder 1 for 3 years. It still regens though according to Carly.
  18. pidgeonpost


    You just need a passenger to monitor the app for you and to clear the faults as they pop up. They may pop up again and keep doing so but at least it's a way of taking the problem to the next stage.
  19. pidgeonpost

    Dreaded DPF warning

    Carly does give you some feedback on backpressure, but like a lot of the info I'm unsure whether some of it is good or bad - its just info if I'm not sure how to interpret it! See attached - I think there may be a couple of other backpressure checks you can select. This screengrab is quite old.
  20. pidgeonpost

    Battery discharge warning

    There's a heavy electrical/electronic load with these cars and short trips may not provide enough charge to recover what's taken out in starting the beast. You could try a long charge overnight which may help, or the battery may be dying. If its still under warranty that would be my first port of call though. There's no need for registering or coding if recharging, only if you fit a new battery.
  21. pidgeonpost

    Hello all! Here's my E39 530i SE Touring!

    Greetings! Looks like it's still a bit chilly where you are!
  22. pidgeonpost

    530e A Friday Car

    ...me too, it was beginning to sound like handbags at dawn!
  23. pidgeonpost

    Check your scuttle drains!

    I could see nothing on passenger side on my last check so I taped some kitchen roll to a long screwdriver and prodded around. Came out dry, but I'd be interested in how you access the grommet on passenger side too.
  24. pidgeonpost

    Common E60 air conditioning problems ?

    This fella diagnosed and fixed my E60 - failed condenser. He's mobile, but not sure if he travels as far as South Wales.
  25. pidgeonpost

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    I'm inclined to agree having worked my way up(?) from an A35 van, Mk1 Mini, and Austin 1100, with a Sunbeam Rapier and Triumph Spitfire thrown into the mix. Being penniless late teenagers a friend and I spent most weekends under the sodding things replacing something or other on BL products for ourselves, friends or family. The worst for me was a 1964 Austin 1100. I actually had a Basil Fawlty episode with it when it let me down for the umpteenth time.