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  1. Diagnostic for e60

    If you have a laptop available head on over to 'BMW Cables' on this page and take a look at what Jimmy has for sale. The software needs a bit of setting up but he's a helpful fella and can even assist remotely. I also bought the 'Carly for BMW' dongle and app when the laptop became unavailable. This runs on your smartphone. Possibly fewer features, but it's improving all the time and is very convenient to use.
  2. E60 power steering oil cooler

    Good advice IMO. Just had mine replaced and my indy issued the same warning to me about the pipe joints and that sometimes it means new pipes, which mine didn't, luckily. I must get round to doing the cable tie fix to the cables once the weather warns up.
  3. Best and Worst thing about an E39

    The very worst thing about them is that I haven't got one!
  4. Snow Queen

    I guess most of us in the UK don't get heavily into winter tyres as we tend not to get severe ice and snow every year. We don't get the regular practice at driving in those conditions either. I'd be interested to know what the best practice is for using the autobox in snow and ice though. I'm not sure if you can manually select a higher gear to pull away in slippery conditions as you might with a manual box. (Apologies to the OP for hijacking your thread).
  5. Snow Queen

    I certainly wouldn't expect my current tyres to perform well in slippery conditions, and I'll be looking for something different once they're due for a change. But there's more to it than tyres. I've driven quite a few of those 'p.o.s fwd' cars (as you so lovingly call them ) and never found them lacking. Having the weight of the engine over the driving wheels makes a difference as does being able to juggle gears and clutch on a manual box. I'm not rubbishing rwd, why would I? I'm just saying that it needs adjusting to when you've been used to fwd.
  6. Running temperature of a 525d

    +1 for Steve-Savalas suggestion. Mine was the same til main and EGR stats changed. Must check it again though as I haven't for a while.
  7. Snow Queen

    I've yet had to try my E60 on snow or ice, but it's not something I'm looking forward to if my experience on mud and wet grass is anything to go by. I'm well used to driving in dodgy conditions but most of my motoring life has been with fwd. Rwd and autobox certainly needs a different approach!
  8. CD Changer not showing in Idrive

    +1 for Webweaver's suggestion. Eject the cartridge (hopefully it will eject!) and make sure each CD is correctly inserted. It's all too easy to get one misaligned. This can cause the cartridge to jam, and removing it can be a right royal pain in the fundament.
  9. Roof box recommendations

    +1 for roofbox.co. Huge range of kit and fittings. They used to have lots of offers on returned purchases too.
  10. Grade of Derv - 535d

    Agreed re smell of petrol . Unleaded smells different to the old 4 or 5 star to me - but my senses have probably been impaired by breathing too much of the leaded stuff.
  11. Grade of Derv - 535d

    I switched from any old diesel to Shell V Power about 2 years ago. I fancied the car ran a little quieter and was maybe a little more responsive. It could have been wishful thinking, but I've stuck with it. 'Edit' - I monitored the fuel consumption for 12 months but from memory there was no real difference.
  12. Cleaning an oil leak

    WD40 do a good fast acting degreaser. It has the usual spray nozzle plus an extension tube so you can target specific areas. I used it to degrease a 50 year old lathe and it does the business. But beware - the fumes are strong so best used outdoors or in a well ventilated space.
  13. Clean MOT and power steering fixed!

    Same symptoms as mine, so hopefully the fix won't be too expensive. I've been wondering whether any sort of mesh guard can be put in place to avoid stone damage, but with 6" of snow down now is not the time to have a look.
  14. Car was in for MOT yesterday and to investigate and repair the power steering fluid leak I posted about a couple of weeks back. No MOT advisories (hurrah! ), and the fluid leak was from the cooler as Steve suggested in his reply to my post. So, the bill came to £268 all in - just under £100 for the cooler, £45 for the MOT, 1.5 hrs labour (£90) plus a couple of oddments. No charge for fluid as I'd had to buy in the Pentosin stuff just to get me to the garage cos it was leaking fluid so badly. A bill I could've done without, but could've been worse! Good service from the indy too - all done same day.
  15. Wiper fluid pressure

    In my case poor output was followed a few days later by the reservoir emptying itself every time I filled it. Turned out that the pump had failed. Easy enough to replace but no fun to do outdoors in the current weather!
  16. Clean MOT and power steering fixed!

    Yeh - the E60 ain't everyone's cuppa tea, but ours has been pretty good over the almost 3 years we've had it. I tend to forget that it's nearly 11 years old now as it still drives well. Still prefer the look of the E39 though.
  17. Clean MOT and power steering fixed!

    I don't know how much the system holds in total, but as mine was leaking badly I needed enough to top up to full just to get to the garage, plus I wanted to have enough for them to use the fluid the handbook recommends. I found this deal on Amazon which seemed reasonable.
  18. Auto gearbox specialists in north west

    http://automaticgearboxrepairs.com/ They serviced mine last year. Helpful and efficient.
  19. Power steering fluid leak.

    Thanks - that's not a bad price at all, so I hope it's something like that. Had 2 litres of Pentosin arrived today so it'll be a top-up and then straight to the indie next week.
  20. Power steering fluid leak.

    I've been losing a drop of fluid over the last few months, but recently the car's been parked as I was ill and in hospital. Came to start it today and steering is very juddery and fluid level way down despite recent top-up. There's no sign of leakage in the area around the reservoir, but I can see dampness on the underpants. There's also dampness around a banjo fitting way down low in NSF. The car is booked to investigate this plus MOT on 23rd. Anyone like to hazard a guess on the problem please? Edited: 'underpan' of course...
  21. Power steering fluid leak.

    Thanks. My absence has been mostly down to the absence of Tapatalk, but I'm resigned to the fact that it ain't coming back, so onward and upward and all that!
  22. Random Saab question re 900 classic tool tray

    My 900GLS tool tray was as in your EBay ad. No recollection of anything in the slots.
  23. Power steering fluid leak.

    Thanks for that Steve, and for the tip about the bonnet release cables. These have been on my list of things to do since before the winter as they are a known problem that's can be fixed with a couple of cable ties apparently. Was the replacement cooler an expensive item and did you go for genuine or pattern part?
  24. Power steering fluid leak.

    Yeh, on the mend thanks Andrew. Car was booked for MOT and p/steering check last Friday, but it all went tits up - infected gallbladder meant emergency hospital job and surgery, hence had to cancel MOT etc. There must be a lake of fluid on the underpan as there's not a spot under the car. Got some more fluid on order which will get me to the garage but don't think I'll be driving it meanwhile.
  25. Drivers side damaged door seal

    The seal on my E60 has suffered a bit like this. I put it down to the previous owner being of generous proportions and scrubbing his back/backside down the seal as he collapsed into the seat. My car's 11 years old, but the damage is nothing like as bad as yours. I'd contemplated getting a seal from a breaker but that's as far as I've got!