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  1. Power steering fluid leak.

    Thanks - that's not a bad price at all, so I hope it's something like that. Had 2 litres of Pentosin arrived today so it'll be a top-up and then straight to the indie next week.
  2. Power steering fluid leak.

    Thanks. My absence has been mostly down to the absence of Tapatalk, but I'm resigned to the fact that it ain't coming back, so onward and upward and all that!
  3. Random Saab question re 900 classic tool tray

    My 900GLS tool tray was as in your EBay ad. No recollection of anything in the slots.
  4. Power steering fluid leak.

    Thanks for that Steve, and for the tip about the bonnet release cables. These have been on my list of things to do since before the winter as they are a known problem that's can be fixed with a couple of cable ties apparently. Was the replacement cooler an expensive item and did you go for genuine or pattern part?
  5. Power steering fluid leak.

    Yeh, on the mend thanks Andrew. Car was booked for MOT and p/steering check last Friday, but it all went tits up - infected gallbladder meant emergency hospital job and surgery, hence had to cancel MOT etc. There must be a lake of fluid on the underpan as there's not a spot under the car. Got some more fluid on order which will get me to the garage but don't think I'll be driving it meanwhile.
  6. Power steering fluid leak.

    I've been losing a drop of fluid over the last few months, but recently the car's been parked as I was ill and in hospital. Came to start it today and steering is very juddery and fluid level way down despite recent top-up. There's no sign of leakage in the area around the reservoir, but I can see dampness on the underpants. There's also dampness around a banjo fitting way down low in NSF. The car is booked to investigate this plus MOT on 23rd. Anyone like to hazard a guess on the problem please? Edited: 'underpan' of course...
  7. Drivers side damaged door seal

    The seal on my E60 has suffered a bit like this. I put it down to the previous owner being of generous proportions and scrubbing his back/backside down the seal as he collapsed into the seat. My car's 11 years old, but the damage is nothing like as bad as yours. I'd contemplated getting a seal from a breaker but that's as far as I've got!
  8. Death in the family

    Sorry to read of your loss. A sudden death is awfully traumatic, especially hard to bear at this time of year. As others have said, 'a day at a time' approach helps. The feeling of loss can come back years later though, and when you least expect it. My Father in Law was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in 1979 while on holiday but the anniversary last November hit my wife really hard. Good luck.
  9. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Chris, Although there are a number of reasons why the car may throw up a DPF problem or warning, a favourite is that faulty thermostats can cause the DPF regeneration process to fail due to low coolant temperature. I'm pretty sure this was the cause of my DPF warning as my coolant was running high 60's at best. Replacing the main coolant thermostat and the EGR thermostat cleared the problem. You can use the car's 'hidden menu' (search on YouTube for the procedure) to check your coolant temperature, and on my car (525d) it's reckoned to need to be 80C+ for regeneration to work. With new stats mine runs in the high 80's-low 90's. The only people I've used for simple stuff like oil, oil filter, and brake fluid changes have been Gloucester BMW Specialists. They have been helpful and very reasonably priced. Good luck. Tim. Gloucester BMW Specialists   Directions 5.05 Google reviews Garage in Gloucester, England Address: 11-12 Eastern Ave, Gloucester GL4 3SJ Hours: Closed now New Year's Day might affect these hours Monday (New Year's Day) 8:30am–5:30pm Hours might differ Tuesday 8:30am–5:30pm Wednesday 8:30am–5:30pm Thursday 8:30am–5:30pm Friday 8:30am–5:30pm Saturday 8:30am–12pm Sunday Closed Suggest an edit Phone: 01452 300150
  10. Battery Help

    Can't help with the suitability of the Yuasa battery or the blue cable, but there are a few things to consider when replacing the battery as you've found out. If you are exchanging the battery for one of the same type (i.e. lead acid for lead acid or AGM for AGM) and it's the same capacity then you only need to register that a new battery has been fitted. If you are changing the type of battery (i.e. moving from lead acid to AGM or vice versa) and/or you are changing the capacity of the battery then you need to code the car to recognise the new capacity. Some owners have just whacked in a new battery and carried on regardless without consequences, others have had problems. When I changed mine I swapped like for like, registered the new one. The hard part was coughing up for a genuine battery, though Cotswold give a decent discount.
  11. Gearbox fault?

    Worth getting a scanner in it and checking for codes and then maybe talking to an auto gearbox specialist. Pretty bad start to ownership - hope it's that £11 component!
  12. Shaggy dog story

    Lady dog owner is sitting with her Jack Russel in the waiting room at the local vets. Another woman arrives with her Great Dane. The Great Dane owner says 'What a sweet little dog, I hope he's not got anything serious wrong'? JR owner says 'No, he's in good health, but I can't keep him any longer because of his bad behaviour so he's going to be put to sleep'. GD owner, horrified, 'NOOO! Why, does he bite people'? JR lady says 'No, he doesn't bite, but he's got this awful habit of humping the leg of anyone who visits. Yesterday it was the vicar, and I just can't stand it any more'. GD lady says 'That's amazing, I've got a similar problem with my Great Dane. Our post arrives early when I'm still in my nightie. Every time I bend over to pick up the mail the dog always mounts me from behind, and he's a very strong dog'. JR lady says 'How embarrassing. So are you having yours put down too? GD lady: 'Oh no, I'm just getting his claws clipped'.
  13. Micro Vs Pollen Vs Cabin Filter

    I've always believed that the cabin and pollen filters are one and the same. These are the ones at the rear of the engine compartment. I've heard the diesel filter referred to as a microfilter.
  14. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Only got one watch - CWC G10. Cheap, accurate, and must be tough as old boots as I never take it off.
  15. M5 or dreamer?

    It does sound quite likely to have been the same car. I thought it was heading into the new Cotswold BMW palace but it turned off before then. No chance to get a pic unfortunately.