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  1. IINexusII

    The 7 Series then...

    Too many old people in this forum, us under 30's have different tastes
  2. Yes it can be wound back via one of the ISTA service functions
  3. IINexusII

    EGR Recall

    theres already a thread on this...
  4. IINexusII

    Farewell and thanks

    Its a petrol not diesel
  5. IINexusII

    Farewell and thanks

    oh dear...
  6. Had mine in today, was checked and told EGR cooler didn't need replacing, tried to talk to the service manager but Sytner Chigwell full of pricks as usual and didnt give me any sort of invoice proof work until i asked. even managed to strip wax off my car and blast off a centre wheel cap when i told them NOT to wash my car
  7. IINexusII

    Farewell and thanks

    i have to agree with above, yes i miss the noise and smoothness from the M57 but apart from that, enough power for commuting and the general trend going forward, soon there will be no noise to worry about and no vibrations at all once we get electric
  8. IINexusII

    Farewell and thanks

    Good you made this decision, from the posts you were making it was clear you were not happy with the car in the end, although having a de-tuned 520d wouldnt have helped things... See ya
  9. IINexusII

    Test drove these two cars today

    i find the slight protrusion of the M badges does help reduce turbulence and increase slipstream just before you change lanes to overtake a pre-lci F10. The Pre-LCI looks better in this case.. do you intend on keeping the car for a long time? past 100-150k? if so youll need to factor in the maintenance cost of the VDC suspension
  10. IINexusII

    Heater / blower question.

    Is it set to auto? try adjusting the blow direction to front vents etc, if its on auto it will actuate and blow to different directions (dash, front, under etc) depending on conditions and tempreatures
  11. IINexusII

    Disconnecting the battery

    yep don't close the boot, however i think you can connect jump cables / booster to the terminals under the bonnet to power the car (by opening the drivers door with the key and opening)
  12. IINexusII

    Service intervals

    every BMW service interval which is around 16-18k they change the oil & oil filter & microfilter (cabin filters) yes
  13. IINexusII

    B47 Temperature drops

    How far is your work commute?