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  1. They are different components. Have a search on the forum and Google images to identify the EGR stat. Easier to change than the main stat! [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  2. ^ I experienced a similar practice when working as an IT subcontractor to another government department. There was a £2m surplus and sections were urged to stockpile anything they thought might come in handy. This led, I was told, to an instance of a couple of hundred new and still boxed Compaq desktop systems being crushed a year or two later as the hardware spec had moved on. There were also many instances of components purchased for specific projects that were found to be missing when the time came to use them as they had been used for some other purpose or 'dynamically reallocated'. Very common if the object was something 'shiny'. My company supplied a colleague to administer the stores in an effort to stop this. He had a hard time as some 'permies' resented not being able to go and help themselves to kit to use as spares or other purposes. A colleague and I were once contracted to do hardware and software upgrades on a couple of hundred desktop systems and got a call to say it had to be postponed as the RAM for the job had gone missing. The manager took delivery and left the box in the corridor while he fetched the key to the stores. You can guess the rest. Theft and pilfering happen everywhere, but I saw more of it while on this contract than in industry. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  3. I didn't stand over the bloke to see what he was doing but the spanner activity to replace the condenser is fairly straightforward I think. I can't remember the whole process but I think it involved capturing any residual 'stuff' from the system (think he said it is illegal to let this escape to atmosphere), dismantling to remove/replace the (corroded) condenser, refilling, pressure testing. There was a 2-year warranty on the condenser. This bloke runs a mobile service so I guess he has also to factor in travel time. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  4. ^ too true they've changed! The 2018 VW Polo gti is reckoned to be around 200bhp! Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  5. It cost me £300 for a dedicated aircon fella to replace my condenser just under 2 years ago so maybe your fella's not too far off the mark. [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  6. I guess that this government or any other can say they will 'safeguard Britain's interests in the single market', but what practical measures can they take to do that? Haven't the other states rather got us by the dangly bits? Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  7. I was never into Fords either. All the neighbours had Prefects, Ford 8's, and the odd Anglia. All were appalling at starting. My old man's Austin 10 started on the button. I spent a few carless years getting a lift from a bloke with a company Anglia (3-speed box - barely moving, moving slowly, moving less slowly). Occasionally he used a Corsair which was more swish, and then sometimes a Prefect with vacuum driven wipers that stopped when you had to go uphill in the wet. I used company Cortinas (Mk 2) quite a bit - underpowered 1300cc I think. Two of them split the crank pulley leaving me stranded. After a brief flirtation with BL's finest(?) it was a Beetle that provided my first German motoring experience. Oh, I did travel to work in a Messerschmitt bubble car for a while. Pretty scary in the snow. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  8. Chances are that you'll be fine if you've seen no oil pressure warning light. Just top up and keep an eye on things. [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  9. Don't confuse oil level with oil pressure friend. As a general guide (though refer to the handbook), get the car up to full working temperature, park it on level ground, switch off, wait 5 mins, then check/top up. [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  10. ^ Politicians - if they aren't lying outright they're lying by omission. Pouring money into the NHS without addressing health issues that have an impact on it is never going to work. Take the food industry. Fast foods loaded with fats, salt, and sugar continue to contribute to obesity, heart disease and diabetes, yet the food industry still manages to convince the government that trade will suffer if they take a healthier option. So the clinics and hospitals are slowly filling up with younger people with illnesses that often were only seen in the elderly. Elderly patients with care packages are often seen as bed blocking when in fact there is nowhere for them to go on discharge. My mother was living in sheltered accommodation, and when she was admitted to hospital her care package was suspended. Then when she was ready for discharge the care authority said they need 48 hours to reinstate the package. This was on a Friday and led to her remaining in hospital all weekend and for the following Monday and Tuesday - taking up a bed and the resources that go with it. My mother-in-law (both Mums with dementia BTW - you really don't want to go there) was admitted to hospital and it was judged unsafe for her to return home. She was stuck in a secure ward until we found a care home. Both were victims of the shortage of space in care homes and nursing homes. It's the whole spectrum of health that needs addressing. Some of it we can do for ourselves but the rest needs a government prepared to commit to the long term and some painful decisions. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  11. It's an old thread, but may be some clues here? Or maybe try a post direct to the C1 owners club in the link? Probably a knuckle scraper I guess! [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  12. As a patient I've seen only a small amount of the private health care system and that was through a company scheme where it was just part of your package. The speed with which I could be seen and treated was impressive but the hands-on care was no better as far as I could judge. I did have a very uncomfortable moment regarding payment when I was actually in my surgical nightie about to receive treatment when a bloke appeared and told me that the funding wouldn't fully cover the treatment I was on the point of receiving. There was no financial impact in the end and my company medical lady registered an official complaint as thus is not the sort of conversation to have with a patient about to have their pre-med. Both my parents are dead but they remembered the days when visiting or calling out a doctor was a huge worry because of having to pay, and they were eternally grateful for the NHS care they received even though they suffered long waiting times on several occasions. But what to do about funding? How do you cut the admin without jeopardising the care? Some companies and Civil Service organisations live in fear of budget cuts so if it looks like they will have a surplus they will spend it on ANYTHING rather than risk the bean counters spotting it and cutting the budget next year. Does this happen in the NHS? Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  13. Yes, this was pointed out to me by the aircon specialist who identified the holed condenser and fixed it. I'm sure H******s would have been fully conversant with the requirements when they degassed it a few days previously. [emoji57] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  14. Know what you mean. In the end it's not wanting to let the 'customers' or their colleagues down that keeps it all going. That and professionalism. There is always a breaking point though. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  15. This sort of situation can be very hard to call as it is likely to vary between companies depending on vehicle, driver ages, claim history, level of cover - you name it. From our own experience we have found Direct Line to be very flexible and reasonably priced. We began by adding daughter to wife's policy, then when she took over my wife's car they took in the fact that she had a year or so of driving history in coming up with affordable cover. Worth getting a quote. They do a deal on breakdown recovery too. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk