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  1. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Every car I’ve had I get a whining noise from the passengers side over 80mph but strangely it’s only when the missus is with me??
  2. E34 m5 and e39 m5 M62

    Spotted an e34 m5 Avus blue with m5 reg heading west and he got off at gildersome/ ikea, nice clean example then on my return journey an e39 m5 in silver reg #*04ctx passed me heading east on the same stretch where I saw the e34, was the highlight of a crappy winter motorway hike
  3. Good bye?

    Who’s bought a fiat?
  4. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Picked this up at the weekend
  5. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    That car has been for sale for a LONG time ! U know cos I’ve been looking for an e34 for a long time, there are cars in that site that have been for sale for years and don’t sell as they are over priced, go have a look at it n make him an offer that’s realistic, 4K
  6. Meh... Bugatti eat your heart out

    I bet ya can’t get a windbreak and body boards in it tho I did think it was going to be this vid tho,
  7. Ok, if you’re passing Wakefield give me a shout n I’ll plug in my diagnostics to try and help you, foc as your a local, (Roystonvasey) I also give free labour to all over the age of 80 as long as they are accompanied by both parents
  8. Front drivers side clatter sound 530

    Possibly a piece of broken coil spring rattling about in the cup
  9. Is this the same car, mr530is car?
  10. Well speaking as a mechanic with a valued reputation, telling a customer “it’s nowt I’ve done” isn’t good practice, it’s always best to have the car back to check “it’s nowt I’ve done” nine times out of ten it isn’t anything the mech has done but a good mech would instinctively want to check that! £130 for a little over an hours Work isn’t cheap, I wouldn’t normally get involved with someone else’s mechanical woes but I noticed your a fellow Yorkshire man, HOW MUCH!
  11. Also, what exactly have you had done to brakes? Just pads? Did the 130 include parts?
  12. Iirc to reset an activated sensor (that’s been replaced) you have turn ignition on and wait 2 or three mins and it’s resets
  13. I was being fascei. Facie.phaseicio. I was being sarcastic
  14. I hope everyone was ok