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  1. Its much easier to remove the turbo inlet pipe with the fan removed. Here's how i got my blanking plate installed:
  2. iPod Sold, Alpine unit still available, £40 posted
  3. Which insurer are you with? they do normally mention that they will value the car at market value regardless of what you put the cars value down in the quote. unfortunately this is the situation with every E39 now (except 540i and M5)'s that any insurance claim would write the car off due to the low "market" value
  4. you want the bolts to go through he metal shield just like it was with the EGR pipe. otherwise it could fall off. ill show you a picture of mine later on.
  5. on the facelift lights you need the 382 single filament, the 380 "prongs" are in a different layout so you cant get it into the bulb holder, and has two connections at the bottom rather than the 1 on the 382: best to just take out the current bulbs and have a look. also don't forget the middle tail light bulb 382: 380:
  6. Selling my Apine KCA-420i and iPod classic 160GB. Alpine comes with AI-NET table and cable to connect to iPods (old style connector). fully working. It also has the "wake-up" mod done to it, and keeps the supplied iPod fully charged at all times. iPod classic 160GB comes with charging cable, also fully functional. comes with charger/sync table Only selling as i prefer using an aux cable so this has just been in the boot doing nothing. Of course you will need Intravee II for all of this to connect to, with a nav/high MID setup. Looking for £90 posted Thanks.
  7. Thank you, yeah id rather have a genuine one with a few scrapes and cracks that i know will fit properly than a 3rd party one thats all mangled. theres a few e39 sports nearby breaking on ebay, ill give em a message
  8. how much did those cost? same issue going for panda ones off ebay but dont fit very well..
  9. Get this kit and blank it off completely, looks like someones already done an EGR cooler delete on your car http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-E39-520d-525d-530d-EGR-Valve-Delete-Bypass-Blanking-Blank-Tube-Fix-Kit-/222309805933?hash=item33c2b26f6d:g:ZjsAAOSwcLxYI1Ry
  10. get one of these http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-79302-maypole-twin-multi-level-ramp-set.aspx gives you enough lift to get your arm under to pop the flap open and the sump plug, i still wont recommend going under there fully unless on secure jackstands
  11. Also just wondering what's the price of a new intake manifold? Part number 11617789329 Thanks Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you. Payment sent via Paypal. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the response, can you please remove 11127793165, 11127793166 and add the bonnet badge plus grommets into a quote + vat + delivery? 51148132375 and 51141807495 thanks
  14. Hi again, could i please get a quote the following peices individually, plus a total inc delivery? 11612245439 x1 07119905041 x4 11127793165 x1 11127793166 x1 18301737774 x2 many thanks
  15. I have the nightbreakers as above, they are very bright, but more white than a 6000k slight blue xenon tint