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  1. BMW Bavarian motor woe

    From someone I've seen on bimmerforums dealing with a lemon F10 very well, i would take this advice.
  2. Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    would be an intersting sight to see if the car was towed not knowing theres a 15 minute bomb at the back
  3. Code reader/reset

    iOS: http://www.ivini-tech.de/en/iphone-ipad-wifi-adapter-for-bmw-new/a-1010/ Android: http://www.ivini-tech.de/en/adapter/android-bmw/android-bluetooth-gen-2-adapter-fuer-bmw/a-1017/
  4. Mr

    Why not?
  5. service the car

    Yep at some point (probably at LCI) the books are no longer given with the car and everything's stored on the car's iDrive. I still keep receipts of all parts used for any DIY service / repair. ones with 0000 dealer ID are the DIY services i added
  6. service the car

    I would have thought the service entry does through the iDrive which in turn is the one stored on the BMW servers. If you use BMW-HU-ServiceManager, the services you entered will be wiped out when a BMW dealer services your car, as your manually inputted services wont be on the BMW servers. Matthew should know more about this and will hopefully reply soon
  7. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    They make a huge mess. Next time i take the wheels off ill be unplugging the connector at the pump.
  8. Does Running-in really affect my MPGs

    I was just messing, but really depends on your driving style and also where you live. a commute where youre going up and down hills on an A road will severely affect the MPG compared to driving on a flat motorway. I should be getting more than 45mpg on my 520d but i drive from london to kent and the A2/M2 has alot of uphill and downhills. Its hard to compare MPG's on the forums as you never know the other persons style and his location Saying all that, 31.5mpg is quite low for your car and i would give it a few extra k's and see if it improves before being concerned.
  9. Does Running-in really affect my MPGs

    public enum DrivingStyle { light = 0, harsh = 1, unknown = 2}; public string WhatsMyMPG(string myStyle) { DrivingStyle myDrivingStyle = DrivingStyle.unknown; Enum.TryParse(myStyle, out myDrivingStyle); switch (myDrivingStyle) { case DrivingStyle.harsh: return "31.5"; case DrivingStyle.light: return "48"; default: return "you decide"; } }
  10. Model designation deletion

    bit long video but you get the idea
  11. Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    Yep if you cant get the car in neutral then they will just drag it on board
  12. BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Which warranty did you get? BMW warranty or some third party?
  13. M5 or dreamer?

    Theres a 520d with a quad exhaust setup i see often locally, really sad times we live in
  14. Yeah if you look at the last picture in this, you can see the different cover: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-F10-Bi-xenon-Headlight-LCI-7343913/222735255254?hash=item33dc0e46d6:g:PZgAAOSwf15Z1UaT i still managed to do mine without a bumper off by undoing the two i can access then forcing the cover off. used some duck tape to keep the broken side secure and no water issues so far, but not the best way.
  15. How secure is your car...

    Correct, however there is the following type of theft that can still catch pretty much any modern car, if they do not double check the car is locked http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-38225274