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  1. Brake pad warning

    Yeah if you say you have 6/7mm left then you should be ok for abit. The warning is just that, lets you know well beforehand that the brakes are almost out so get them changed. It wont give you a warning and then start destroying the disks in the next 10 miles
  2. Traction control behavior

    Its DTC/DSC, not just TC. Theres a difference.
  3. iPhone iOS 11 / 11.0.1 - Anyone having issues?

  4. you should consider a Lexus GS300h/GS450h as your next car, over on the lexus forums are plenty of BMW diesel bashers.
  5. 275 40 18 tyre on 18 x 9 on a touring

    i think its about 2-3mph faster in the speedo compared to 275/40/18 according to a tyre size calculator Tyres fitted are Bridgestone Potenza S001 RFT
  6. 275 40 18 tyre on 18 x 9 on a touring

    This is interesting, 275 is standard BMW fitment on 9J as 535i said but i have 255 on my rears, the previous owner did mention something about it tracking better and feels fine. it is also within spec still according to that tyre recommendation list.
  7. 530d f11...oil spots

    i have a diesel and never known of any oil leaks... you probably need a new garage what is that picture with the hole in it? can you take one abit further back?
  8. DDE Removal

    This is the removal guide i believe. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-520d-lim_201405/repair-manuals/13-fuel-system/13-61-electronic-control-unit/EpQNtxE8
  9. How many miles do you drive per year?

    i do over 20k a year. 70 mile round commute to work each day + personal mileage
  10. Automatic lights.

    yeah that what I'm thinking it is. ill see what changes when i change them while facing a wall or something.
  11. Automatic lights.

    i think theyre just xenons on standard. mine dont turn while steering, even with that headlight adaption option enabled in the settings.
  12. F11 Eco mode judder

    I find it does make the gears change 1-200 rpm earlier than comfort. makes it feel smoother to me in local driving.. The eco mode itself dumbs down the throttle alot so you need alot more pedal travel to maintain speeds on a motorway Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  13. F10 roof rust / contamination

    as above, if you cant polish that out, itll need a wet sand / compounding
  14. Got rid of the Runflats

    ^ +1 Im going to give michelin runflats a go next, as the fronts are now on 3mm and need changing. Rears still have 6mm left so would be a waste swapping all 4 to non-runflats.
  15. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    That is the max weight allowed (full passengers, fully loaded). if thats the standing weight for your car then its a pretty big disadvantage for having extra cylinders in an engine