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  1. pidgeonpost

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    We spent 2 nights of our honeymoon there nearly 50 years ago. We were skint, but I am reminded of it regularly. Every wedding anniversary. Without fail.
  2. Jeez that's scary! I suppose you could try making up a cranked extension to the nozzle which would enable you to keep the torch upright but would it retain the correct flame pattern? Either way I would keep a fire extinguisher and tube of burn cream handy. And emergency services on speed dial.
  3. pidgeonpost

    Fault Code Reader

    +1 for Carly. Yes it is dearer but for convenience it's great, and it's getting better. Just a hint of caution though; when I bought Carly a couple of years ago it was a one-off payment for life. Recently when I went to reinstall it on a new phone Google Play was showing it as an annual subscription so perhaps things have changed for new buyers.
  4. pidgeonpost

    Can diesel go off?

    ^^^ That sounds a good alternative, then give it a good run to get the fresh juice through its veins. Another option is to talk to one of the many businesses that drain and flush systems after the wrong fuel has been put - Google throws up a few. Hope you get it sorted.
  5. pidgeonpost

    Can diesel go off?

    I don't know about bacterial contamination in road vehicles, but some friends with quite a snazzy yacht do. They are pretty anal about maintaining their boat, but despite regular servicing their engine failed in failing light and deteriorating weather conditions off the coast of Brittany. They had to be towed into port and bacterial contamination was the cause apparently. For the sake of a part-tank of fuel I think I'd get the system drained and flushed rather than risk it meself.
  6. pidgeonpost

    Can diesel go off?

    Read what BP says here! long-term-storage-diesel.pdf
  7. pidgeonpost

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Lovely work. I've never done restoration work to this standard on a car, but have done so with a couple of vintage motorcycles. And then there's the dilemma. Do I keep it looking new, or maybe better than new, or do I use it and accept that the look will, to a degree, be lost? Even on a dry day there may be puddles, mud, even cowsh*t - just about the worst! I found it impossible to maintain that new look without devoting more hours to cleaning the machine after using it than I spent riding it! In the end I just used it without looking too closely at the weather forecast. If your classics are used regularly maybe you do the same?
  8. pidgeonpost

    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Waaaay out of my league, but a fascinating thread. Thanks for posting.
  9. pidgeonpost

    Shortwave coverage??

    True. I was just surprised to find it on an E60. There are still quite a few stations active on the SW bands, but a lot have moved online now. There was quite a bit of military and other traffic not so long ago, but a lot has gone digital/encrypted.
  10. pidgeonpost

    Mrs May's Mercedes experience

    Too true..... she's not making many friends at home or abroad.
  11. pidgeonpost

    Shortwave coverage??

    I messed up tuning the radio on the car today, and noticed that besides AM and FM the radio covers the 49-metre shortwave band 5900-6200kHz. Even picked up a couple of foreign broadcast stations. Wonder why BMW would bother to include this? Amazing what you find!
  12. pidgeonpost

    Too many thieves about !!

    ah, gotcha - my mistake.
  13. pidgeonpost

    Too many thieves about !!

    Ha ha! Sorry Betty, but posting the frequencies on here wouldn't be too popular I reckon!
  14. pidgeonpost

    E61 525d ‘04 Gearbox not going into P easily

    I do like a happy ending!
  15. pidgeonpost

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    I've got no plans to change for the foreseeable future. Box behaves as it should and changes smooth.