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  1. Wow! I thought sharps were prohibited in Rampton
  2. TerryTibbs

    Calypso's project E34 520i - which is actually blue!

    Good stuff! Apart from having radio1 on in one of the pics as a newbie to e34s I’ve also found that the door cards have an eastern block air to them.
  3. Has anyone done this? Quite a few tds’s on the market but I’d prefer a few more ponies and I’m a diesel fan thoughts pls ....
  4. TerryTibbs

    '95 518i running issue

    Take all the plugs out and look out for a dirty oil fouled plug, does the smoke smell like burnt oil? Could be valve stem oil seals, have you changed the oil recently? To a thinner grade perhaps?
  5. TerryTibbs

    Headlining cleaning tips/advice

    Yes it is good stuff ,forgot about that stuff I’ve used it before and still use the sprayer to spray jeyes fluid round my fences, .. it keeps the cats away! Cheers
  6. TerryTibbs

    Headlining cleaning tips/advice

    It’s a dirty area above the drivers seat, along the edge of the sunroof recess, and the sunroof, I mixed up some fairy w.u liquid in a sprayer and had a go at it last night gently wiping with a microfibre cloth, good results but not perfect as I want to let it dry off then I’ll have another bash at it, fragile things are roof liners, thanks guys. The cleaning saga continues......
  7. TerryTibbs

    Headlining cleaning tips/advice

    I’m steadily bringing a very dirty e34 back Upto standard and most things can be brought back to good order with soap and elbow grease but the headliner is a different story, any tips or product recommendations would be welcome!
  8. TerryTibbs

    You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    I took all 4 switches out too, not too difficult but each one has a tiny spring that’s easily lost, also the square button has 2 even smaller springs, I don’t know what that button is for lol????? it was the only way to get them clean!
  9. Great to see such a wide variety at these shows, modern classics and classics alike
  10. TerryTibbs

    BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    What was that mag that had ‘readers wives’ ? Not seen one of those for years
  11. TerryTibbs

    You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    Finally got to the bottom of the poor running issue, the fuel pump was goosed, the original one did work and pumped at a good rate, but while I waited for the replacement to arrive I had the old one running in a bucket of water, when holding my finger over the exit and capping the flow it leaked out of the bottom and lost pressure, new pump fitted and runs lovely, also had the tank down and replaced the vapour pipes.. been cleaning the interior again today, it’s nearly clean, also today the previous owner dropped me a few spares off which was nice! I do need a few bits tho, need fuel flap hinge and the rear bumper side mount slider, its starting to feel like a usable motor now.
  12. TerryTibbs

    518i running issue, back firing

    Well the new fuel pump arrived yesterday and I’ve just fitted it and I’m pleased to say it’s now cured the problem!!! thanks for the input from you lot!
  13. TerryTibbs

    What ball joint splitters are we using.

    What has aluminium hubs?
  14. TerryTibbs

    How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    It’s been 2 weeks now and I’ve blown less money trying to woo a new lady!! But I do like it
  15. TerryTibbs

    What ball joint splitters are we using.

    Remove calliper and disc, use a long bar to apply leverage and a good clout with an engineers hammer and it’s done, works on all makes and models