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  1. 518i running issue, back firing

    Its 1994
  2. 518i running issue, back firing

    Unfortunately it may be, had a look on my diagnostics and it does have the e34s on from 92 so should give me all data available including live data, ordered adapter for less than a tenner, at least the cam sensor wasn’t a waste of money tho
  3. 518i running issue, back firing

    I bought the car with the running problem amongst other problems, the car would tick over very lumpy , misfire and cut out, when revved it would sound even worse and struggle to get rpm up, ordered new cam pos sensor n fitted this evening, the car now idles perfectly and sounds much healthier, the revs can be raised high now but only when it’s throttled steadily to get it there, if I open the throttle quickly it dies back and back fires into the inlet manifold and air box, I’ve just ordered the obd adapter so hopefully I can use my diagnostic tool and get some data, but til that comes I’m not buying any parts, unless any of you guys have any pearls of wisdom?
  4. You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    Much safer than a French biscuit tin, and it’s old enough for classic car insurance, but I do hope it grows on mrs, would love to have 3 x 34s in the family
  5. You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    Well, funny thing that, turns out she not so keen now and it left me in a predicament, plan was that this was going to be like a practice 5er to get her used to a much bigger car (she had a 08 tdi Ibiza) as I will be giving her my e39 at some point, she said that I’ll have to have e34 and she’ll have mine!! I’m not ready to part with it, meanwhile my 18y o daughter is learning to drive and thinks the e34 is ‘sick’ ... cool to u and I .. so now the wife is having it and putting the youth on ins’ and when she passes she’ll have it! Happy days!
  6. You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    I also managed to drag my son away from his ps4 and get stuck in, I haven’t spent so long cleaning a 15” since I was a teenager
  7. You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    Got the car dropped off Friday evening n made a start, had Saturday n Sunday on it and last night for a few hours, heres some before pics
  8. Black e39 m5 A1 northbound Wetherby

    Fine example cruising along 11:30am M500 @&*
  9. As an e39 sport owner I’ve been wanting to ‘upgrade’ to an e34, so looking for the right one has been a weekly thing, Anyway this particular car came up for sale a few mile from me, it’s not the colour I want nor the engine or the spec but for £400 I felt the urge to have it, maybe I just felt sort for it! I had been talking to the seller thru txt and the car has running issues but the guy txt me say it was running lovely..... while I was working, driving to the firms other yard, I found the car dumped in a dodgy spot broke down! I stopped n had a quick nosey round it, it was minging! But..... I snapped his hand off plenty of mot on it and plenty of potential, will be a running project and I don’t how I did it but I talked my wife into running it while i get round all the work (we don’t have space for 3 cars) To be continued.....
  10. Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    My favourite is a large Victoria with a cup of tea
  11. Autoglym Polar Blast snow foam - recommendation

    Bought the snow foam gear but in all honesty I find it a bind getting the pressure washer out n all the gubbings, however a splash of the liquid in the bucket with a sponge really does a good job, A pressure washer to me is like the tea making machine to Mrs Doyle
  12. Wheel cleaner

    Good value too when you order 5litre straight from pro Kleen
  13. Kit's E34 535i

    Great stuff , I’m trying to get lots of jobs done on a much rougher version
  14. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Spent a few more hour scrubbing the interior, removed rear bumper, found some rot on the rear panel, found fuel tank vapour pipes need replacing, ordered a cps n hopefully will cure the coughing n farting n spluttering, been at it 2 days now. She’s a very dirty girl! I might start a thread in the project section
  15. 518i afm to inlet pipe

    Need the rubber pipe from afm to inlet manifold, it’s the later 1.8 beast of an engine