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  1. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    +1 for that. I just went for a cheapo at Halfords refill but it failed shortly after. Aircon specialist diagnosed holed condenser, replaced, and all good.
  2. Carly - free full version

    I had an email from them a couple of weeks ago to say they were rolling out a new version by end of April, and all paid up users of the old one will receive the new version. Haven't got mine yet though.
  3. CD changer problems

    I haven't had problems with track or CD selection, but I have had the cartridge refuse to eject. On one occasion it has been because I hadn't inserted the disc properly - can't remember what the problem was next time around. It's easy enough to remove the unit, but getting the cartridge out was a real faff involving a slim 6" steel rule, lots of wiggling and swearing. I gave things a squirt of dry-lube spray before putting things back together. No problems since. There are some videos on YouTube that may help!
  4. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Yep, I did that. I wasn't sure whether to use conventional lithium-based stuff or silicon grease. Can't remember which I used now. It's a bugger getting old y'know.
  5. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Drop the underpan? Or get on eBay and buy a smartphone endoscope? Cheap and you can have a close look into all your private places then! Good luck!
  6. Silly idea or too good an opportunity to miss?

    After a week of soul-searching and going through the pockets of clothes I haven't worn for a while I've decided I've got to pass in this one. We've had a shed load of expense recently with more to come, the E60 is running well, and you can bet a pound to a pinch of s**t that however good the E39 there are a couple of things I'd want to change right away (black wheels for a start). Oh well. Thanks for the tips fellas - much appreciated.
  7. Wheel cleaner

    Dragons Breath is good stuff if you can stand the smell!
  8. Diesel vs. Petrol

    Diesel or petrol, they're both gonna kill you if you suck in enough of their emissions. I won't buy another diesel, but I'm buggered if I'm going to get rid of it just yet after parting with my hard earned beer tokens. The Government that persuaded people that diesel was their salvation will be bumping up the road fund licence and tightening the MOT until they force diesels off the road. Then they'll turn their attention to petrol engines.
  9. Power Steering Noise.

    Was fluid level on mine. Topped it up a couple of times over a year or more but earlier this year the creaking returned and steering felt very notchy at slow speed. Turned out to be power steering fluid cooler. Apparently prone to stone damage.
  10. V?EJG 520d A737 and M8 J27 off ramp.

    Speed limits are purely advisory for some drivers. I was doing cock-on 50 in a 50 limit when a Range Rover rocketed past me at the weekend, way over the limit before turning off less than ½ a mile later.
  11. How to choose a parking spot

    I do the same and almost invariably I get a bloody great 4x4 or pickup parks one side and a big white Tranny (Ford Transit not transvestite) parks the other side. Some tw@t put a small ding in the passenger door last year. If it was in the driver's door I'd have got it fixed by now as I'd have been looking at it every day.
  12. Holy Moly!

    THAT'S gonna surprise a few people!
  13. Silly idea or too good an opportunity to miss?

    Thanks - I may well take you up on your offer. First I'd like to get an idea of the 'must haves' for the car so I can ask the owner a few questions at once rather than ping him with several individual ones.
  14. Although I know little about the E39 I've always loved the look. When I was looking for a BMW 3 years ago I was starting from scratch and although an E39 was on my mind I hadn't researched them at all, and when a well cared for E60 came along we bought it. The E39 itch is still there though. For the past few months there's been an immaculate looking X-reg (2000) E39 528i in a car park I use. I had a chat with the owner - guy in his 60's I'd say - and he has owned the car for all but a few months of its life and it seems he'd really cherished it. From what he said it lacked for nothing. Certainly on casual walk-around there wasn't a speck of rust in the usual places. Yesterday, in the spot where it usually sat was a Jaguar. The E39 owner was nearby so I asked him if he'd traded his E39. He hadn't, and it's for sale. He gave me a little bit of history - all the things you normally want to hear, regularly serviced by local indy, every MOT certificate available (they're online anyway now of course), autobox serviced, some suspension work done etc. Car has around 110K on the clock, but annual mileage in the last few years has been very low - not always a good thing, I know. He also says it's not the fly-by-wire throttle on this car which he says was troublesome on some models. Says that when he first bought it the underpan was removed and every nook and cranny got 2 coats of Waxoyl...etc...etc. There would be lots of further investigation to be done, but it's got me sniffing the bait. He's looking for £2.5k o.n.o. I know there are loads of E39's around for w-a-y below that, but with a car of that age condition is a major factor. Should I swap the E60 (525d LCI - 3.0litre) which is 11 years old, for an 18-year-old E39? The E60 does everything I want in terms of performance, and I think the BHP is about the same as the 528i of that year. It's a very tidy car, well maintained, only just over half the mileage of the E39, and more toys than the 528i. Fuel consumption is exceptionally good. But it would have to go as there's no way I can afford to keep it and run the E39 as a weekender. It would have to be a daily too. I've had a brief look at the buying guides on the forum, but I guess without the registration number and VIN I can't check it out further. What are the 'must haves' for a 528i of this year? So, am I nuts to be even considering this?
  15. Anyone know what this means?

    You can select coolant temperature in Carly parameters. Dashboard I think?